MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: Savage accepts hall of fame award

savage-hall-of-fameWelcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily report on all things “Savage.”

In today’s issue: Savage accepted his induction in the National Radio Hall of Fame at a ceremony in Chicago on Thursday night via video.

Savage won induction in the category of Spoken Word On-Air Personality in a polling of radio listeners among finalists Sean Hannity, Diane Rehm and Mike Francesca.

Here is a transcript of his acceptance speech:

Hey, thanks for having me at the Radio Hall of Fame. This is the greatest award of my life.

It’s the culmination of 22 years in the radio business and many, many years as a writer and a thinker.

There are many people I have to thank tonight. And I’ll get to all of them.

I want to thank Dennis Green, in particular, for nominating me. And I want to thank all the listeners of “The Savage Nation” who voted me in, against all odds.

The outsider, the underdog won.

Why? Borders, language, culture.

But let me begin at the beginning.

I want to thank my mother, who’s in heaven with God, for having encouraged me to be an announcer in the first grade in the Bronx. You see, the reason I was an announcer in the first grade in the Bronx is because I had a suit. No one else in the school had a blue suit. So she said, “Go be the announcer, Michael.”

Well, I got up in front of the audience and a sea of children. Instead of intimidating me, it encouraged me. It made me happy, and I realized I had a capacity to speak to audiences right then and there.

And, of course, along the way, I did book tours for all the books I have written. And every time I would stop on a radio tour, inevitably there’d be a radio host somewhere along the way, up in Seattle or Los Angeles, they’d say: “Hey, you really are good. You have a great voice and persona. You belong on the radio.”

That was like saying, “You belong as an astronaut.” How does an author become a radio host?

Well, as the years went on, ’94, I sent tapes out to 700 stations, and I wound up on KGO in San Francisco. I was a phenomenon, being a conservative speaker — I should say, really, an independent mind in a sea of liberalism.

And then I was offered a daytime job, and they gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I had to leave a rather lucrative career in other fields, and I took it. And it’s been a roller coaster ever since.

And here we are. I remember mother taking me to Radio City Music Hall as a little boy — to this day I can remember the magic. Behind the scenes at radio, and what did I see?

The man said, “Here is how we make thunder in a radio show.” And he hit a sheet of tin or metal with something, and there was thunder. “And here’s how we have the horses for ‘The Lone Ranger,'” that I grew up with. And here he was, he was doing something on top of a sound stand with some kind of hooves. And I thought there were horses in the studio. And I was taken away by the magic of radio.

And to me, because I grew up in the age of radio — never forget that, I’m a little older than most of the people in radio, as you might notice. Young at heart, probably younger than most of them. In fact, I do more than almost anybody half my age. Take that and smoke it, if you don’t mind.

But the fact of the matter is — yeah, radio, amazing. Still with me, still love it, the most magical of all media. Why, because I grew up on radio, I’d lie in my father’s lap, he’d be smoking a Philip Morris, listening to shows like “The Green Hornet,” way back in the ’40s. And he’d say, “Michael, you know, I like radio more than I like movies.”

And I’d say, “Why, dad?”

And he’d say, “With radio, you have to use your imagination. With the movies, they tell you what your imagination should he thinking.”

And I never forgot that. To me, with my shows, there is still the magic of the theater. Radio is still the magic, magic theater of the mind. And, if you listen to my show from time to time, and put aside the stereotypes, you’ll find out my ability to tell stories and take people on a mind trip with me are what separates me from myself, so I don’t get trapped too much in politics.

Now that the election is over, I can’t even tell you where I’m going to go now. And it’s not going to be politics all the time. It’s going to be a lot more than politics. It’s going to be what I began with.

Sure, borders, language, culture is the theme, but so are stories, stories, stories.

And I want to tell the audience another thing, which is that radio is looked down upon by many people, let’s say in the tech industry.

“Oh, it’s a medium of the past.”

I think it’s the medium of the present and the future.

And long after some of the other industries have come and gone, there will always be the magic of that radio, in the hands of the individual, the most personal of all media, radio.

It will be with us forever.

And I want to thank all of you, once again, for being here at the National Radio Hall of Fame in the lovely city of Chicago and all of the people who made this possible.

Thank you, again, and good night.

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  • Anonymous

    May you be on the air for years to come!

    • Ver Auger


  • American Blues

    Congratulations Dr. Savage, no one (and I mean NO ONE!) deserves that award more than you do! You alone are the reason I, and thousands of others, started listening to talk radio almost 19 years ago. And you are also the reason that I still love it today.

  • Auntie Willa

    Your years of intellectual integrity and moral consistency have paid off!
    CONGRATULATIONS! from a long time listener.

