• al date

    Michael Savage,
    Your BORDERS LANGUAGE CULTURE theme resonates louder every day. We should be proud of our culture and be willing to defend it from all comers, including Islamic jihadists. Where I differ with you is in the term Judeo-Christian Nation. We are a Judeo-Christian PEOPLE, or we were for most of the formative years. But we are NOT a Judeo-Christian Nation. The Nation is secular. The proof is found by comparing the Ten Commandments with the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. No matter how you score it, there is a low level of correlation. It is clear that the Ten Commandments were not used as source material for the Constitution. What was used were established principles of English common law, and various declarations of Natural or God-given human rights from writers such as John Locke, which have no voice in the Ten Commandments, nor in the rest of the Bible.
    The most sacred of our freedoms, including freedom of speech and assembly, trial by jury, no double jeopardy etc are ALL passed down through English common law from the practices of 7th Century Germanic tribes which had not yet even been converted to Christianity.
    The Founders wisely established a SECULAR NATION. But the Islamic Jihadists hate secularism as much as or more than they hate Christianity, so let us not let this disagreement come between us with respect to the terrorists.

  • Anonymous

    Michae Savage you keep talking about Amazon and tech companies being Monopolies but you don’t mention Walmart,Sams, Home Depot who have wiped out most small businesse because of having a monopoly also.

    • Grandpa Zig-Zag

      Those are established brick and mortar were talkin tech here

      • Anonymous

        Amazon is not all tech and regardless they have all monopolized the market.

  • Phineas Worthington

    No one is stealing American jobs. The free exchange of money for labor has been turned from what was once a mutually beneficial relationship into an antagonistic one due to so many laws that have nothing to do with protecting rights and everything to do with transferring wealth.

    Good, well paying jobs will be better created when our labor markets, broken from excessive taxes and regulatory risks and hurdles, are reformed back to free labor markets.

    • Neo Marcist

      When someone comes from a third world socialist liberal democrat progressive neo-marxist economy where they were making $15 per week, and comes to America and can make $8 per hour or $320 per week, then yes they are stealing jobs. They are distorting our market because they waltz across the border illegally and for free, drop a kid and become legal with the anchor baby, get on many of over 100 means tested and redundant welfare programs that are draining our budgets and defrauding the taxpayers, and are willing to work for a fraction of what honest, individualist, middle class working Americans who are NOT on welfare are willing to work for.

      Right now I can’t get my child into a daycare because all the daycares are filled with children of unemployed single mothers (many who don’t speak English) who use free welfare vouchers and get their kids in for free while they sit at home in their free housing watching soap operas. Why do their children need to be in daycares if they are unemployed? I wonder. I’m working two jobs. Their children go to daycare free while I have to pay $1,000 per month. My hard earned cash is no better than their free voucher, and I have to go to the back of the line to get my daughter in a daycare remotely close to where I work.

      We want to protect our BORDERS, LANGUAGE, and CULTURE. Free exchange of money for labor doesn’t work in a welfare state. I agree with some of your points, but don’t act like Americans aren’t getting ripped off by more than just regulations and payroll taxes.

      • Phineas Worthington

        Your own governments steal at least a third to half of your take home pay.

      • Phineas Worthington

        Your own governments steal a third to half of all your take home pay.

        Our country was founded by men whose tax burdens didn’t even exceed 3%.

    • jon doe

      Could not agree more about the scheming by the left to transfer wealth. That is what lies behind all the global warming hysteria. That is what a carbon tax is. A transfer of wealth from nations that produce to communist failed states that do not, but promote marxism. But as for no one stealing American jobs… I disagree. Each and every single illegal alien that is working here is stealing a job as far as I am concerned. And they are not paying any taxes either. How can they if they are working illegally?

      • Phineas Worthington

        I’m a general contractor. I recently sought to hire an employee. Out of ten applicants, all had social security numbers, but seven of the ten would not sign the I-9 form for me.

