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  • Ed Georgie

    These latest Trump attacks look a lot like Herman Cain all over again!

  • chevycake

    The reason Obama and Hillary want war is to reduce the population. They are globalists . That is what the elite believe – 7 billion to 500 million. That’s what I think

  • Thank You

    Michael, Can you “please” post a “Radio Link” on your website, for your audience to listen from.
    I have tried, to listen too you, through the computer, but was unable.
    Advantages, would increase your audience.

  • Michael

    “Representation is the expedient that renders a meeting of the people unnecessary”; from the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

  • AZClaimjumper

    Please devote a segment of your show encouraging Arizonans to RECALL Juan McCain

  • mike maldonado

    vvl, did you ever get an answer, I too would like to email him about my purple garlic at Berkeley Bowl 2-23-17, I know how much he likes to cook

  • Carol Ambrose

    Thank you for having Mike Pence as a guest today.

  • Anonymous

    I was horrified to hear of your attack in San Francisco.
    Heal up and stand firm as I know you will. You are a TREASURE and we love you!

  • Caesar


  • Caesar


  • Paul Giovanni

    House Intel Cmte are truly a bunch of idiotic clowns wasting our valuable time. Trump won. Enough said. This shadow government needs to yield now finally.

  • ItaliansForTrump

    David Rockefeller dead at 101
    Rest In Hell ….And may all your democratic ,Trump hating , puppet politicians , elitist hollywood haters and all haters of Trump voters
    join you soon !……May you all ROAST forever and ever , without end ……And may Hillary and all her evil WITCHES join you soon !
    There’s no suicide pills in hell David to get you out and George Soros won’t be able to send his hit men to kill God in order to free you!
    —————————————— R.I.H. ———————————————–

    • SisterTherese

      The Lord will Not Forget His People…….God made the soul of every human Immortal , indestructible to either live in eternal PEACE or eternal HATRED ….And that is the EXACT reason why JUSTICE alone is God’s ….Rejoice in his Justice !
      What justice can man do to compare remotely with God’s JUSTICE of a soul eternally separated from the Love of God ?

      The multitude of elitist , liberal , progressive Globalists….Living in a dark pit forever and EVER without end ..tortured FOREVER !…..Forever without the love of God !

      Rejoice in the fact that God made the human soul immortal and indestructible !

      The smartest ,wisest , so-called revenge that Doctor Savage should apply is ELDER ABUSE AND ANIMAL ( teddy ) ABUSE

      against his attacker……This will TRIPLE the attackers SHAME before the God he hates !….While at the same time bringing

      attention to the national ELDER ABUSE problem withing the entire world !
      THEREFORE…….” GOOD ..Can come out of EVIL and the attacker will know that he actually helped to spread the concern
      of ELDER ABUSE and Animal abuse ! ( through his own abusive , hateful acts )

      JUST IMAGINE……The shame , shame , SHAME that the attacker will have before the glorious face of God !

      Romans 12:19
      not avenge yourselves, beloved, but leave room for God’s wrath. For it
      is written: “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”
      Deuteronomy 32:35
      is Mine, and retribution, In due time their foot will slip; For the day
      of their calamity is near, And the impending things are hastening upon
      2 Samuel 22:48
      The God who executes vengeance for me, And brings down peoples under me,
      Psalm 18:47
      The God who executes vengeance for me, And subdues peoples under me.

  • Subject in the colony of N.Y.

    I commented a little while ago @BB,”there’s nothing there,they just lying there *** off to keep it from getting out”

  • MrPanetela

    Hillary run in NY?…She only won 16 counties. So this is how she will step out from behind the curtain. All heavily Democrat. She’s a bleeding whale in killer whale and polar bear territory. Schumer, and others will see it as their best opportunity of a lifetime. Without the Foundation, she will be unable to buy off people. No access to classified information thus no way to bribe or blackmail or gain or sell favors.

    I guess we are all watching the latest farce on Capital Hill. The Dems have a lot to hide. And unless the Devil saves their necks, GOD will tighten the noose another notch.

  • Robert Exter

    The Problem with Conservatives

    I think if in Congress, as in our meetings, have the men and women stand that served in our military, you’d find that there would be a much smaller proportion of veterans.

    Trump was elected because we the people wanted a doer, a man of accomplishment to take control of the country and bring it back to health.

    But what I see in the House is a bunch of spoiled representatives wanting all the problems to be solved without looking at the obstacles. This is a war.

    We say we want a leader, but apparently we just wanted a mascot; because we won’t let our new President be President and show us a careful way to take down Obamacare in several steps; steps that will make it possible to get to the foundation of Obamacare and destroy it from within.

