AUDIO: Savage warned Trump was being led to war with Russia!


  • Martif

    You did, Dr. Savage. This is a huge misstep. He’s getting his intel from intelligence sources that are working to take him down. The politicians lining up with this bad decision are the ones who have been trying to undermine him for the last 3 months.

    • truther

      the same intel that lied about russian hacking; the same intel that allowed obama to wire tap trump; the same intel that refuses to release information about obama’s wire tapping to congressional investigators; the same intel that is trying to get trump impeached; the same intel that is promoting radical islamic terrorism in america and around the world.

      • Lynn Amstutz

        Very well put and totally on the money!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll agree there’s a chance things could escalate, but President Trump will not be led to a war with Russia. As much as Trump wants peace, the same can be said for Putin. Putin hated the bum ***Obama as much as anyone, but he respects Trump, and understands we were right to “send a message”. Both leaders want what’s best for their respective countries, War is not an option.

  • Tom Wiklanski

    So what happens if Assad attacks US soldiers in Syria?

  • LowDisinformationVoter

    It’s a tough position to be in, and I’d imagine it would be tough for Trump to openly call it a false flag when, if false, it was presented as truth by the intelligence agencies. If retroactively proven false, Trump can easily use that piece against any further actions that the agencies that supported this move suggest. I’m hoping its proven to be a false flag and that Trump cleans house after it is!

    • lisa solis

      This is my thoughts exactly, He only knows what they decide they want to tell him. Just like the FBI and all the rest of the 3 letter agencies, they are still working for Obummer so they told Trump some false flag story to make him believe them

  • @MadJewessWoman

    I gave up on Trump last night.
    It’s over for me.

  • Derrick Gorian

    I give up on Trump. He promised peace with Russia. The guy isn’t solid in his belief system if he used to be a liberal. That type of mind gives him the ability to switch back to being a dem. He doesn’t lead and is wishy washy. Probably Ivanka and her dumb dem husband are running the show. This sucks.

    • Lynn Amstutz

      Stop and think before reacting. I was ready to throw in the towel too. However after careful research I now understand that his close allies have all been pushed out of his admin by Jared/Ivanka/McMaster/Patreus. These people are supposed to be moderate libs when they are in fact totally left globolist neocons.

      Their first goal is to get rid of Trump’s base so that they will help dems win their way back into control of the House in 2018 elections. Once they gain control of Congress they plan to start proceedings against him to impeach him! VP Pence is the go along, get along guy who will then allow Obama’s next phase to begin.

      They will wage war and bring Assad down (if this hasn’t already occurred under Trump). If Assad goes, ISIS becomes victorious and Christians will be wiped off the face of the earth.
      Government will turn towards opening up our countries boarders to allow 1000’s of muslim refugees to enter both here & UK in order to overload and crash our systems.

      Trump isn’t flopping around like many believe (I too thought this and was inclined to say so long before I learned the truth). Therefore knowing the people who surround him are what’s causing this and knowing what looms in the 2018 elections are tied in, I’ll hang in there for now. With what looms on the horizon in 2018 I would urge all his base to help out and hang in there. If Trump throws Bannon OUT then I’m done and will NOT REVOTE HIM. This will be globalist total win!

  • 007-SaraBond

    PLEASE PLEASE Doctor Savage….
    Don’t be too hard on President Trump …
    He’s all we got between us and the Muslim terrorists who want to kill us all !!
    AMERICA IS STILL 700% better not having a Hillary Presidency !
    The bigger picture is the MUSLIMS INVADING THE WORLD !!!
    Thank God we have Trump between us and them and not Hillary between us and the
    unearthly ,Muslim , killer monsters from Hell !

    YES….Constructive criticism ……..NO … abandoning Trump …..Yes….VOTE TRUMP

    ———————– HE’S ALL WE GOT———–Between ISIS and the evil dems !

  • Biscuit

    Michael, we are not going to war with Russia over a third party; If we go to war with Russia it will be the result of a direct conflict.

  • Bingo

    I thought this was a false flag from the get go !!! But I wanted to give it a couple days to prove itself !!! Hope you are listening Donald ! Come up with the goods or walk it back and mop the floor with it !!!

  • Stephen Honig

    Michael. I can’t wait for your new book, God. I would appreciate you having a chapter on hell and your perspective of it. Does it exist as in Dante’s Inferno, because Metaphysics has a different view of hell.