Trump with Savage - 2 use this

  • Tech Gorilla

    I knew you were in Florida for a reason, Doctor! Don’t worry about the network issues down there, we heard you loud and clear. This picture more than make up for audio issues!!

  • Raul Rodriguez

    a good picture is better than a long speech.

  • KJHanover

    how was the meatloaf?

    • Kathleen Laurie

      savage isn’t Christie he would nt take the meatloaf just cuz trump insisted that’s why Michael rocks!


    Very historic photo! Made my day!

    • Glenn Galloway

      Made my day too

  • A.Deplorable.Savaget.From.Port

    That should be at the end of “Trump’s War” .

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Savage is the greatest political thinker of our time. I’ve heard Dr Savage make numerous predictions over the years; and rarely is he proven wrong. I’m glad Trump met with Savage. We all owe a lot to Savage, including Trump, for fighting so hard for America.

  • Jason Hopson


  • Kathleen Laurie

    SAVAGE!!!home of BORDERS,LANGUAGE,CULTURE PHSycological nudity listenerer discretion is ADVISED WTG MICHAEL TRUMP/SAVAGE NATION!!!

  • ATCkeepsUsafe

    I was a little shocked to to see the picture because at first glance i thought the guy at the far left was phony conservative Limbaugh. Does anyone know who the men are in the photo. Now the Trump is our president we are allowed to use the word man or men. LOL!

    • Anonymous

      Photo from left to right: Christopher Ruddy is the CEO of Newsmax Media; President Donald J Trump; Michael Savage; and Michael’s Savage’s son, Russell Goldencloud “Russ” Weiner

  • Anonymous

    From left to right: Christopher Ruddy is the CEO of Newsmax Media; President Donald J Trump; Michael Savage; and Michael’s Savage’s son, Russell Goldencloud “Russ” Weiner. All GREAT MEN!!

    • Ann

      He has a nice looking son.

  • AwesomeSauce

    Hey Mike, I hope Trump heeds your counsel. Also, you & Ms. Savage deserve a night in the Lincoln bedroom. You helped get this man elected.

  • Shark_FL

    If only Teddy had made the shot

    • KJHanover


  • Jim

    Only and only if you are part of the Trump administration will Trump go down in history as the man who saved the United States of America and possibly the Free World…

  • Michael S

    I don’t see KellyAnne. Did you call her barfly in person?

  • DCarver

    Hope you had a couple of minutes to tell him to watch out for his inner circle and to focus on jobs, jobs jobs!!

    • Climate Refugee

      Illegal immigrants, Illegal immigrants, Illegal immigrants.

  • Anonymous

    N I C E — Anybody know did he do a show today Monday 20 February, 2017?

  • Anonymous

    Anybody know if Savage did a show today?

    • Ann

      Someone else was hosting today, sorry I can’t remember the name but I heard him say something about a Trump-Savage photo and made a note to check it out later when I had time. If this happened, I can’t wait to hear all about it.

    • Anonymous

      Oh man I was answering myself!

  • JoanneG Vaccarella

    I believe it was a repeat show.

    • Princess Deplorable


  • Ver Auger

    Dr. Savage – your photo with President Trump should be downloadable from your website, or as a prize with each copy of “Trump’s War”!

  • KJHanover

    Must’ve been a repeat! No way he wouldn’t have told us about his weekend!

    • Climate Refugee

      He was off Monday and Tuesday.

      Trump needs to make Savage the “federal grant czar”.

  • J Cassidy

    Holy cow did Michael meet with Trump?

  • ToolOGT92

    Trump is a giant make Savage look short. Nice to see you guys finally coming together.

  • Attila

    I’d make Michael Chief of Staff so fast Leftist heads would explode.

    • Obama IS-A-POS

      If Spicer ever gets canned, Trump should make Savage his Press Secretary and have him handle the media questions. He would last about 3 weeks, but it would be hillarious for 3 weeks watching the media get ripped! Trump could sell tickets to the news feed. The media would be longing for the good old days when Trump ridiculed them.

  • Bob and Dot

    We are so happy to see Mr. Savage has had a meeting with Pres. Trump.

