• Victor

    Thank God for our first independent president who won’t be a puppet of the elite. I just wonder if it’s possible that Pope Francis was fraudulently elected in 2013 through foul play on the part of the Soros team (given Francis’ left wing bent against Christian tradition). Wish someone could research and break that story if there is any truth to it.

  • Karen Jones

    great pic! listening to you right now, Dr. Savage and you are just The Best! Also just finished Teddy and Me, oh boy, what a book! The most adorable pics and the best story! You really are a sweetheart, aren’t you? I can tell! Please write another one! Also just read Train Tracks, very, very entertaining!

  • Support The Second

    Love the picture, listening right now. Also Michael I have a vintage Goldwater political board that I’ve been wanting to send you if you want it.

  • Andre

    Great pic Mr Savage love your show listen to you every day.
    Thanks to you I was able to bring my mother and many of my family Bd friends over from progs to conservative. I may say it’s hard for us since we are a Sephardic family from te Dominican Republic. But thanks to you we did it and thanks G-d for Donald Trump

  • Liz

    Great Pic, love your show and appreciate your pursuit of the truth.. God Bless you Dr. Savage and Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Robert Muir

    Mike,You are the best of the best!Keep up the great work.

  • ATCkeepsUsafe

    I think Teddy has a thought process. I also believe Savage and Teddy share their thoughts. It will be sad when Teddy departs to doggy heaven.

  • David Douglas

    TWO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!! Make America Great Again!!!

  • Melissa Woods

    Would you please talk about your thoughts on unleashing the preachers from laws against “hate speech” and the dangers of lawsuits and losing their 501C3 status? (Elijah and John the Baptist both spoke out against rulers in their day, just to name two.) Thank you…

  • concernedvoter

    Great pic. Like a back to the future moment. Listening to your show and Beatles are singing ” we all want to change the world” ! Love ya. Keep being you.

  • Anonymous

    Teddy is such a good dog.

  • Jorge A Caraballo

    All is Well

  • Michael Fitzgerald

    A great photo with real winners, but of the three you must realize that Teddy is the one with the best haircut.

    • Storm

      lol …

    • Anonymous

      And perhaps most expensive. Surely generates the most female adoration too.

  • Mark Brown

    Thank you Dr. Savage.

  • Middle Man

    Obama may pardon Hillary if he feels Trump will pursue. Give it some time:}

  • https://vine.co/jameskellyjohnson James Kelly Johnson

    Yeah, if Trump plans on pursuing Clinton, now is def NOT the time to boast about the fact that he will do so. And even if he doesn’t afterwards, I have a feeling “other forces” will end up working things out.

  • http://cj.myfreeforum.org ShepZC

    GOD ALMIGHTY in His Mercy gave us Donald Trump – to clean up this govt – involved in corruptions beyond our imagination. THE WORST is #PIZZAGATE! Child traffikking is a global problem. Trump-Bannon will prosecute – Clintons and Podestas involved – MICHAEL YOU ARE USUALLY BRAVE BUT I HAVE NOT HEARD YOU EXPOSE THIS EVIL! So many in our govt and media are involved!

  • Anonymous

    He has A Plan watch.The sleeping Possum.We will know if the Obama’s Back to At least the Clinton will see their Pensions and Assets seized andsee Prison.It has no w been exposed ,that Moochelle is a tyrannyMan and the ‘O’ fraud mas daughters are adopted and are definably gay and ” The Kenyan is not Born on US Soil”,will come out on Wikileaks by Christmas. Snowden will be Pardoned by Trump too.

  • Anonymous

    He is Quoting Savage Dumb @rse ! Read the Book Dufus !!

    • Sir Recon

      No kidding Sherlock, sarcasm isn’t lost on you, you mental giant you

  • Anonymous

    WELCOME TO THE KINGDOM OF Heaven we are .at the ” Last Crusade in Christ Jesus.” The Church age is ending and God Will Wins. The False Teachers and Prophet’ s Will stand in Judgement first to Clean out his Brides Church Body,then Judge Satan and the Rest of this World.The Muslims who do not accept the Triune God will perish under the Foot of ISRAEL ! Jesus who Commanded,not just ,” Advised his Disciples to not arm with one but TWO SWORDS .” !

    The Secret of the beginning to End this world with Satan is in the Beatitudes , we will not suffer the hell yet to come.We who are in Christ will be taken out first. Those who believe in a Left behind Salvation are fools..Repent now form the foolishness of False Doctrine. The 4 Horseman are riding Now!

    • Sheree Brandon

      Who are those who come out of the Great tribulation..the great multitude that no man could number..who have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb?

  • sawdustInmyeye

    I was 19 and heard you .. I’m 33 . thank you

  • Tom Hays


  • Paul Gullo

    Cool picture, love them both

  • Tyrantsbleedtoo

    I am marveling at how Savage got a kick out of me writing about his “thick accent”. Still cannot believe he read my genuine statement on-air, and he even paused a couple of times to soak it in. It came right out of my heart, and was spontaneous. When a man like Savage unexpectedly says “That’s beautiful” after reading something you wrote, it is inspiring, and exhilerating.
    Here’s to a beautiful man, equipped with a beautiful mind, and blessed with an eclectic family that glistens as human rhodium. Thank you for keeping us informed, entertained, and tenacious.
    Love you Uncle Mike. I always appreciate the Mark Twain in you, and I like how you say “MOssouri”, and used to play all those Churchill audio clips.
    The Trump Machine and the Savage Nation are firing on all twelve cylinders, AMG S-Class style.

    • Anonymous

      He says ArKansas too…

  • bubb gar


  • Sheree Brandon

    And Thank you for Michael Savage a man of Truth! Stands by his words!

  • Anonymous

    I Love You Dr Savage and President Trump! And look! Teddy, too!

  • Mari Puskas Krum

    Yup, you did.

  • deCosmos

    Great photo! God Bless

  • Doug Johnson

    Teddy looks like hes growling at the Don

  • Tommy Tunez

    Dr. Savage, great photo of you, Teddy and the President!!!

  • Household_Prophet

    Teddy looks like he’s smiling too. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    A picture is worth a 1,000 words, this one helps ease the pain of the last 8 years, congratulations Mike, you did it!!!