• al date

    Michael Savage,
    Your BORDERS LANGUAGE CULTURE theme resonates louder every day. We should be proud of our culture and be willing to defend it from all comers, including Islamic jihadists. Where I differ with you is in the term Judeo-Christian Nation. We are a Judeo-Christian PEOPLE, or we were for most of the formative years. But we are NOT a Judeo-Christian Nation. The Nation is secular. The proof is found by comparing the Ten Commandments with the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. No matter how you score it, there is a low level of correlation. It is clear that the Ten Commandments were not used as source material for the Constitution. What was used were established principles of English common law, and various declarations of Natural or God-given human rights from writers such as John Locke, which have no voice in the Ten Commandments, nor in the rest of the Bible.
    The most sacred of our freedoms, including freedom of speech and assembly, trial by jury, no double jeopardy etc are ALL passed down through English common law from the practices of 7th Century Germanic tribes which had not yet even been converted to Christianity.
    The Founders wisely established a SECULAR NATION. But the Islamic Jihadists hate secularism as much as or more than they hate Christianity, so let us not let this disagreement come between us with respect to the terrorists.

  • Anonymous

    Michae Savage you keep talking about Amazon and tech companies being Monopolies but you don’t mention Walmart,Sams, Home Depot who have wiped out most small businesse because of having a monopoly also.

    • Grandpa Zig-Zag

      Those are established brick and mortar were talkin tech here

      • Anonymous

        Amazon is not all tech and regardless they have all monopolized the market.

  • Phineas Worthington

    No one is stealing American jobs. The free exchange of money for labor has been turned from what was once a mutually beneficial relationship into an antagonistic one due to so many laws that have nothing to do with protecting rights and everything to do with transferring wealth.

    Good, well paying jobs will be better created when our labor markets, broken from excessive taxes and regulatory risks and hurdles, are reformed back to free labor markets.

    • Neo Marcist

      When someone comes from a third world socialist liberal democrat progressive neo-marxist economy where they were making $15 per week, and comes to America and can make $8 per hour or $320 per week, then yes they are stealing jobs. They are distorting our market because they waltz across the border illegally and for free, drop a kid and become legal with the anchor baby, get on many of over 100 means tested and redundant welfare programs that are draining our budgets and defrauding the taxpayers, and are willing to work for a fraction of what honest, individualist, middle class working Americans who are NOT on welfare are willing to work for.

      Right now I can’t get my child into a daycare because all the daycares are filled with children of unemployed single mothers (many who don’t speak English) who use free welfare vouchers and get their kids in for free while they sit at home in their free housing watching soap operas. Why do their children need to be in daycares if they are unemployed? I wonder. I’m working two jobs. Their children go to daycare free while I have to pay $1,000 per month. My hard earned cash is no better than their free voucher, and I have to go to the back of the line to get my daughter in a daycare remotely close to where I work.

      We want to protect our BORDERS, LANGUAGE, and CULTURE. Free exchange of money for labor doesn’t work in a welfare state. I agree with some of your points, but don’t act like Americans aren’t getting ripped off by more than just regulations and payroll taxes.

      • Phineas Worthington

        Your own governments steal at least a third to half of your take home pay.

      • Phineas Worthington

        Your own governments steal a third to half of all your take home pay.

        Our country was founded by men whose tax burdens didn’t even exceed 3%.

    • jon doe

      Could not agree more about the scheming by the left to transfer wealth. That is what lies behind all the global warming hysteria. That is what a carbon tax is. A transfer of wealth from nations that produce to communist failed states that do not, but promote marxism. But as for no one stealing American jobs… I disagree. Each and every single illegal alien that is working here is stealing a job as far as I am concerned. And they are not paying any taxes either. How can they if they are working illegally?

      • Phineas Worthington

        I’m a general contractor. I recently sought to hire an employee. Out of ten applicants, all had social security numbers, but seven of the ten would not sign the I-9 form for me.

        That means that many people here illegally have fraudulent social security numbers.

        Most GC’s I know do not hire illegals because it is a very serious felony.

        In my experience, most of the black market labor is being consumed by average home owner/ builders and home owners, not legitimate businesses.

  • A.Savaget.From.Portugal

    Unbelievable, now that I’ve managed to buy “Trump’s War” there’s an update…

  • Neo Marcist

    I was reading about the Illinois debt crisis this morning. Their bond rating is only one notch above a junk rating. They haven’t passed a budget in 3 years. Their unfunded public pension liability is over $250 Billion! In comparison, my state has an unfunded liability of $24 billion and I still think that’s bad. There are nearly 7,500 teachers and administrators receiving over $100,000 per year in pension! Teachers in Rahm Emanuel’s district were only paying 2% towards their pensions when they should be paying 9%!

    “A teacher salary study published in April by the Illinois State Board of Education shows that 499 of 769 districts that responded said they were covering all or some pension payments for their teachers, with most districts reporting that they covered the full 9.4 percent contribution. CPS is not listed in the study.”
    (Source http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-pension-contributions-districts-pay-met-20150823-story.html)

    They aren’t even contributing to their own pensions! Taxpayers pay the employers’ and employees’ portions!!!

    “Illinois is entering its third year without the state legislature and governor being able to agree on a budget, it has $15 billion in unpaid bills, and it credit rating is now only one step above junk bond status.” https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffreydorfman/2017/06/05/illinois-credit-downgrade-proves-public-pensions-should-be-outlawed/#517270c7d4ae

    In 2012, 30 or more years on the job an Illinois pensioner could expect an initial average annual pension of $72,693! (source https://www.illinoispolicy.org/policy-points/average-government-pensions-in-illinois/)

    Two substitute teachers who only worked ONE DAY are getting pensions that will pay them out over $1 million each!

    In Illinois, Substitute Teaching For One Day Reaped Nearly $1 Million in Taxpayer-Funded Pension Money https://www.forbes.com/sites/adamandrzejewski/2014/10/14/one-day-sub-nearly-1-million-in-teacher-pension/#9cd3d4b70147

    How the heck do liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists believe this is a model for the nation? The state of Illinois is going to go bankrupt. I expect they will be the first state to default. Remember when Obama bailed out Detroit with $300 million? I thought Democrats were AGAINST bailouts? Unless they are bailing out their own cities and states that they bankrupted? Then they are FOR bailouts? Liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists are hypocrite FRAUDS!!!

    • jon doe

      Public sector pensions are one of the things bankrupting California also. They never learn. At least the ones that are not trying to actively destroy the country. The Cloward Piven lunatics know full well what they are doing. Guys like Bill Ayers. The useful idiot masses that follow them are hopeless.

    • aerodog2 .

      Democrats have NEVER been against using Public Money to achieve their goals, which is what a Bailout is.

  • TruthBeTold
  • Bob P

    Why is Michael Savage’s books on the band books list. Wish he would comment publicly…. http://gulfcoast.ostsubmedia.communityq.com/uploads/original/1498085479_b143.jpg

  • Bob P

    banned, sorry, misspelled

  • Charles Allen

    Dr Savage, I am asking one question. Are you aware of The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871; where
    The 41st Congress Committed Treason: Selling America to Rothschild International Bankers? This may be something you want to look at in regard to our national debt and the real status of our individual rights.

  • Trans Genius

    Leslie Stall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny stuff.

  • John R Fleming

    Savage just mentioned the large number of fraudulent/stolen social security numbers used by illegals.In 1987, after Reagans amnesty, I helped many formerly illegal immigrants qualify for home loans’ Many of those who had been using invented social security numbers , When they applied for real social security numbers, guess what happened?In most cases social security just gave them the bogus number for their new real one. Makes you wonder.

    • Degotoga

      No it doesn’t. The SS Admin was in on the screwing of the USA citizens as you were for not turning them in, your greed was enough to betray your country.

  • Darth Halibut

    The caller that just spoke about a movie that signaled a change in society mentioned Mad Max. I believe it was Natural Born Killers. Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis were serial killers who watched animal porn. It was disgusting.

    • Degotoga

      Very few movie that hads come out of Hollywood as been anything but satan’s eye candy for the spiritually bankrupt..

  • MrPanetela

    No matter what the politicians throw at us, we must be prepared to ‘Stand Strong’.
    We must never feel disgraced or outmatched at what they try to compel us to accept.
    We need to strongly present our position, without emulating the left tactics.
    Articulate it. And Articulate it. And Articulate yet it again.

    As Gladiator shouted in the movies; “hold the line!”

    • Degotoga

      Yeah, but he had a sword in his hand also, not just a bunch of feeble words covering his cowardice.

      • MrPanetela

        We have seen too many videos between the left and right confronting each other.
        And when the right slashes the left with the sword of truth, the left goes crazy.
        It is very reminiscent of the old Civil right marches, one side spoke the truth, the other just reacted senselessly. But in the end, Truth won the day. Articulated Truth is power.

        P.S. how can I find those articles about the Clone Test?

  • MrPanetela

    How would the Generals of North Korea know if Kim is Kim and not a clone? Is there a clone test?

    • Degotoga

      Yes, there is a clone test and very few people can perform it.

    • aerodog2 .

      You check to see if their feet fit in the Clone Shoes, like in Cinderella.

  • Anonymous

    Was the USS Fitzgerald incident an act of war? N. Korea hacked navigation system of a Russian ship and may have done the same with the USX Crystal.

  • ah….

    psycho show, men think women are psychos……women think men are sickos!……men are right!

  • Degotoga

    Michael, you’ve got to see this, then see if you can get the scoop on everyone else by getting this guy on your show (no I don’t know him); Video: “The real election interference scandal HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT” : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEjZ5gI9GaM
    This guy was a Breitbart reporter. I stumbled onto this and thought it really needs to be aired on the Savage Nation.

  • stoli5
  • AOG

    Nazi Pelosi

  • Thomas Watkins
  • Anonymous

    Dear Michael,
    I hear you on the June 22nd broadcast that you were lucky to be the only student in a seminar. I have a dark story to share with you that I can hardly believe myself. My sister was lucky enough to be the only student in a Ukrainian language class at a local university. She met with the professor in flexible locations and times such as the school library on a Saturday. Her professor was a qualified, seemingly decent older man. They had what became a personal relationship. At some point he touched her. From what I heard, she would lead him on by dressing up in her most dolled up self every class for him. This doesn’t make it okay for the professor, but I think it’s an important detail. My sister has a few loose screws. She told our mother about his advances, not sure how to respond to them. She was innocent if you know how I mean. I think she cared for him somewhat, but was certainly in a confused state. My mom told her to report him to the school. To be fair, she never “said no.” She never gave an indication or warning to the professor that she didn’t appreciate his advances or that she was planning to report to the school and ruin his career in an instant. Of course, he still should have known better and should be held responsible for his questionable actions, however, the eerie consequences of both of their choices make me sick to my stomach. It was apparently the day following my sister’s statement to the school of sexual assault by her professor, and he was notified to report to the administration. He never made it to the school. By chance or in his distraught state, he drove into the path of a semi-truck and was killed.
    After these events, my sister became promiscuous. She was crazy before, but she went into a new phase and I don’t think she will ever be the same. A one-on-one class might be more unfortunate than fortunate. This story just gives me a lot to think about and wonder about the true nature of the events and if my sister had done anything different a father and professor might be stripped of his career but still be alive for his daughter who later went to meet my sister.

  • MrPanetela

    Let the young who play the Knock Out game beware.
    The young usually target the elderly.
    God gives a stern warning -take care of the aged.
    The elderly will be the largest segment of the population in forty years.
    And it will be the young that will be in the minority. Laws will change, and not in the favor of the young.
    Without a proper education, a degree in engineering or programming, many young people will find robots doing menial tasks. They will be unemployable.Younglings, take heart, learn, graduate, apprentice or get a degree. If you don’t you will be the ones left behind.Living on the streets, eating out of garbage cans. This will be your future if you resist what is right, just and fair. And your life expectancy will be short and miserable.

  • PorkyPricklyPants

    why are these radical violent liberals johnny depp kathy griffin alot others not arrested, going to jail why are these washed actors and violent radical liberals getting a free pass if i ran a stop sign or if i was speeding the cops would be on my *** quick,they would be 10 cop cars after me, the elites the famous the politicians the fake news media they stir racism violence/riots hate and get a free pass THIS IS NOT FREEDOM OF SPEECH IF PRESIDENT TRUMP DON’T START PUTTING PEOPLE IN JAIL ITS GONNA GET WORSE VIOLENCE HAS NO LIMITATION JUST ASK THE CONGRESSMAN IN THE HOSPITAL

    • Jackson

      Same reason people can lay down on a public road to “protest” but when someone wants to drive on the same road they get arrested. The whole world is upside down and one move away from collapse. Rome 2.0.