        That means that many people here illegally have fraudulent social security numbers.

        Most GC’s I know do not hire illegals because it is a very serious felony.

        In my experience, most of the black market labor is being consumed by average home owner/ builders and home owners, not legitimate businesses.

  • A.Savaget.From.Portugal

    Unbelievable, now that I’ve managed to buy “Trump’s War” there’s an update…

  • Neo Marcist

    I was reading about the Illinois debt crisis this morning. Their bond rating is only one notch above a junk rating. They haven’t passed a budget in 3 years. Their unfunded public pension liability is over $250 Billion! In comparison, my state has an unfunded liability of $24 billion and I still think that’s bad. There are nearly 7,500 teachers and administrators receiving over $100,000 per year in pension! Teachers in Rahm Emanuel’s district were only paying 2% towards their pensions when they should be paying 9%!

    “A teacher salary study published in April by the Illinois State Board of Education shows that 499 of 769 districts that responded said they were covering all or some pension payments for their teachers, with most districts reporting that they covered the full 9.4 percent contribution. CPS is not listed in the study.”
    (Source http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-pension-contributions-districts-pay-met-20150823-story.html)

    They aren’t even contributing to their own pensions! Taxpayers pay the employers’ and employees’ portions!!!

    “Illinois is entering its third year without the state legislature and governor being able to agree on a budget, it has $15 billion in unpaid bills, and it credit rating is now only one step above junk bond status.” https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffreydorfman/2017/06/05/illinois-credit-downgrade-proves-public-pensions-should-be-outlawed/#517270c7d4ae

    In 2012, 30 or more years on the job an Illinois pensioner could expect an initial average annual pension of $72,693! (source https://www.illinoispolicy.org/policy-points/average-government-pensions-in-illinois/)

    Two substitute teachers who only worked ONE DAY are getting pensions that will pay them out over $1 million each!

    In Illinois, Substitute Teaching For One Day Reaped Nearly $1 Million in Taxpayer-Funded Pension Money https://www.forbes.com/sites/adamandrzejewski/2014/10/14/one-day-sub-nearly-1-million-in-teacher-pension/#9cd3d4b70147

    How the heck do liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists believe this is a model for the nation? The state of Illinois is going to go bankrupt. I expect they will be the first state to default. Remember when Obama bailed out Detroit with $300 million? I thought Democrats were AGAINST bailouts? Unless they are bailing out their own cities and states that they bankrupted? Then they are FOR bailouts? Liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists are hypocrite FRAUDS!!!

    • jon doe

      Public sector pensions are one of the things bankrupting California also. They never learn. At least the ones that are not trying to actively destroy the country. The Cloward Piven lunatics know full well what they are doing. Guys like Bill Ayers. The useful idiot masses that follow them are hopeless.

    • aerodog2 .

      Democrats have NEVER been against using Public Money to achieve their goals, which is what a Bailout is.

  • TruthBeTold
  • Bob P

    Why is Michael Savage’s books on the band books list. Wish he would comment publicly…. http://gulfcoast.ostsubmedia.communityq.com/uploads/original/1498085479_b143.jpg

  • Bob P

    banned, sorry, misspelled

  • Charles Allen

    Dr Savage, I am asking one question. Are you aware of The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871; where
    The 41st Congress Committed Treason: Selling America to Rothschild International Bankers? This may be something you want to look at in regard to our national debt and the real status of our individual rights.

  • Trans Genius

    Leslie Stall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny stuff.

  • John R Fleming

    Savage just mentioned the large number of fraudulent/stolen social security numbers used by illegals.In 1987, after Reagans amnesty, I helped many formerly illegal immigrants qualify for home loans’ Many of those who had been using invented social security numbers , When they applied for real social security numbers, guess what happened?In most cases social security just gave them the bogus number for their new real one. Makes you wonder.

