MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: We're now 'in a civil war on the wrong side'

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In today’s issue: The immediate result of the attack on a Syrian airfield is that the U.S. is now “involved in a civil war on the wrong side,” Savage told his listeners.

“Did you vote for this? Was this your idea of ‘America first,’ to launch some kind of limp-wristed attack against an airfield?”

He continued:

Oh, “We attacked Assad, we taught him a lesson.” Did you attack Assad? He was in Damascus. Could have attacked him. You could have used a nuclear weapon on Damascus and destroyed them, right? We didn’t see that happen.

This was another aspirin factory attack like Bill Clinton. It’s a posturing.

Now, in the short term, Trump will win enormously.

It was a very smart move from a Machiavellian political point of view, not from a geopolitical strategic point of view.

Write that down. A lot of words. A lot of syllables.

In the short term, Trump’s popularity goes through the roof.

… I told you, presidents, when their backs are against the wall, they usually go to war.

Little wars. Not big wars.

No one wants a big war. Little wars, where no one gets hurt.

So, right away his popularity will go from something like 30-something to 50-something, if not higher.

That’s number one.

Number two, it completely neutralized all of the critics who said he was in cahoots with Russia.

So he neutralized that.

So, from a Machiavellian, personal point of view, this was a very smart move.

From a geopolitical point of view it was the stupidest thing he ever could have done.

That’s it. That’s my whole statement. Can I go home now?

So, who got to him?

It’s very simple who got to him. I don’t think you have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure this out.

There was an internal power struggle. Steve Bannon versus the son-in-law.

Son-in-law’s a New York Manhattan liberal. The Manhattan liberals won. The conservatives are out. Period, end of story. Any other questions?

… Let me see one brick on the wall. When is the wall starting? When is the tax deduction starting? When are the factories going to be rebuilt? When are the roads going to be fixed? When are the bridges going to be fixed? When are the tunnels going to be fixed?

I’d like to hear the answers.

Order “Trump’s War” now!

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  • D C-Newt

    Plenty of good points, Dr. Savage. I am still pondering what could be the positives of this action. Sadly, we (USA) are a nation borne of war; this fact will most likely never change. God be with you,

    • vanualevu

      I don’t think we will find one.

    • Paksanim

      Try to refrain from jumping on the naysayer bandwagon, because it is quite naïve to expect such an action to corrupt all aspects of foreign and internal policy. The attacks of ISIS are foremost in our President’s agenda, and his advisers are round-tabling ALL options, including remaining on the sidelines and wringing our collective national hands with the EU and the entire U.N. he is very, very well advised, and is not a man to trifle or tolerate foolish advice.

      • D C-Newt

        I will do more than refrain from becoming a naysayer. I like to get all of my ducks in a row before taking a swim. We may never immediately know that facts that surround this action but hopefully can rely on the deductive reasoning that ‘most’ of us are blessed with. For me it is too early to make final decisions on my thoughts about this. I continue to support and pray for our President, even though I may be ignorant of every move he makes. Without all of the facts, we are all ignorant and on the outside looking in.

  • Doug Brown

    This time it was different. We believed in him. At our house we had weekly Saturday prayer and fasting events for Donald Trump’s election. I know people that fasted every Saturday for months praying to God to turn this country around, to get Trump elected, so when I say betrayal, it’s heart felt. And it’s miserable. It hurts. So now we invade, is that the idea? Syria, then Iran, then North Korea. What happened? Where are all the promises he made? Why has he surrounded himself with warmongers and men that dispise peace? We thought he was the real deal. Many many people in America right now are filled with the most profound buyers remorse.


      Savage is right—the NeoCons won internal struggle so far and the Left & NWO wants war with Russia….Trump either painfully unaware of this or he has joined the Left neoCons

      • Z chaim

        I think he is very aware, and do not think he has joined them. I think he is walking a painfully thin line the likes of which he I am sure had no idea existed til he got there. I pray for him.


      But it’s too early to hang a permanent failure tciket on him—-we need some patience to see how this plays out

    • Thegambo

      Yes and No Doug…. anyone but Clinton was my mantra… Disappointed to the nth degree but still never Hillary….. so we got what we got..

    • Christy Laing

      This is about OIL, money, look what is under the ground where and why this happened!
      Pray that Trump will gain discernment! Pray for discernment from the Holy Spirit!

      • Paksanim

        Not true.

    • Z chaim

      Don’t be. Our President also has not lost his support– we are quizzical, as we should be, as there is a lot of very conflicting news— but DJT has already done A Lot of what he was voted in for and is in process of the rest. We are only about 80 days in. I love Dr. Savage, listen to him 3-4 times a week, and usually agree with a lot. I think however right now he as well should remain at least open-minded.

      We had a true conservative sworn in to the Supreme Court today, that is a huge positive. Chin up.

      This is the Lord’s Prayer put to song. If that is your photo in profile you may remember it— it came out shortly after the movie “the excorcist” was released, when people were staggering out of theatres getting sick, as nothing evil like this had ever been seen before. (How far things have sunk since then in such a short time.). It was wildly popular, done by a nun. I thought at the time and still do that this prayer put to song was a “stand-up” to everything going on. I am not catholic, in fact am Jewish and I am singing it aloud and in my head every day now because this is truly prayer when one has no idea what to pray.


      • The Truth

        Z chaim, WELL SAID!….I agree completely!