  • Davidp

    This speech by Brigitte Gabriel was given in 2011. Serious stuff


  • svh

    Not that Pelosi needs further bashing, especially with many in her own Dim party finally realizing what she has done and continues to do to bring their party down. (Go, Nancy!) However, when Dr. Savage on his yesterday broadcast stated that she’s probably a “good Catholic,” I just had to respond with the following article:
    “Nancy Pelosi, Boasting of her Devout Catholic faith, IS A HERETIC”
    I love you and am grateful for your voice, Dr. Savage. You are indisputably a brilliant, very well educated man, but she is NOT a good Catholic.

  • Thor

    Has Trump made a video to show the new citizens at naturalization a welcoming? Obama videos are being shown in Oakland?

  • Mary J Reynolds

    Dr., looking forward to your show. It is Friday so “flap less and soar more”.

  • Jack

    Hello Micheal, Is it possible that the Dems are diverting the investigation of their own serious crimes for 4 years and as we speak rigging polling machine software to ensure they get their man in the White House? If they fail there will be prison time for some of them. Serious stuff

    • Jackson

      Voter irregularities, illegals voting, foreigners buying candidates, crime coverups, the list goes on. Republicans have control of everything but they are still playing with the bs Russia hack narrative. They need to investigate everything, MIA Jeff Sessions needs to start prosecuting, and the new FBI director needs to get confirmed asap to open dozens of investigations, but everybody is still sitting on their behinds. If people don’t start going to jail for the corruption in the next year the whole system will be past the point of no return.

  • Anonymous

    I’m now listening to his show about the crash between the Navy ship (Fitzgerald ) and a merchant ship.
    A bit of information I got in the 70’S. I was working with someone who had previously worked on merchant ships maintaining their engines. Out of my curiosity, we had several talks about how merchant ships operated. The one thing I always remember was,”When we cleared the harbor and were in open waters, the ship was put on autopilot and everyone went to sleep”. Me thinks the Captain of the Navy ship followed the same schedule.

  • SeaDog

    Dr. Savage… I heard you talking about the need for our nation to ‘return to Christianity’. I found a great book that you would like which details that need, and how our society is doing the same thing as the Roman Empire before its fall (just as you were talking about). The book is called “Knight of the Grail Code” (https://www.amazon.com/Knight-Grail-Code-Christian-Chivalry-ebook/dp/B00R6AH79E)

  • MikeB

    Had a dog of a similar breed to Teddy that kept on coughing after activity and the vet found that the heart was large and rubbing up against the lungs, causing the coughing. It was controlled with medication and she lived to be 20.

  • Mr Gadget

    Remember when they caught china building backdoors into chips, especially for the military….
    “Hackers Could Access US Weapons Systems Through Chip”

  • Travis

    It’s really disgusting that an evil power within our government is trying to start a war. Lets stop it and return the power to the people of this great nation.

  • MikeB

    Hopefully Depp will be put through a full blown cavity search when he goes through US Customs coming back from England.

    • Seeker

      Why not simply revoke his passport or visitation visa? Is he American or English citizen? Either way, sets a clear example of what happens when you threaten/suggest the assassination of a sitting president.

    • Neo Marcist

      I read that this dolt just donated $3.5M to the ACLU. When he’s not threatening to assassinate our president, he’s undermining our liberties by donating millions to that criminal organization and its crooked lawyers.

    • Neo Marcist

      Some things you probably didn’t know about Johnny Depp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmOrvnbs-z0

      Just be glad that a guy like this does NOT like Donald Trump. I’d be more offended if he did.

  • MarryMeAnnie

    Hey! Savage! tell Trump to inform China that he will be gradually shifting all trade from China to South America. To put an end to the immigration problem. So that China will takeout North Korea for us!

  • Peacemaker

    regarding your statement about actors being liberals. You can probably count on one hand those actors who ‘go against the wind’ with respect to politics.. one that you did not mention is Chuck Norris. can you name others? i have a hard time finding one.

    have a great day


    • Bokshil Kim

      Tim Allen, Clint Eastwood, John Voight, Fred Thompson, Bo Derek

      • Mr Gadget

        Don’t forget James Wood!

    • Donna Kmetz

      Sam Elliot

  • MrPanetela

    Hey Folks, about the USS FITZGERALD, they had a Sikorsky SH-60/MH-60 Seahawk chopper on board, it had radios, and there were also spare radios in case those failed. With AWACS overflying the Armada, just that one chopper, up in the air or on deck, and transmitting a Mayday, and AWACS could have had help underway in seconds…

    somebody used a powerful but short range EMP weapon on the FITZGERALD. They were dead in the water, so was every bit of electronics on the chopper and its spare radios…

    Candidate, China silent sub, Russia silent sub, or KIm tested their’s or one of his own EMP cannons from one of the containers on board the freighter…this was more than terrorism, it was an act of war…

    • Keith Rosen

      You are correct. We stand at the brink of a major conflict. Who did this and how did they do this is what is got the attention of the Navy command. There is no question that this is going to lead to a response by the US. When and against who is the question. This is a

  • Thomas

    Congressman Thomas Massie from Kentucky sponsored legislation entitled H.R 899. .The goal of the bill is to abolish the Department of Education as of December 31,2018.The bill has now ten co-sponsors.I recommend that every conservative call their congressman and tell him to co-sponsor this bill for the sake of our country.

  • Mr Gadget

    Doc, Have you seen any of Lee Stranahan’s evidence/timeline of the Soros/Hillary development of the fake Russian narrative? It actually ties into Ukraine, the operations of Soros/Hillary and our government funding of their operations. Stranahan would be a great guest that could out the fake Russian narrative with evidence and he’s putting together a Soros documentary. I think even you’d be surprised with some of his research so far. Stranahan was a lead investigative reporter hired by Andrew Breitbart and then by Bannon and quit when Breitbart’s Alex Marlow killed the story outing the fake Russian narrative, very suspicious move by Marlow. He was one of Breitbart’s reporters with a WH press pass.
    “The Group Behind the Trump Witch Hunt”
    He’s been putting together a lot more evidence his hasn’t published yet but discusses on his youtube/periscope channel

    “UNREAL: The real election interference scandal HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT”

  • MichLisa

    Dr. Savage. Love you! Thank you for your show.

  • Anonymous

    Getting off the subject matter for a moment…I am a loyal listener
    suggesting a talk show subject: acceptance of Muslims can only occur if
    an internal division and struggle occurs. The new branch (moderate) must
    remove the satanic verses. This is their job, we cannot do it for them.

  • drusillarambot

    Savagette from the Very Beginning!
    Dr. Savage Rocks!

  • ah….

    Scalise main target? because of his steadfast approach to pedophilia ?

  • Benjamin E. Ferko

    Dr. Michael Savage, to expand upon one of your thoughts from Friday’s show. If the North Koreans hacked the systems on that battle ship, causing the alarms not to go off when that huge ship made the U turn. Think of who is building our war ships. It isn’t Pearl Harbor, as you know. The last I heard, it is our good friends in China. They have been caught before making parts with back doors designed into them. Who’s minding the quality control store??? Just a thought.

    • Tony

      Also don’t forget most all of our high tech companies have factories in China. Our government has ‘shared’ technology for decades with China. It is also well known China has huge cyber warfare units in their army. We are not the all-powerful superpower we think we are. Fatal flaw of all tech is it can and will be hacked. Easy to do when you give away all the specs and details to somebody for a quick buck.

  • Reed Abbott

    Can someone explain to me how Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein could so quickly hire the Special Council, who has deep deep ties with Comey? Appears there is some collusion between these three people? Why is no one discussing this? This all seems like a setup involving all 3 of these individuals, but yet no one can point to an actual crime committed. Looks like the Special Council will attempt to find ‘something out of nothing’ with the intent of removing a sitting President, elected in a fair election, without regard to the people who elected the President.

  • TV gone full brainwashing

    Tried to watch TV show “What would you do?”, couldn’t get through first few minutes, right away they started with a scenario where 2 teenagers were telling a 3rd teenager who was muslim that they couldn’t hang out with him anymore because their parents won’t let them hang out with muslims. The 3 teens are actors, and the show with hidden cameras observes what real people around them do or say. And big surprise — the supposedly real people reacting to overhearing the 3 teen boys were saying it was wrong to shun the muslim boy. This is social conditioning, mind control, brainwashing trying to get Americans to think it’s okay to import illegal aliens and muslims, and trying to portray the muslims as normal harmless people.

    Plus there’s zillions of blacks on almost every TV show, which is affirmative action on steroids. If you’re a black person, you should go into the acting business because TV & movies are obviously turning down white people in favor of a high percentage of black people just to try and push some kind of twisted social mind control on the masses.

    • Seeker

      Noticed the influx of new ads with mixed race/same sex couples trying to sell you something other than a product/service?

      • TV gone full brainwashing

        Oh yeah that too! They’re pushing mixed race couples alot, a black person with a white person. But in real life, that’s EXTREMELY rare. Most people usually like their same race, then secondarily some white ppl mix with Asians/Orientals or brown skinned ppl, but the LEAST popular mix is black and white, and that’s the thing they’re pushing … lol what a joke.

  • MrPanetela

    Democrats/Socialist chickens are coming to roost…
    Tearing a page out of the Fall of the Roman Empire, the Dems and their brainchild pension plan has failed in Chicago. There is insufficient funds to pay retirees. Gonna be a lot of angry people who voted Democrat in exchange for the perfect pension. Meanwhile in Germany, they did an Obama and in the dead of night pass an all surveillance law. Instead of developing better security which is easy and possible, they will intrude in every conceivable device, in search of terror cells and hackers; which could have been better handled by strict migration policies of which they are doing the exact opposite and diligent security protocols. They need terrorist to flood in so they can continue to pass more and more intrusive laws…and while all that was going on the European Central Bank will shut down 2 banks. Those poor folks that had money in those banks are gonna be surprise next week when their card and checks bounce. All of this and more could have been avoided, by reform. They refuse, wait and watch: people will pick up torches and pitchforks, but the gov has the military, and you thought Tienanmen Square was bad, you aint seen nothing yet.

  • Donald Domijan

    I was a radarman on a destroyer during the Korean War.

    There is NO WAY a cargo ship 700ft long could escape radar detection.
    Once a target is identified, it is tracked for 3 minutes to determine its course and speed.
    At this time the bridge is notified but the MOST IMPORTANT piece of data the bridge wants to know is the CPA
    This is the CLOSET POINT OF APPROACH….i.e how close will this contact come to our ship
    Since we did not have computers at that time this was done manually but accurately.
    If the contact was projected to approach closer to 2 miles, the Captain was to be awakened and informed.
    On the Bridge, there was the OD (officer of the deck), a helmsman, a telephone talker, and 2 lookouts with binoculars port and starboard.
    In CIC (combat information center) (where I worked) we had a CIC offificer (usually a Lt jg or ensign), a petty officer of the watch and 2 radarmen ( one on the surface search radar and one on the air search radar)

    THE BOTTOM LINE…given the newer radars and technologies available today, it would be IMPOSSIBLE for a naval ship to be collided with another vessel unless of course 10 or so sailors were made inoperable from whatever reason.

    If I were on the investigative committee, I would need to interview 2 people….the petty officer of the watch in CIC and the radarman on the surface search radar…..case closed

    The Navy does have the answer but has chosen to hide the facts.

    • Tim Cohen

      Thanks for sharing your insider view.

