MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: Our revolution threatened by petty feuds

trump-cedar-rapidsWelcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily report on all things “Savage.”

In today’s issue: As a strong supporter of Donald Trump, Savage had some words of advice for the president amid Trump’s Twitter war with MSNBC “Morning Joe” hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

Savage, himself, turned to Twitter to deliver his message, which he hopes will be taken as constructive criticism: “Trump’s bitter Twitter has to stop! Our revolution threatened by petty feuds.”

“This media thing, I don’t know. It could really destroy a man, because it makes you go to your lowest common denominator,” Savage told his “Savage Nation” listeners.

“It drags you down to the level of your lowest possible thought process.”

Savage continued:

Do you think I evolved through millions of years of evolution, and my ancestors survived plagues, pogroms, that I should sit here and talk about stupidity?

Is that what I evolved for? Is that what my three higher degrees are for?

I’m not going to do it.

And Trump is 100 percent wrong to keep tweeting. Period. End of story.

I’m not going to sit on the fence with it.

He is a fine leader. He’s done fabulous things.

And, instead, by dragging us down into the level of the thalamus, the lower brain, he is destroying his own agenda.

Instead of talking about what he just achieved, eliminating funding for sanctuary cities — what a huge accomplishment that is — imposing a ban on people from some of the most terror-laden nations on earth …. are we talking about that? No.

What are we talking about instead?

Him have a Twitter feud with two low-life nobodies on a TV channel nobody watches.

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  • Bruce Ruttan

    The Media’s potency can only exist in an environment that empowers it. A vast swath of America must believe it or the propaganda value cannot exist.

    • hariman

      Recent polls are pointing to about two thirds of the country disbelieving the mainstream media…

      • knowhowe

        We have got our work cut out for us. We need to turn that into less than 50%. Pull out your check book and support the right side of this.

        • hariman

          The poll was 65% DISbelieving the media, and viewing them as fake. So it’s already above 50%. But… we need to break the power base of the Democrats, and that means repeal Obamacare, reform the IRS (Flat Tax OR Fair Tax hype.), reform entitlements like Medicare/Medicaid/Welfare/etc, and so much more.

          Yeah, we have our work cut out for us, and step one is lighting a fire under Mitch the Snitch McConnell and Paul Ryan.

      • D C-Newt

        Indeed, I also noticed yesterday (7.12) that MSN dot com is not allowing comments on the shared news articles on their newsfeed. Papers and media outlets such as WaPo, NYT, CNN. TheHill. and the like. You can not use facebook (or any other social media login, for that matter) to comment- the comment section is completely shut down. argh. Good day to you.

        • hariman

          Oh, on the same note: Youtube filters ALL links in their comments as “Spam”, which prevents people from pointing to evidence when someone says “Prove it!”.

          Have a good day, and a good weekend too!

  • TellTheTruth-2

    Come on Dr Savage, let’s maintain a sense of humor and understand that wrestling take down of Vince McMahon was part of FAKE wrestling and putting CNN over the face of Vince McMahon was President Trumps way of laughing at the FAKE news. I thought it was more than funny, it was hilarious when you consider the real message.

    As for Joe and Mika, I record them and fast forward through the program because they’re the first to let us see MSNBC’s message of the day, Trump bashing. Joe and Mika should have been condemned as low life swamp rats long before Trump did it.

    • hariman

      Trump is the first republican to EVER turn the Media/Democrat Alinsky/trash the opposition game back onto them. I also believe that Trump must 100% continue the tweeting, though maybe a little less over the top.

      Why? Well, have you ever heard of Tom Corbett?

      Tom Corbett was the Republican governor of Pennsylvania. For one term. Unfortunately, Ed Rendell, the Democrat before Tom, raided the next year’s State School Budget and filled it in with Obama Stimulus money, which was temporary.

      So, Tom Corbett comes in, and almost immediately starts getting hammered by the Media/Democrats for “Hating Schools” and such, because he’s NOT willing to raise taxes to fill in the gap, as the school money has been budgeted, spent, and probably laundered by Ed Rendell.

      And Tom Corbett gets to work on other things, and spends absolutely no time defending against the “He hates children!” charges, and ends up getting trounced by Tom Wolf. A liberal Obama Wannabe, who has royally screwed the fully Republican State Senate’s chances of getting ANYTHING GOOD done.

      Hence, Trump MUST tweet, and must fight back as hard as he can.

  • Barformer

    I’m guessing he will stop or slow down once the sewer media has figured out they
    can’t keep trashing him and still have any respect .

    • hariman

      It the Media ever learns. Their goal is to commit treason and nullify a legal election, and then to gerrymander/rig the system so that Republicans can NEVER get into power again.

  • TellTheTruth-2

    Watch Donald Trump Take Down WWE’s Vince McMahon Back in 2007 … (right click) … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkghtyxZ6rc

  • ginjit.dw

    You are right.. There is no up-side to a Twitter feud with two nobodies. It’s time to use the President’s office to disseminate the accomplishments of the administration.
    Tweet smart also…

    • hariman

      It’s a distraction. The Media focuses on the tweeting, while Trump gets good stuff done behind the scenes. The real trick is making sure that the public learns/feels the effects of the behind the scenes changes so the Media looks even worse for missing that everything IS getting better.