    • Paksanim

      There is no betrayal. Slow down your racing doubts and raging accusations. You sound like you would give up on a Thanksgiving dinner if you cold only order pizza.
      First of all, give him, and his staff of dedicated appointees plenty of benefit of your doubt. Unless you are cleared to be a consumer of the highest level of classified information, spare him the accusations of planning invasions, and beginning offensive operations in other countries. He is, and you must begin to realize this clearly, a complete novice to the language of military affairs, to such an extent that he has erroneously, but well intentioned nevertheless, put civilians lacking in even moderate national security policy, on his team of national security advisers. The President is wise, and is not surrounding himself with warmongers. Yet you see this completely opposite approach from Obama, wherein Trump will fire you, confront you, challenge you, and smack you down as being aggressive and betraying his electorate. It is not.
      Secondly, Trump is up AGAINST “men who despise peace”, not surrounded by them. His Chiefs of Staff and NSC are ensuring the strength to AVOID war, and MAINTAIN peace, not incite war and disrupt peace. His resolve and determination must not be seen as warmongering or betrayal. This world, especially with the terrifying advance of extreme Islamic terrorism in the last three decades, is so dangerous that our leaders MUST maintain a strong and deterrent posture.
      Remain faithful to your president – he needs your continued support.

  • Kelly

    i am probably the most confused president trump supporter in america.

    i have no idea what is going on. i voted for trump. not bannon. not kushner. not ivanka.

    damn it. not again, pls.

    • Z chaim

      I’m with you. I wrote a comment to Doug Brown here, with an attached link, don’t want to repeat myself in same thread… please read it, you may be encouraged.

  • It is I!

    FIRST OFF, would you quit digging around in my brain? Because you are saying all the things I’m thinking. 2 things I didn’t think of (and you are RIGHT… again)… the battle between the son-in-law & Bannon & it wasn’t sarin gas. wow, this is why you get to be the “brain”. Civil war, war machine, insiders, Russia, Assad, Clinton… who the HELL knows who is behind any attack anymore? What to do? We just build safe zones & call it something (“free zone”) I don’t care. Anyone causing mischief there hang em. So, for the short sighted among us (and we got a lot of those) this “attack” was fine. Let’s not go further. The people of that region have been brain washed since birth, there is no “curing” them. Just keep them there & air flight supplies. We need to fix here. Yeah.. I KNOW, I know.. ya said it already. Here’s what you don’t know…. I’m having Cornish game hens for Easter… you are invited (just let me know how many are coming… keep it under 10).

    • Paksanim

      The only ones who want Syria to be a continuing crisis are the U.N. and the Soros suffragettes. Syrians want to end the fighting on their own, and Trump probably really, really wished he could leave them to it. BUT, Trump is after ISIS…and if he has the inside line on them being responsible for hijacking a few barrels of chemicals, then he was right to hit them. Assad and Putin were caught not having already purged them, but we can thank Obama for appeasing the U.N. and Soros-snowflakes rather than using limited tactical response in 2013. And what difference does it make for the daughter and son-in-law to be inside the fence? Trump has always played both sides as he was coming up, and his M.O. is no different now. It gives the appearance of nepotism, but so did Kennedy. Take a deep breath, keep calm, and take your daily dose of Savage with a grain or two of salt.

  • Betty Sakai

    No matter who or what the discussion was, what Trump did was absolutely correct. There is no way America could or would be on the side of what Obama had created. Obama was an anti-moral President used by anti-American powers. The moral line simply had to be drawn.

    • Z chaim

      I’m hoping this is the case.

    • Martin

      So the US is the world’s morality police now? There are things far worse happening right now in other parts of the world, and kids are getting killed there too. Going to war over global morality? The US will be in unending wars for the next 100 years following that logic.

      Only line that is important in Syria is the gas and oil pipeline the US wants, and huge bonus pay for war contractors.

  • Jennifer

    Dr. Savage, Your right, I did not vote for WAR. Does anyone really know where is gas came from & who did it? I’m with you, in no way would it benefit Assad to gas his own people. Somehow I feel this was a Muslim Brotherhood frame job, last time in 2013 that there was a gas attack it turned out to be ISIS. We must be real careful not to get on the wrong side & actually help the Lefts agenda. The son-in-law knows nothing and other then watching & learning he should have NO SAY with any issue. The warmonger are in their glory & Im just sick about it. Trump did run on destroying ISIS, I am hoping there is something were not seeing here. Assad has been involved with Hamas & is far from a good guy…. Im holding out on major judgement & hoping there is a a plan we don’t see. God Bless you.

    • vanualevu

      Stay off BB today with your opinion on this. The war contractors and their Neocon supporters will be all over you.

  • Christy Laing

    Get the Ivanka and Kushner. Get them OUT! That is WHO got to TRUMP

    • hariman

      Sadly, I think the entire reason that Jared and Ivanka got hired was the massive amount of leaks. I also believe that Ivanka will be the bigger problem, at times, because she is much more democrat/moderate than Jared became over the campaign.

      Also, I believe the ONLY mistake in this airstrike was not following it with a B2 strike to crater the runway and render the airfield useless for a while.

      Last and most importantly, Russia reportedly bombed the hospital that had the survivors of the chemical strike to cover Syria’s tracks. That needs to be thrown across the world media so that Russia is permanently embarrassed for their cruelty.

  • andrew domenitz

    Congressional obstruction will slow down the process, and we will probably have a pullback which would be good for him to recover from.