    • Degotoga

      No it doesn’t. The SS Admin was in on the screwing of the USA citizens as you were for not turning them in, your greed was enough to betray your country.

  • Darth Halibut

    The caller that just spoke about a movie that signaled a change in society mentioned Mad Max. I believe it was Natural Born Killers. Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis were serial killers who watched animal porn. It was disgusting.

    • Degotoga

      Very few movie that hads come out of Hollywood as been anything but satan’s eye candy for the spiritually bankrupt..

  • MrPanetela

    No matter what the politicians throw at us, we must be prepared to ‘Stand Strong’.
    We must never feel disgraced or outmatched at what they try to compel us to accept.
    We need to strongly present our position, without emulating the left tactics.
    Articulate it. And Articulate it. And Articulate yet it again.

    As Gladiator shouted in the movies; “hold the line!”

    • Degotoga

      Yeah, but he had a sword in his hand also, not just a bunch of feeble words covering his cowardice.

      • MrPanetela

        We have seen too many videos between the left and right confronting each other.
        And when the right slashes the left with the sword of truth, the left goes crazy.
        It is very reminiscent of the old Civil right marches, one side spoke the truth, the other just reacted senselessly. But in the end, Truth won the day. Articulated Truth is power.

        P.S. how can I find those articles about the Clone Test?

  • MrPanetela

    How would the Generals of North Korea know if Kim is Kim and not a clone? Is there a clone test?

    • Degotoga

      Yes, there is a clone test and very few people can perform it.

    • aerodog2 .

      You check to see if their feet fit in the Clone Shoes, like in Cinderella.

  • Anonymous

    Was the USS Fitzgerald incident an act of war? N. Korea hacked navigation system of a Russian ship and may have done the same with the USX Crystal.

  • ah….

    psycho show, men think women are psychos……women think men are sickos!……men are right!

  • Degotoga

    Michael, you’ve got to see this, then see if you can get the scoop on everyone else by getting this guy on your show (no I don’t know him); Video: “The real election interference scandal HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT” : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEjZ5gI9GaM
    This guy was a Breitbart reporter. I stumbled onto this and thought it really needs to be aired on the Savage Nation.

  • stoli5
  • AOG

    Nazi Pelosi

  • Thomas Watkins
  • Anonymous

    Dear Michael,
    I hear you on the June 22nd broadcast that you were lucky to be the only student in a seminar. I have a dark story to share with you that I can hardly believe myself. My sister was lucky enough to be the only student in a Ukrainian language class at a local university. She met with the professor in flexible locations and times such as the school library on a Saturday. Her professor was a qualified, seemingly decent older man. They had what became a personal relationship. At some point he touched her. From what I heard, she would lead him on by dressing up in her most dolled up self every class for him. This doesn’t make it okay for the professor, but I think it’s an important detail. My sister has a few loose screws. She told our mother about his advances, not sure how to respond to them. She was innocent if you know how I mean. I think she cared for him somewhat, but was certainly in a confused state. My mom told her to report him to the school. To be fair, she never “said no.” She never gave an indication or warning to the professor that she didn’t appreciate his advances or that she was planning to report to the school and ruin his career in an instant. Of course, he still should have known better and should be held responsible for his questionable actions, however, the eerie consequences of both of their choices make me sick to my stomach. It was apparently the day following my sister’s statement to the school of sexual assault by her professor, and he was notified to report to the administration. He never made it to the school. By chance or in his distraught state, he drove into the path of a semi-truck and was killed.
    After these events, my sister became promiscuous. She was crazy before, but she went into a new phase and I don’t think she will ever be the same. A one-on-one class might be more unfortunate than fortunate. This story just gives me a lot to think about and wonder about the true nature of the events and if my sister had done anything different a father and professor might be stripped of his career but still be alive for his daughter who later went to meet my sister.