  • Anonymous

    You go, guru.

  • Mark Pascucci

    Once again, Dr. Savage, congratulations! The fact that you were born and raised in N.Y.C., like me, makes me very proud. This helps salve the war wounds I have from being a victim of J.V. Lindsay, Nelson Rockefeller, and their ilk. Most refreshing!!

  • Alleged Comment

    Good for you Mr. Savage! Every old man deserves an award for something. 🙂

    But about your mother being in heaven. Did you know there is NO VERSE in the Bible that says ANYONE is going to heaven?

    Yeah, look it up yourself.

    • Bessie Windsor

      So bitter,…

      • Alleged Comment

        OK, every old women deserves an award for something. Is that bitter?

        • Bessie Windsor

          You sound confused,…

          • Alleged Comment

            No, just Confucius.

    • d1international

      Interesting…it took about 30 seconds to find 10 references regarding heaven and kingdom. Try Matthew 25:31-46 for the real reason for heaven…(being humbled is good for the soul).

      The Fulfillment of the Law
      Matthew 5:17-20
      17 “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. 18 For truly I tell you, until HEAVEN and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. 19 Therefore anyone who sets aside one of the least of these commands and teaches others accordingly will be called least in the KINGDOM of HEAVEN, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the KINGDOM of HEAVEN. 20 For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not ENTER the KINGDOM of HEAVEN.

      • Alleged Comment

        It is the Kingdom or RULE OF HEAVEN. Where the RULE originates or comes from, but no where does it ever say we are GOING TO HEAVEN.

        In fact it says the OPPOSITE.


  • Caleb L.

    Congratulations Dr. Savage. I have thought for a while that you are the most talented radio personality that I have ever heard. Your independent thinking and analysis goes so far beyond the traditional left versus right or Democrat versus Republican talk. Also, your stories are wonderful. It is as if you transport the listener to another realm. Thank you for being a force of good in a world of confusion and evil.

  • Anonymous


  • Bessie Windsor

    Dr. Savage, I opened a Twitter account just to vote for you! Then I closed it of course, LOL! You are so right about the magic of radio. You talked to me the day of the election about your interview with President-elect Donald Trump. I admired the loyalty both of you have for each other and I was upset at how the election might turn out and what had happened to America. You than reassured me and your audience that we would get through this because of who we are as Americans. Thank you for that and thank you for sending me a copy of Teddy and Me: The Confessions of A Service Human! (It’s the only recent book of yours that I didn’t have.) CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  • Bessie Windsor

    Will the video of you accepting your award be uploaded to YouTube? I’m not the only Savage fan who would love to see it!

  • victoryman the deplorable

    Hearty congratulations to the man who never wavered in his belief of Borders, Language, Culture. You are an American gem, Michael Savage.

  • Bernard Marx

    Well earned “Uncle Mike”, well earned!….


  • Ver Auger

    To celebrate Dr. Savage’s induction into the Radio Hall of Fame, I will quote the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature winner, Bob Dylan, who “never wrote a book”, as Dr. Savage pointed out. When Bob Dylan was asked how it felt to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he replied, “I always really wanted to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame, so I guess this is a bit of a let-down.”

    Dr. Savage’s sense of humor has given his audience many good laughs over the years. Recently, when Hillary Clinton was having bizarre partial seizures and behaving weird at other times, Hillary and her doctors blamed these scary symptoms on “dehydration”, in the serious, doctrinaire way Democrats speak when lying. “Dehydration” became something of a catch-phrase: when Hillary barked like a dog, with no explanation, during a live appearance, her handlers came out and blamed it on “dehydration” again.

    Dr. Savage noted that Hillary was wearing one of those “disease ribbon” pins of an unfamiliar color, I believe it was aquamarine. He wondered out loud what disease these new aquamarine pins might represent, and then answered his own question by saying, “Of course! That pin probably honors victims of dehydration, that dreaded condition which can only be treated by drinking a glass of water.”

    I laughed pretty hard, and I want to thank Dr. Savage for that, and also many discussions with family & friends stimulated by his show.

    By the way, Doc, how does it feel to be inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame? Or would you have preferred Baseball?

  • Anonymous

    Dr Savage, I can’t think of anyone else who deserves this more than you. You say Radio is magic and this may be true but the magic that you bring to radio is transforming and inspirational. You have been the motivation for many of your listeners. In so many ways you have been the glue that has helped many Americans hold on to their hopes for the future. We could not have held on without you.

    • Bessie Windsor

      I totally agree with your sentiments! Every day he was there for us.

