MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: If she wins, it's all over

Hillary-ClintonWelcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily report on all things “Savage.”

In today’s issue: Savage took a call Friday from a listener named Jake who asked Savage how he can vote for Donald Trump when the Republican nominee “has said some outrageous things.”

Savage asked: Alright, give me the most outrageous thing that Trump said that disturbed you. Go ahead.

Jake: In the primary, when he was attacking fellow Republicans.

Savage: OK. So, because he insulted little Marco and because he insulted the others, you’d rather see Hillary as president?

Jake: No. Absolutely not. That would be terrible.

Savage: So, at least we cleared that up. Can’t you put aside his abrasive personality for a moment and recognize that if she wins it’s all over? Talk radio will no longer be available.

I can guarantee you as I stand here that I will not be able to do the kind of show that I am doing right now if she wins. I guarantee it.

Jake: That would be terrible, too.

Savage: Alright, quick, let’s move it along. What’s the next thing he said that you don’t like?

Jake: He insulted the Khans. That was pretty bad. And he never …

Savage: Wait, wait, he insulted who?

Jake: The Khan family. The parents who …

Savage: They were a set up from the get go. The Khan family fled the minute they were found out what they are. They were paid for wholly by the Democratic Party. You didn’t buy that, did you?

Jake: No. But if he does it when he’s president that could be a problem

Savage: Why would it be a problem, for finally having someone who speaks the truth? After all these liars we’ve had all these years.

What, you wouldn’t want someone who is blunt?

Look how popular the president of the Philippines is. He’s got a 70 percent approval rating. Do you know why? Because he’s killing drug dealers.

He’s over the top.

He’s killing drug dealers. The drug scourge was destroying the Philippines. He’s loved by the people. What’s wrong with an honest leader?

Jake: I hear that, but my problem with him is that fact that he come across as unknowledgeable in foreign affairs.

Savage: I agree with that. He’s certainly not as knowledgeable as Pence is, for example.

But you know, here’s my opinion on that issue. A true leader doesn’t need to know everything and every leader’s name and every state and every city and every government. That’s something a guy like Obama knows.

But what good does that do us, if he has all this minutiae, all this knowledge, like a college teacher, but can’t get out of his own way? He has no practical knowledge.

He can hire people who know all of those things.

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  • Susan

    Dummy caller!!! We’re in trouble folks!!