Savage predicted 'marginals' will carry out violence

  • Unicorn Scrotum

    If you want to hear the actual NEWS a month before it happens, tune in. I’m not being facetious 🙂

  • Scott Mantooth

    as usual, Michael nails it perfectly

  • Rollo Tomasi

    John Brown’s Harpers ferry 2017

  • @MadJewessWoman

    Ezekiel 33: 33

    when this cometh to pass–behold, it cometh–then shall they know that a prophet hath been among them.’

    • Anonymous

      MadJewessWoman: TOHV! You are on the mark. A very appropriate piece of Scripture.

  • Warren

    This study fits today “social media” mentality perfectly. Everybody thinks they are special.

  • Scooby Doo

    Michael Savage! The greatest radio talk show host ever!

    • ATCkeepsUsafe

      Dr. Savage and Alex Jones risk their career and lives everyday. Theu are the only two in the industry who take the fight to save our country to the edge.

  • Michael Horn

    We’re…decades ahead of you:

    “Pat Buchanan Echoes Billy Meier US Civil War Warnings”

    “These Are the Real Numbers”

    “The Truth about Russia”

    All at theyflyblog…for those who can handle the truth.

  • Rkk O’Tilley

    A Government for the people and by the people…apparently has never been true . Now Michael…pls tell us… the people , how to drain the gd swamp. If our Pres was the man we elected…things would never have gotten this far . Little Marco , lyin Ted and the other disparaging remarks during your campaign….where are your words now for the real filth that surrounds you Mr President ?

  • Ver Auger

    Today, Senator Bernie Sanders denounced his devoted campaign volunteer, the loathsome evildoer named Hodgkinson, who attempted to murder Congressman Scalise, who is still battling for his life in intensive care. I noticed that Sanders used the word “action” to refer to the crime, as in: “I denounce, in no uncertain terms the violent ACTION taken by Mr. Hodgkinson today.” Can you spot the subtle verbal slip that gave away this Old Bolshevik’s true feelings? Yep. You got it. Hard Leftists refer to important organized political violence as “actions”. So, Bernie was only faking the “deep concern” he mouthed in his speech, in my opinion. The next time Bernie condemns a cop for shooting a vile street thug in self-defense, Bernie will refer to the shooting as an violent ACT. No cop defending his life could be lauded as performing an ACTION, a term reserved for the laudable murders committed by Bernie’s fellow Reds.

  • Ver Auger

    Sorry for all the edits. Have to be very careful, even about the placement of punctuation, when writing ironically. If irony is when the literal meaning of the words is the exact opposite of the intended message, it is easy to see how an amateur who dabbles in ironic commentary can be badly misconstrued.

  • Trump_in_2016!!!

    It is a plan to destroy the USA as we know it. That was one of obama’s campaign promises and the people cheered him for it. The people are letting this happen. Why does pelosi and reed and those likes keep getting re-elected? Why is a rodeo clown forced out of his job just for wearing a obama mask during his act, yet a so called celebrity is allowed to hold a very close likeness of Trumps severed head and post it online for all to see?
    We the people, can drain the swamp with our votes. But not just that. We have to search out the real news and bring it to everyone’s attention when the fake news tries to cover up a story or slant it to favor their own goals.
    Political correctness was something invented by the liberals and it is one of their most important tools. Keep that in mind and use it against them when we see the opportunity.

  • Anonymous

    Whom do you view as “marginals” Dr Savage?

    • Patrick

      Every leftist.

      • RANDY

        which includes most every republican


    I honestly think the nation is full of mouthy yellow bellies and are not going to do anything but cry about their soiled diapers