MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: Special election proves we were right

trumps-warWelcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily report on all things “Savage.”

In today’s issue: Savage made an announcement to his listeners after the two Republican victories in special elections Tuesday.

He explained that as a result of the victory in Georgia, he had a long conversation with his publisher, “and both the publisher and I today are relaunching ‘Trump’s War.’

The purpose, Savage said, is “to re-articulate what we voted for.”

He continued:

This is a specific book, not a generic book.

This book is not about bashing liberals. That’s been done for 25 straight years.

And … I’m asking you, as my audience, as my loyalists, as my army, to go out and take out your copy of “Trump’s War,” brush it off, dust it off, take it to work.

Don’t be afraid of the Democrats. You’re protected by the American legal system.

Bring it to work; put it on your desk. Give it to an undecided.

But most importantly, would you please give a copy of “Trump’s War” to those who voted for Trump and walked away from him over the last several months.

“Trump’s War” is more important now than ever before.

The Georgia special election proves we were right, that America wants real change.

And by the way, “Trump’s War” is the only road map on the market. None exist but this book.

And we need to remind those in charge what they were voted in on. What the platform is.

What’s “Trump’s War” about?

This is our agenda. What parts of “Trump’s War” is the president implementing? What parts is he doing the opposite of? Who is preventing the president from fighting this war, our war, on our terms?

… It is the book available right now and in the near future that will remind you what this revolution is about.

Anyone can bash liberals. It’s an old story. It’s been done for 25 years. “Liberals are bad, conservatives are good.” We all know that.

The world is at war.

We woke up this morning, after reading that another Muslim, in Belgium yesterday, suicide vest, did his Allahu akbar dance.

Thank God they shot him dead and didn’t bring him to justice. He got his justice. I’m sure he’s enjoying his virgins.

Now, this morning we read that a Muslim stabbed a cop in the neck in an airport in Michigan screaming Allahu Akbar.

But, again, don’t tell that to the girls at CNN. They don’t want to know it’s related to a certain, let us say, philosophy and political system.

Mainstream media continues to bury, deny the fact that radical Islam has been at war with the West for quite a long time and that all of our lives are in danger.

Sign Savage’s petition urging President Trump and the U.S. State Department to demand that Britain remove him from its travel ban.

Get “Trump’s War” now!

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  • D C-Newt

    Dr. Savage, your show last night (Fri 6.23 via KSGF 8pmCst) was so enjoyable! You have special talents and one in particular that is most becoming. You have a knack at being a sentimental cerebral soul (I know these are oxy-morons). Your God given talents help you shine. Thanks for open mike for Mike Fri nights, they are indeed special. God be with you as I know He is.