    • Keith Rosen

      Ex Navy here. This was a deliberate attack.. A US war ship at sea can not be rammed without the ship being disabled first. Who did this is the question that must be answered. Next question is what will be done about it


    • disgus Ted

      Maybe they were all put to sleep temporarily by some kind of radio wave frequency & pattern that puts people to sleep or in a trancelike state? Just throwing that out there, I’ve heard of it before. I know for a fact somelike like this exists.


    once again, be assured we will listen to cap-and-gown and/or esoteric, less political shows….
    feel free to eat on-air…you’re not ashamed of being REAL RADIO….
    your Spaghetti Before Pasta story painted many pictures we have all seen many times….
    just found “Castle In the Sky” on youtube
    one of the comments said that you had played it last year on the birthday of Coltrane and Ray Charles…
    I asked Jim to play the should-be-election-year-anthem “Too Much Monkey Business” on Chuck Berry’s 90th birthday…
    you said you love rocknroll so much that we should hear Journey (bubblegum!)….
    JAMES BROWN on the subject of rap:
    ” a piano has 88 notes….how you gonna sing a song with one note?”

    yeah “back east” is just as dumb as “don’t call it Frisco”
    the dumbest is announcers preceding freeway numbers with “The”…
    (“The 101”, “The 5”, rigidly reinforced by all LA broadcasters….annoying!)

    not to sass you, however……
    art, music, and creative writing are the places where something comes from nothingness and that includes a lot of what you do, even though we all frequently use what was already there as an inspirational starting point to riff…..
    as we stare out the window, hard at work…

    Thank you for touching on the North Beach Deadbeat Poet Society poseur stuff last week….it’s good for a whole show….all of the radio markets are infested with scheming faux hipsters who get crazy checks….LA/Hollywood, NY/Greenwich Village. Portlandia, Seattle, Austin, Fort Lauderdale…no city is immune…..even if your first-hand observations are of local appeal to SF, the message will resonate everywhere it is heard…we love the way you expose. interpret and spin the bottle of backwash…

    all of these things are part of the BLC message, and culture is really the most volatile and effective battleground….all traditional art forms are under assault and are being (or have been) hijacked, appropriated or subjected to hostile takeover by the Ruling Propagandist Mind-Control Mediocracy of Militant Mayonnaise….

    about the damn political issues….
    it would be a shame to lose Pelosi before midterm elections next year…she has replaced Anthony W as the gift that won’t quit giving….careful what you wish for…we want them to continue babbling about Russia, racism, sexism. islamaphobia (NO SUCH THING), gender pronouns (call them IT) and any other irrelevant nonsense that will keep them marginalized and compromised….it will take the Prez most of his first term to purge the inner workings of unelected opposition from within….

    regarding Dipstick, et al….
    nobody was brave enough or dumb enough to publicly threaten Ayatollah Obongo….
    or if they did, they disappeared and took the threat to the bottom of the sea with them before we heard about it…

    this story has been sanitized off the internet….
    in about 2006, an Alameda artist, Michael McDonald, posted (in front of his house) a cardboard cut-out of W. Bush with a knife in his head and blood dripping out. I saw it. He was immediately stormed by the secret service, arrested for threatening to assassinate the president and hauled into federal court within 72 hours….the ACLU types rallied to his defense (for legitimate reason) as 1) he had made no threat or suggestion thereof, 2) it was clearly an art piece made of cardboard….the IRS stormed in after the charges were dropped, assessed his unsold art at ridiculously inflated values, demanded that he account for any future artwork as money in the bank….to call these actions illegal, oppressive and overbearing is a complement to the government….

    so, as you had said on-air, if anyone had offended Ayatollah Obongo, they would have had an unfortunate accident…..

    time for you to enjoy your weekend…
    good luck with the vet…

  • Kevin Warren

    10,000 British “football men” March against extremism in London.

  • tom souran

    Dr. Savage
    I adopted a 22 pound min pincher/jack russell male dog the same year that you adoptive Teddy. On either thursday or friday’s you were talking about how Teddy was getting older. Well 5:00 on Saturday my little dog could not stand and had apartial heart attack in my arms. I rushed him to the emergency vet and he came home that day. He got worse over the next 24 hours and I had to bring him back to the emergency vet and had to leave him there over night. I just called to see how he was doing and the Vet said no change. Dr. Savage it is as God through you had you speaking about Teddy and him getting older just before what had happen to my PJ. Dr. Savage not only are you doing the nation a service but you are doing God’s work. As I have posted previously your radio show and msot importantly YOU are there to fill the void of the missing grandparents in everyone’s life. Take care Dr. Savage and God’s speed.

  • Deplorable BitterClinger Loser

    Trump should host a Ramadan dinner at the White House after the Saudis break ground on new synagogues in Mecca and Medina.

    • redjordana

      Be inclusive, don’t forget churches.

  • Beth

    Dr. Savage

    I am a long time listener of your
    program, and in all the years, I have to say that Thursday was my all
    time favorite topic. Today is Sunday, its about 9:15 p.m. and it just
    hit me how to answer your question in regards to what bothers me most
    about how our culture has been completely destroyed. My initial
    reaction was in regards to how sex is no longer a path of mystery walked
    stone by stone with your one true god given love, but another
    discomfort of keeping up with the false idols jolly humping on the boob
    tube. This just seemed too bleak of an answer and most likely expected
    of us liberty and god loving souls, even to the deadest of the brain
    dead in this nation. However 3 days of constant irritation and thought
    of the topic provoked an entirely new epiphany, and that is the loss of
    humanity in our culture.

    This all begins in 1985
    with the Discovery channel being the first station devoted to the
    reality of nature. We not only watched the brutal brawl of wild animals
    savagely attacking its desired meal and ripping it to shreds, but many
    were introduced to the mating rituals of animal. To this day we are
    unable to watch a documentary without learning each creatures mating
    ritual. Fast forward to that late 90’s where we were introduced to
    supposed reality television involving what they said was the average
    everyday human. We watched man and woman who didn’t know one another
    move into a house with all the luxuries most could not have. We were
    made to thank that this is how most of America lived. We were shown how
    they savagely attacked one another over the one they wanted to mate
    with that night, and on hidden cameras in each bedroom we saw who was
    victorious, as the loser plotted their revenge. Where was God in all of
    this? Where was the damn producer who should have been asking what
    their mother’s would say about how they are acting? Where the hell were
    their mother’s for God’s sake?

    This was the initial step into
    removing humanity from America, and convincing the rest of the world
    that there was none left in our beloved nation. This is why the rest of
    the world does not see that its our politicians destroying the world,
    not backed by the American people. This is why the few who claim to be
    the loud majority get away with what they do, because the silent
    majority thinks we are the minority. This is why our culture has
    failed, because we have been convinced that America has lost its

    Now what do we do? We have let humanity
    slip through our finger tips, and with any threat to bringing it back
    comes big brother and vault 7. Humanity lies within God’s people and we
    have been silenced and thrown to the wolves. With each dying breath we
    gasp through our prayers that humanity will find its way back into the
    hearts of the possessed by they wicked. She won’t ever be locked up,
    because humanity has already locked itself up and handed the key to the
    beast who ate it along with our souls.

    God Bless

  • Barry Gush

    Dr Savage Sen Marco Rubio Just passed a bill with Sen Susan Collins in April to make it a crime online and talk radio with perhaps jail time to insult Muslims and the only one talking about this Resolution 118 is Pam Geller https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/10544/criminalize-free-speech

    It passed the senate in April and barley anyone is talking about Rubio taking away FREE SPEECH IF YOU INSULT MUSLIMS ONLINE OR TALK RADIO
    Just google Resolution 118 or Resolution 118 Pam geller

    • Neo Marcist

      The language of the proposed legislation is absolutely dangerous. You’re giving the government the authority to subjectively decide what “hate” is. You’re also giving the corrupt government authority to decide who is or who is not a minority, and the power to discriminate and treat a group of people as a protected class with a set of double standards.

      Thank you for sharing this news and calling Marco Rubio out for it. Marco Rubio needs to be taken to task for being a puppet-boy for Muslim lobbyists now. I also thank Pam Geller for her quality journalism. The article is on her website. I also enjoyed reading this review of it: https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/10544/criminalize-free-speech

  • Weary Traveler

    Dr Savage,

    You asked on Thursday’s show when talking about culture what is it about our culture in these times that we hate the most. I meant to comment on it sooner, but work…other obligations… You get the picture.

    Honestly what we see that bothers many of us most is pop culture. But it didn’t happen by itself. We all know that there is a deeper cause, and it was in one of the examples that you listed. I was honestly equally tied between the assault on the family and traditional marriage and the equal assault on Judaeo Christianity and values.

    That was a tough one to choose. I was leaning towards the assault on the family. That one bothers me so much that cannot look at family photos without being overcome with incredible grief because all I see, whether I look at pictures from my own family or anyone else’s, is what what once was, what could have been and can and will never be again. All I see then is how what was good and right was turned in to a false promise. Especially when I see what was once innocent that has now gone completely by the wayside sucked in by this sick and depraved leftist pop culture.

    The reality of all of that destruction consumes me with so much grief and anger that I want to smash the frames open and destroy all of the pictures while painting the room pitch black over the remains. Because all I see around me is so much ugliness. When I see so many people out there and what damaged goods they have became, all I see is heartbreak. I see heartbroken parents and heartbroken grandparents. And all I can do is hope that God sees and understands their grief, and has the mercy to heal their hearts so that they can enter the kingdom and have eternal peace.

    And after thinking about all of that, I realized that the assault on Judaeo Christianity had to be the worst, because without the values of Judaeo Christianity, there would be no strong families, and there never would have been. It’s one of the big reasons why we have marriage in the first place, and why there is romantic love. Which was not an invention by Hallmark as some bitter losers like to claim. It is supposed to be a testimony here on Earth of God’s everlasting love for us.

    I remember talking to a friend of mine not to long ago and she was sharing an observation that she had made with me about these times that we now live in. How she sees couples going in to a store or a restaurant together, and the guy is grabbing her rear as if she is his property, and she responds to that positively as if she is proud to be his soulless sex object. Maybe that is why Liberal women have such an affinity for Islam? Maybe they think being a sex slave in some harem is some kinky fantasy?

    But she compared that to how it was the exact opposite of how her ex-husband, who was the love of her life, would open the door for her to let her through and then gently put his hand on the small of her back guiding her in. And how you never see that anymore. And how the noble man who does that has been made in to the villain.

    And we wonder why so many people need to be drugged up all the time to feel ‘normal.’

  • MrPanetela

    How to deal with all socialist protestors in one swoop…

    See what is needed is a Special Events Van.
    What is that?
    It is a van with a large screen HD TV on its side.
    On top pointing down, a PA system.

    During protests against Trump on any specific policy,
    It would roll on in, and begin showing Clinton and Obama
    Promising the very same thing. With the audio so loud
    It can be heard from 2 blocks away.

    The socialists will boo hoo hoo, and jump up and down,
    but they cannot deny what they are seeing and hearing.

    • Weary Traveler

      Not bad. I was thinking maybe of hiring vans, painting them to look similar to ambulances, but call them “Whaambulances.” Send the whaambulances to one of their, what they call, ‘protests’, and have volunteers hand out free diapers and binkys. Maybe we can also hand out free rolls toilet paper to the little snowflakes so that they can have some tissues for their issues.

      • Joe Smith

        Or you could just hire the A-Team, who own a van, to handle those miserable Progressive rioters.

        • Weary Traveler

          Hahaha!! That would work too. Maybe we can do both? Trigger them real good with the binkys and diapers, and when they try get too cute, then we send in the A Team in to give them a good old fashioned smackdown.

  • Michael Nickit

    Dr. Michael Savage,

    I have a VERY IMPORTANT question: Why are such organizations as the KKK or ANY MUSLIM group allowed to be legal in the USA?

    It seems simple to me .. that ANY organization calling for the destruction or genocide of any other race or religion .. should simply be illegal in the USA .. not allowed! And considered a terrorist organization. Must we add a few words to the Constitution?

    I would LOVE to hear you address this on your radio broadcast! I have never understood the KKK being legal!
    Has anyone in Congress or the Senate every addressed this issue and tried to pass a new law?

    A new law banning such organizations or citizens in the USA would solve many problems. No more KKK marches, kill the hatred, etc.
    Someday maybe no more Islam related bombings or killings? Get them all out of USA! They need to face the fact that Islam is an extreme cult of hatred. Nothing sacred about it. Any muslim “religion” should simply be illegal. Anyone reading the Koran can see the simple facts.

    P.S. Such a new law or amendment would easily solve Trump’s legal problems with his travel ban proposal!

  • Tony

    Have to wonder how the National Park Service would treat a large group of Christians if they wanted to hold a revival camp where 10,000-30,000 people would be in the park singing and holding church services. Pretty sure that “risk-based decision” argument would disappear fast.

    • Joe Smith

      And to think about how much tax payer funds it will take for park service workers to clean the mess after they leave. Not to mention the damage 10-30 thousand people can do to a meadow.

    • MrPanetela

      Jesus did that the last night on earth, Judas tipped off the priest who then tipped off the guards. Things never change. Overall, people seldom change their life long habitual behaviors. In order for that to work, the government official in charge of the permits would also have to be Christians, and that won’t be very likely because diversity has seen to it that specific non christian persons are in positions of power. I said it during the Clinton’s years, and I repeat it now, diversity is anti christian. I offer the State Park Officials as proof…

      • Neo Marcist

        If Jesus walked the Earth again today, the liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists would accuse him of heresy and lynch him again. They’d be cheering on their modern Roman government officials to carry out the crucifixion. Democrats release the equivalent of a Barabbas everyday. Heck, sHillary Clinton got a child molester and child rapist off only 10 months served and then laughed about it in an interview.

  • MrPanetela

    ACX Crystal container ship has once again changed it story…expect more revisions until they (NAVY) thinks everyone is totally confused about the issue and then says nothing to see here folks case close…

    Instead of an extra school bathroom, shut them all down, and you rent a single Porta Potty for all the genders. The rent for it is paid by any students who kick in a quarter if they need to use the head…one Porta Potty for the entire school, it will be like the colonial days when they had just a single outhouse…how cool is that! History does repeat itself!

  • Anonymous

    MIchael, talking about the extinction of the Bald Eagle due to the spraying of DDT.
    Although we made it unlawful to use DDT in America WE allowed the manufacturer to sell to any other country that wanted it. So basically it’s a false assumption to think we saved Eagles around the world.

  • AOG

    What happened to the Native Americans and Aztecs some of my ancestors…is going to happen to us Americans if we don’t stop the Muslims Trojan War Horse invasion army…it happened to us once and l pray NEVER again. We are the new Native Americans now.

