MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: Here's how much I trust government

spyingWelcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily report on all things “Savage.”

In today’s issue: A discussion about Nancy Pelosi’s call for Trump and his family members to release all of their communications raised a question for Savage.

“Whatever happened to that fear of monitoring under Obama?” he asked.

“Do you remember those years? Do you remember the movie ‘Snowden'”?

Savage continued:

Do you remember what Snowden said Obama did to all of us? All you good Democrat liberals? That he was spying on Americans?

That didn’t bother you?

Do you know that for the last year of the Obama regime I lived in abject knowledge and fear that every email, every message, every phone call I made was being listened to by some dirty piece of garbage in the NSA? Because I’m a prominent member of the opposition. At least I was at the time.

It’s probably worse right now, for all I know.

So, I conduct myself the same way that people do in movies like “Goodfellas,” in terms of communications.

I am a man of peace. But do you think I put things in writing that could cause me trouble?

Do you think I will openly on a telephone call talk about something that can be used against me?

I try not to.

In fact, I usually speak on a phone with my other hand over my mouth with a toothpick in my other hand, between two cars in a parking lot next to a highway while a television is on. Because I’ve watched a lot of movies.

That’s how much I trust my government.

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  • D C-Newt

    I do not trust that our bloated and over importance of the government would/will do anything on the behalf of good Americans. It is a shame, no matter the party, the crazy merry go ’round just keeps going and the noise can be deafening. We have been working very hard on something, for years,,but without the US legislators help, looks like one more year of doing nothing……oh, except Russia and healthcare and recess along with collecting their annual salaries and benefits and lining their own pockets while grifting . God be with you.

  • Rkk O’Tilley

    Again I will say..the dems have led America to the abyss and the GOP provides the muscle…the whole gd world is godless…and our politics follow suit . We have been sold down the river my good people

  • Raul Rodriguez

    The more I understand the dishonest activities of the government the more I like my dog.