  • MrPanetela

    Let the young who play the Knock Out game beware.
    The young usually target the elderly.
    God gives a stern warning -take care of the aged.
    The elderly will be the largest segment of the population in forty years.
    And it will be the young that will be in the minority. Laws will change, and not in the favor of the young.
    Without a proper education, a degree in engineering or programming, many young people will find robots doing menial tasks. They will be unemployable.Younglings, take heart, learn, graduate, apprentice or get a degree. If you don’t you will be the ones left behind.Living on the streets, eating out of garbage cans. This will be your future if you resist what is right, just and fair. And your life expectancy will be short and miserable.

  • PorkyPricklyPants

    why are these radical violent liberals johnny depp kathy griffin alot others not arrested, going to jail why are these washed actors and violent radical liberals getting a free pass if i ran a stop sign or if i was speeding the cops would be on my *** quick,they would be 10 cop cars after me, the elites the famous the politicians the fake news media they stir racism violence/riots hate and get a free pass THIS IS NOT FREEDOM OF SPEECH IF PRESIDENT TRUMP DON’T START PUTTING PEOPLE IN JAIL ITS GONNA GET WORSE VIOLENCE HAS NO LIMITATION JUST ASK THE CONGRESSMAN IN THE HOSPITAL

    • Jackson

      Same reason people can lay down on a public road to “protest” but when someone wants to drive on the same road they get arrested. The whole world is upside down and one move away from collapse. Rome 2.0.

  • Davidp

    This speech by Brigitte Gabriel was given in 2011. Serious stuff


  • svh

    Not that Pelosi needs further bashing, especially with many in her own Dim party finally realizing what she has done and continues to do to bring their party down. (Go, Nancy!) However, when Dr. Savage on his yesterday broadcast stated that she’s probably a “good Catholic,” I just had to respond with the following article:
    “Nancy Pelosi, Boasting of her Devout Catholic faith, IS A HERETIC”
    I love you and am grateful for your voice, Dr. Savage. You are indisputably a brilliant, very well educated man, but she is NOT a good Catholic.

  • Thor

    Has Trump made a video to show the new citizens at naturalization a welcoming? Obama videos are being shown in Oakland?

  • Mary J Reynolds

    Dr., looking forward to your show. It is Friday so “flap less and soar more”.

  • Jack

    Hello Micheal, Is it possible that the Dems are diverting the investigation of their own serious crimes for 4 years and as we speak rigging polling machine software to ensure they get their man in the White House? If they fail there will be prison time for some of them. Serious stuff

    • Jackson

      Voter irregularities, illegals voting, foreigners buying candidates, crime coverups, the list goes on. Republicans have control of everything but they are still playing with the bs Russia hack narrative. They need to investigate everything, MIA Jeff Sessions needs to start prosecuting, and the new FBI director needs to get confirmed asap to open dozens of investigations, but everybody is still sitting on their behinds. If people don’t start going to jail for the corruption in the next year the whole system will be past the point of no return.

  • Anonymous

    I’m now listening to his show about the crash between the Navy ship (Fitzgerald ) and a merchant ship.
    A bit of information I got in the 70’S. I was working with someone who had previously worked on merchant ships maintaining their engines. Out of my curiosity, we had several talks about how merchant ships operated. The one thing I always remember was,”When we cleared the harbor and were in open waters, the ship was put on autopilot and everyone went to sleep”. Me thinks the Captain of the Navy ship followed the same schedule.

  • SeaDog

    Dr. Savage… I heard you talking about the need for our nation to ‘return to Christianity’. I found a great book that you would like which details that need, and how our society is doing the same thing as the Roman Empire before its fall (just as you were talking about). The book is called “Knight of the Grail Code” (https://www.amazon.com/Knight-Grail-Code-Christian-Chivalry-ebook/dp/B00R6AH79E)

  • MikeB

    Had a dog of a similar breed to Teddy that kept on coughing after activity and the vet found that the heart was large and rubbing up against the lungs, causing the coughing. It was controlled with medication and she lived to be 20.