  • AOG


  • jason

    Dr Savage,
    How embarrassing Spanish Fort high school in South Alabama (known for its football championships, not dictating what a young mind can learn from outside of a classroom) took it upon itself to decide yet again what young minds should or shouldn’t read, whilst they also decide what is taught in the classroom. Alabama liberals are busy trying to be ‘cool’ and get noticed by the talking heads etc, and their actions only reflect a very minuscule number of people who in this state who would agree they (the school) did the right thing.

  • MrPanetela

    when I was a child and no longer a baby
    I saw the sky and did not know its name,
    I saw its color and what this color was called never entered my mind,
    I saw the clouds and did not know their names,
    I saw their shapes and colors, and did not know their names…
    I felt the wind that pushed them around, but I had no word for it, where it came from and where it went to.
    but that was when I was a child and no longer a baby, for then I only possessed a empty mindfulness of a child fresh out of babyhood…

    Today, I see young American men and woman, who should be well educated and articulate, no wiser than a child fresh out of babyhood while yet standing on college and university grounds screeching like 2 year olds.
    And I have no words to express how much it breaks my heart. their ignorance spotlights the shame of how well we educate our young.

    • Neo Marcist


      Liberals are slaves to their own irrational, emotional feelings. They don’t utilize reason and logic.

      • tasty gov snackbar

        Makes me wonder if something in the vaxeens damaged the specific part of their brain that does reason and logic.

  • Arnold S. Mazur

    Dr. Savage: Prior restraint upon publication of hacked emails and leaked memoranda would be unconstitutional but such publication is not immune from prosecution for the crime of knowingly receiving and retaining stolen property. Accordingly, please urge the Justice Dept. to start indicting the publishers of The Times, Washington Post and others who receive hacked or leaked documents not belonging to the anonymous persons who furnish them. /s/ Arnold S. Mazur

    • Jennifer

      The prior restraint doctrine is not absolute and is subject to the same standards of review as all other constitutional issues.

  • sesquipedalian

    Dr Savage, adding to your witty remarks: From Taliban to Travel Ban in one administration. Glad to see some measure of reasonable thinking was handed down by SCOTUS today.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009783821901 Jenny Sofie Larsen

    When Dr.Savage dies, a piece of me dies too.

    I hope I die before Uncle Michael dies.

    • Neo Marcist

      Why so morbid? Dr. Savage is in great health and has more energy than men half his age.

  • Forrest Moore

    Dr.Savage,re: Your God book you said you completed, Proof? Maybe, I found this gem on Netflix, I believe you will appreciate this documentary called “Is Genesis History?” by Del Tackett. It Questions the conventional thinking of evolution vs. the paradigm of a literal translation of the book of Genesis. Most interesting, check it out out. Blessings to you and your puppy, Teddy. I gave my first addition of Trump’s War away, I will be ordering another for myself. God Bless!

  • Daniel Flaherty

    google OPNAVINST 3120.32C.
    Will delineate entire duty functions of watch standers.

  • Susan B

    Dr. Savage — here you are driving your car around signing autographs during your MSNBC show days! Looks like a great memory.


    • Neo Marcist

      Great footage!

      I noticed some criticism in the comments. What I don’t understand is that Liberal Democrat Progressive Neo-Marxists want to go to war with Assad in Syria because he supposedly and allegedly gassed about 80 people. And there are quite a few reports claiming he never did gas anyone and that it was actually the Muslim Jihadists who Assad is fighting who launched the gas attack. But we have good evidence and hundreds of Kurds who testify as witness that Saddam Hussein gassed nearly 5,000, mostly women and children, in the town of Halabja on March 16, 1988. But liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists think it was such a terrible mistake to bring justice to Saddam for that treacherous attack? Why the hypocrisy out of liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists? You want to go to war with Assad so that ISIS can control Syria, but you wish Saddam was still in power? Yes, the Iraq War was done wrong and the result today is not something we can claim is a success. Perhaps if Obama hadn’t pulled out of Iraq with his tail between his legs and left a vacuum and given up all the safe zones our troops fought hard to procure, then ISIS wouldn’t have waltzed in there riding on the American humvees Obama left behind. Obama telegraphed our exit strategy and let the terrorists take over Iraq.

      So much revisionist history. Let us remember that Al Gore was criticizing GWB for his daddy not finishing the job with Saddam while on the campaign trail. And all the fake news media’s favorite Democrats, including Joe Biden and sHillary Clinton and John Kerry supported the Iraqi War.

  • Neo Marcist

    So google gets slapped with $2.7 billion fine today by the very globalists they support. I remember Dr. Savage saying something along the lines that the people who support the tyranny are the first ones who get hauled off in the boxcars by the same evil powers they supported. ***

    • Dan Tandan

      Also a reminder: How many hundreds of times did googlescmidt visit obama’s White House???

      Why? To extend influence, control over the US economy and avoid similar anti-Trust charges in America?

      google, comcast-nbc; abc-espn-disney; fakebook, cnn-timewarner should all be broken up

      • Donna Kmetz

        don’t forget the ever present monster amazon and bezos,,,, der weltmeister

  • Julio

    Dr. Savage, I’m from Brazil and I love your show. Good people here doesn’t hate USA, they see it as an example of a great nation. Unfortunately, most people here still didn’t realise they are living on a socialist government since 1985. What happened here is that we had more than 50 years of socialist propaganda on our mainstream media and also on schools and universities. We don’t have someone like Michael Savage on our radio stations, neither on our TV channels.

    • Neo Marcist

      What I don’t get is why South American and Central Americans, after having seen the devastation that socialism did to their native countries, come to America and vote for the same socialist policies that destroyed the nations they were fleeing from. It must be ignorance and perhaps their nature to fall for the idealistic propaganda that appeals to emotional people who get warm and fuzzy when Obama tells them the government will save their lives. Hopey Dopey Changey Wangey!

      • Julio

        Well, in my country’s case, it’s because of what I told before: socialist propaganda on mainstream media an education for more than 50 years. USA still have some conservative refuge on the media. Here there is none, zero. There is no conservative show here that can reach milions of people every day like the ones of Dr. Savage or Rush Limbaugh, for example. There are a few conservative journalists and writers but they are boycotted by the mainstream media. Also, there is no conservative or right wing party. So, there is no conservative politician. As a result of that, most of Brazilian people is political illiterate today and that’s why they can’t see Obama or Hillary Clinton as comunists. They could never understand that Obama is equal if not worse than Lula (a former leftist president), they would say this is nonsense. For example: brazilian mainstream media coverage of american news and politics is basically the same as NYT and CNN. You are right, it is ignorance.

      • disgus Ted

        Just guessing here but maybe most migrants don’t listen to or read news in English, they probably listen/read what they can get in their native language, and those media outlets are probably propagandized. If they can even speak English, they probably prefer their native language, so I bet the commie dems have installed their own propagandists in spanish media.

        • Neo Marcist

          You make a good point. There used to be a Mexican restaurant near my home. They used to have a newspaper stand that had a local newspaper for Hispanics in Spanish. Since I took a few semesters of Spanish in high school and college, I could read most of it while drinking a Dos Equis at the bar. It was heavily slanted in favor of liberal democrat progressive neo-marxism. There were articles praising Obama and articles with a socialist slant. It’s hard to find conservatives that are preaching conservatism to the Hispanic community. Who do we have? That fraud Marco Rubio who wants to pass Sharia Law and criminalize free speech?

  • Bill Hackathorn

    Dr. Savage,

    Not on topic here. Being a long-time listener to your show, I know how you hate that but…. I was wondering if you had considered Vitamin K2 to possibly help Teddy’s heart condition. I’m using it myself trying to avoid valve replacement surgery. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking, but I feel much better. Less dizziness and shortness of breath. There are a few videos on Youtube about it’s role in directing calcium out of the soft tissues and into the bones.

    • Jennifer

      It is very dangerous and irresponsible to recommend things without knowing the specifics of the case, especially something like vitamin K, which could just as easily kill the dog. Savage has the best people in the world looking after his dog, and the dog is old.

  • Ford Prefect

    Listening today you opened with a comment about the Meteor and dinosaur extinction,which is one of those beliefs created by the media and mainstream science,kinda like Global Warming…There is a famous Paleontologist,see his charactor on Jurassic Park,Long haired with a beatup ,stray cowboy hat..DrRobert Bakker ….Since the extinction theory began ,hes had a problem with it and in recent years the evidence has swayed his way and of course the MSM or scientist dont wish to discuss this,hes been ridiculed and dismissed…
    So heres what he believes ,he thinks the extinction was more likely caused by the continents coming together and forming Pangea ,spreading new diseases among the Dinos. His arguement is as follows ….the creatures that survived..Birds of course,were Dinosaurs,…Reptiles which produce large numbers of male or females depending on the tempature..in the 90 % range when conditions are as the Meteor would cause…too high M/F ratio and species will go extincted ,which of course didnt happen.Next Amphibians which have a real problem with acidity from ….acid rain,evidence the dying of Californias salamamders in the Sierras for decades…
    And Last and most importantly ..There are NO Dino fossils at the Tertiary Boundary..Imagine a meteor struck as Im typing and covered us with ash(pompeii) there would be endless human fossils at this level,the place you are standing now.Why arent there even one single bone fragment found at this point or after..Hell there isnt any for over a million years before…For the extinction to happen by meteor there would be mountains of fossil …Not A Single One is found at the Tertiary Boundary…Why?….Cause its DID NOT HAPPEN..The same as Global Warming ,….its a cause celeb and the left loves a good morality lesson…
    Stop one of the Great Hoaxes..
    Dont believe me!Look it up yourself ..Start with Bakker….

  • Neo Marcist

    So Drudge is reporting “O’Keefe Strikes Again”

    Apparently, CNN was behind the scenes admitting that the Trump-Russia story was a HOAX and a FAKE SCANDAL.

    In my humble opinion, James O’Keefe is one of the best investigative, undercover journalists in America today. While liberal democrat progressive neo-marxist fake journalist stooges sit in front of a teleprompter getting foundation powdered on their smug faces during commercial breaks, James O’Keefe is in the streets getting the real news and the real facts even if that means him going undercover.

    Investigative journalists such as James O’Keefe are doing the American people a great service. This is more of the kind of journalism we need in our quest for TRUTH!

    • Anonymous

      The DNC too, they were aware of the Russian involvement but did nothing, hoping that HRC would win and it would just go away

  • Mr Gadget

    Arrest schumer, waters, pelosi, warren, bernie for sedition put them in a military prison awaiting a military trial…no bail!

  • MikeB

    The Trump Russia thing stunk from the start. It reminded me of that phony video that Hillary and Rice after Benghazi blamed some poor guy in California who put up a YouTube video. I believe the guy is still in jail.

  • Damir

    No wonder the Left was chortling up their sleeves when they got the Sessions and Flynn scalps.

  • Joe Smith

    With Secret Service for life, how much are tax payers spending on Obama’s glamorous vacations?

  • AOG

    Fast and furiously too

  • Wyatt Isaac Gibson

    Michael Savage is a fantastic man, he’s an inspiration to me, and I admire him very much.

  • MrPanetela

    What Project Veritas reveal is just mind blowing!
    So simple, even a cartoon junkie can understand it.
    You, according to the laws of America, have to be 18 and over to vote.
    You are seventeen, so you can’t vote.You sit and watch everyone else vote until your next birthday.

    Meanwhile, the Dems offer you free college. The teachers there say vote Dem. Nutty students say vote Dem. Everyone invited to speak on campus says vote Dem. Everyone you befriend says vote Dem. And every major News organization imply vote Dem and save the world.

    It is likely, by the laws of repeat advertising, you will be moved to vote Dem by an unconscious urge instead of clear thinking and understanding…only if your attention span is less than that of a gold fish.

    if not, you will be declared undesirable, a terrorist, and god knows what else…

    Therefore, programs like CNN breaking stories are actually subtle commercials pushing for Democrat and their programs. Isn’t that illegal? What Project Veritas reveal is just mind blowing!

    • Neo Marcist

      Not to mention that the establishment, schools, teachers, professors, fake news media cartel, etc. try to make Republican synonymous with racist, bigot, -phobe while trying to peddle the idea that progressive means “futuristic” or “forward looking” or modern and that the Republican party is the party of evil rich people and old, white, boring men.

      I think more and more people are realizing it’s not “cool” to be a democrat follower and sheep. Growing up in my generation, being cool meant that you were different and unique. Being a democrat is so cliche now, and safe, and something a follower does. Young people who want to rebel are going to want to rebel against fake news media and globalism and against everything Democrats have been spoon feeding them. Social media movements aren’t even cool anymore. No one cares about your hashtags or your facebook memes with your fake wisdom and one liners anymore. That’s why I think Democrats are going to continue to lose interest from younger people as long as there’s Dr. Savage and others getting the message out to them. It’s not cool to be Democrat. It’s become embarrassing to be associated with the Democrat party, even for the sheepish minded people who lack critical thinking skills.