    Some idiots on the MSM Rachel Maddow Show actually said that there was a possibility that he did this strike in collusion with Putin, to make him look better. The possibility of him doing something right is zero according to the MSM. Unbelievable!

    Also heard that this airfield was abandoned, so what the hell?

    • Z chaim

      Lots of very conflicting news I agree. Maddow is utterly pathetic.

      • It is I!

        God Maddow is an idiot. Can’t even watch… him.

    • Paksanim

      Abandoned…no. Not used very much…probably. Understand, the chemical compounds were dropped from aircraft in barrels, not sprayed or dusted. Kind of gives a little more perspective to the lack of sophistication of the attack. If you are able to review open source material regarding the operation, you might discover more details. Happy hunting.

  • Thegambo

    How can anyone see those dying children and their parents and not want something to be done.. ‘Something’ in a week’s notice can’t be that major unless it was in the latest of planning stages… and how could that be a Trump decision with him in office for 2 months….. I bet it was ‘the military’ decision by one of the insiders..

    • It is I!

      Of course Thegambo… of course. But, you have to be careful you don’t get played by our media. Remember you didn’t see the bodies of the people in St. Petersberg or the people who got crushed in Sweden by terrorist. If we acted on every hurt baby… suffering people.. we’d be all over the place. Keep it in perspective. Home first.. then we do safe zones outside our country.

      • Anonymous

        If we are reacting to “hurt babies” then why are we not bombing planned parenthood

        • Paksanim

          Morbidly funny.

        • It is I!

          cause they are not babies yet.

    • Paksanim

      Well, it most definitely was the recommendation of the leadership of the Department of Defense, seeing as how those folks are not only ‘inside’ and most certainly are ‘military’ (your lack of military familiarity blaringly apparent), but it also included Department of State, CIA, and the NSC (National Security Council), a few of whom are civilian, but yet are no doubt ‘insiders’ as well. Would you have thought it could have been the President himself, deciding by himself, selecting which of his tactical courses of action to use by himself?
      As for other victims of terrorist attacks, let’s use a little historical perspective here, shall we? Go back to World War I and Germany’s use of mustard gas during trench warfare. There was a resolution that chemical weapons, or those of a chemical nature, be FOREVER banned in warfare. It was during a war, not a localized attack, that the chemical were used. Thus, a parallel to Assad’s use today can be seen as relevant to history. Again, although debated vehemently by doubters and skeptics, S. Hussein used chemical weapons and was, in part, punished for it by the U.S.-led coalition. Although there could be much justification made of Assad’s conventional warfare against others in his country as a reason to move directly against the Assad regime, a clear warning not to use chemical weapons was made.

  • Cleavis Nowell

    Savage described Nikki Haley as a reptile today. Was not happy with her appointment but hoped she would follow the lead of gatestone institute or other counter-jihad organization. Alas Haley followed hormones instead like a cultural marxist democrat. Next presidential election I will vote Libertarian unless there is a GOP candidate who will follow the Cotton Mather Cultural Mandate of subduing other nations – especially those 7th century hellholes with oil that belongs to the USA.

  • Dean

    Assad is just another Mideast villain, but he is a westernized villain and when he attempted reform, it was not Islamic which only intensified the Jihad uprising across the region. That is their civil war. If we had to choose sides, this is the wrong side despite the atrocities. Mike uses the perfect word to put a positive spin on the wrong action. It was Machiavellian. Our biggest problems are China and Noko and the Chinese are taking note that Trump doesn’t bluff, like the prior bluffer in chief. This was also a notice that Trump is serious when it was announced that the military option with Noko is back on the table. There in Noko is our primary National interests, not Syria, and this was actually an unconstitutional use of military force.

    • Paksanim

      Perhaps Dr. Savage is sensing his position regarding ‘America first’ is best applied as America ‘isolated, protected, and unwilling to act independently, except in those relations with other nations that appear to be a larger threat than those who appear to only threaten their own citizens’.
      WRT an unconstitutional use of military force, a more in-depth understanding of the use of military force needs to be applied in circumstances where a clarity of specialized use is not consistent with the need for Congress to invoke the War Powers Act.
      As for Dr. Savage’s estimate of the missile attack being the stupidest geopolitical thing, I do not consider Dr. Savage to be an expert in geopolitics or to have privy to information such as the President does, and therefore, it does not surprise me that he would bristle at what he sees as taking sides in a civil war, which is a fairly inflated turn of phrase aimed most likely at having a dramatic impact to his listening audience. The Trump administration is applying this missile attack not to draw our national allegiance to the anti-Assad factions, but to clearly draw the line at ANY nation using chemical weapons. Our involvement with the conflict in Syria is not being defined by this tactical response. Quite the opposite – our involvement is already significant militarily with the use of U.S. ground forces, which already are walking the extremely difficult line of a convoluted and meshed chain of command and influence among tribes, nations, religious factions and multiple levels of modern and less-than-modern military equipment, and has now been increased to include U.S. diplomacy, and the possibility of Syrian regime change. It is not surprising to see V. Putin lash back at the missile strike, but keep in mind that their enemy is ISIS just as is ours. And the responsibility for overseeing the removal of chemical weapons from Syria during Pres. Obama’s tenure was Russia’s, which is obviously not being enforced. In this light, a solid case for smacking the airfield gives the U.S. the most solid ground for applying pressure on both Assad AND Putin, regardless of their saber rattling. Both now know that this U.S. administration will not tolerate continued use of chemical weapons.
      As for Dr. Savage’s final rant about domestic projects not yet in full motion, let him speak to the inept and always discordant Houses of Congress, whose tedious methods of hashing out every tiny political slight and inconsequential Twitter is becoming the Georgian red clay that continues to muck up any progress save for executive orders. Why else would both the former and current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue so liberally and swiftly set pen to paper in order to at least make a few pieces of the federal government machine start moving?