  • Mr Gadget

    Remember when they caught china building backdoors into chips, especially for the military….
    “Hackers Could Access US Weapons Systems Through Chip”

  • Travis

    It’s really disgusting that an evil power within our government is trying to start a war. Lets stop it and return the power to the people of this great nation.

  • MikeB

    Hopefully Depp will be put through a full blown cavity search when he goes through US Customs coming back from England.

  • MarryMeAnnie

    Hey! Savage! tell Trump to inform China that he will be gradually shifting all trade from China to South America. To put an end to the immigration problem. So that China will takeout North Korea for us!

  • Peacemaker

    regarding your statement about actors being liberals. You can probably count on one hand those actors who ‘go against the wind’ with respect to politics.. one that you did not mention is Chuck Norris. can you name others? i have a hard time finding one.

    have a great day


    • Bokshil Kim

      Tim Allen, Clint Eastwood, John Voight, Fred Thompson, Bo Derek

      • Mr Gadget

        Don’t forget James Wood!

    • Donna Kmetz

      Sam Elliot

  • MrPanetela

    Hey Folks, about the USS FITZGERALD, they had a Sikorsky SH-60/MH-60 Seahawk chopper on board, it had radios, and there were also spare radios in case those failed. With AWACS overflying the Armada, just that one chopper, up in the air or on deck, and transmitting a Mayday, and AWACS could have had help underway in seconds…

    somebody used a powerful but short range EMP weapon on the FITZGERALD. They were dead in the water, so was every bit of electronics on the chopper and its spare radios…

    Candidate, China silent sub, Russia silent sub, or KIm tested their’s or one of his own EMP cannons from one of the containers on board the freighter…this was more than terrorism, it was an act of war…

    • Keith Rosen

      You are correct. We stand at the brink of a major conflict. Who did this and how did they do this is what is got the attention of the Navy command. There is no question that this is going to lead to a response by the US. When and against who is the question. This is a

  • Thomas

    Congressman Thomas Massie from Kentucky sponsored legislation entitled H.R 899. .The goal of the bill is to abolish the Department of Education as of December 31,2018.The bill has now ten co-sponsors.I recommend that every conservative call their congressman and tell him to co-sponsor this bill for the sake of our country.

  • Mr Gadget

    Doc, Have you seen any of Lee Stranahan’s evidence/timeline of the Soros/Hillary development of the fake Russian narrative? It actually ties into Ukraine, the operations of Soros/Hillary and our government funding of their operations. Stranahan would be a great guest that could out the fake Russian narrative with evidence and he’s putting together a Soros documentary. I think even you’d be surprised with some of his research so far. Stranahan was a lead investigative reporter hired by Andrew Breitbart and then by Bannon and quit when Breitbart’s Alex Marlow killed the story outing the fake Russian narrative, very suspicious move by Marlow. He was one of Breitbart’s reporters with a WH press pass.
    “The Group Behind the Trump Witch Hunt”
    He’s been putting together a lot more evidence his hasn’t published yet but discusses on his youtube/periscope channel

    “UNREAL: The real election interference scandal HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT”

  • MichLisa

    Dr. Savage. Love you! Thank you for your show.

  • Anonymous

    Getting off the subject matter for a moment…I am a loyal listener
    suggesting a talk show subject: acceptance of Muslims can only occur if
    an internal division and struggle occurs. The new branch (moderate) must
    remove the satanic verses. This is their job, we cannot do it for them.

  • drusillarambot

    Savagette from the Very Beginning!
    Dr. Savage Rocks!

  • ah….

    Scalise main target? because of his steadfast approach to pedophilia ?

  • Benjamin E. Ferko

    Dr. Michael Savage, to expand upon one of your thoughts from Friday’s show. If the North Koreans hacked the systems on that battle ship, causing the alarms not to go off when that huge ship made the U turn. Think of who is building our war ships. It isn’t Pearl Harbor, as you know. The last I heard, it is our good friends in China. They have been caught before making parts with back doors designed into them. Who’s minding the quality control store??? Just a thought.