  • Michael Stella

    I love the short stories. Dr S
    avage, you have a wealth of titles and topics that emerge from your show every day. For instance, concerning Teddy resting on the doctor’s .hats. Priceless story. Title: “Hats.”

  • Dottie
  • J Barnes

    Michael lve been saying for years and years ……not the Fact that Liberals Lie about everything ,but in reality Liberals absolutely ENJOY being lied to………its a psychological manifestation of their brains ………We know its a Lie when we see one……..they know its a Lie ,but they wholeheartedly enjoy being Lied to and go on with it………..they will destroy everything ,eventually ………………

    • Neo Marcist

      Liberals can’t handle the truth. The truth hurts. Ignorance is bliss. Liberals live in an imaginary utopia.

      L.I.B.E.R.A.L. = Lacking In Basic Education Reason And Logic

  • ****

    Mike, here’s some new interesting Amazon biz:

    NEWS :easyJet becomes first European airline to launch Amazon Alexa skill

  • Benyamin (Psedounym)


    L’Kovod Dr. Michael Savage Shy”

    Hi, I am a frum (Persian-descent) Jew in Los Angeles…you are my hero…I fear for what looms for Klal Yisrael…and the ones who are dispersed through the world and they must be brought closer…

    Sign me up for the Savage Squad…I would love to treat you to lunch if you are ever in L.A….thank you, Dr. Savage for everything you do for the Global Community…

  • MrPanetela

    can a narrow beam of powerful electromagnetic blast along the X,k, and Ka band knock out a Destroyers radars and electronics? Is this how Russia knocked out the electronics in 2014? Did they sell the know how to China/NKorea?

    A Russian Plane Zaps U.S. Warship’s Missile Defense System
    November 14, 2014

    An unarmed Russian bomber in April flew over a high-tech U.S. ship. A crew member pressed a button. Poof! No more missile defense system on the ship. No more radar. The ship became a defenseless floating coffin.

    • Trzo9veuha

      That is the effect of an EMP. Has been used experimentally by US troops to disable enemy gun radar. Burns out computer fragile circuits.

      • disgus Ted

        Makes those clunky old tech Russian aircraft carriers seem alot less antiquated eh? I’m sure they have spacecraft etc too though at any rate.

  • M Z Smith

    About an hour ago on the broadcast today, the substitute host stated that former President Obama was bi-racial. His mother was white & his father 100% black. Also that race should not be a factor anyway. True, except for Mr Obama’s father’s ethnic makeup. Actually, the elder Mr Obama was a mix himself. African negro & Arab. This would make our American Mr Obama 50% white & less than 50% black. So indeed, he should not bill himself as black man. He’s more white than black.

    • churchoftheair

      And he’s more ARAB than black, too.

  • churchoftheair

    I can’t stand McCain! He’s in the Senate until January, 2023.

    Obama has Malia.
    Trump has Melania. Let’s see if
    McCain has Melanoma.

    • Neo Marcist

      McCain is a senile fool. The putz is so senile he was taking selfies with terrorists in Syria. He doesn’t even know who the good guys are. A guy whose greatest accomplishment from his military service was getting captured beats war drums non stop and talks like he just had a stroke with drool dripping down the side of his mouth. If he had any class he would have retired a long time ago. He’s power hungry and egotistical. His pitiful campaign in 2008 gave us Obama.

      • Trzo9veuha

        McCain crashed a trainer aircraft in Navy flight school and was scheduled to be drummed out. His father intercede for him with the Sec of Navy and got him reinstated. Following in the footsteps of JFK who was to be court-martialled for losing PT-109 and several crewmen until his father called the Sec of Defense.

  • MrPanetela

    CNN accuses Trump of endangering journalists, however, more journalist have been assaulted, raped and murdered at the hands of terrorist and refugees before Trump ever took office. A large proportion which was never reported on CNN.

  • Phineas Worthington

    CNN-Clearly Not News

    • Neo Marcist

      CNN = Communist News Network
      PBS = Progressive Bull $|-|it
      CBS = Communist Bull $|-|it
      ABC = Absolutely Bogus [email protected]
      MSNBC = More Stoking Nihilism By Communists (credit Savage for this one)
      NPR = National Palestine Radio
      BBC = Bigots Believe Communism
      Comedy Central = Because liberalism is a joke

    • WangDangDoodlinAllDayLong

      CNN | Clown News Network
      Jeof Zuckar:
      (at his desk, muttering)
      unbelievable, losing those 3 like that,
      (ring ring), hello secretary…..
      yes, Mr Zuckar..?
      how does it look out there in the lobby,
      any replacement prospects…?
      yes there is, probably 6-7,
      all have signed in at the desk.
      Great..! Thank God, uh I mean [email protected], alright…! Please…,
      SEND IN THE CLOWNz….. •̪̀●́

  • Anonymous

    I agree with your statements on your show today.

  • Benyamin (Psedounym)

    Hey guys how do I listen to the show live

    please answer me asap

    thanks in advanced, Shabbat Shalom

    • Joe Smith

      There is a live stream on YT. Just search Savage on the YT home page. This is where I get the show, or I stream it on Tunein from KSFO.

  • Benyamin (Psedounym)

    How do I listen to the show live?

  • Rolert
  • WangDangDoodlinAllDayLong

    CNN | Clown News Network ≠ Journalism

  • Benyamin (Psedounym)

    Dr. Savage (And Lou as well), thank you for opening my mind this past week and bringing me closer to my Judaism, ad getting me to where I need to be. (Please keep the rebukes and bum-shaming going, I NEED IT)

  • Anonymous

    CNN=Concocted News Network. That’s All!

  • AOG

    Muslims refugees invaders = Trojan Horse Army

  • HolyHell

    Dear Dr Savage…Yesterday 6/29 you were on the radio talking about the bums of SF and across the country in general. I am a life long
    Bay Area resident and have never seen the bum problem this bad. Here in San Jose I can tell you the population has to be much higher than what was stated in the survey you were citing.

    The main point I am trying to get at is that…We have beavers and otters returning to our watershed here. My husband and I photographed a beaver a few hundreds yards from our home in Campbell along the Los Gatos creek. I have a photo also, of a beaver chewed tree very close to the Shark tank in downtown San Jose. Otters and evidence thereof has been documented along the Los Gatos creek in the past few years, as well.

    These bums are living along our watershed creating an environmental nightmare. Hey the city of San Jose was sued citing the Clean Water Act, and was ordered to clean up the creeks. No one is talking about that! Furthermore, I have seen evidence of poaching along the creeks, which completely twists me the wrong way.

    Its Humanity vs, the Environment!

  • Paget

    Regarding President Trump’s tweets, you’re preaching to the choir. Many of us who voted for him are appalled
    at his use of Twitter. He should focus on his/our agenda and ignore the slimes of the media. Our guess is
    that would make them squirm even more. They are trash. We do not listen to them!!!! For that matter, I and
    mine would NEVER consider using Twitter and especially Facebook and do not understand why anyone would
    want to fund the Democrat party via that punk Zuckerberg.

  • John Smith

    Pezzy O played golf and took lots of expensive vacation on our nickel and the press didn’t care.The media wants us to care what President Trump tweets? I don’t care what President Trump does on his free time. The media set the standard really low on obamas watch now they want to raise the bar? Screw journalism!

  • MrPanetela

    The EU in collusion with Obama and Hillary created the refugee problems.
    Then planned to use the violence generated by the young men, to disarm citizen, raise taxes, in-place oppressive laws, destroy century old traditions…
    Every woman caught in a refugee no go zone will be beaten and raped according to Sharia Laws. Dogs and cats will be tortured and killed. They will loot and burn business for the smallest presumed offense.
    This version of EU/Obama/Clinton melting pot is diametrically opposed to the original melting pot America was.
    their melting pot version is a feet of clay and iron, in the end they will not mix. Nor are capable to support the weight of civilization, collapse will be the end result.

  • MrPanetela

    The Venus figurine in many caves from last glaciation age, shows that cave men did not practice same sex marriage.
    The practice of homosexuality became wide spread only after City Agriculture culture became a reality.
    One such clear cut example can be seen in the Bible, with Sodom and Gomorrah.

    • Weary Traveler

      I think you are referring to the Venus of Willendorf? It’s very interesting some of the theories around it.

      When you consider the context — the fact that it was from hunter/gatherer times where there was no documentation for historical record, it is obvious that it could have been a symbol of sustenance, but was more likely a symbol of fertility.

      Especially when you factor in how certain features of the body of the figurine, like the breasts and pelvic region were so exaggerated, while other features such as the limbs and the head are very small and/or featureless. Almost as if they were ignored by the sculptor. It also has no hands or feet.


    “I’m My Own Grandpa” (1947) Lonzo and Oscar


    the folklore tale can be traced back to as early as 1822 in the British literary press. Mark Twain did a treatment in the mid 1800’s….

  • Anonymous

    Folks, don´t worry about Trump. He knows what he is doing. It´s called “rope a dope”. Let the press spend their time and effort on the phony, useless issues that he baits them with and meanwhile, he is getting many, many real changes accomplished beneath the flashy headlines.

    • Joe Smith

      Trump is just having fun trolling the web.

  • MrPanetela

    Is Maryland Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin fit to run his office?
    Raskin is bought and own by Democratic fundraiser and philanthropist David Trone, who owns a national chain of liquor stores before retiring in 2016! Trone was a big supporter of the ACLU. Like the Mob in the days of Prohibition, Trone exchanged booze for money, albeit legally in his booze only stores. Twice Trone got out of legal troubles. His lawyer was a member of the ACLU. Trone would later run and fail to reach office. Then would run fundraisers for the Democrats and Rhinos; hoping for favors in return. Trone is some piece of work.

    So I ask again, if you can tell alot by the company a man keeps, is Jamie Raskin fit for his office.

  • Rkk O’Tilley

    all this talk of buying gold and bug out bags…hmm , yeah I advise also ,ifn you want to live an extry day or 2 . Our President has been attacked from all sides and within . The hate group known as democrats has led America to the edge , (with the help of the G.O.P. I might add ) where even the President cannot stop the hate and evil from pulling us with them into total chaos . Now the world is in peril because they cannot believe or accept the facts , and continue to spew hate and propaganda to the Nth degree . All I can say now is pray to God again for strength and wisdom for yourselves and our so called President

  • AOG

    Make the illegals aliens build the southern border wall for FREE or they can go back to mexico

  • ****

    Interesting thought on today’s massacre:

    James Fulford: Dr. Bello falls into VDARE.com category of “Disgruntled Minority Massacres”–minority employees who suddenly slaughter their employers and fellow employees. Whether he’s also a member of the class of “Immigrant Mass Murderers” remains to be seen. The MSM won’t tell us, but if we find out where he went to medical school…

    • Weary Traveler

      It’s generally the result of being a ‘token’ hire. They know they didn’t earn the position on merit. So they feel threatened by those that did. The worst is those people like that who get promoted to management. They become the worst and the most abusive tyrants.

      Liberalism creates extremely hostile work environments. I would know.

      • ****

        I agree! Tell me about it! I know of another corp organization locality where the Chief Manager is from West Africa and he is treating his employees horribly and for many years. The group of employees feel he his psychotic enough that the major union and corporate employee relAtions executives have been flown in to interview and investigTe the matter. This business is an Airline operation at a major airport. Very dangerous employee experience.

        • Weary Traveler

          Without going in to a lot of details, I work in a major tech tech company and have been going through something very similar.

          Also someone who is very near and dear to me works in the healthcare system, and is also going through a very hostile experience on the lines of what you are talking about. Except that no one is being called in yet, but evidence is being collected for a for a major lawsuit against them because of their own negligence and cronyism in the matter.

          Even taking so-called ‘minority status’ aside, it seems that the left is so obsessed with esthetics that they either don’t know about, or just don’t comprehend “The Peter Principal.”

          Because that is always going to be a factor when anyone is promoted beyond their abilities and/or capabilities for any reason. It sets the person up for inevitable failure and ultimately hurts the entire company in the process.

          • TTU

            Thank you for your well informed reply. The Peter Principle has to be distinguished now. We must stand and speak up.

          • Weary Traveler

            I agree.

            And I wish conservative policy makers would actually use that argument. Right now the dialogue, in my view, has reached an impasse of sorts. Both sides repeat themselves over and over again.

            It is accomplishing nothing, and the unjust policy is still alive and well.

            Since the left obviously doesn’t care about the white hetero male that is more qualified in these situations, then making it about the Peter Principal might show them how it hurts the person of so-called “minority status.”

            Not that the left genuinely cares about ‘minorities’, because if they did, they would not use them as political battering rams, and victimize them by labeling them as “minorities” in the first place.

            But make them answer to how they are actually hurting far more than just the person who was passed over, including the “minority.”