  • Paul Orsi

    It was about the Chemical attack. That the use of chemical weapons will not be tolerated and if done again there will be further consequences. It was more like , Hello, do you hear us?
    Iran on the other hand is growing to much balls in its relationship with Russia. I would consider the attack as , more to follow, IF.
    There is only one wrong side when the scale is tipped. The one who used the chemicals. I may be wrong but I would like to think it was a impartial moral act.

    • Anonymous

      The so-called “chemical attack” by Assad was a false-flag all the way. The Turks were caught in 2013 trying to frame Assad with a similar attack using a similar modus operandi. When confronted with the evidence, Turkish intelligence officers simply shrugged and said that sometimes these sorts of operations work, sometimes not – and that they’d try again after some time had passed.

      The other clues this was a false flag are that Sarin nerve gas -the alleged weapon – is lethal in very small amounts. Workers at the scene would have to wear complete chemical-biological containment suits – whole bodies covered, skin exposed, helmets with face shields and respirators – the works, to avoid being dosed themselves. Photos show this clearly wasn’t the case; workers are handling the “corpses” bare-handed and with only disposable face-masks. Film footage captures one of the “dead” children opening her eyes.
      The western oligarchs badly need a casus belli (cause for war) in order to eliminate the Assad government, something have already decided they want to do. That is why they keep going back to the well with these staged atrocities.

      History reveals that false-flag operations have a long and sordid record in starting wars.

      The U.S. went to war with Spain after the battleship U.S.S. Maine blew up in Havana Harbor. The sinking was – much later, of course – determined to be as a result of an accidental explosion caused by a design flaw in the ship’s forward powder magazines. The false flag came with the press coverage of the event, which was crafted so as to legitimize American intervention in Cuba and elsewhere in the Spanish empire.

      Older readers may be familiar with the Gulf Of Tonkin incident, which was used by the Johnson administration as a pretext for war in SE Asia.

      In the late 1930s, Hitler had already decided to take back that portion of Poland which had belonged to Germany prior to the Versailles Treaty, plus whatever territory his armies could seize. He and Soviet dictator Josef Stalin agreed in secret to divide Poland into two parts, one German and one Soviet. What Der Fuhrer needed was an excuse. The SS-Gestapo manufactured one for him by staging a Polish raid upon a German radio station on an isolated portion of the German-Polish frontier. Convicts were dressed in the appropriate clothing and uniforms, positioned in and around the station – and then machine-gunned. The corpses were positioned in such a way as to resemble the aftermath of a raid by Polish bandits.

      The ruse worked and the German blitzkrieg rolled across the Polish border on September 1, 1939, starting WWII in Europe. Once the war started, no one cared anymore how it had actually started or even if the German claim was in fact true. It wasn’t until much later that the false-flag plot was uncovered and verified as true.

      The message for ordinary people is that one ought to remember that things are often not what they appear to be. The wealthy and powerful have their own agenda, and are not hesitant to socially-engineer the outcomes they want – by any and all means necessary.

      • The Deplorable zato44

        Outstanding information…spot on! Thank’s

      • Paksanim

        I think you’re stretching the false flag well beyond its natural tendency to cover the truth. Perhaps a little more science of sarin gas exposure is in order.

        • Anonymous

          I’ve already written all I plan to write upon the subject – perhaps you’d care to write a rebuttal or a post of your own, undoubtedly informed by your scientific expertise and years of study in relevant fields.

  • Anonymous

    Trump just needed to clean up O’s mess (redline) and signal others he is to be taken seriously. this was not a prelude to war, IMHO

    • vanualevu

      Ok, if you divine to say.

    • vanualevu


  • https://disqus.com/by/sw7478/ TPtomCat78

    Gotten past the point where I don’t want to hear about this anymore.
    But one thing I have learned over the weekend on many of our favorite news websites is — is if our president (WE VOTED FOR) has said or done something — and if we respectfully disagree with whatever he done… suddenly we’re falsely labeled an “Anti-Trumper”.
    No.. it doesn’t matter if we spent over an entire year rooting / cheering / defending him online.
    Somehow it’s almost ‘Verboten’ to disagree on an issue.
    Guess the name of the game is – if something we don’t like happens.. we’re supposed to keep silent, grab our ankles and be a “gooood little whatever”.
    I get it. For now on I’ll just stay silent when another bad thing happens.

    • Anonymous

      I got the same treatment on BB and got hit 24 times for only one comment and I kept pace because WE are in a civil type war. When you have the strength, speak your voice and it will make a difference.

    • Paksanim

      Bring on the facts. Those are always welcome and respected. But keep the speculation and second-guessing to a minimum – it’s more fun to try and debunk facts anyway.

      • https://disqus.com/by/sw7478/ TPtomCat78

        I will agree with Doc today.. These have been trying times.

        Thankfully though – there is good news!! The clouds are lifting, and may help calm the storm which has been brewing way out of control.
        This article was reported after the show.
        Lets pray that this will help smooth over some bad blood and rough patches! And we shall move to more important things! 😀

  • churchoftheair

    The globalists control every president. The presidents have to make deals with the globalist devils in order to get into and stay in power. JFK reneged and the globalists dealt with him.

