MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: Turn tables on AGs who want to prosecute climate-change dissenters

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In today’s issue: Emails obtained under open records laws reveal that the offices of attorneys general in several states secretly teamed up with environmental activists to launch investigations against groups that challenge the global warming policy agenda, Michael Savage told his listeners.

“We keep seeing calls to charge under RICO anyone who disagrees with global warming – the lie of global warming, which, as you know, is an enrichment scheme created by congresswomen and senators to steal money from the Treasury under the guise of the environment,” he said.

Savage continued:

So people started saying, “We’ve looked at the evidence, it’s not there, we don’t believe it.”

So, what they want to do now is close off all debate, and these climate groups have gotten together with corrupt attorneys general, such as the attorney general of New York, along with Al Gore, to put together … an idea now to charge anybody who denies global warming, charge them under RICO.

Racketeering. Did you hear me?

Anyone who denies that there’s a global warming reality … they want to charge you under RICO statutes, which was developed to take down organized crime.

This is pure unadulterated Soviet fascism.

And who are these people? Al Gore. Sixteen Democrat attorneys general.

And it came out over the weekend that there was actually a conspiracy between the Democratic attorneys general and these green gangster groups. I have their names.

I would like to see the FBI charge theses attorneys general and these gangster groups under RICO. Because turnabout is fair game.

I would like to see the attorney general of the state of New York charged with a RICO statute for conspiring in this manner.

Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island Democrat, petitioned the Justice Department to file a racketeering lawsuit against so-called corporations and other organizations that have knowingly deceived the American people about the risks of climate change.

Well, new emails have shed new light on Whitehouse, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman; Lem Srolovic, environmental protection chief for the New York attorney general – the names are there, I’ll give you the article.

All of them conspired together to use the heavy hand of the Justice Department to shut down all discussion of the big fraud called global warming.

And what came out in the emails is that these people were going back and forth with each other [regarding] how to present themselves to the public.

This is a huge topic. Mr. Schneiderman’s effort to shut down all discussion indicates Schneider man is a fascist of the highest order.

And I would like to see Schneiderman charged along with all of the other conspirators – I don’t care if they’re senators or congressmen – under the RICO statutes that they wanted to bring against those of us who know that it’s a fraud.

I’ve gotta tell you how big this is. And I think you can get it.

They’ve joined a lawsuit to try and stop people from even discussing this issue of climate change or global warming.

… They should be hung by their own petard.

Then, you will see justice in America.

When you see state attorneys general conspiring like this with green gangster groups, and now they’re caught in their own emails, tell me the American people would not cheer to see them led out in handcuffs.

Can you imagine Schneiderman being out in handcuffs, along with four state attorney’s general?

Would that not give you the satisfaction that American’s justice system is really working?

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