  • Don

    First off Great Show. Avid listener since the beginning “To the right of Rush and to the left of God.” Michael Savage. First I suffer from hypoglycemia, (Not Diabetic). Born in 79, do the math. Unfortunately I need sugar. With that said, I deal with constant irrability and complications associated with Sugar! So as a hypoglycemic individual I know the results of what sugar based products do to the brain. Not good folks! It’s the legal “crack” of today’s populas, Oh caffeinated beverages, I wont get started!
    Second I believe in 1976 maybe early 80’s State run mental hospitals rapidly started “closing for lack of funds”throwing disturbed individuals on the street. In my estimation, again no college degree, no schooling in the secular sense. Believe that was the start, not exempting progressive 1960’s propaganda of pure lies, that spilled on to the national scene. In resulting creating generations of “You owe me something mentality”. In which in 2017 still resonates among many people in this country. “Old news, I hear scoffers say”! If not true how come their is an explosion in homelessness!? Now prisons are left with the burdens of taking care of these individuals. I agree something needs done. “First in states where corruption and stolen money is taken by Gangsters of politics” How could they fund such a task? I live in cardinal bird state. Very conservative state, We are not into debt. Yet I see federal funded veterans hospitals look like third world hospitals. States to my knowledge do not help fund them or maybe they do. Either way I don’t think states where criminal POLITICIANS live in mansions, at the people’s expense. Would be able to fund such an endeavor. Remember in the 1990’s I believe, Detroit shut down its mental health care system. It devastated the city. One theme in government is to steal your money, at your own peril! Not sure what can be done. JESUS said it best. “Sin leads to death” Mental death, physical death, spiritual death and eventually societal collapse. The progressives of hate and destruction have so taken the Americans wallet, there is nothing that can be done. “Living in the days of sorrows” I myself am very intimate with “Liberalism is a mental disorder”. I will not bore you to death. Parents of children, Young men and women, single parent homes, listen to my words very carefully!! ” If you do not get a hold of the message of Truth, you will become a casualty of self destruction”. Your children will become that which you have worked so hard to protect them against. Young Man you will one day wake up too a aged man in your thirties or forties and look back and say, how have I fallen into such disgrace! Ladies you share your body to men who like dogs pass you around like a bottle of Jack. When it’s empty they find another bottle and You are left with a litter! I am self reflecting as most people do from time to time. My advice, Shut off that damnable television or monitor closely what you watch. Stop and clean the “Twitter Litter”. “Stop being the Instagram attention seeking whore of a ham” Start to one step at a time change. Before you become a Sugar Baby junkie, caffeinated running around like a crack head wearing black masks. While you betray truth like Judas, eventually you will find a tree and a rope, and if you do not hang yourself. Those of a certain religion will!

  • Charles P

    HOW IS 100 YEARS OF NATURAL GAS, “an unlimited supply”????????????????????????
    Someday they will be cold and say, “[email protected] THAT OLD FART!!!!!!!! WHY DID HE GIVE (SELL) IT ALL TO THE [email protected] FOREIGNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • Paul

    So that’s what the “Bronx doctor” looked like. Had to go to Savage for information- as usual.

    • Weary Traveler

      Of course. It doesn’t fit the leftist narrative how the people they fear, i.e., white middle-class conservative Christians.

      • Andre the Giant

        Hey, must have been an angry white male in blackface!

        • Weary Traveler

          HAHAHA!! I wouldn’t be surprised if MSNBC was saying exactly that through Macho Madcow’s sneer.

  • Benyamin

    My copy of Trump’s War came on Erev Shabbat!

    Thanks Dr. Savage! You’re the best.

  • Mary, not Martha

    From Jack Zohar’s Facebook Page. Don’t know if it is ALL true, but the general trend is:
    This is long and astonishing; certainly worth the read.
    There are very few crime/mystery novels that approach this true story for compelling drama, intrigue and brinkmanship (with the nation in the balance).
    Don’t believe the fake-media story that Trump made a mistake or huge gaffe by firing Comey.
    Don’t believe the media narrative from the left that it was an attempt to silence Comey from some investigation into Trump.
    Don’t believe the RINO narrative that Comey is a good guy just trying to do his job in terrible circumstances and the timing was bad.
    Don’t believe the lie that Comey was admired and respected by career FBI investigators and agents.
    Don’t believe the lie that Trump’s “tweets” are not professional and have no strategic purpose. His tweets are weaponized and deadly.
    James Comey is a poisonous snake of the highest order… a deep-water Swamp Denizen who has been highly paid to deliberately provide cover for high-level corruption by the Clintons and Obama. He is has been central to trying to destroy the Trump campaign and then the Trump administration from the start. He is as dirty as they come in DC. He had highest-level cover (the FBI no less) and was deep into an effort to eliminate Trump. Trump had to move hard, fast, and at exactly the right time to cut the head off the snake without getting bitten by the snake or being finished by the other swamp denizens.
    Begin by noticing how the President fired Comey when Comey was 3,000 miles away from his office, that Comey had no inkling he was being cut, that all his files, computers, and everything in his office were seized by his boss Sessions and the justice department. This was not a violation of protocol, it was tactical. Notice how Prez Trump compartmentalized the strike and did not inform any of his White House “staff” to prevent leaks. Notice how he emasculated Comey and the swamp denizens by letting them know in a tweet that the Attorney General got information (surveillance “tapes” from the seizure of Comey’s office) to let Comey and his handlers know that Trump’s DOJ has the goods on them. This was a brilliant, strategic and totally imperative move at exactly the right time against horrible, evil and corrupt powers infesting our government.