  • ATCkeepsUsafe

    My second nominee would of been Alex Jones. Alex Jones and Savage are todays true modern crusaders. The fact is, they are the only crusaders on the airwaves and they are the hardest of the hardes hardcore Trump supporters even Jones was skeptical at the start about Trump and that is perfectly OK.

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Savage is a man for all seasons; he is a handsome troubadour and a brilliant story teller. I identify with his passion for justice and his strong opinions because he has a fine mind and a strength of character that defies the ordinary and the politically correct agenda. His outward expression of faith and God are endearing and heartfelt qualities I appreciate as a Christian. A breath of fresh air with his humor and pathos; Michael is real; he is genuine!

    After what our country has endured these past 8 years with the regime of Obama, Michael has been the voice for many of us; his position and platform have been used wisely and has affected the greater world of listeners than even he realizes. I applaud him and bless him for his work and his award. May his voice of reason go on for many more years!!

    • Bessie Windsor

      Here! Here!

      • Anonymous

        I am happy you are in agreement, Bessie. Don’t you just love Dr. Savage’s flair. He reminds me of my dear father, who was creative, funny, a lover of people, a prolific writer, a spiritual man, wonderful husband, father, and grandfather to our daughters. He too was a man for all seasons!

        • Bessie Windsor

          He reminds me of my father-in-law who passed away several years ago. He was a lot like Dr. Savage and was a huge influence on my life. I can truly say he was the greatest man I’ve ever met and why I married his son. I guess that’s why I was intrigued by Dr. Savage. They both were “a man for all seasons”!

          • Anonymous

            Yes, Bessie, we have been blessed to have been influenced by such individuals …devoted men of truth and spirit.
            May your Thanksgivig be bountiful. We have much for which to be grateful, especially since we now have a President who cares and views the current American canvas as it is.

          • Bessie Windsor

            My Thanksgiving is bountiful because of my loving family. Anything over that is a bonus. I hope your holiday is blessed with the love of family as well.

  • Old Time Hockey Fan

    Dr. Savage—Congrats!! Well deserved.
    He speaks common sense …in a world with very little of it.
    He is a prophet….what he says WAY in advance….comes true.
    Keep carrying our torch!!

  • Anonymous

    Is the video of his speech archived somewhere?

  • ralph

    Classy guy and deserving winner!

  • Anonymous

    The other day Dr Savage thanked his audience for helping him achieve this award, but if he didn’t give us the kind of entertainment and information he does on a daily basis we wouldn’t be here to make it happen.
    When the recorded description of his career was played and told essentially of a man alone in the industry, derided by his counterparts, ignored by the television “personalities”, banned in some countries, but rising to the top and finally being recognized for his talent thanks to his teeming supporters, I couldn’t help but think it sounded a lot like a certain President we have coming into office. No wonder they get on so well!
    On Thursday’s show callers were encouraged to recall favorite bits of past Savage shows, I’d like to have called in and talked about the time someone compared Dr Savage to jazz music. I thought that was brilliant, but the piece of music I would compare the doctor to is Dave Brubeck’s “Unsquare Dance”. Like Dr Savage, it’s easy to listen to but you have to think about it.
    Congratulations to Dr Savage on a well deserved induction into the Radio Hall of Fame!

  • L. Wm. Roberts

    Borders, Language, Culture! … from our cold dead hands.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations, Dr. Savage! And thank you for waking up this once liberal fool out of her coma.

  • Dawn

    Dr.Savage CONGRATULATIONS, you deserve it and more, God Bless you always.

  • joelfarm

    Thank you, Dr Savage and congratulations on being recognized and honored by the Radio Hall of Fame! Yes, 22+ years of trying to spread TRUTH and common sense to an increasingly psychotic and dangerous world. In fact, your work very well may have been the tipping point that turned the recent election. This victory has given our Nation one last chance to stop the madness of socialism! You are a large reason why this happened and we owe you much gratitude for your hard work!

  • Yogi Zuna

    Congratulations to you Dr. Savage. I have listened to many talk show hosts over the last 20+ years, and you are very special and unique and one of my all time favorites! Looking forward to listening to you for many more years.

  • http://helenspin.com Helen Spingola

    The lovely city of Chicago?? With one of the highest murder rates? Glad you were
    safe there! Congrats. Richly deserved.

  • Paul Revere

    You didn’t attend after all of us loyal listeners voted for you? You promised. Coward!

  • snowpumacat

    First heard Dr. Savage the night of 9/11, while walking the beach with my portable radio glued to my ear. And I joined the “Savage Nation” a year or so later, and sewed the baseball-cap logo onto a day pack, which is still there. Thanks, Michael, you’ve been a true American game-changer, a Lou Gehrig of talk radio.

