SAVAGE AUDIO: Dems hang themselves by their own petard, Trump clear

  • Debbie Groves

    You are SO right !!!! I listened to you in work today!!!!!

  • Susan Vue

    Listened to you on the way home from work. Yesterday’s show on comedy was great.

  • Jack Green

    Thank you Dr. Savage for the spot on analysis!! God bless!!

  • Richard Karkkainen

    Comey is a poor excuse for a poor excuse.

  • Michael Morera

    I keep finding the global warming denying as false by snopes? Who is snopes?

    • Kenneth Hill

      Snopes is a failing so-called fact checking website run by two leftist fanatics who have been repudiated over and over again and again.***They have a leftist agenda and are using their so-called status as ” Fact” checkers to promote and push it. They have been proven unreliable as a 1986 Yugo

      • george adams

        Lie caught,,,nothing is as unreliable as that Yugo

  • Russ Asmus

    Drain the damn swamp already!

  • Jean

    They won’t do anything to the real criminals because we are in the end of time and only the innocent will be hated and destroyed. This is scary because now they will come for us we have no protection. IF they can do this to a President who is innocent what will they do to us. The left won’t stop either until they get him out of office mark my words.

  • William James

    Phonies……I could only imagine what Holden Caulfield would think about all this?

  • John Bball

    Comey told every potential future employer he cannot be trusted. Man up and don’t “leak” through college professors.
    Comey is the smallest man to ever stand 6 feet 8 inches.

  • george adams

    End Times are coming, end times are coming,,been hearing that one for a couple of thousand years….Why not use tarot cards? Just who are these people that are against making America great again? As I see things as America stands today it is already great,,for the few certainly not for the majority…..Just looking at the going on’s it’s more than clear that the Washington DC swamp needs a draining,,one may include many major media outlets as part of the DC swamp…..

  • Maritsa Minasian

    Comey, poster child of a feminized man. His wife mustt have done a number on him. This is an FBI director? Trump should have fired him on January 21st. Why was he talking about how he feels? Save that for your psycotherapist Comey. Just the facts please when testifying.

    • RANDY

      comey is no man