    The globalists allow a president to have a free hand in most things, but there are certain things where the president must tow the line or be taken out of office.

    Ob*maCare created a new government control over we the people. The globalists told Trump early on that he must never allow a clean repeal of this power. He tried to “and replace” Ob*maCare with Ryan, but I noticed that Mo Brook’s bill to repeal only hasn’t been scheduled for a vote. Probably never will be.

    Trump is sacking the conservatives and replacing them with globalist RINO swamp creatures, so it’s business as usual.

    There will be no real “wall” built. It will be a joke fence if that.
    Ob*maCare will never be repealed cleanly — there will always be a mandate.
    The Mooselum invasion of the USA will continue.
    Taxes will never be lowered.

    The Republicans own the House, Senate, and the Presidency. However, the globalists own 100% of the Democrat Party, at least 50% of the Republican Party and ALL of the leadership positions.

    The globalists control all the chokepoints and will never let go.

    • http://ixquick.com Mark III

      “…They have infiltrated every conceivable sphere of activity: youth groups, radio, television, and motion picture industries, church, school, educational and cultural groups, the press, national minority groups, and civil and political units…” John Stormer – “None Dare Call it Treason” 1964

      See: “AGENDA – Grinding America Down” – vimeo

      Read: “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” – Gary Allen, 1971 – read online

    • Paksanim

      I don’t believe this nonsense for a minute.

  • Herb Tarlick

    After reading this, I think you are correct. Another Trump knee jerk reaction. But that is what wealthy arrogant jerks do. Boy, we sure have a lot of them.

  • snowpumacat

    We don’t know right now what the answers will be. It is disheartening to see Trump act like the same old same old presidential puppet. No rush to judgment about him yet, even though it is apparent he rushed to judgment about the Syria gas attack.

    JFK described peace as an active, ongoing process, it takes a lot more effort than simply pulling the trigger. The world in the spring of 2017 is poised for conflict, not cooperation. It would benefit our leaders to remember the lessons learned (and not learned) from the Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK’s June 1963 speech at American University, and November 22, 1963.

    • http://ixquick.com Mark III

      Bottom line is OPEC nations (Saudis in particular) have influence over US military policy in Middle East since the end of Bretton Woods.

      OPEC oil sales have required US $ to purchase, and this helps keep the US $ (fiat currency) from collapsing.

      The Saudis and Qatar want Assad removed so they can gain control of the gas pipelines running into Europe.

      Read “Preparing for the Collapse of the Petrodollar System” – online article by Jerry Robinson.

      This also ties into removal of Hussein, Gadaffi, etc.

  • http://www.themadjewess.net/ @MadJewessWoman

    I also believe it was a “Facta Non Verba” Machiavellian.
    Sort of Reaganesque.
    But, it’s not 1986 and the world is different now. Much different because OUR government has destroyed one little country after the next.

    Truth is the weapon and the only missile that Trump should have used.
    Instead, he wanted to appear ‘strong’.
    There is NO defense against truth. A man of honesty and integrity will use truth as a shield and buckler.
    He could have revealed exactly what the B.O. admin did in Egypt, Libya, Ukraine and Syria–how THEY armed these devils. Hillary called for the overthrow of Assad in 2012. Lots of ‘conservatives’ were with Trump on this lunacy. so, in essence, they are for Hillary whether they like it or not.

    I cant ever trust him again and everything he does now, I will question and be completely skeptical and cynical.


  • The Deplorable zato44

    Excellent commentary…The history of Syria since the Sykes/Picot agreement and the breaking up the Levant is very complex and vitally important…it should be carefully studied to fully realize the situation there today…the Alawite vs Sunni/Wahhabi hatred plays a huge part in this ancient issue and will not be ending anytime soon.

    Trumps ‘shooting from the hip’ lacking proper intelligence as well as ordering the attack while having talks w/the president of China was a huge insult to the Chinese…he gained zero points on that…the massing of 150,000 Chinese troops on the North Korean border is proof that our adversaries are not easily intimidated!

    • Paksanim

      Worried about insults, are you? Talk of gaining points, do you? Speak of being intimidated, will you?
      And to what degree or benefit does not insulting China matter? Would China be more receptive to U.S. diplomatic overtures and suggestions? Has that manner of diplomacy been successful in the past? And what number of points is significant in what context? Is there a diplomatic game involving scoring points of favor or points of accommodation or points of understanding or points of agreement or points of cooperation? And what manner of intimidation are referring to?

  • v steve

    Should have let Israel do the bombing.

  • Steven

    Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner along with their crony allies and other appointed neo-cons have to be fired from the Trump administration.
    Having family in the administration is making President Trump judge poorly.
    We do not want to start WW3 with Russia and get suckered by China’s long term game.

  • Anonymous

    This is the best analysis of the Tomahawk attack in Syria by the POTUS. The best laid “schemes” of mice and men often go awry.” A proverbial expression used to signify the futility of making detailed plans when the ability to fully or even partially execute them IS UNCERTAIN.

  • Anonymous

    President Trump showed something that has been missing in Presidents ever since Reagan: balls. So you disagree with him on one thing (but many agree with him). At least he showed he’s not going to move the red line. This country has been a paper tiger for too long. Right or wrong, the world has been served notice. The USA is back.

