Savage can cook


  • adriatica

    This looks superb. Every time you talk about your cooking, it sounds so good that I cook something like it asap, such as your sauce using San Marzanos, parsley, etc. And fluffy meatballs.
    Been listening to you since 1996, when I was still a Liberal; I changed my tune a little later in the nineties. I’m still ashamed that I ever voted for Bill Clinton. Still listen every day.

  • Ginger B.

    Looks delicious Dr. Savage! You have a Sicilian’s stamp of approval! Keep cooking, it looks like you enjoy it!! Buona Salute!

  • Hilary Freeman

    A man who can cook and talk!

  • Steve Hamilton

    Looks great…..nice job. What wine are you drinking with this? We hear you talking about “good Italian red wine”, what go you like?

  • Robert Gilmore

    Thats just about enough to feed a pigeon.