    The swamp is on notice that the President is on to them, they are sweating bullets because their criminal games of corruption are being pursued and they know it. They are screaming and ranting because they are desperate denizens of the swamp who are beginning to realize they are roadkill.
    THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE COMEY SCAM. Taken from credible public sources (readily available if you want to look or want me to sent them to you), with a few reasonable “fill in the blank” conclusions of my own.
    The Highlights:
    Comey was a minor assistant US attorney in the late 90’s. He only gained power and money by being the DOJ official who “investigated” and cleared Bill Clinton of any wrong-doing in Clinton’s totally corrupt pardon (for huge payoffs) of criminal financier Marc Rich as Clinton was leaving the Presidency. This is how Comey began his career as a creature of the “swamp” years ago, as a servant of the Clintons.
    Comey provided “cover” for the Clintons in their gaining incredible power and wealth after leaving office through pardoning a billionaire money-launderer, arms dealer and criminal. Comey was a key piece in how the Clintons upped their corruption game and gained incredible wealth through their foundation after leaving the White House. A huge part of the scheme was giving Marc Rich a free pass when he should have spent life in prison, and that is what Comey covered-up for the Clintons. This set up Comey to be part of the corruption machine, making him powerful and wealthy.
    Immediately after doing the Clinton’s dirty work as a DOJ official, Comey resigned from the DOJ and took a position as the head attorney (Counsel) of the Lockheed Martin company, a huge military contractor. While he was in that position Lockheed became a major contributor (millions) to the Clinton Foundation and its fake charity spin-offs. In return for these payment to Clinton Inc., Lockheed received huge contracts with Hillary’s state department. Comey was the chief legal officer of Lockheed throughout this period of contributions to Clinton Inc. in return for State Dept. contracts.
    In late 2012, after overseeing Lockheed’s successful relationship with the Hillary State Department and the resulting profits, Comey stepped down from Lockheed and received a $6 million dollar payout for his services.
    In 2013, the largest bank of England, HSBC Holdings, was deep into a scandal. Investigations by federal authorities and law-enforcement had revealed that for years HSBC had been laundering billions of dollars for Mexican Drug Cartels, channeling money for Saudi banks who were financing terror, moving money for Iran in violation of the sanctions, and other major criminal activity. HSBC’s criminality was pervasive and deliberate by the Bank and its officials. HSBC was a huge Clinton Foundation contributor (many millions) throughout the “investigation” and Bill Clinton was being paid large personal fees for speaking at HSBC events (while Hillary was Sec of State). Eric Holder and the Obama Justice Department did what they were paid to do, and let HSBC off of the hook for a paltry 1.2 Billion dollar fine (paid by its stockholders), and not one Director, officer or management member at HSBC was fired or charged with any criminal. Exactly when everyone involved with HSBC Bank (including the Clintons and all of their “donors”) were being let off without penalty, and cover had to be provided to HSBC, Comey was appointed as a Director and Member of the Board of HSBC (in the middle of the fallout from the scandal). He was part of the effort to cover up the scandal and make HSBC “respectable” again.
    After about a year as HSBC director, despite his lack of any law enforcement experience, no DOJ leadership experience, and no qualifications for the job, Comey was appointed FBI director by Obama. The only qualification Comey had was that the Clinton’s and their cronies knew Comey was in bed with them, was compromised and was willing to do their dirty work. Comey was appointed to the FBI right when Hillary was leaving the State Department, and was vulnerable to the FBI because she had been using a private-server, mis-handling classified information, selling access to favors/contracts from the State Department to Clinton Foundation Donors (including Comey’s Lockheed Martin), and much more. Remember that this was about the time the Inspector General of the State Department found over 2 billion “missing” from the State Department finances during Hillary’s tenure.
    The obvious conclusion is that Comey was appointed to the FBI (along with other reliable Clinton-Obama cronies) to run interference for the Clinton’s and Obama’s at the nation’s federal law enforcement agency(in conjunction with a corrupt Department of Justice). Comey was and is owned by the Clintons. He owed all of his power and wealth to being part of their machine and providing them with cover.
    In late 2015 and early 2016, information began to come out about the Clinton Foundation and its use by the Clinton’s as a multi-billion dollar slush fund for corruption and political favors. (even Chelsea’s wedding had been paid for by the “charity) This was right as Hillary was beginning her campaign for President. It was revealed that the Foundation had never completed required reports or had an audit. Supposedly the FBI, under Comey, began an “investigation” of the Clinton Funds. A “professional” accounting firm was brought in by the Clintons to do a review, file some reports, make recommendations to the Clinton Foundation Board, and provide a veneer of legitimacy to the Clinton Fund operations. Predictably, one of the partners in the firm that was chosen (and paid lots of money) is the brother of James Comey (FBI Director). This brother owes James Comey $700,000 for a loan James gave him to buy a house, and presumably some of the money from the Clinton Fund was used to make payments to James on the loan. Over 2 years later and nothing has happened as a result of the FBI “investigating” the Clinton Funds under Comey.
    No one in congress or federal law enforcement was intending to actually pursue the Clintons, but Judicial Watch and other independent sources obtained information proving that Hillary had been running her own server, sending out classified information, etc. This information began to come out right in the middle of her campaign to be coronated as President. A “show” investigation had to be performed to appear to look into it and clear her. Who to use?…the reliable shill James Comey.
    As head of the FBI, Comey (and his lackeys in key positions) deliberately screwed up the investigation into Hillary’s use of a private server and her plain violation of national security law on classified information. The investigation was deliberately mis-handled in every aspect. Comey gave immunity to all of Hillary’s lackeys, did not use subpoenas or warrants, lost evidence, allowed the destruction of evidence, failed to do any searches or seizures of evidence, did not use a grand-jury, did not swear witnesses, did not record testimony, allowed attorneys to represent multiple suspects (corrupting the testimony). Everything that could be done to ruin the FBI investigation and to cover for Hillary was done. A “slam-dunk” case became a mess. Immunity was given every witness even though they provided no help. Maybe more importantly, by focusing the FBI on the email scandal, attention was drawn away from the much bigger scandal of the Clinton Foundation that could bring down a huge number of corrupt politicians, lobbyists, and even governments.
    Originally, Comey’s job was simply to totally botch the Hillary investigation and ruin the case against her and her minions within the FBI regarding he emails. At the same time Comey also started work on a parallel assignment to illegally “wiretap” and surveil Donald Trump and every other person involved in the Republican campaign. He was tasked with digging up any dirt or fact that could be used to hurt the Trump campaign later. This included using a fake “dossier” paid for by the Clinton campaign to obtain authorization for the surveillance and to try to associate Trump’s campaign with the Russians. Under Comey’s direction the Trump/republican campaign was monitored and surveilled and all information was provided to the Obama Whitehouse and the Clinton camp all during the campaign.
    Lorretta Lynch was supposed to complete the coverup for Hillary as Attorney General by issuing a finding that the deliberately botched FBI “investigation” did not justify prosecution of Hillary But someone screwed up and Bill Clinton was video’d meeting with Loretta Lynch in Arizona shortly before she was supposed to make her decision on Hillary (interference with a federal investigation), and Lynch could no longer credibly squash the Hillary scandal. The solution, give the job to James. The Clinton’s owned him and he would have to do whatever is necessary to provide cover.
    Comey goes on national TV and violates every rule of the FBI, the Justice Department and American law enforcement by revealing some of the FBI’s “evidence” of what Hillary did (enough to make it look like the FBI and Comey did some investigation), then declaring that there was no “intent” and clearing Hillary. He did what he was ordered to do The Justice Department and Obama backed Comey’s coverup and it looked like Hillary had survived the scandal.
    Then, right before the election, the NYPD obtained pervert Anthony Wiener’s laptop and found classified emails from Hillary on the laptop. The NYPD began leaking details to new-media outlets, and the story was about to explode. Comey once again stepped in to cover Hillary. He short-circuited the NYPD leaks by publicly acknowledging the laptop and the emails, but then claimed just days later that hundreds of thousands of emails had all been reviewed and “nothing new” was on the laptop. Once again, he had done his job. Providing cover and FBI “protection” for Hillary on the newest scandal when it broke.
    If Hillary had won, Comey would have kept right on providing cover for the corruption of the Clinton machine. He would have kept the FBI paralyzed, prevented the Clinton Fund from being investigated, and continued to do his job as the Clinton’s personal scandal eraser at the FBI.
    The Swamp and its bottom-dwelling denizens realize they are at risk from this political outsider who is not connected to the uni-party machines. Before Trump takes office, a “failsafe” plan is implemented to ruin Trump’s administration and try to force him out of the Presidency. The key players committed to the plan are the democrat politicians, the RINO establishment, the media, the Obama-Clinton operatives imbedded throughout the intelligence agencies and the entire bureaucracy, and most importantly, the Obama DOJ and JAMES COMEY. The scheme is to smear Trump with Russian “connections,” through a fake FBI “investigation” and more importantly, to trap him into a charge of criminal interference with the FBI. COMEY IS THE CENTRAL FIGURE IN THE SCHEME TO TAKE DOWN TRUMP.
    The surveillance of the Trump campaign is continued after he is elected, all participants are “unmasked” illegally, and the transcripts are leaked throughout the government and to the media. When General Flynn appropriately calls Russian officials on behalf of Trump, they brush off the old fake “dossier” and all of the surveillance of the campaign, and Comey creates the “Russian Conspiracy” investigation. With help by RINO swamp kingpin and warmonger sell-out McCain, the fake “Russian pee dossier” is leaked to the press. There is no actual evidence of any collusion or connection between Trump or his campaign with Russia, but that does not prevent Comey from initiating an “investigation” at the FBI. This provides Comey with protection from Trump firing him immediately. Comey (or his minions) constantly leak news of the “Russia Investigation” to the media, and the media does its scripted part by screaming constantly about “Russia.” The Democrats fill their role and constantly scream about “Russia.” McCain and the RINO establishment do their part by promising to “investigate” how the Russians influenced the campaign.
    Immediately after Trump is sworn in, the DOJ Hillary/Obama operatives and Comey start the direct attack. This is before Sessions has been appointed to the Department of Justice and the DOJ is still controlled by Obama operatives. DOJ Obama appointee Sally Yates approaches the Whitehouse with news that General Flynn had been in contact with Russia and alleges that he might be compromised. She reveals that there is an FBI “investigation” into the Russia ties (which they are constantly leaking to the media themselves). The White House Counsel (who Yates talks to, not Trump) asks for some more information.
    The day before the promised additional information is to be provided by Yates to the Whitehouse, Comey sets up a dinner with Trump. If he can get Trump to ask about Flynn or try to intervene regarding Flynn or Russia then Trump can be charged with “interfering with an FBI investigation.” MY OPINION IS THAT COMEY SURVEILLED AND “TAPED” THIS MEETING IN HIS ATTEMPT TO SET UP TRUMP.
    This is a two-pronged attack. It protects Comey and DOJ democrat holdovers from being terminated by the new administration because they are involved in an “ongoing investigation” that they control the timetable on(albeit one with absolutely no evidence). If Trump fires Comey then he is “interfering with the investigation” which is itself a federal crime that the FBI could then “investigate.” Alternatively, if they can get Trump to question Comey about Flynn or try to get him to back off of Flynn or the “Russia” investigation, then they again have him “interfering.”
    Trump knows it is a set up by Comey and that he is probably being recorded (tips from FBI or DOJ who are not part of the corruption?) Maybe because his phone calls in the Whitehouse as President have already been bugged and released to the media. (FBI is in the best position to do this) Maybe because he was used to the Mafia in NY trying to shake him down every time he built a hotel. Comey tells Trump that Trump is not under investigation regarding Russia, but that others involved with the campaign are being investigated. Trump does not take the bait and attempt to intervene about Flynn or the Russia scam. Later, Flynn is cut loose because he is being used by Comey and the Obama-holdover Justice to try to damage Trump. He did not thing wrong, but if he stayed the charge of “interfering with an investigation” might seem to have teeth. Comey verbally tells Trump on two more occasions that he is not being investigated, but refuses to state this fact publicly or when testifying in Congress.
    Trump knows everything I have gone through above about Comey. But he has to move carefully. He has to get his Attorney General and Deputy AG in place, get enough leverage on the Russia narrative, and ideally get rid of Comey in a way that allows him to obtain all the information that Comey has been accumulating (if he is taping Trump he is taping others). Comey, and others testify in Congress. Under oath, both Sally Yates and Intelligence officials from the Obama administration state that there has been no actual evidence of any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. More importantly, Comey, while refusing to say that Trump is not under investigation, testifies that he has informed the Senate Intelligence Committee heads who exactly is under investigation regarding Russia.
    Trump tells almost no one at the White House that he is moving against Comey (so no leaks… no listening in on his conversations) Trump somehow contacts Sen. Grassley (the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee) and confirms that Comey told the Senator that Trump was not under investigation personally. Trump gets both the Attorney General and the new Deputy Attorney General to legitimately review Comey’s unprofessional actions at the FBI and to recommend in writing that Trump terminate Comey. Somehow Comey goes to California (at the request of AG Sessions or already scheduled and someone at FBI telling Trump?).
    Trump seizes the moment and acts. While Comey is in California, 3000 miles away and 7 hours from his office, Trump prepares a letter firing him (with Sessions and the Deputy AG recommendations attached). In the letter Trump states that he had been told 3 times by Comey that he (Trump) was not under investigation. The letter is hand-delivered to the FBI headquarters by DOJ officials to lock-down and seize everything in Comey’s office, including all surveillance files (“tapes”) of Trump and others. All of Comey’s files, docs, computers and “tapes” are taken to Sessions at DOJ. They are not taken to the Whitehouse or Trump, but to Sessions, who has every right to have them. Sessions can tell Trump that Comey had surveillance tapes of Trump that contradict what Comey has been telling Trump, and perhaps tapes of conversations with other swamp “conspirators.” But Trump does not have them personally or at the Whitehouse.
    Comey learns he has been fired when the media broadcasts it in California. He had no idea it was coming and he is ticked. On cue, the Democrat politicians and media begin screaming about Trump’s “interference with the Russia investigation” in accordance with the plan to set up Trump for that charge. The Swamp wants to blow up the Russia narrative using Comey, and Comey is set to testify before Congress to try to hurt Trump by saying he was interfering with the FBI investigation. Comey intends to follow through with the plan to take down Trump.
    But because of his brilliant timing on this, Trump has Comey’s files, documents and information safely with Sessions at DOJ. Trump sends out a “crazy” tweet that says: “James Comey better hope that there are no “tapes” of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press.”
    The media and the politicians go crazy about the “inappropriateness” of this tweet. They accuse Trump of “taping” everyone at the WhiteHouse (forgetting that the Presidents phone calls with foreign leaders have been “taped” without his knowledge.)
    Notice that Trump did not say he taped anyone, or that he has any tapes at the White House. It seem apparent that Trump is telling Comey that the DOJ (who has every legal right to possess it) has the surveillance information and files from Comey’s office, the “tapes” obtained and kept by Comey. Comey and all the Swamp Creatures understand the clear message… their plan has failed and Trump’s DOJ is now holding all the cards.
    The whole Russia interference scheme crashes and burns. While the mouthpiece media, Hollywood and the insane fringe continue to scream about Russia and Comey being fired, the politicians who will soon be in the crosshairs of a legitimate (and ticked) FBI and DOJ are starting to fall strangely silent. Comey realizes all the leverage is with Trump and that he will be lucky if he is not added to the Clinton Death List because of his knowledge (better not take any baths near an electrical outlet or get on any airplanes).
    Comey tells Congress he will not testify and writes a public letter to the FBI accepting his firing and telling them he does not want to discuss why or how he was terminated. Senator Grassley and Senator Feinstein (she must be covering her butt in fear …) issue public statements confirming that Comey told them that the “Russia Investigation” does not involve President Trump personally.
    AG Sessions and his Deputy AG use the Comey trove of information to determine who has been part of the Comey Syndicate at the FBI. They will be appointing an “interim” Director of the FBI shortly who has not been compromised by Comey, Clinton or Obama. That “interim” Director does not have to be approved by Congress or anyone, and can immediately begin cleaning house at the FBI of all Comey/Clinton/Obama minions, initiating investigations of the Clintons, Clinton Fund, violations of intelligence confidentiality laws by Susan Rice and Obama, human trafficking in DC, political corruption… draining the Swamp. Using the Comey files they can be fairly certain they are not getting another Comey as an “interim”, and they do not have to wait for the circus of appointing a new permanent “Director” through Congressional approval. Most of the heavy lifting on rooting out FBI corruption and starting investigations into the swamp will be done by the “interim” before a new director is appointed. I suspect the Trump administration hopes the approval FBI Director process will be slow and tedious, so there is no political interference with the housecleaning that is starting.
    In one masterstroke, Trump has eliminated a truly toxic and dangerous enemy to his administration and our country, dealt a horrendous blow to the Clinton/Obama and deep state machines, begun the restoration of the integrity of the FBI and the DOJ, and gained incredible ammunition to begin hunting the foul creatures in the swamp.

  • MrPanetela

    Radio will be around long after the big newspapers and news networks are gone.
    40 years from now, we’ll have some kind of ocular implants to watch the internet.
    And radio will be streamed directly into the ear nerve…
    In those days online commentators will ridicule and laugh at all the junk that is happening now.
    There will even be documentaries about Donald Trump and his days as President.
    But everyday will be like the old gun-slinging days of the west.
    The world will continue to grow violent as less people embrace morality.
    Meanwhile 10,000 individuals who grew up under The Savage Nation, will pick up where Mike left off, world wide. And the funny part, some of them will broadcast right out of the heart of England.:)

  • Jim Burns

    We are a original band that supports Dr Savage and President Trump. Our original music on Facebook is blocked from being shared to other people because of our political views. We have openly supported comments and views by Dr Savage on facebook and because of it we are being censored. We will stand by what we believe and the people we believe in. We have a upcoming music video we are working on that is dedicated to Dr Savage. And are pretty sure it will be shut down like the others have. Yeahhhhh free speach….NOT

    • Neo Marcist

      Mark ZuckerFake is such a phony. That fraud doesn’t believe in free speech. And he builds walls around all his mansions.

      Try Conservative alternatives to FakeBook.


      I think that you could significantly grow your fanbase by joining these conservative social media outlets and leaving FakeBook for the Fakes.

  • Seeker

    I’m wondering how a hospital full of trained medical care specialists did not think to contact the FBI, ATF, Homeland In-Security or local police to tell them this mentally unstable sexual stalker, whom they didn’t want treating their patients, might also be forbidden to purchase guns? Doesn’t say much about their ability to diagnose an illness or treat it.

    • Charles P


      If you ever WATCH THE SHOW “HOUSE, M.D.”, YOU MIGHT HAVE NOTICED MOST OF THE STORIES WERE LOOSELY BASED ON REAL EVENTS (of medical malpractice, which other doctors/scientists, such as myself) HAD TO SOLVE/DIAGNOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Seeker

        And do they cover for one another out of mutual respect, brotherly love or fear of being called waaayyyysist?

  • disgus Ted

    I think I get what Savage is saying about a president tweeting … but I like Trump’s tweets. I think it’s great. It’s like a direct line to what’s going on inside his head. I think the president, and congress too, don’t reach out to the people enough, I think they don’t report on what they’re doing enough, I’d actually like to see a weekly summary log of their activities on a central website. So the tweeting at least gives us people SOMETHING. I love the recent FNN smackdown video too. I’d sure like Trump to drain the swamp ALOT more and throw a bunch of congrease criminals in jail but I figure he’s still the best president we’ve had in the last 50 years. IDK what the truth is, but Trump sure talks like a president should and he sure says alot of great things, he sure makes you want to believe in him. I just hope he and his dubious cabinet can actually implement his campaign promises.

    • Joe Smith

      Trump is just having fun triggering the Left as he trolls the Internet.
      Trolling the Internet is the new pastime.

  • Terri

    Savage referred to Hitler as a vegetarian. He was a carnivore. http://www.vegsource.com/berry/hitler.html

  • Neo Marcist

    How can we begin a Conservative movement that demands that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell the gobbler step down and give the Republican leadership to Conservatives that actually know the will of the Conservative people? We’ve seen how incapable Paul Ryan and McConnell are at building consensus in their own party.

