Banned in Britain HQ: The outrage continues

U.K. refuses to lift ban on Savage

Savage Banned in the U.K.: How’s that working out for you?
Joseph Farah

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Humberto Fontova

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Suicidal Britain continues absurd ban of Michael Savage

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Jeffrey Kuhner, Washington Times

Congressman calls for lifting of Britain’s ban on Savage

A Savage injustice in Britain
Peter Schweizer

England reaffirms ban on radio host Michael Savage
Jonathan Turley

The scapegoating of Michael Savage
Robin of Berkeley

AUDIO: Savage responds to U.K.’s continued ban

I am still banned from entering the U.K. – Where are my human rights?
Rachel Marsden, Human Events

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  • James DeCoster

    As per the UK ban on Michael Savage: Here they go again. It takes the good ole USA to drag the Brits out of their continued Middle Age existence, by having to show them how democracy is supposed to work, that their continued infatuation with monarchy and unleader-like experiment with the European Union demonstrates that they are STILL and probably WILL BE ever dependent on America for their succor and sustenance. They have made themselves irrelevant to World politics.
    Their having allowed themselves to be a safe-zone for alien, radical Muslim terrorists makes them no friend of mine. They were a fitting destination for the likes of Benedict Arnold, a country born in civilization, but like a child who never grew up.