    • TellTheTruth-2

      Hopefully YOU ARE GOING TO FIGHT in the wars you seem to want so bad.

      • Paksanim

        Apparently you would benefit from stopping a chemical weapon being used in your neighborhood by counting on others to stop it from ever happening. Or…perhaps you would use the ever-desperate and predictable claim of the innocents – ‘why didn’t somebody do something before…?’

    • http://www.themadjewess.net/ @MadJewessWoman

      What ‘red line?’
      Obama went on the OFFENSE in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Ukraine.
      People ‘out there’ are SICK of our ‘balls’.
      “Paper tiger?”
      We have destroyed one country after the next.
      They dont call us “American terrorists” for nothing.

      TRUTH is all Trump should be using as a weapon

      • Paksanim

        Oh…who are these ‘people’? And is their ‘SICK’-ness of our audacity a sentiment that scares you into feeling afraid to destroy the weapons of mass destruction that could wind up wafting into any home or city in America? Would that you would worry more about what evil use may come of these weapons rather than the offense to ‘others’ who would permit them to flourish.
        Again…who is ‘they’ that refer to us as “American Terrorists”? And do you believe them? Are you totally blinded by your indignation that America has no right to attack terrorism wherever it exists? Are you waiting for another September 9-11 attack to occur? Is your sense of defending your American freedom afraid to stand up and declare itself? Is there no amount of disgust in you for those who perpetrated this hideous chemical attack? Can you only reach out and berate those who would decry such hideous murder? Please spare us you hypocritical analogies and outright false statements.
        Do you suppose the ‘TRUTH” that the chemicals burning their lungs and flesh came from a few miles away and was their own government gassing them would be all that should be used to heal the injured or bury the dead or, heaven forbid, save others from ever suffering similar pain and death?
        The ‘TRUTH’ of a set of Tomahawk missiles is that, at least for the immediate future, the same exact thing won’t happen again. And they just might save ‘us’ the next time.

        • http://www.themadjewess.net/ @MadJewessWoman

          What ‘weapons of mass destruction”
          This isnt Iraq and it isnt 2003

          • Paksanim

            You are correct, that time has passed.
            But you could do some diligence and search forward one decade from that time and find the use of chemical weapons in the exact same nation, with the exact same government in control, and the near-exact same result of innocent life being taken.
            Use a web search engine…look for WMD and its spelled-out full word phrase…sort through various definitions… until it becomes clear to you that weapons of mass destruction are beyond conventional military-grade weapons in that the amount of human death/physical destruction or a combination of the two, intended to be caused by their use/employment, would far outweigh the use of conventional weapons, with far less munitions (delivery systems – rockets, missiles, artillery, cannons, etc.,) far less direct targeting required (WMD have effective ranges far greater than conventional weapons), and are recognized as having far greater impact on a battlespace/defined physical space than conventional weapons.
            Now put this in context with the Syrian gas attack, and realize that those barrels of chemical weapons were, and are (if more still remain) weapons of mass destruction. The key understanding being that the chemical produces a more massive, numerically greater number of casualties, deaths, and disruption to essential services, such as water, medical care, and food distribution.
            For heaven’s sake woman, learn something about the issues you comment upon. Ask yourself: was the Boston Marathon bomb a weapon of mass destruction? Was the truck driven into the crowd in Germany a weapon of mass destruction? Were the airplanes used in the September 9, 2011 attacks weapons of mass destruction? Perhaps pondering through the potential answers to these questions will help you to understand what is meant by WMD. Clue: there maybe more than one answer to the questions. Good luck,

          • http://www.themadjewess.net/ @MadJewessWoman

            First of all, I dont fall for palestinian child propaganda that was submitted by a Brit Muslim Jihadist who went to jail.

            *Hillary Clinton: Hillary Clinton Tells Syria Al Assad Step Down in 2011
            *Obama: Syrian President Assad must step down, 2011
            “President Obama on Thursday for the first time explicitly called on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down, a symbolically significant step intended to ratchet up pressure on the government five months after the start of the uprising in that country.”

            *Obama wants Mubarak to step down now, Published Tuesday, Feb. 01, 2011
            *Hillary Clinton: Clinton Calls for ‘Orderly Transition’ in Egypt, 2011

            *Hillary Clinton: Muammar Gaddafi ‘must go now’ 02, Mar 2011
            *Obama on Libya: Gaddafi Must Go; All U.S. Options on Table – TIME, 2011.

            Now, I never said “I hate Trump or I dont support him.” I do NOT agree with continuing Obama/Hillary policy in the middle east. I refuse to. I intend to hold Trump just as accountable as I did Obama. I serve no KING.

    • Paksanim

      …the USA is back…to defend human civilization, because no one else in this entire planet has the conviction or courage to do it.

  • NoMoreWar

    Michael Savage should contact Lee Stranahan. He was a former Breitbart reporter who has information why America did the missile attack in Syria.
    Watch his Periscope:

  • Strebs

    AZDynamics, imo, you and the millions like you are the reason America will never be great again. You are mindless, clueless, and lacking critical thinking. Your reality is a flashing loop of disconnected images. No one ever gave you a connect-the-dot coloring book when you were a child. Glorifying any military show of force reveals your own weakness, be it lack of “balls” or logic. And, you are suggestible and easily manipulated. As stated, you are not alone.

    It was my initial impression that through Trump’s election a Higher Power had given our nation an opportunity to be great again. I now realize that a Higher Power has instead given our nation an opportunity to fully comprehend why we deserve the consequence of what we have allowed ourselves to become.

