• Paul Giovanni

    UK Parliament Shooter! Why are we letting the absurdity of ISIS /terrorists ruin our way of life. It’s time to set an example to these ugliest of evil doers that we ain’t gonna take crap no more. They think they can now intimidate us as we walk across a historic bridge. World leaders wake up and arm!! This should be an easy one compared with that of WWII times. These wannabe Hitler’s and terrorist organizations can be annihlated now and forever. We gotta go after the heartbeat of it .. slam them.

  • Dr_David_Schultz MD

    Fake news! The parliament was clearly attacked by a angry catholic over wafers being stale this past Sunday!

    • Paul Giovanni

      So the IRA is back? If only.

    • Nancy’sPilotLight-isOUT

      Some low life made up fake news directed at the consecrated , sacred , Eucharistic host calling Jesus stale ?
      It must have been a hypocritical , catholic , Nancy Pelosi supporter that made up that blasphemous fake news HORROR story !
      Calling Jesus stale ???? …. VERY BAD …. VERY LOW but expected from all hypocritical , catholic , democratic supporting politicians !

    • It is I!

      When I first heard this on CNN, they reported the attacker as an ASIAN man! wth?

  • MrPanetela

    Short version:

    Long Version
    OBSERVATION: When the Government raises interest rates, the first entity to be affected is…the government itself.
    The reverse is also true. Thus Obama had nearly 0% interest rates in order to borrow big. He borrowed from your children, grandchildren, great-great grandchildren’s potential earnings. This lack of understanding is in large part because Senators and Representative are largely lawyers and not businessmen. They ignore a problem when it is small. Then they beat a drum when it has reached crisis. Now,why was Gen. Patton so successful? He had that uncanny ability to anticipate/foresee potential problems, nullifying them during the planning stage, then went in totally committed. As proof, I offer you the readers to look at how Sun Tzu’s Art of War, takes the proactive strategic approach; written down 25 centuries ago! Gee?, was Sun Tzu successful because he was a socialist or was it because he used his noggin? Trump does not want to wait until things crash and burn. Yet Congress does. For the rest of our lives, we must make it clear to anyone who wants elective office, we won’t accept a foot dragger to represent us. It seems that our Senators emulating the worst of Rome, seeing that much of today’s laws are primarily based on ancient Roman thinking instead of a very broad comprehensive view of reality. The border wall would have been unnecessary had the Democrats actually won the war on drugs, and not give a blanck check for illegals to cross over. What is being missed here is that the border problem, the drug problem, the illegal alien problems are all the Democrats illegitament children.

    Nobody is paying attention to the interest rates for borrowing by the government. It reached over 90% of the GPD in 2001! Thus the argument, “tax the rich to help the poor,” is false. That money never reached where it was intended. A study of any socialistic nation will show, that socialism is a total and complete fraud for this reason. If anything, it does a great job de-stablising nations and their economies. I challenge anybody to show me when the government ever paid anything back after borrowing! I will simply show you how they keep lowing the S.S. benefits and raising the age limit. So much for the paradise the socialists offer. If only the hard core Democrat voters would stop and consider this. Only they have the power to demand that the Democrat make substantial changes in their platform.

    The Democrat Voters need to understand that 0% interest is wiping out their savings, pension funds and S.S.benefits. They have been tricked into voting for their own poverty! And ours as well.

    What to watch for. The elimination of green cash. Why, so that the government can get every penny of tax out of you, whether you owe it or not electronically. Thanks to congress lack of manageral ability, everybody is gonna now pay more taxes, and it isn’t Trump fault. Meanwhile the Democrats and RHINOS are trying every trick in the book to kill anticipation, thus depressing Wall Street and the little investors. Also, Trump anticipating the Bond bubble, and trying every thing possible to prevent or ameliorate it. But no, the Dems and Rhinos are trying to thwart that. They want the government to collapse. And they want to be in charge when it does. The danger we are facing is greater than we think. And this is one of many reasons news corporations spend all their time attacking Trump, and praising hard core socialist. While ignoring the real problems this nation faces. What can we do about it? Establish a new dialogue across America. The key points are these.


