MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: Media ignoring this good news

putin-trumpWelcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily report on all things “Savage.”

In today’s issue: Savage found some good news that has been largely missed by establishment media amid its campaign against President Trump.

“There’s such good news out there,” Savage said. “We read that Putin and Trump have settle the Syrian conflict to a certain extent.

“And yet the — I’m sorry to say it — the worms in the media, continue to talk about election meddling.”

Savage continued:

They don’t want this to end. Do you understand how sick the people are who keep doing this?

The world is a more peaceful place today after Trump, our president, like him or not, met with the leader of Russia, a nuclear, a thermonuclear, power.

And war looks to have been averted, despite the pushing of the media, despite the pushing of the so-called progressives, despite the psychopathic warmongers who live on hatred.

I think the world is a better place today.

So there’s very, very good news: The first G20 meeting I’ve ever seen where there’s been a good outcome for the average person.

And that’s because you helped elect Donald Trump, who, by the way, is not only growing into the job, he’s making the job grow bigger.

He’s a true leader. And you wait and see what happens two years from now.

You’re going to see a new America. You’re going to see a new Trump. You’re going to see a respect for him around the world, if it doesn’t already exist.

Forget what the media tells you about it. Forget what the media wants you to think you should believe about him.

I see a new world order that’s going to be a better world order for all of us.

Now, we need jobs, we need the wall, we need lower taxes. I know, I know, I know.

But, nevertheless, today, when we read that both Putin and Trump agreed to settle the war, that’s fantastic.

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    BOTTOM LINE: Anyone who is anti-Trump is….ANTI AMERICAN!!!!!

    • JoeB

      Yes! They’re traitors!

  • Auntie Willa

    So very proud of President Trump and his impressive family. Good job on every level, Mr. President! Remember when many of us looked upon Mr. Putin wistfully because of his love for Mother Russia? Well Trump and Putin have something very important in common: they each love their country! Yay!

  • Bruce Ruttan

    I’m proud of Doc Savage for his continued support of the American way during these trying times. I want his readers to know that ONLY taking the effort to learn how to and actually convert a few drooling liberals to conservative American values is the only way to avoid a bloody civil war that could kill a million of us.

    • Gil Favor

      An upvote Bruce, but I’m done with conversing with liberals. Much greater would be trying to convert them, , , now I will ‘have a go’ with a moderate democrat from time to time. But screw the left wing liberal ideology, and the horse they rode in on.

  • Handcannon72Vet

    This Deep state Undermining & Attempted Overthrowing of our seated Govt, Is Sedition & Treason. ALL ‘We the People’ Need is (One) Serious Indictment. Just One. There`s a Mountain of evidence against the Democrats (And RINOS Like McCain & His girlfriend Lindsea Graham) JUST ONE INDICTMENT! Where EVERYONE Knows is GUILTY AS HELL, Corrupt Felon, Hillary Clinton. Lets get one Indictment on the Books, This BS will Stop,…..Rapid! Like Overnight.

  • D C-Newt

    Currently, the moment we stop listening to and believing in the main stream media, is when Americans will realize them all for what they are. I, for one, am tired of all the lies, deceit and sheer lunacy of them all. God be with you, President Trump- the first class Lady and the USA.

  • hariman

    Ironically, the Libertarians, and many others, have wanted a President who is either rich enough, or crowd funded enough to ignore the politics and get stuff done for a long time… and too many people hate him because he’s Trump.

    Also, we’re still stuck with Mitch the Snitch (who ran crying to Harry Reid whenever Conservatives would try to get anything done) and Paul “What do I do?! We didn’t think he’d win!” Ryan, so actually getting something done is going to be hard.

    The Republicans/Conservatives need to just repeal Obamacare. Or pass the Choice amendment that lets insurance companies sell proper plans, instead of just the four Obamacare “I can’t believe it’s not Single Payer!” plans.

    Also TAX REFORM NOW! Proper tax reform, with a flat tax and few deductions!

  • Rkk O’Tilley

    What I love about Michael most is….he is kinda like me . We have both been there , seen ,experienced ,learned . And walked away a full man. Better listen up people ,

  • 2nd amendment vs evil govt

    Drain The Swamp…..is Job #1!