  • ciNDi

    Michael Savage should have been named Dos Equis’ new Most Interesting Man In The World.

  • old guy

    From “unknown name” to Hall of Fame in one generation !!

  • Caroline

    Congratulations Dr. Savage!! Very well said and done!! You are most certainly the best in Talk Radio!!!

  • James Rhodes

    Congratulations, Dr. Savage! You earned it unlike President Obama getting the Nobel peace prize.

  • jbalish102

    Without Savage I would have gone nuts under the “Thin Man’s” two terms of destruction.

  • Douglas Weiss

    The ONLY one I believe tells the truth all the time. He can take the complicated national issues and make them understandable. He can cut through the spin and lies to what is really behind the headlines. Without Michael Im certain Hillary would still be drinking champagne today. Thank you Michael for saving western civilization all by yourself.

  • Anonymous

    You’re our voice Michael, for so many years. Congrats and thank you for all that you are. You are a timeless gift to humanity.

  • Jonathan Hands

    Great story within a story. Congrats Dr Savage. I really enjoy your show, especially the Teddy stories. I don’t always agree with you, but I always enjoy listening to you.

  • Ragg muff

    Dr. Red Gloves! The Universe has finally come full Circle for the Dr. of Dissent.. Borders, Language, Culture The Savage Nation!

  • Gary Farmer

    You have been a truth warrior before the paid demonstrators were born. I listen to you because you tell the truth as you see it. Thanks so much for your sacrifice.

  • Anonymous

    It is fitting that it comes down to one person, Dr. Savage who guided great and small through an angry storm. May you stay up lifted above them all into the shadow of history. Our modern day Nathan Hale our Clarion of justice, truth and hope. You are the peoples voice. God has blessed America with you in difficult times. Of all of the nations and peoples of the world, you are ours to claim. Hail Columbia!

  • Carol Cooley

    Congratulations Michael on this award that represents so much accomplishment!!!! I enjoy your show. It makes me think! When I was in Education in college, I learned how using the imagination was vitally necessary for a child to learn to read. And it’s true! Please keep up the great stories and work in radio!!! Forever an admirer of your work!!

  • Grinning Lackey

    What in heck are ‘snogies’?

  • Vikki

    Hi Michael! I believe after Trump gets his head together with this election he will be calling you. So don’t give up…

  • Matthew Tessier

    Congratulations Dr. Savage! Well deserved. Keep spreading the truth sir.

  • Guest

    Congratulations Dr. Savage on receiving your well deserved award. If your parents were with us they would be beaming with pride, as I’m sure the rest of your family is.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to a wonderful man, mentor, and example. You give a wonderful gift every day to the common citizen – your wit, your knowledge, and your compassion for all things great and small.

  • Sid

    Congrats Dr. Savage your hard working advocacy of borders language culture!!! Bring back the Paul Revere Society!!

  • Kore Zet

    Dr. Savage, I invite you to have an evidence-based discussion on the subject of statin medications: when and how they can (rarely) be toxic, when and how they can prevent heart attacks, strokes and deaths. And, controversially, when and how statins might actually cause Parkinson’s disease. Pharmaceuticals can be life-saving or life-ending, which is why physicians should prescribe them and monitor their use. The cholesterol hypothesis is true on a population basis (although not for every individual) which is one of the reasons why the age-adjusted mortality rates from atherosclerotic vascular diseases has dropped so dramatically. Please reply by email or right here using one of your avatars, if you wish.

  • Vikki

    Hope, you see how much you are loved! Mr Savage. You are a very wise and intelligent person. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think Trump would of taken a chance. You had encouraged him…Thank you

  • AwesomeSauce

    Mark my words, Trump will gain major support in the black community. 2020 Dems will play the race card all over again but ppl won’t care b/c they’ll finally have jobs. Trump landslide 2020. Pence 2024.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats! Dr. Savage, you are a legend. I been listening to you since the age of 19, now I’m 35. I never had a father to impart wisdom to me, you, in a way, have been like father figure. You have shaped my world view and politics. You’ve even shaped my faith. You have more spiritual insight than any preacher I ever heard. You once said something so power when talking about faith you literally saved me from a suicidal depression. I’m looking forward to your (G-D Book) more than any other of your books. I’m not a church goer but I do pray a lot & I do pray for your health & safety. I hope you live to be 120 & I hope your on the radio till your last breath. The world needs you Dr. Savage.


    yes take the victory lap

  • Rachel Ray


  • privatedad1334

    Way to go, Dr. Savage!

  • Dr. Dan

    Congratulations, Dr. Savage!