  • MrPanetela

    Here’s a thought.
    We already know that congress plans to thwart Trump.
    We need to send a message but quick.
    Get all the Conservative talk show host to push a certain Petition.
    All it says is this, Congress, you’re Fire!

    if enough people sign it, Congress will know for certain their office lease is up.

  • Susan Moore

    Another attack by a Muslim with mental issues.. I wonder if Muslims are prone to have mental issues since that seems to be an excuse for violence.

    • 101survival4dummies

      They kill because they are ” CERTAIN ” they will have immediate entry into paradise where their supposed prophet Mohamed is
      supposed to be sitting at the RIGHT hand of God with a countless number of 14 year old virgins !
      But don’t take my word for it ….Just have a read in their Koran …..Their little book of Hate !
      If Fabulous president Trump does not wipe ISIS off the face of the earth ….If he uses war as a fake republican war for profit endeavor then the Muslims will take over America and will make Trump tower into Trump Mosque …
      BECAUSE…..The fake republicans and ALL democrats will never be able to protect us from Mohamed’s tribe of haters !
      Either Trump wipes ISIS off the face of the earth , wipes the north Korean dictator off the face of the earth , wipes every single American hating country off the face of the earth or we will ALL PERISH …….Period….END OF STORY !!

      What part of —–Their little , Muslim , Koran book of hate wants us all dead ——DON’T WE UNDERSTAND ????????????????

  • GodLovesMilo

    Beware all gays that support Michael Savage and voted for Trump
    Today’s terror attack in the Uk is 1 year anniversary from Brussels attack …
    Please be very wary of the anniversary attack of the Florida Gay club attack killings!
    We all think your GREAT Doctor Savage !
    You are very ” funny ” and that is the number one reason why we listen to you .
    You make us laugh and feel part of a bigger family for those of us who have no family !
    You give us a sense of belonging and importance in a Free America !

  • Paul Giovanni

    Ok Nunes report on new intelligence and seems to reveal in favor of Trump! Hillary and obummer going to jail now?

  • Ed Savage

    Thought you might be interested in my experience buying Trump’s War yesterday. It was surprisingly good. I went to the Barnes and Noble store in Redwood City, CA. Though the book wasn’t facing the door, it was on the current non-fiction table and well displayed. Grabbed two copies and went to pay. When I put the books on the counter the girl behind the counter said, “This is a very popular book.” I asked her how many she had sold so that day and she said that she had sold at least 6. So chalk up at least 8 books sold in Redwood City, which surprises me since I am living in a hive of liberals. Not as bad as Palo Alto – but getting there.

  • Macado

    Trump’s War only cost me $20.03. I received a 30% discount from Barnes & Noble in Portage, MI. The book was on the new arrivals table.

  • A.Savaget.From.Portugal

    Greetings Dr.Savage!
    I’ve a question on political science: the politically correct orthodoxy of politicians/sociologists/jornalists/etc. assumed that the Brexit and Trump victories happened because something known as “POPULISM”… is that an E.T. from Mars, is it a Spirit from the beyond, is it a demon from hell, is that a orwellian new-lenguage word? Now suddenly everything is bad because of “populism”… What is really populism?

  • palmbrkr

    You are looking for a clue advising the President. Look no further than Brutus himself. . Paul Ryan.
    Be careful he dens with snakes

  • Julie Rogers

    time is relative. when your 5. 1yr is 1/5th of your life
    when your 70. 1 yr is 1/70th of your life
    Einstein-theory of relatitivity

  • Kirby Swinemar

    President Trump has spoken about the attack in London Dr. savage – see his POTUS Twitter

  • J. Parker

    Several hours after the London attack today a reporter reporting in London said, “the attacker is a tourist rom Taiwan”!
    His name is Tom Burr with UK Yahoo.
    FAKE NEWS from the left around the globe!

  • Paget

    I wholeheartedly agree with PalmBrkr about Paul Ryan. We witnessed what kind of
    snake he is during the campaign, when Angel Moms (who had lost family members
    at the hands of illegal aliens) attempted to meet with him to discuss border control.

    They went to his office in Madison, but he refused to talk with them. They then
    went to his house the next day, carrying signs with pictures of their loved ones and
    in support stopping immigration. Once he saw them, he hightailed it out the back
    door and sped away in his car. The man has no soul.