MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: The architects of a disaster

branson-obamaWelcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily report on all things “Savage.”

In today’s issue: When British billionaire Sir Richard Branson this week sharply criticized Brexit and Trump administration policies, calling them unhealthy and dangerous, Savage recalled Barack Obama’s visit to Branson’s island hideaway shortly after leaving office.

“Remember Obama did something very strange? We know he’s a liar and a hypocrite, like all of them,” Savage said.

“Soon after bashing millionaires and billionaires — the faker — he went and hung around again with millionaires and billionaires. (No, he’s going to hang around the homeless bums).”

Savage continued:

And one of them was Richard Branson. He went to Neker Island in the British Virgin Islands. A beautiful island. I was by it a year ago on a yacht.

It’s isolated, it’s a private island. Richard Branson is a very smart billionaire, and I wondered, What the heck is Obama doing with Richard Branson?

What do these two peas in a pod, what do they have in common?

It came out, Virgin founder Richard Branson says this. Listen carefully: Brexit is a disaster, and what’s happening in the U.S. is dangerous.

Now, I’m going to listen to this guy, Virgin Group’s Branson, criticizing my president, mainly for the “Muslim ban”?

He’s telling me that he knows more than Donald Trump about the Muslim ban?

It’s only because the pig wants more money in his pocket.

Do you understand that?

The pig is against Brexit because it will cost him some money.

This is the problem with some of these greasy billionaires. Let’s put it to you that way.

I don’t care how clean their undershirts are. They’re greasy as far as I am concerned.

“Branson spoke with CNBC on board Virgin Australia’s inaugural flight between Australian and Hong Kong, and said he’s dismayed by the rise in protectionist policies in the U.S. and U.K.

“Branson said, ‘Trade protectionism is so unhealthy,’ and ‘Brexit is a terrible, terrible thing for Great Britain and Europe,’ said Branson, who holds a 10 percent stake of Virgin Australia.”

Now, Richard Branson, working with Obama, is continuing to push for a second vote in a bid to overturn the prior ballot.

These are the enemies of freedom. These are the internationalists. These are the architects of a disaster called the New World Order.

They put profit above nation. They have no nation, in my opinion.

And now we understand why Obama was seen embracing, in a sort of wrestling match with Richard Branson aboard a yacht.

This is the world that we’re living in.

This is the dangerous world we’re living in, where these pirates who have gotten too rich too quickly hate their own country and think only of more profit.

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  • TellTheTruth-2

    It seems no one likes the billionaires; but, some seem to dislike them more.

    • hariman

      I don’t trust government to not be corrupted by billionaires looking to crush new competitors under regulations, and I don’t trust government to hold itself back.

      That’s why I advocate for Term Limits, the Flat Tax (or the Fair Tax), and for firing about 75 to 90% of the DC Bureaucrats, starting with all agencies not present by the year 1800.

      • Ellis Baxter

        Fair tax and the 75% would help …

  • Scrupeus

    We all know the Freudian slip. But not everyone knows what Freud said about humor. He considered joking and humor as a way to speak truth without consequence. Hence, we can jokingly call someone a fool, to release the emotion built up inside because this person is actually a fool. Hence, this photograph of Branson in a humorous way trying to suffocate and strangle Obama, might give away more than Branson or Obama would like to account for. Just saying. Just Freud.

    • hariman

      Well, Obama IS the one that set up a system where a lot of businesses lost billions due to Obamacare, and set the world on fire with his “lead from behind” non-strategy.

  • Bruce Ruttan

    I don’t think the pig cares that much about money. He wants to have more power and the one world movement is proud to have him in their ranks. Most of what is happening on political issues is philosophical in nature with the two main sides standing as individualism vs collectivism. It is only the Age of Reason idea of individual rights that allowed brave idealist to push back against the monarchies. And my dear instructor, Doc Savage, has also pointed out so often, our ideals had better not exceed our capacity for change (practicable).

    • Ellis Baxter

      By your leave they all want money. They never have enough. And the public never really knows how much real money these people have ….

  • Hamilton’s Own

    I remember once seeing Branson appear on a talk show. As he walked to his seat, he literally and openly groped and kissed every female guest. And they were NOT happy with it. And all the while with that sickening, permanent grin etched on his face. The man is obviously a sociopath, plain and simple.

  • D C-Newt

    You are spot on, Dr. Savage! I have been watching with a churning stomach the travels of our former president. He is sure not wasting time getting this NWO in place and has been hosted by others of the same mind. Last night’s show (7.12.17-) was a good show, del Journo (sp) filling in for you, you were missed, though. God be with you.

  • Rkk O’Tilley

    ya’ll should be talkin bout how “we the people” , got sold down the river

  • maui

    Thank God Dr. Savage is on our side ~
    O ~ Admin approved Virgin America & Alaska Deal ~ Kick Back Time ~
    Then Went to Off Shore Center in Solomon Islands ~ Strictest privacy laws their ~
    Easy Peezi ~

  • Ellis Baxter

    Branson wants some input into the Red Fascist European Union. Where Obama lands is the next question but the NWO crowd wants him in their corner. And they paid for him and so that is that … Pure NWO as are so many of the establishment .. We the working citizens must primary all the Rino’s in 2018. It is the last stand if the Red Fascists defeat Trump agenda they will sooner or later get in control and they will import enough voters to control the game from then on… they have somewhere between 7 to 25 million fraudulent voters now.