  • jbjr2

    Sometimes Donald Trump’s tweets (like this week) make me LMAO. I get a real kick out of it. He is the ONLY ONE to stand up to their vicious vitriol and the milktoast RINO Republican wusses dont support him so he’s totally out there by himself. I was a scrapper in my youth & I went up against some big guys. I wouldn’t back down, we fought and win or lose… eventually they let me alone.

  • Malcolm Davidson

    I don’t get why Trump tweets so much, or for that matter why anyone does. I have never tweeted, and never will. I have heard all kinds of ideas as to why he does, (he wants to take down the fake main stream news, he is a narcissist,etc). I don’t know, but I wish he wouldn’t do so much of it. he should worry more about N. Korea, Iran, the economy, etc. I think if he put more effort into what really is important, then maybe he and the country will encounter real progress. He needs to realize that many in the media, are going to hate him no matter what, get over it, and do what he said he was going to do.

    • hariman

      Trump isn’t trying to get the media to like him! It’s a distraction! While the Mainstream Media and the Democrats are whining and screaming and even crying about the latest tweet, Trump is actually getting a bunch of regulations and older policies removed behind the scenes!

      Admittedly though, the whole wrestling/CNN Takedown tweet is a bit much, but it still keeps the media from paying attention to much beyond that, so that he can hopefully pull in the Senators and light a fire under their collective *** to pass an Obamacare Repeal bill.

      • Rosech Levy

        hariman, and to pass Trump’s ACA repeal and not try twisting and turning and playing games with what he wants. They have excuses with no ballast but want to take care of their faithful donor insurance companies. Haven’t you ever wondered how they go in with little or some money and come out millionaires and ignoring what we elected/hired them to do – that is represent us and what we want? We know the RINOS and establishment creeps in both Houses need to get past with their goals and give us what Trump and we want! Would hate to see a lot republicans not being re-elected next year, but maybe better because new candidates will be held to their oath and promises or be immediately removed. Also, we need to remove all benefits/perks that we did not okay nor vote for them. Would your employer allow you to set yours salary and increases, and a lot of special benefits he/she doesn’t have for themselves? No way!

    • Rosech Levy

      Malcolm, Trump is on top of the stupidity of NK, as well as his military and even now have pictures of the last missile launching and flying. He has helped our economy fantastically with more jobs, and even getting private corporations to work with him to make apprentices to learn more electronics for any position they wish. Hey, what have you done in 6 months that is worthwhile, while our President has accomplished so much and the list is getting even longer and longer of accomplishments. You truly need to keep up and be informed.

  • hariman

    Trump MUST Tweet, and must fight back against the mainstream media/democrats. Otherwise he’ll end up like Tom Corbett.

    Smeared, befouled by lies, and voted out for another Democrat hack who says “I’m not him! You hate him! Vote me!”

    Then again, I can also point to George W. Bush, as he didn’t defend himself much for 8 years, and his name is mud, despite the DEMOCRATS being at fault for the Sub Prime Mortgage Crisis.

    • Rosech Levy

      And the democrats voted for the US to the war in Iraq, and Pelosi who took out our rights from the Patriot Act even after being told twice not to.

  • Auntie Willa

    Trump is a 21st century president and is using a communications option that is a top choice of the populace. We get to hear directly from the man himself. Otherwise, we would be mostly stuck with a Donald Trump concocted and presented to us from within the liberal media bubble. Finally! A guy who is willing to take off the conservative croquet outfit and fight the Visigoths on their own playing field! For a man of Trump’s endurance and drive, tweets comprise a minuscule part of his day…no time at all compared to coffee breaks. The man is getting more done in seven months than Smuggles got done in eight years. Time to celebrate, not excoriate!

    • hariman

      Yep! Tom Corbett spent 4 years as Pennsylvania Governor without even trying to defend himself from accusations that he hated children for not raising taxes/restoring the school budget that previous governor, Ed Rendell, had raided.

      He lost an election to Tom Wolf, and now Pennsylvania has 4 years of an Obama Wannabe instead of any sanity from the governor.

  • TellTheTruth-2

    I’m starting to see how Trump is using twitter as a smoke screen as he gets things done under the radar. With the “never Trump” Republicans still fighting him, it’s amazing how much he has gotten done in spite of opposition by both parties. Hopefully we can “target” some of the Republican swamp rats in 2018.

    • Bruce Ruttan

      The daily snewz doesn’t cover important issues anymore anyway so I don’t go with the smokescreen thing. Instead, Trump shows how shallow and pointless they are.

