Savage, Teddy and the Jag

  • Alan Shenefield

    Just love your Jag. I had a 1968 Silver bought for $2800.00, 1970 Black, bought for $3800.00 and a 1965 White bought for $3500.00. Of course that was in 1974, 1976 and 1980. The Car was not so popular back then. As a young man, I realized for a price of a VW I could look like a king. Just loves the sound of the car and everyday went driving either to Topanga Canyon, racing around the curvy roads or down to Orange County taking the beach route. I worked third shift for Hughes Helicopters in Marina del Rey and could take a morning drive. Of course the car was a lot of work to keep going and required a daily routine of cleaning the carbs and adding oil to the carbs. An old retired car mechanic taught me how to tune the car by smell and sound.
    To tune the car I took out the first spark plug and stuck a piece of paper shopping bag in hole and bumped the starter till it popped out, then turned the distributor to the points sparked and that was a tune up. The carbs were set by making sure each carb sounded the same. The carb richness was by smelling the exhaust pipe.