“Roman civilization did not pass peacefully away. It was assassinated.” ––André Piganiol, French Scholar

Dear Friend:

The last eight years of progressive policies and open borders have poisoned America. Our constitution has been trampled by a divisive president and, sadly, America is a Third World nation of terror, riots, mobs and chaos. Worse, Obama is leaving Hillary a legacy and a playbook. It’s no secret that she plans to continue the Obama doctrine, which has determined that America will no longer exist as a sovereign nation!

My new book SCORCHED EARTH exposes Hillary Clinton as a fear-mongering opportunist, even as it shows that there is a way to save our cherished freedoms.

Read the details in SCORCHED EARTH and join me as “We the People” mobilize. As always, thanks for your support.

Michael Savage



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  • Lisa Denis

    I purchased scorched earth early in September…still waiting. I can pick it up for 10$ cheaper in costco. How long should I wait….

    • Dangerous Ban Everything

      The DNC libs probably burned it in a bonfire already.

      • Franklin D Spectacles

        They seem to like that ‘burning of the books’ thing. It fits in with their Socialism, regardless of the flavor.

  • James Schuur

    Thank you for creating this forum!

  • Kevin Kauffman

    Dr. Savage, I just finished listening to the audio version of Scorched Earth. Thank you for writing it and having it so skillfully narrated. I always thought that I could write a book about who really won the ‘cold war.’ You proved to me that I do not possess the knowledge or historic research background that you have done to produce such a masterful piece of non-fiction. When this election is over, you deserve as much credit as anyone for the success of the Make America Great Again Campaign. Please enjoy the results and keep up the good fight. America needs President Trump and you keeping him on point. God speed! Kevin K. from Mill Valley and Stockton, CA

  • 11770

    the stores might be trying to prevent people from reading the truth, no one really knows how far that harpy Hillary Clintons reach extends.

  • oh god

    Congrats on the Radio Hall of Fame!

  • Rock on America!

    I agree, Dr. Savage! I hope President elect Trump keeps his promises as President Trump!

  • Cynthia Roswick

    Michael talk about the No Zone areas across Europe. About 900 of them.

  • Liam Doyle

    Hi Doctor Savage I am a former New Yorker ( a Manhattanite ) who grew in the Fort Apache of the South Bronx now in florida since 2003 , and now an admirer of you and your show. I was trying to call in about Your Unanswered Question concerning the 2 tree’s in the Garden of Eden the Tree of life and the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil , the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil is wicked because its mixing ( ie; mixing truth and lies the Holy with the profane all the fruit appears to be the same its only after careful examination and study we can see the truth, the term wicked is birthed when in candle making the twist the fibers together mixing them to one and it becomes a wick, hence the term wicked. There are two tree and two seed lines coming down from Adam ( red ) from Adamah meaning earth which is mans connection to it and that he must till it ,and Adam born of the dust of it. Cain and Able two seed lines Yaac’cob/ Jacob and Esau two seed lines this is the problem today even in the middle east the seed line of Jacob and Esau still at war over the birth right and the land. The other tree is the tree of life which is the Torah! Note what tree was Ha Shatan the serpent hanging out in? also see; Yirmeyahu/ Isaiah:5:20: Woe to those who call evil for good, and good for evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! This is the world today in many respects. Note verse 21 as well ! From my research I study as often as I can but so far because I never completed it, but the two trees may a have been on Mount Gerizim and mount Ebel. I can go on and on about this as the more I learn the more I see that I don’t know. it would be great to speak with you about the things of Yahuah the Most High our Creator sometime I hope that might occur someday. Peace and Blessings to you , your friend Liam

    • Cecil Collins

      Well about the tree of good and evil. God told Adam if you eat of that
      tree you would surely die. He told Eve what God had told him. That
      snake you was talking about shown her how beautiful that tree was.
      And she did eat of the forbidden tree. Now this is where it turn into
      A love story. The curse of death is on Eve and when Adam saw that
      She eat of the tree, He eat so that he could be with her. True love !!!!
      You see Adam was not deceived and he loved his wife. I Timothy 2: 13-14