    • Paksanim

      How you view president Trump’s military action against Syria all depends on your interpretation of being ‘great’. Obviously yours is much different than that of AZDynamics. But to start your criticism of his POV with a rather condescending list of pejoratives is rude, to say the least.

      Would that you could elaborate on the sentence “Glorifying any military show of force reveals your own weakness, be it lack of “balls” or logic.” Or even clarify what you mean by ‘suggestible and easily manipulated’.
      I do not know nor wish to defend AZDynamics in this reply. Rather, I respond to you directly. The military ‘show of force’ as you put it, was a powerful and clear response to one topic and one issue only – the use of chemical weapons. Be clear on this – mankind bas observed the use of them before, each time condemning in the harshest terms the hideous results of their use. Must you be brought back to these images in order to reflect on their continued use? Does not their repeated use, in the face of complete agreement NOT to use them, in this specific country, against these specific people, and assured by the specific nation that now claims ignorance or feigns a war to follow, bring you to understand that those who would offer no response to such blatant disregard for humanity are fools doomed to suffer the evil of such men who would recklessly repeat it?
      For your part, what is this consequence of what we have become? Tell us, what have we become? What would you have preferred our national response to be? What would satisfy your ability to use the mind, understand clues, and use critical thinking? What dots need connecting, and what is the image you desire to be observed when such dots are connected?
      Tell us if you will, what is your understanding of America being great again? What decisions does She make in such horrible circumstances? What profound statements does Her leader make to the world that regards Her as a symbol of freedom and justice and liberty? Or has there been a tarnish to Her principles so much that She no longer is seen as such a beacon of light for those who continue to be oppressed and murdered and slaughtered? Tell us if you will, to what degree a mindful, thoughtful, observant and critical individual would speak or act regarding the sarin gas attack? And tell us why other nation leaders have demonstrated their support for our President as he has demonstrated the courage, moral conviction and resolve to lead the free world not only in condemnation, but lead the entire world in action, the very action that, measured and carefully limited as it was, does not seem either wise or appropriate for the likes of you.

  • truthfaery1

    A+ for precis; enjoy the lillies….

  • Stephen A. Cakouros

    We did not elect Trump to fix the Middle East. It cannot be fixed. The Middle East is a swamp no sane person would enter. You will find it filled with victims.

    We elected Trump because the alternative was unthinkable: a serial liar who destroyed Libya just so she could look Presidential. I suspect that she would have done the same thing Trump has done only worse if it suited her purpose. We can at least be thankful that she is not President. She might have bombed Damascus and not just an air strip. Unoriginal as she is Hillary would have copped a phrase from her mentor Madeline Albright and called the deaths “collateral damage.” With her next breath she would have asked “What’s for lunch?”

    We elected Trump to place conservatives on the High Court, close the borders, revitalize the economy, insure the safety of America, and uphold the Constitution. But have we elected a gun slinger a John McCain “boots on the ground” Neocon warmonger? It is beginning to look that way. For sure I did not vote for someone who would act without consulting Congress; but that is what happened when Trump lobbed cruise missiles into Syria. McCain is praising Trump. That doesn’t speak well for the Donald. It means more time in the swamp. I have up till now thought well of Trump because McCain has been a severe critic. But that may be changing.

    The assassins who cut down Caesar had no follow up plan. They just gathered at a house and sat there. Cicero says “They had the courage of men and the understanding of boys.” Is that true of Donald Trump? What will he do now that he is brought America on slender evidence to a face-off with Russia; a nation with a history of bloodletting? Is Trump going to just sit there and look at his advisers? Does Trump really think that Russia can let him do this and not have to save face at some point? The word to ponder is escalation. Another word is fallout. Trump will face a bigger problem if Syria falls to ISIS which is a hundred times worse than Assad. ISIS must be rejoicing because it now has a clumsy helper in Trump who from what I can see is just trying to look Presidential. We did not elect Trump to fix the Middle East. It cannot be fixed. Trump should focus on America. It can be fixed.