  • Ronald A Collinson

    Where is your umberella?

  • Danny W

    When was this pic taken?

  • Blitzcrraig

    Very well played Mike

  • Blitzcrraig

    Two great thinkers !!

  • Marco

    Good for you Dr. Savage! I hope you had time to give him some good counsel, especially about moles and weevils in the bureaucracy (The Enemy Within).l

  • snobch .

    any socialist dem that politicizes and obstructs real american progress trumps trying to offer needs to be shown the door !

  • Old Time Hockey Fan

    Thank You President Trump and Savage
    Twp great Americans!!

  • Annie Bomgaars

    Wonderful to see Dr. Savage & President Trump together! Hope the radio listeners get filled-in on “the art of this deal” when Dr. Savage is back! I’ll be anxiously waiting to hear the scoop!

  • Jack76

    Great picture! Two of my heroes side by side.

  • The Grinder ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰ


  • Mike November

    President Trump and Michael Savage! Unstoppable! The dream team! Amen!

  • Arizonan Embarrassed by McCain

    My 12-year-old daughter asked me why isn’t Teddy in the picture? 🙂

  • Susan

    I only hope this is a current picture and its with President Trump…..can’t wait to hear details tomorrow….meeting in Florida??

  • Mark Purleeonis

    Awesome picture! Trump and Savage. Match made in heaven. Years and years ago, it was Michael Savage who opened my eyes to a clear message of “borders, language, culture.” And that made fertile soil for the intellectual foundation of Trumpism.

    Michael should come to grips with abortion and reverse his support for it because it knocks out our population, leading to a need for more and more immigration, and debases us morally – but everything else he does is perfection.

  • It is I!

    I know you won’t, but, I was thinking the CDC…. lot of mess to clean up there. Good research (which they should share…). Researchers never share (prob. run w/scissors too).

  • Princess Deplorable

    That picture is the one two punch that America needs!

  • John Smith

    Good, Savage needed some cheering up.

  • grey


  • Anonymous

    OMG Michael, this is great. I’m so glad you told Mrs. Trump, Melania, how beautiful her reading the Lord’s Prayer was too!


    Now they need to kick liberal butt

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Savage, I loved your intro today too blasting Handel. Hallelujah indeed! The replay of the First Lady reciting the Lord’s prayer almost brought me to tears. God Bless Melania. God Bless President Trump. And God Bless Dr. Michael Savage!

  • Anonymous

    How exciting!!!! I am so glad you got to meet with the President and lovely First Lady. Your hard work paid off Michael. We will take our Country back! It just occurred to me that you also got to see Eddie hug the President.

  • Anonymous

    No question that Dr Savage and the Savage Nation tipped the scales and helped the President into the White House! Michael Savage worked to help save America from the silent coup that already occurred back in 2008

  • Marie

    Michael, don’t retire or quit. Trump does need you on the radio. He knows you will stick by him. Some of these radio hosts change with the weather. You gave me such hope during the campaign. I want to thank you for all your hard work. Trump loves you, I can tell. You and your son are gorgeous.

  • Lucas McCain

    It’s about time!!

    • Paul

      Michael, I personally wrote many emails to The Trump Staff trying to get you invited to The Inauguration. It is so very gratifying to see that you were able to meet with The President, with all the Blessings you truly earned and deserved! This is a great day for America!

  • Jorge A Caraballo

    OMG, you made it! I am soooo happy for you, Trump and the rest of us.

  • Kat B

    Michael, I loved that you finally got to meet Trump in person! I too feel the joy you feel for him and your energy of that love came through your show today! Can’t wait for your God book !♥️

  • bubb gar

    I was apolitical in 2000, working at a gym in San Francisco, then one after noon with a joint in hand I sat in my truck and heard a voice that brought me out of life’s malaise. If a democrat would file a lawsuit to suppress the votes of our men and women in uniform then no way in hell was I ever voting for that crap again! Thank you Dr. Savage for that is when I got in touch with the righteous anger and common sense that has finally culminated in victory of the people after a long fought battle. The war is not over, but the Eddies of the world are finally tuning in and speaking out!