    • Tony

      Also don’t forget most all of our high tech companies have factories in China. Our government has ‘shared’ technology for decades with China. It is also well known China has huge cyber warfare units in their army. We are not the all-powerful superpower we think we are. Fatal flaw of all tech is it can and will be hacked. Easy to do when you give away all the specs and details to somebody for a quick buck.

  • Reed Abbott

    Can someone explain to me how Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein could so quickly hire the Special Council, who has deep deep ties with Comey? Appears there is some collusion between these three people? Why is no one discussing this? This all seems like a setup involving all 3 of these individuals, but yet no one can point to an actual crime committed. Looks like the Special Council will attempt to find ‘something out of nothing’ with the intent of removing a sitting President, elected in a fair election, without regard to the people who elected the President.

  • TV gone full brainwashing

    Tried to watch TV show “What would you do?”, couldn’t get through first few minutes, right away they started with a scenario where 2 teenagers were telling a 3rd teenager who was muslim that they couldn’t hang out with him anymore because their parents won’t let them hang out with muslims. The 3 teens are actors, and the show with hidden cameras observes what real people around them do or say. And big surprise — the supposedly real people reacting to overhearing the 3 teen boys were saying it was wrong to shun the muslim boy. This is social conditioning, mind control, brainwashing trying to get Americans to think it’s okay to import illegal aliens and muslims, and trying to portray the muslims as normal harmless people.

    Plus there’s zillions of blacks on almost every TV show, which is affirmative action on steroids. If you’re a black person, you should go into the acting business because TV & movies are obviously turning down white people in favor of a high percentage of black people just to try and push some kind of twisted social mind control on the masses.

  • MrPanetela

    Democrats/Socialist chickens are coming to roost…
    Tearing a page out of the Fall of the Roman Empire, the Dems and their brainchild pension plan has failed in Chicago. There is insufficient funds to pay retirees. Gonna be a lot of angry people who voted Democrat in exchange for the perfect pension. Meanwhile in Germany, they did an Obama and in the dead of night pass an all surveillance law. Instead of developing better security which is easy and possible, they will intrude in every conceivable device, in search of terror cells and hackers; which could have been better handled by strict migration policies of which they are doing the exact opposite and diligent security protocols. They need terrorist to flood in so they can continue to pass more and more intrusive laws…and while all that was going on the European Central Bank will shut down 2 banks. Those poor folks that had money in those banks are gonna be surprise next week when their card and checks bounce. All of this and more could have been avoided, by reform. They refuse, wait and watch: people will pick up torches and pitchforks, but the gov has the military, and you thought Tienanmen Square was bad, you aint seen nothing yet.

  • Donald Domijan

    I was a radarman on a destroyer during the Korean War.

    There is NO WAY a cargo ship 700ft long could escape radar detection.
    Once a target is identified, it is tracked for 3 minutes to determine its course and speed.
    At this time the bridge is notified but the MOST IMPORTANT piece of data the bridge wants to know is the CPA
    This is the CLOSET POINT OF APPROACH….i.e how close will this contact come to our ship
    Since we did not have computers at that time this was done manually but accurately.
    If the contact was projected to approach closer to 2 miles, the Captain was to be awakened and informed.
    On the Bridge, there was the OD (officer of the deck), a helmsman, a telephone talker, and 2 lookouts with binoculars port and starboard.
    In CIC (combat information center) (where I worked) we had a CIC offificer (usually a Lt jg or ensign), a petty officer of the watch and 2 radarmen ( one on the surface search radar and one on the air search radar)

    THE BOTTOM LINE…given the newer radars and technologies available today, it would be IMPOSSIBLE for a naval ship to be collided with another vessel unless of course 10 or so sailors were made inoperable from whatever reason.