    Yes, we are insubordinate for not letting our leader lead us; lead us through the steps to actually achieve something that would take a 60% Senate majority to pull off.

    The constitutional representatives have to be clever, and clever we’re not. I believe that Trump would have put people in place to rip away the parts we do not want from within the health care management. I think we all forgot to take orders from the man we elected.

    So now you know why the Democrats actually hoodwinked us in 2010 and passed their health care bill. They followed their leader’s wishes. This is why we are in so much dung!

    • Neo Marcist

      Democrats stick together and ram through legislation whereas Conservatives search out ways to distinguish themselves from other self-described conservatives. Look at the Democrat primaries. You have two mainstream Democrats trying to get on the ticket, arguing over who can hand out the most free stuff and tax the rich the most. Then look at Republican primaries and you have almost 20 people on stage all ripping each other to shreds so that whoever does finally make it to the nomination is already shredded by their own party.

      Theoretically I like that the Conservatives are individualists and stick to their principles. But in practice you have to at least build a consensus within your own political party in a democratic republic. If they can’t get any new laws passed, at least try to repeal the bad ones. I think we have too many laws anyways.

  • Anita Pill

    Afghanistan Tries to Win Trump Support with Lithium according to

  • Chris Johansen

    Just a message to let you now that the Portland Stabber as a registered Democrat who said on his site he voted for Bernie Sander and said her didn’t know if he would vote for Trump.

  • Joe Smith

    Seattle seems to be in quite a predicament. The progressives advocated that we all should believe those who claim to have been raped.
    “No matter what Jackie said, we should generally believe rape claims.” – WaPo

    Now the mayor of Seattle is backing out of this advocacy, by denying the sexual abuse claims made against him(?).
    “Incredulity hurts victims more than it hurts wrongly-accused perps.” – Zerlina Maxwell (author of the above article)

  • herschel wince

    Add to the list: July 17, the Republican-led House decisively approved a defense policy bill on Friday that declares climate change a national security threat….increases military budget by over 30 billion….from Autospies

  • ThankGodHillaryIsNotPresident

    I just looked at the picture of O.J. Simpson on Drudge .
    His facial expression and merciless bully eyes have the same ” INNER ” mean , bully face of Hillary that she hides behind makeup !
    I know Trump is making incorrect choices BUT just look at O.J’s face on Drudge and tell me we are worse off with Trump then
    the horrible evil WITCH as president .
    Really and truly….America would have been a living hell if Hillary had been elected president !

    • Rrddbb

      Damned right.

  • Susan B

    President Trump never made a secret that he used H1B2 workers to run Mara Lago, I heard him two times on the trail talk about how he hires them almost exclusively. Unfortunately, he surely feels empathy with the poor unfortunate businesses who don’t want to pay a living wage and benefits because he is one of them. We need to contact the White House and lodge our displeasure.

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Savage I just started to listen to your YouTube of today’s show. We have to stay watchdogs. Our government is bringing in cities and towns. TBN pushing for Refugees thinking if their Christians they will blend in. Catholics and Mornons are just as bad. Trump thinks selling beef to the Chinks is a trade deal. Knights Templar International wrote an article the NWI took over Trump. Look at who is in his administration. Hungarian, Jew, Irish, Greek, African, Egyptian and the NWO. Chamber of commerce want low skilled workers. Foreign born Korean winning woman cup. Angelo Saxons are done. Trump thinks he does some speech in Poland to stir the base. Most don’t understand what really the deal in Poland. Middle East. Now Trump, et al want to build base in Syria and Iraq. Israel beckoning at American tax payer expense. 10 commandments. Covenant what others have. Murder. Honor Mother and Father (ancestors) Spiritual sick. Cause resentments. Old folks home of Senate die off and foreign born get in. Trump is not much if a leader. He is a follower. Step on the toes of others they retaliate. Welcome Donald Trump to the swamp. Lou Dobbs sings his praises along with Hannity and Jones. Once people not getting jobs will figure it out. DACA. Dial one for English. Barely speak American English

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Savage we need to look at our history. Ted Roosevelt and prior to that has to force Germans into assimilate to our society. Americans police themselves to keep the country pure. 1920s when Americans join the Circle Clan who Christian organization to combat illegals and foreign born not to take their jobs. MLK militants with the KBJ bug laws and chain migration of importing everyone in to the benefit of the Dems. Clan was Dem. Force Republicans. When crash came. Hoover ones things out of control. Rep Congressman who wrote a Bill. 3 assassination attempts on the man’s life. 3rd time they go him. FDR used his bill for the depression. Welcome to the 3rd World. Both parties benefit.