  • Michael Young

    So You couldn’t post a larger pitcher ? I’m just breaking your balls congratulations !

  • Anonymous

    Good job Michael, you make us all proud! BORDERS, LANGUAGE, CULTURE….that’s all!!

  • centurion

    Congratulation Savage you made it !!

    Dr. Savage, certainly you must recognize the toxic spraying (Chemtrails) going on all over the US. Today Phoenix is so bad you literally cannot breath outdoors. They are now doing it in an “in your face” manner, blatantly and daily.

    The president could have stopped it on day one of his presidency but he did not and that makes him complicit.

    The US taxpayers are paying for this covert, criminal program and are slowly committing suicide without even realizing it.

    President Trump if you won’t stop this program, step forward and explain to the American people how these poisons are benefiting their health ?

    • PJ

      Glad I am not the only one seeing this tragedy on us all. Who do we let know??

    • The Truth Speaker2112

      There are no chemtrails, it’s an internet conspiracy on the same level as Flat Earth.

      No one has provided any evidence, not even so much as putting down a bucket to collect samples. The infrastructure required to undertaken such an operation would be huge and could not be hidden, it’s quite ridiculous.

  • yeison arias

    Savage i’m glad that you made it to meet with the president Trump, i’m a Dominican Republic immigrant and you change my mind in about everything in my live just listening to you. Thank you Michael Savage…. And i love your BORDERS, LANGUAGE, CULTURE that’s how this country it should be forever…

  • Geoffrey Weiss

    It’s wonderful that you met with President Trump at Mar a Lago. Both you and he are persons that America needs right now

  • BackToBasics

    So good to see you with President Trump, Dr. Savage!

    I think both of you comprehend the real difficulties facing the common people as a result of the zero-common-sense globalist policies enacted by leftists and GOP elites more often than not in the last 50 years.

    The negative results of these policies are felt the most, first-hand, by millions of hard-working patriots and have sharpened them. We better understand the problems and know the real solutions to them much more than the 95% of politicians, pundits and reporters do.

    With God’s help, borders, language and culture sums up the common-sense solutions we need. May God bless you both!

  • Eliza

    Dr. Savage, congratulations on meeting President Trump in Florida this past Saturday!
    I was so happy to hear on your radio show telling us bits of how it went talking to Trump for more than an hour. I was so emotional when you mentioned Trump told your son that we need you another 25 years! 🙂 We love you, Dr. Savage! God bless you! #MAGA!

    • Jose Gomez

      yes, God bless you Dr. Savage – America and President Trump will especially need you four years from now for the President’s re-election.

  • Thomas Engel

    Glad you were able to visit with Pres. Trump Also, thank you for being a truth speaker. Hearing the truth on the airwaves is like finding a clear stream in the desert

  • Avast! ye swabs

    SAVAGE! You’re wonderful.

  • Gregory Christiano

    Great photo — historic. Wishing our President the best.

  • Anonymous

    So happy for you!

  • The Truth Speaker2112

    See Michael, Donald Trump doesn’t forget his friends, you were never banned.
    Glad to hear that Reince P is a fan of yours.

  • Dan Truitt

    Oh yeah- DJT doesn’t forget the people who helped him get where he is and here’s proof. Beautiful, brother. I’m sure one of those things you discussed that you can’t mention is that stupid UK travel ban. Here’s hoping you have a good time when you see the Queen!

    • okie doke

      F the queen…’bout damn time she got a job and started working for a living.


      They want to ban President Trump as well, I hear so Savage is in good company.

  • Brian Juntunen

    I had tears in my eyes at the beginning of your podcast as you related your experience with the president. God bless.

  • GregS

    Great pic, I sincerely hope with God’s help, America can go on for another generation. Glad you and yours could meet the Trumps in person. All the best!

  • Renee Thrasher

    Great picture Dr. Savage!! I’ve been praying that President Trump would reach out to you. You deserve to be recognized for all the support you have given him! So happy for you!

  • Bilderberg Chairman

    Already Making America Great Again

  • Jack76

    More than anything that picture gives me hope for the future.

