MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: I'm still getting more for my money

trump-clintonWelcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily report on all things “Savage.”

In today’s issue: Savage addressed the news that, contrary to President Trump’s promise on the campaign trail, the Trump administration indicated it will maintain Obama’s protections for so-called “Dreamers,” immigrants who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

“Why is he doing this? Who would advise him to do this? Why would he do a thing like this?” Savage asked.

“What is this? A slow-motion program of amnesty?”

Savage continued:

Is that why you stopped listening to talk radio? Because you voted for him and got stabbed in the back?

I mean, come on, let’s level. I know what’s going on in this country.

I feel I’m getting a lot for the money compared to her (Hillary Clinton). Well, you say, that’s not enough. It is a lot.

First Amendment, Second Amendment. Let’s start with those two big ones.

Did he give me everything that I thought we would get? No. Am I going to get a little bit more? Yes. What did I tell you toward the end of the primaries, as Trump started to be more fleshed out as a candidate and his politics were seen for what they really are? What did I tell you?

I told you he comes from a liberal New York background. At the end of the day I said 20 percent of what we want from him. Am I right or wrong?

… At this point we’re getting about 20 percent of what he promised. That’s all. So is that better than her?

That’s 120 percent better than Hillary Clinton, so, therefore, if you do the mathematics, we’re doing well.

Given that we have a corrupt political system filled with phonies and liars, that only the phonies and liars rise, who else would want such a job?

I wouldn’t want a job like that. I never wanted to be in politics. I couldn’t take it. It’s worse than being a lawyer. There’s nothing worse than being a politician, next to being a tort lawyer, in the United States of America.

Next to that would be a hedge fund operator. Next to that … come on, you know I’m joking with you.

But the fact of the matter is, I wouldn’t want to go into that business. How do you get up every day and have to put up with the lies and hatred of the other party, who are worse than, well, you are?

How do you get up and take a woman like Nancy Pelosi seriously? Or a guy like Charles Schumer?

I read to you yesterday the donors to Charles Schumer.

Here’s a guy who makes believe he’s against the millionaires and billionaires. Just like Bernie. Cut from the same piece of corned beef as Bernie Sanders. Schumer is cut from the same pastrami as Bernie Sanders. Millionaires, billionaires.

… It’s the same story. Class warfare, race warfare, Medicare, Medicaid and the environment. That’s all. And abortion. Throw that in.

That’s their whole platform.

But if you listen to Schumer — do you think he believes a word he says?

I read you his donors. They’re all Wall Street banks and Wall Street brokers. Brokerages.

What in the world do you people think you were getting when you voted for him? What did you think you would get?

And we go down the line. OK, so it’s full of phonies. We know politicians lie. That’s why we hate them. In plain English.

So, is Trump different? No. In plain English, no. Why do you want more from him?

Why? Because he said he’d given us more, number one. And, number two, we voted for him for one reason. Because he said he wasn’t a politician, which he wasn’t.

I told you he wasn’t. For a year straight. Had him on the show, wrote “Trump’s War,” bestseller.

I outlined everything that he said he was going to do and what he must do.

Some of it we’re getting. Much of it we’re not getting.

For example, he also did a big thing on Cuba. He’s reversing all of Obama’s Cuba policies, which is a good thing to do.

But does that really matter to me?

Who is he catering to by reversing Obama’s Cuba policies? The Cuban community in Miami? That’s a big enough constituency to worry about. Why is that so important to Donald Trump, that he’d waste valuable political currency on an issue that is of no interest to the average American?

Listen, I’m going to tell you something, I know very smart people who are as cynical as I am, if not more so. They voted for Trump for one reason. You know what they wanted? They wanted tax relief. They wanted tax relief.

You might call them fiscal conservatives.

They said to me, “I don’t care about all these other issues.”

“I don’t care about gays, I don’t care about gay marriage, I don’t care about abortion, i don’t care about any of the social issues. I’m a fiscal conservative, they said to me. I voted for him for one reason, fiscal conservatism.

“I wanted lower taxes and fewer regulations.”

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  • Bruce Ruttan

    It’s much better to just ignore politics than pretend that getting on a bright shiny band wagon will solve your problems. The Marxist Socialist have won, let’s give it up.

    • Vega632

      How about if we don’t and say we did.

    • sik3xploit

      I’m sure those Japanese-Americans thrown behind bars in the 1940’s by the Democrats would just close their eyes and say the same thing.

  • Anonymous

    trump is standing by himself against the entire machine: the msm, the democrats, the republicans, the global elites, the insane extremist groups, many in his agencies (from obama / clinton). they all despise him.

    given what he’s against, he’s incredible. i’m with him. i thought it was bad, i didn’t know it was this bad.

    life with HRC would be a daily miserable living hell with 100 times the injustice we’re seeing right now. we’d be getting excoriated about faked past wrongs and taxed supremely while all the HRC groups would skate from everything under the law as they flaunted their power in our face.

  • hariman

    I’m an average American, and I like the reversal of the Cuban policy, and the quiet gutting of Dodd Frank, among other Obama Era poisons.

    No, we’re not getting everything from Trump, but we ARE getting good work from him, and we are much better off than how Hillary Clinton would have left us.

    And yes, we ARE getting less regulations. Quietly, behind the furor and fuss in the news.

    • sik3xploit

      Climbing up a hill when you have people throwing rocks down at you takes a bit of time.