• al date

    Michael Savage,
    Your BORDERS LANGUAGE CULTURE theme resonates louder every day. We should be proud of our culture and be willing to defend it from all comers, including Islamic jihadists. Where I differ with you is in the term Judeo-Christian Nation. We are a Judeo-Christian PEOPLE, or we were for most of the formative years. But we are NOT a Judeo-Christian Nation. The Nation is secular. The proof is found by comparing the Ten Commandments with the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. No matter how you score it, there is a low level of correlation. It is clear that the Ten Commandments were not used as source material for the Constitution. What was used were established principles of English common law, and various declarations of Natural or God-given human rights from writers such as John Locke, which have no voice in the Ten Commandments, nor in the rest of the Bible.
    The most sacred of our freedoms, including freedom of speech and assembly, trial by jury, no double jeopardy etc are ALL passed down through English common law from the practices of 7th Century Germanic tribes which had not yet even been converted to Christianity.
    The Founders wisely established a SECULAR NATION. But the Islamic Jihadists hate secularism as much as or more than they hate Christianity, so let us not let this disagreement come between us with respect to the terrorists.

  • Anonymous

    Michae Savage you keep talking about Amazon and tech companies being Monopolies but you don’t mention Walmart,Sams, Home Depot who have wiped out most small businesse because of having a monopoly also.

  • Phineas Worthington

    No one is stealing American jobs. The free exchange of money for labor has been turned from what was once a mutually beneficial relationship into an antagonistic one due to so many laws that have nothing to do with protecting rights and everything to do with transferring wealth.

    Good, well paying jobs will be better created when our labor markets, broken from excessive taxes and regulatory risks and hurdles, are reformed back to free labor markets.