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In today’s issue: Savage is fed up with the media’s fixation, including the talk-radio world, on the ongoing Twitter war between the president and liberal cable channels MSNBC and CNN.

“Everyone’s either on vacation or doing the same garbage about CNN. How can you listen to that?” Savage asked.

“Why do you care? How long can this go on, this trivia, this sixth-grade level of Trump attacking the networks, the networks attacking Trump, all day long, blah, blah, blah, blah?”

Savage continued:

Do you really want to hear that garbage? Because you’re not going to hear it from Michael Savage.

I didn’t come all this way to talk about trash.

I’m going to say it to you again. Trump was tweeting. I took offense at his tweeting. I thought they were juvenile.

I thought that his engaging the media in the tweets was steering people away from his achievements.

I said so over and over again.

Newsmax ran an article under than headline, and guess what happened?

The president is tweeting presidential tweets, such as North Korea is threatening us with a nuclear strike.

Don’t you think that’s more important than Wolf Blitzer or Jake “Woodtapper”? Of course it is.

So, thank you, Mr. President, for reading the Newsmax article and for understanding that there are big differences between talk-show hosts who influence you, just as there are differences in network television.

And if you talk to people who only graduated high school, you’re going to start tweeting as though you yourself only graduated high school.

Which is a shame, because you actually went to college and then to Wharton.

You have a great education. You’re an accomplished man. You’ve done more than wield a hammer against a piece of sideboard.

So, be careful who you listen to, because it winds up influencing your brain.

That’s what I’d like Donald Trump to hear today; whether he will hear it or not, I don’t know. I hope he does.

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  • Nerdsworth

    Savage is 100% correct, as usual.

  • Suri_mike

    “be careful who you listen to, because it winds up influencing your brain.” Boy, ain’t that the truth.

    • Donna George

      Who was obbammma listening to?

      • Anonymous

        Satan !

      • BulletBob Babcock

        The Globalists, who financed him.

        • MaidoMaido

          You mean people with experience in international business? Sounds like the sort of folks who might know a thing or two about trade and basic economic concepts.

          • hariman

            No, people like George Soros and a number of other Globalists, who believe that the only solution to the world’s problems is to create a global government under their control, and then magically everything will be better, despite every example of historic centralization of power causing disasters, starvation, and civilizational/economic collapse.

            This ends up going all the way back to the Bronze Age Collapse, where all the industry of too much of the world was interconnected via trade, and reliant on central planning/a limited pool of scribes, and weapons (chariots) that were hard to maintain/hard to train people to use them properly.

            And the Soviet Union. And the Jamestown colony nearly starving under collectivism. And China’s ongoing problems, which have only been slightly mitigated by Cronyism.

            That’s who Obama listened to. That’s what Obama was. That’s why he apologized for the US actually trying to make the world better, and that’s why his policies were so terrible.

          • MaidoMaido

            You have it a bit backwards. Fiscal conservatism and free market economic policy is the antithesis of protectionism and central planning economy. Free movement of goods, capital and services across borders is right up there with smaller government footprint and reduced taxes in the short list of what genuine conservatives have been working toward for several decades. Sadly, these faux-conservatives like Bannon and Miller are instead aiming for massive tax increases in the form of absurd 20-30% tariffs and VAT. They seek larger federal government with $1 trillion debt spending proposal, adding 15,000 new federal employee headcount for ICE, etc.

          • hariman

            I have what backwards? I was pointing out that centralization and the increase of power of government, and the eventual creation of a global government was Obama’s point of view, and why that’s wrong.

            Also, free movement of goods across borders is good. What’s bad is the interdependence created after World War 2 to “prevent” war, under the thought that if everyone is dependent on everyone else, no one will go to war.

            Which is wrong, because it’s only a matter of time before too much depends on thing out of control of everyone, or controlled by only one small group, which leads to the eventual collapse when something goes wrong.

            The Jamestown colony originally almost starved because their original plans were a collectivist centralization of all crops grown, which resulted in their near starvation. It was only when the colony switched to a free market system where each farmer kept their own crops that the colony started to generate a surplus.