    If I were on the investigative committee, I would need to interview 2 people….the petty officer of the watch in CIC and the radarman on the surface search radar…..case closed

    The Navy does have the answer but has chosen to hide the facts.

    • Tim Cohen

      Thanks for sharing your insider view.

    • Keith Rosen

      Ex Navy here. This was a deliberate attack.. A US war ship at sea can not be rammed without the ship being disabled first. Who did this is the question that must be answered. Next question is what will be done about it



    once again, be assured we will listen to cap-and-gown and/or esoteric, less political shows….
    feel free to eat on-air…you’re not ashamed of being REAL RADIO….
    your Spaghetti Before Pasta story painted many pictures we have all seen many times….
    just found “Castle In the Sky” on youtube
    one of the comments said that you had played it last year on the birthday of Coltrane and Ray Charles…
    I asked Jim to play the should-be-election-year-anthem “Too Much Monkey Business” on Chuck Berry’s 90th birthday…
    you said you love rocknroll so much that we should hear Journey (bubblegum!)….
    JAMES BROWN on the subject of rap:
    ” a piano has 88 notes….how you gonna sing a song with one note?”

    yeah “back east” is just as dumb as “don’t call it Frisco”
    the dumbest is announcers preceding freeway numbers with “The”…
    (“The 101”, “The 5”, rigidly reinforced by all LA broadcasters….annoying!)

    not to sass you, however……
    art, music, and creative writing are the places where something comes from nothingness and that includes a lot of what you do, even though we all frequently use what was already there as an inspirational starting point to riff…..
    as we stare out the window, hard at work…

    Thank you for touching on the North Beach Deadbeat Poet Society poseur stuff last week….it’s good for a whole show….all of the radio markets are infested with scheming faux hipsters who get crazy checks….LA/Hollywood, NY/Greenwich Village. Portlandia, Seattle, Austin, Fort Lauderdale…no city is immune…..even if your first-hand observations are of local appeal to SF, the message will resonate everywhere it is heard…we love the way you expose. interpret and spin the bottle of backwash…

    all of these things are part of the BLC message, and culture is really the most volatile and effective battleground….all traditional art forms are under assault and are being (or have been) hijacked, appropriated or subjected to hostile takeover by the Ruling Propagandist Mind-Control Mediocracy of Militant Mayonnaise….

    about the damn political issues….
    it would be a shame to lose Pelosi before midterm elections next year…she has replaced Anthony W as the gift that won’t quit giving….careful what you wish for…we want them to continue babbling about Russia, racism, sexism. islamaphobia (NO SUCH THING), gender pronouns (call them IT) and any other irrelevant nonsense that will keep them marginalized and compromised….it will take the Prez most of his first term to purge the inner workings of unelected opposition from within….

    regarding Dipstick, et al….
    nobody was brave enough or dumb enough to publicly threaten Ayatollah Obongo….
    or if they did, they disappeared and took the threat to the bottom of the sea with them before we heard about it…

    this story has been sanitized off the internet….
    in about 2006, an Alameda artist, Michael McDonald, posted (in front of his house) a cardboard cut-out of W. Bush with a knife in his head and blood dripping out. I saw it. He was immediately stormed by the secret service, arrested for threatening to assassinate the president and hauled into federal court within 72 hours….the ACLU types rallied to his defense (for legitimate reason) as 1) he had made no threat or suggestion thereof, 2) it was clearly an art piece made of cardboard….the IRS stormed in after the charges were dropped, assessed his unsold art at ridiculously inflated values, demanded that he account for any future artwork as money in the bank….to call these actions illegal, oppressive and overbearing is a complement to the government….

    so, as you had said on-air, if anyone had offended Ayatollah Obongo, they would have had an unfortunate accident…..

    time for you to enjoy your weekend…
    good luck with the vet…

  • Kevin Warren

    10,000 British “football men” March against extremism in London.