  • Handcannon72Vet

    I too, Wish he would stop Twitter, (Sometimes) He used it Brilliantly in the Campaign, He`s getting his point across before the MSM can chop it to their needs. He`s a wild card, They don`t know anything about what he may come up with next. That`s great, However,
    ANY American News outlet OPENLY Attempting to undermine & Overthrow our seated Govt. Our President is Nothing short of Treason. ONE Indictment would shut this Backstabbing crap down overnight. Free speech is never free in the News Media, You must PAY For every word you Publish. Holding the Owner/Publisher To account. That if you lie, You will not only be exposed, But Your *** on the line would make them Think twice before they lay it out & Publish it as Fact.

    • hariman

      I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again:
      Trump MUST use Twitter and any other method possible to fight back against the media lies.
      Otherwise, he’ll end up like Tom Corbett and George W Bush. Smeared, maligned, and lied about for the rest of his life, to the point that his name becomes mud.

  • Bruce Ruttan

    His twittertastics are crumbling the faux snewz regressive camp and it’s fun!

  • Manny Papi

    These tweets and everything else the machine is doing is intentional to distract Trump from accomplishing his (and our) goals. And it seems to be working, he has fallen into their trap without realizing it. He needs to focus and screw what anyone says. Like Michael says Liberalism is a mental illness and Trump is allowing these mentally ill people get under his skin and throw him off course.

  • Rosech Levy

    Michael, get real! Trump baits them and they bite and while they are fussing and lying, etc., etc., he is working hard and getting more done. He knows what he is doing and so far it has been 100% great. We love his tweets and are learning more about how a successful business man’s brain functions and it is delightful.

  • Greg

    You are wrong about Trump’s Tweeting Savage. You of all people should stop the MSM from setting the agenda. They are attempting a coup by lies and innuendo. Trump is making them irrelevant by cutting the MSM out of the system.

  • https://disqus.com/home/channel/wewritepoetrychallengeforum/ DENavarro

    Michael, you don’t get it. He does tweet about accomplishments and defunding sanctuary cities and such, and then he also “plays the media” with his base attacks on their stupidity and falsity.

    The tweets that you call “stupid” are designed to keep the “stupid media” preoccupied with the little side-wars so that they are distracted and stay out of the way as Trump accomplishes the real agenda. They are a smokescreen, designed to garner attention to hide the real stuff going on.

    You see, you even fell for it. You spent all this time on Trump’s tweets, so they accomplished their purpose. Now, if you were normally a fake news negative media kind of guy who spent all your time bashing Trump, he would have effectively taken you out of your game for awhile and got you to focus on something else so that you wouldn’t be able to bash him for rolling back all the Obama-era rules and initiatives that he does EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    You see, if he didn’t distract with feuds about “he said she said” then the media would be demonizing him for rolling back Obama stuff, dismantling the socialist state, and making America great again. So he gives them enough rope to keep hanging themselves and they are so stupid they keep falling for it for 2 years running now.

    He plays the media, garners attention, and gives us the real news via Twitter and FB and Instagram and such.

    His strategy is a WINNING strategy. From a tactical perspective it may make him look bad in an immediate manner, unpresidential, base, etc. But the strategic effect is a smokescreen that distracts the enemy from the real troop movements so he can get stuff done.

    Let him do what he needs to do.

    • TellTheTruth-2

      Don’t worry … CNN will be selling a war with North Korea before the day is over and, hopefully you’re scared to death and have a nuclear shelter.

      • Randy Killion

        Well said. You are right, war with North Korea, then we get stuck with millions of North Korean refugees.

    • Public_Citizen

      Unless of course, Dr. Savages commentary today is a ~part~ of the 4-dimensional chess game.

  • TellTheTruth-2

    Morning Joe had a NEW TACT today .. # 1 issue .. WAR with North Korea. So all the MORONS are on the same page .. pushing war with North Korea .. even the UN.

    Reuters reports the North Korea missile traveled 600 miles in 40 minutes or 900 mph. That’s 1.17 mach or barely over the speed of sound. The air force has faster planes and a 50 year old minute man missile goes 15,000 mph. Based on that, let’s call BS and make an educated guess the US ZioCON/Communists are looking for an EXCUSE to attack North Korea just like they did with Saddam’s so called weapons of mass destruction. Will it work again? Of course, NUKES SCARE PEOPLE BEST.

    In order to cover large distances, ballistic missiles are usually launched into a high sub-orbital spaceflight; for intercontinental missiles, the highest altitude (apogee) reached during free-flight is about 1,200 kilometers (750 mi).

    They said North Korea = 1,741 miles high. Duh? Why didn’t it burn up on re-entry?

  • Disruptive Element

    Just like he took out his contenders for the Presidency one by one he is now taking out the Marxist media one by one.

  • Ira Motus

    The president’s tweets help to keep the msm as circumspect as perhaps a gang of agitated monkeys, and that’s a positive. Scarborough and Cuomo listened to the president’s historic and inspiring speech this morning and then launched their combination faint praise and condemnation attacks. Dear God, please deliver us from evil. All in all, President Trump has made these petty gossips more and more insignificant and irrelevant. God speed Mr. President.