            And I do agree with you that the current older guard of the republicans are big government republicans who don’t realize that their little political fiefdoms NEED to end, otherwise they’ll have nothing as they let the country collapse around us.

            Fortunately, Trump has already gotten a number of regulations revoked, so the economy will get better.

            But we also need to light a fire under the republicrats to actually, you know, KEEP THEIR PROMISES and repeal Obamacare/pass proper tax reform.

      • Nerdsworth

        uhh Khomeini?

  • Thegambo

    Is there some strange reason you ‘need’ or ‘want’ to go to the UK? or are you just determined THIS is important enough for Trump to step in? This is 6th grad material too.. We just don’t care — and it is hardly petition worthy so stop..


    100% CORRECT!! It is sometimes better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. Love this president and i feel that he is more unpredictable when silent. At least on twitter.

  • Anonymous

    Wish the President would listen to Savage and some other sincere patriots who care

  • GenEarly

    It is impossible to build MAGA on top of rotten, corrupt government employees and former employees.
    Two corrupt Atty Gens. (Holder & Lynch) need to be prosecuted for their Crimes. Hilarity Clintoon and her ProgreSSive crime family, funded by NWO George Soros have to be prosecuted for their Crimes.
    Understand it is Literally US or Them.
    After Trump they will come for us, make No Mistake. They have continued their ProgreSSive prosecutions, purges and pogroms even under a Trump presidency!!!!!

    • MaidoMaido

      It is impossible to build MAGA on top of a rotten, corrupt real estate snake oil peddler with petty obsessions and failure to grasp basic economic concepts.

    • Florin S.

      July 6, 2017: I don’t understand why Pres. Trump is doing almost nothing to clean the swamp…he says nothing about Soros’ treasonous activities, nothing about Lynch, nothing about Clinton’s treason and quid pro quo schemes to take millions in return for betraying the US, nothing about the traitors of Benghazi, including Obama, nothing about Lois Lerner…yes, he has done a great deal during his brief term as President, but if he does not address this treason, then it will get worse. He doesn’t even have to do it personally, just set up an elite team of men and women of good character, intelligent and shrewd who will clean the swamp and deliver to him the above mentioned for investigation and prosecution…why the delay?

      • George Whitney Sr

        We don’t and shouldn’t know if Trump has already set up a team of men and women of good character investigating just what you have requested. If he has, it must be done secretly. If investigations are made public, the guilty are able to obfuscate and even leave the country. An investigator cannot let us know anything until the investigation has acquired substantial evidence, provable in court and the perpetrator is arrested. Then we cannot have all the information until the accused has been proven guilty.

  • BulletBob Babcock

    I think Savage is correct. There are more important things in the world than juv. stories about ” Lettered Networks ,” & their antics along with ” Talk show,” hosts trashing important people. Lets become ” Adults,” and talk about IMPORTANT things.

    • hariman

      Trump can back away a little from the more ridiculous tweets, like the wrestling tweet, so that there’s less for the anti Trump faction to criticize.
      But Trump MUST tweet and fight back against the Democrat Media manipulators.
      Otherwise, well, look up how Tom Corbett was smeared into a single term as Pennsylvania’s governor. And look at Obama, Clinton, and remember what’s still hurting us, and what we dodged last November.

  • Carl Showalter


  • bill allan

    I thought it was great, CNN were stung by it

    • hariman

      It also ended up revealing just how far CNN was willing to go to get revenge on someone who posted a meme that embarrassed them.
      Threats and thuggery.
      Now to keep pointing out that ALL of the older mainstream media stations are in an impressive lockstep with each other, down to the stories and even the wording of all their stories.
      Just look up how Gravitas was a thing for a while, and the RussiaRussiaRussia chant, and the smearing of a variety of conservative hosts, especially on Fox.

  • Bruce Ruttan

    Trump my actually be the best president we could possibly have right now. There is so much turning back of the destruction from three generations of progressives. No one else has this kind of moxy and I’m starting to think that a better informed, more philosophically oriented President could not do as much to expose the rot. Kodos Mr. Pres!






  • Anonymous

    Well said… President Trump [I do like saying and writing it] is the
    President of The United States of America

    MAGA one day at a time

  • maui

    God Bless Savage ! He a GREAT !