    • Paksanim

      You may insist that fixing the Middle East is not Trump’s responsibility, but phrasing it as such is a total misrepresentation of the context in which the missiles launched at a specific target. Trump has already met with several leaders in the Middle East, and by doing so has at least established rapport with them in order to set the relationship tone for mutual support and hopefully mush assistance and cooperation in rooting out the #1 priority of ISIS and their related activities.
      There is no longer any sinking our American heads in the sand in order to not “fix the Middle East” as you put it. There is absolutely no way this or any other U.S. President can possibly avoid interaction with this region. Although he has several priorities domestically, which you articulate correctly, he can not, surely must not, refrain from any response to such a catastrophic attack as the recent sarin gas attacks on the Syrian innocents. He is not ‘fixing’ anything, not even close. What he is doing, is to tell the Assad regime that chemical weapons are off the table for them, AND the Russians as well. Since the entire region is overwhelmed with fractious fighting, religious radical extremism and multi-national security issues, the progression to this point of U.S. reprisal for the use of chemical weapons is more than just a regional, or as you might say, a ‘Middle East’ issue. The continued existence of such chemical weapons SHOULD FRIGHTEN every American. Why? Because the capture and subsequent use of these weapons can be targeted upon our nation. It is now a known fact that ISIS has worldwide operations, and how naïve would it be to hold a position of ignoring such horrible weapons and the likelihood that such weapons are not already making their way through clandestine channels into the hands of terrorist brokers, with planning already begun on American targets?
      Although you make valid points about domestic programs and Trump’s intent to address them, you perhaps fail to realistically understand the complex layers of Syrian~U.S.~Russian relations. Take a step away from the spoon-fed media reports and the slanting and hyper-inflammation of the facts as we know them. All three nations have ISIS are the core of their targeting. All three nations are engaged in modern warfare in Syria. All three nations are at least sharing some degree of tactical and operational objective. Your opinion, and several others in this particular blog, make shallow arguments of an oversized military commitment, while ignoring the deep danger of chemical weapons remaining part of the active battlespace. Additionally, what degree of knowledge do you or others have regarding the collection of information on ISIS operations, their affiliates, their supply chains, their covert operations, their future plans for the region, knowing that theirs is an asymmetric battlespace, wherein national borders have no countenance? How could you, or I for that matter, claim to know what the answers to these questions are? How could you, or I, claim that the decision to target the chemical weapon airfield need not have been done, lest it ‘escalate’ to a more significant military operation? SO what if it escalates? If more chemical weapons are found, then they should be forcefully removed and destroyed. Period.
      Perhaps you are simply a fair-weather Trump supporter, a fair-weather American, who only supports the happy, make-me-feel-good, leave-the-others-to-die choices, a fair-weather U.S. President supporter who only supports America’s president when he is watching the world destroy itself, maim itself, choke, gag and melt itself, from the comfort of his Oval Office, all the while promising to protect the American People if the danger ever reaches the nation’s shores?
      There is a larger consideration at stake here, and your elected President is well within both reason and justification to have responded swiftly and powerfully. As for not consulting Congress, refer to Article II of the U.S. Constitution, which clearly articulates use of military when the Commander-in-chief has determined that a significant threat to national security exists. And finally, significant members of Congress WERE BRIEFED prior to the strike, but that is not a consultation, which was not necessary. Do you really distrust this President so much that you would accuse him of breaking the law in order to simply strike an airfield, one airfield, with a mere 59 missiles and inflict moderate damage? That is very disappointing, given all you said about supporting Trump. And one last thing – President Trump is his own man, and has not, does not, and hopefully will not, be concerned with the comments of or comparisons to others in government who you so vigorously choose to identify as a measuring stick for his executive decisions.

  • http://www.yamaguchy.com 789

    Perhaps, it is time to admit that “Trump’s War” is NOT for culture &c; Trump’s war is against culture. Perhaps it is time to take that book of Savage Wiener down.
    Perhaps it is time to admit that the Eddies and Tea-partiers have been played and fooled; that the Donald was never anything more than “the Donald,” a celebrity persona, friend of the Clintons and New York internationalists and their (trotsky-ite) ideology.
    Yes, we need domestic production, because we cannot go to war in “made in China” uniforms, but it matters not who is doing that domestic production (aliens, guest-workers, or home-grown Eddies).
    If there is any U.S. left by the time of the next election, it seems certain that the Eddies and the Tea partiers will never vote again, and things can go back to normal: McKain vs Hilary, Bush vs, Carry; Jebb Bush may even run again, and win this time; Trump will clear from the way of progress the conservative-nationalist sludge

    • Paksanim

      Totally defeatist. What a wimpy way to go.

    • rowingtothedream .

      What were the choices : Immediate war with Russia with Hilary and a U.S. takeover from globalist hierachy. Open borders, country ran like Germany and Venezuela.
      Trump, making America a nation without other countries making our decisions. Gee, I think I will vote Trump. It is Biblical the state of the world between live volcanic eruptions hitting almost every country with two per country is astounding. Take the war torn countries and weather events seldom experienced on such a global scale. Perhaps the evil has grabbed the controlling cabal to new heights of deception. They must control us or bring us to war to gain control. It is inevitable with the lying media and controlled congress and paid gov workers to go against everything Trump wants so he must go globalist or what will happen to him and his family. The real question is what will happen to Americans. Wear codes in our skin so they can GPS our every move like a pet..

      • http://www.yamaguchy.com 789

        and you are getting what you hoped for: war, open borders, globalists

  • TGFD

    TGFD here.
    Maybe trump should go out on another
    “Make-America-Great-Again” Tour so he can see first-hand how vast his
    support is now. That would be sad to watch.

  • Danny

    Putin: “Idlib Was A “False Flag” Attack And We Have Learned That More Are Coming”

    Wished President Trump met with President Putin first rather than President Xi. We could have avoided the situation in Syria.

    • RANDY

      nothing would change

  • rowingtothedream .

    The wind has suddenly changed someone is getting to Trump his family, blackmail, who knows. The perpetual lying globalist elite paid teams of Hilary, Obama, Soros, Comey FBI ,CIA, McCain, Graham, Schumer etc. and the media will create the U.S. downfall and it will not end until the deagle report comes true. It is planned. It is in motion, a rolling snowball heading for destruction.

  • Anonymous

    Syria is a failed State because it has a failed ideology. The failed ideology is based on a 1400 year failed Muslim blood feud. The Civilized world has a failed strategy because it is based on the failed premise that all of this failure is because of a religion and so we must protect it and give it tax deductions and weapons and money. We must welcome them amongst us. We will roll out the red carpet for their failed ideology because we fail to tell each other and them the truth. We would rather go broke trying to patch up the chaos of their failed States rather than offend them by telling them they’re following a failed ideology and not a religion at all.