  • Dan Golthing

    NEXT CHANCE, please ask Trump to have his administration look into what happened to Seal Team Six! They have the authority to turn over EVERY LEAF!!! Your article:

    These sins must be uncovered. 38 dead, 22 of our most sacred warriors.

    Next is Judge Scalia.

    PLEASE, the sins of the last administration must be exposed to right the ship!

    • John T

      Dan its easy Muslim Obama had to pay back his brothers for the killing of Laden

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Michael….job well done!

  • HempthanolUSA KewlFuel

    Dr. Savage;,,,,I’m so Happy that you’ve shared your moment in History, I’ve been a fan since well before The Paul Revere Society, and I feel like you’re part of my family, I wanted to ask these questions for a few years now,
    1) Would you have Ted Nugent ,or Charlie Daniels as a guest?
    2) Could you peruse the following songs for possible bumper music?
    a. Kill the King – Rainbow
    b. Mistreated (intro) – Rainbow
    c. Catch the Rainbow- Rainbow
    d. Gates of Babylon – Rainbow

    a. Sinner Boy – Rory Gallagher
    b. Messin With the Kid – Rory Gallagher

    a. Last Rose of Summer – Judas Priest
    b. Desert Plains – Judas Priest

    Does your HELLCAT run on E85 fuel? ,,,,,If not,You need to try it (Between 40 to 60 hp gains! Just requires a Re-Map of your ECU

    We Love You,
    Thank You for All You Endure

  • Richard M.

    I new that it would happen. You deserve the recognition. No one else has worked harder. The rest just picked the winning side after you got him there!

  • maui


    • RANDY

      you do not know the power of the ignorant sheeple

  • Anonymous

    Trump will make Theresa May and home secretary Amber Rudd of Great Britain remove the ban. Then the Savage tour of Great Britain can begin.

    Congratulations and thank you for your great service to the USA, and the world , for getting Trump elected. You set the stage decades ago.

  • McommentsGA

    Why did trump hand the mic to his ‘good friend’ terry mcculiffe at gov dinner Sunday night????

    • John T

      I also do not like that Trump is reaching out to democrats and talking about immigration reform…..possible amnesty next?


    MacArthur is what we need now

  • Jim Miklas

    This will be one to put up on your office wall Michael!

  • Bruno

    President Trump MUST Declare a state of national emergency and launch an offensive to investigate actions of treasonous sedition by those within the state department and congressional leaders. The American people are fed up with our leaders allowing the noisy few to make a mockery of our governmental institution’s! Get tough where it counts for GODS sake!!!!!~


    Trump needs to go on the offensive

    • Publius

      Everything he does is offensive to moonbats and snowflakes. Stay the course!

  • George Aaron

    great pic

  • paul riggall

    Proud of you, Dr Savage

  • Thomas Mack

    You are like one of the revived Founding Fathers, Doctor Savage, thanks for all your vigilance and perseverance. Writing the saga of the MAGA..

  • Dan Barbarito

    Great photo Dr. Savage! We’re proud of you!

  • Bob Glembocki

    Dr. Savage. Now is a great time to create a Language, Culture ,Borders bumper sticker.

  • Mel Fartstein

    Super picture…I love your show and listen every night. (I also listen to coasttocoast so I can get the latest updates on UFOs and BIGFOOT.

  • Tommy Tunez

    Great News Dr. Savage!

  • Josh VanNatten

    Great picture Michael! First Time long time. Love the show. Would love to speak with you.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a great picture.

  • Mary Ann

    We will get our revenge in 2018 midterm elections. Alll dems out and all rinos,,, everyone against TRUMP!!!!!!!1

    • Billy Freedom

      Dr.Savage, here are some terms that I think you’ll enjoy
      Trumpaganda and T. H. E. Y. ( the hierarchy enslaving you)
      Could you please send this to savage. I don’t know how

    • Billy Freedom

      Dr.Savage, here are some terms that I think you’ll enjoy
      Trumpaganda and T. H. E. Y. ( the hierarchy enslaving you)