  • Tony

    Sorry Savage but you are dead wrong on Trump’s tweeting. He needs to focus a bit more, less tweets about journalists more about obstructionists, but he should never stop. Like it or not tweeting and social media is the new America. Fact is a good part of Americans are on social media and a lot of them tweet far worse things than Trump. Trump is not the problem. What he is is the symbol of what America is in 2017. People that get offended by his tweets need to take a hard look in the mirror. Chances are their conduct is just as bad. Trump’s tweets connect with the average American. Sorry Dr. Savage, it is not 1955 anymore it is 2017 and maturity and decorum are not what they once were. It is not Trump’s job to be father in chief. If Americans want something better, they need to shape up and start acting like adults again otherwise expect more of this in the future.

  • Typicalliberalprogressivedad-

    I am flying my family on a vacation this summer but everyone else needs to stay home so we can save earth.

  • ****

    Too much Bitter Twitter is giving too much undeserved publicity for them leftist news agencies. This is one more reason the twisted twitter war needs to stop. I ll say it again? Who’s encouraging Trump to tweet on? our highest paid staff bozos? To left Kelly Ann Conway and to the far right We see Steve Bam Bam! A classic advisory team would have this twitter thing distinguished a long time ago! Jeesh!

  • MrPanetela

    The nice thing about summer, longer days to read Michael Savages books by!

  • Susan Tang

    Such a schism to share patriotism. How to explain God’s existence; among confused, imprisoned?

    • MrPanetela

      The very existence of God is in you. God is the model for your consciousness(in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.) It is why we can do and know things no other creature on this planet can. Thus, all men(men,women,children) are created equal. However, in a world of Doubting Thomas’s, it won’t matter. For every proof offered, the Thomas’s of the world will want still another. And another. And still yet another. Don’t let their disbelief cause you to lose yours or be dismayed.

      • Donna Kmetz

        well said, Mr. P,,,, Happy Fourth to you, God bless America, our president and the loyal , God fearing people of the USA,,,

  • Thomas MacDonnell

    I agree with just about everyone here….. I too though Trumps tweets are funny, to the point, and often times exactly what needs to be said. I just have one more thing to say, Please Mr. P
    resident send use more videos! LOL

    • Weary Traveler

      I get the whole “it’s un-presidential” argument and how it is beneath the office of the president, which is true. Personally, I feel that all social media is the worth thing to ever come out of western civilization. Hard to believe it came from the same western civilization that gave the world the university system, Rafael, William Shakespeare, JMW Turner, and Beethoven.

      But even Dr. Savage admits that there is psychological relief from the tweeting. I think half of Trump’s base see the tweets as Trump saying for us what we really think of the MSM. And it is funny watching them go apoplectic every time Donald Trump verbally pokes them in the eyes. Which they deserve.

      But I err on the side of just sticking with policy, and social media just needs to die. As for the MSM, they need to be shutdown and prosecuted. And there are legal grounds to do it. What the MSM is doing is actually a violation of their broadcasting agreement. At the very least, they can legally have their signals shut off and be fined out of business.

      • TruthInLogic

        That is what libel laws are for, and Scarimucchi? showed how well they work….when used.

  • Phineas Worthington

    Mr. Buchanan’s opinion editorial makes a very significant error in the assumption that unity is what defines our nation or any nation. It is not.

    What defines our United States is that we are founded upon the objectively moral ideas of individual sovereignty and self ownership coupled with rights based law. The unity in our founding of accepting the idea that men could both be born free and at the same time be the property of other men did not serve us well at all.

    Principles matter.

    • TruthInLogic

      The governments sole reason d’ etre, it’s whole purpose of existence, is the welfare of being and protection of it’s citizens property. When that devolves into using citizens property and wealth to enhance non-citizens, and re-distribute earned wealth, then the state as an entity is doomed. History proves this over and over.

      • Phineas Worthington

        The first and foremost form of property owned by right is one’s own life.

      • Anonymous

        Government exists to protect people’s freedoms.

        • TruthInLogic

          freedoms come from God, and are inalienable, the govt protects your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, ie: your stuff.


    • Anonymous

      Many of the Founding Fathers didn’t accept slavery. They accepted that the slavery issue would make it impossible to create the nation, and that the freedom based nation would not long tolerate slavery. They were right on both counts.

      • Phineas Worthington

        Successful revolution required unity in purpose that may forgive the open contradiction.

        Successful passing of our Constitution did not carry the weight of survival superseding principles.

      • Phineas Worthington

        Successful revolution required unity in purpose that may forgive the open contradiction.

        Successful passing of our Constitution did not carry the same weight of survival superseding principles.

        The half million lives lost and the abject destruction of the South in our Civil War were entirely avoidable had the founders only had the integrity to live up to their own professed values more consistently. To say nothing of the colossal error of allowing slavery to be established, maintained, and even expanded by democratic means.

        This is really what we face today, the same struggle between liberty and slavery. The only difference today is that a fair portion of people will gladly, voluntarily give up every vestige of their own liberty in exchange for free stuff from the nanny state cradle to grave welfare system that is a sorry excuse for a Constitutional government.

        Contrary to what TJ stated in our D of I, rights are clearly anything but self evident.

        Contradictions lead to conflict.

  • BigDogUSMC

    I been streaming all of savage previous shows. My favorite old time comedian is Rodney Dangerfield the no respect type of guy. Dr. Savage is the educated version. Gets no Respect the only radio personality banned from a foreign country. He has morals, not afraid to laugh at himself and always has a strong comeback. Dr, Savage goes in hard on callers. Its very funny, I’m hesitant on calling cause I know one mistake and I’m toast. I’m a 1st time dog owner and got one because of Teddy. Best thing I ever did, Im so attached to my dog I don’t wanna think about after 12 or more years he might not be around. As far as President using twitter? I’m ok with it even though I don’t have a twitter account. I want him to get his message out to more people than the limited amount of twitter followers. I rather have him every month take over the broadcast networks and inform the nation of his accomplishments and plans for his agenda and in what areas do he need our support. I haven’t gave up on him. Unfortunately his New York state of mind has him retaliating on nobodies from the media. Get goes after them himself rather than having his team handling things. As far as News networks what ever happen to just reporting the news and not pushing there agenda? News on T.V. should be news thats it. On the radio its different if I like conservative stations I listen to them, As far as tv they have Black entertainment network for blacks? Logo for Gays or LBGT and whatever other letters involved. Spanish channels ect. But News to just report News. Its probably to deep to be like that too much money involved.

  • Government Worker

    Micheal, I love your show, I’ve been a listener for a long time. I currently work for the government. I want say what agency, but I will say what state, “Missississippi.” After the presidential election Barack Obama and Loretta Loretta Lynch’s pictures were taken down three months after January .Trump and Sessions pictures, the agency refuse to put them on the wall for chain of command. This is just wrong and it’s happening at many Federal government agencies, Mr. Savage can you please make this known.

    • Weary Traveler

      I wont who the person is in relation to me, but someone near and dear to me works in the healthcare field told me that when Obama’s picture was taken down after the election, it was replaced with Hillary’s. And her picture is still up.

    • TruthInLogic

      then put them up yourself and threaten your bosses or colleagues with a press conference if they harass you

  • MrPanetela

    simply by watching the news, the big take away are these:
    1. All governments around the world are rotted with corruption.
    2. Most of the media are employing propaganda instead of news.
    3. All governments are in serious financial difficulty, especially those with socialists in seats of power are the worst off.
    4. people around the world are sick and tired of it all.

    Conclusion: change is coming whether we want it or not.

    I would wish you all a happy independence day, but with all the revelations of the past year, we are not.
    Thus I wish you all a happy big brother day instead.

    Does history actually repeat? In 1920 T E Lawrence of Arabia, used a YS-38 1920 Rolls-Royce Armoured Car with a mounted machine gun as his favorite hit and run vehicle. Today’s terrorist use the Toyota truck with a mounted machine gun as their favorite hit and run vehicle. If immigration is left unchecked, expect to see one in your hometown soon.

    • Weary Traveler

      Mark Twain said that history doesn’t repeat, it rhymes.

  • ruffusduffus

    Why won’t the images on this site load; Used to be, you wait a bit; Now – doesn’t even load. Yo doctor, remake your website.

  • Paul

    13,000 Muslims have invaded Italy in the past 48 hours. Italians are commiting nation-cide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHhjW4JLfO0

    • Damir

      the Obama Caliphate.

  • Joe Smith

    2017 will be remembered as the Year of the Great Meme War.

    CNN= Fake News

  • MrPanetela

    The first step to encourage the Chinese to work with us on NKorea? Shore up our bond markets. Make them strong and healthy again. Make it stronger and a better place to park currencies with a higher return than China, and the monies will flow out from China and into America. To stop the hemorrhage, China will need to kick out Kim, reorganize NKorea, and do some house cleaning of their own. This is a formula to win a war without firing a shot.

    After assessing the Armada, I’ve concluded, that just a single battle ship is needed to defeat NKorea. The rest are to deal with China/Russia should they intervene. The lost of life of NKoreans,Russians,Chinese, would be unimaginable. It will make the Iraqi’s retreat on the highway of death seem like a minor foot note in comparison. This is one game of chicken they need to end quickly. There are simple work arounds to defeat EMP ray blast. However, those 3 nations have a long history of over confidence.

  • Nightpawn

    Dr. Savage. “God, Faith and Reason” is not a good title for your new book. It is too ordinary, and boring, and it reminds me of the tiltes you find on a dozen of boks in theological seminaries. “Gods War” is much better, and more original. K

  • John Piner

    For your consideration.
    Amos 8:11
    “The days are coming,” declares the Sovereign Lord,
    “when I will send a famine through the land—
    not a famine of food or a thirst for water,
    but a famine of hearing the words of the Lord.

  • Frank M

    Old slogan “You’re watching CNN”

    New slogan “CNN is watching you”.

  • Andreas Wacker

    Yes, in spite of being an Electrical/Nuclear Engineer I have faith in the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.

    YESHA’YAHU (ISAIAH)1:18 “Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD … ” or ” ‘Come now’,says ADONAI, ‘let’s talk this over together … ‘ ”

    Yochanan (John) 14:6 Yeshua said: “I AM the way–and the Truth and the Life;no one comes to the Father except through me. …”

  • http://www.sliceofkenslife.blogspot.com/ Ken Musson

    Not so much joining the discussion. I would like to offer you some of my observations. I hope Dr. Savage actually reads some of these, maybe your editors will show this to him….I see you have a dog. Do you know what the difference between dogs and cats are? When you feed, entertain, and care for a dog, he thinks, “You must be the God, you treat me so well!” Do the same for a cat, and it thinks, “I must be the God, you treat me so well.” Here’s something to think about: ‘It is by no mistake that the word dog and God are spelled so similarly. Our dogs know us intimately, and they precede us in death. They are the messengers, for they have the ear of the Lord.’

    • Donna Kmetz

      I love this,,,,so good

    • the Forgotten

      Dogs have been training humans for thousands of years now.

    • RighttheWrong

      You humans are not as dumb as you look, woof woof.

  • Beth Carter

    Great show today, Dr Savage. I love the title God, Faith and Reason. It’s perfect for you. Reason and logic should lead any scientist to believe in God. The probability that there is no Creator of the universe is zero. I think it is reasonable to fear such an awesome God. Human beings may very well be the most aggravating and disappointing of His creations. I surely understand how He would be so angry. He still rules the universe with wisdom, power over everything in the universe and love for us and all of creation. I hope you are right about the resurgence of faith in America. Our faith in God will restore our country. God bless America.

  • Tim Starks


    Sad day when the FDA can sentence a man to six year for a violation of a regulation . For making chickweed salve .

  • Davidp

    Very good program on the 5th. The God´s book now has a very good title. God´s War really isn´t a war against us, but we are war with God because of our passions and sins. This is the frontline of the battle with God.

  • Weary Traveler

    Like the new title of the God book a lot better. Like I said before, we are the ones at war with God, not the other way around. But I do get where that sentiment comes from though.

    Yesterday, the 5th, was one of your best shows. I was actually encouraged by the interest it generated in others just judging by the call volume alone. Maybe we as a nation are getting back on the right track. I hope so.

    Of all that was covered yesterday that I would like to comment on, I would really like to comment regarding the expression from the Hebrew Mystics about the space around the letters. I heard that one a long time ago, but a slightly different variation of it. And you’re right that it isn’t easy to quickly explain. The simplest explanation is that means “read between the lines”, but even that doesn’t fully do it the justice it deserves.

    As a digital artist myself, it makes sense from a composition standpoint. But it is really all about context. Judaism was not only the first monotheistic religion, but it was also the first to not anthropomorphize God. God’s form instead was His word.

  • William

    Are human reason and divine revelation in conflict?
    ” For Aquinas, such a conflict was impossible. Grace does not destroy nature, but rather perfects it. Reason, properly used could never reach such a conclusion that was incompatible with divine revelation, since both were valid approaches to a single body of truth. Human reason was a reliable path to truth, but that path led only so far. When reason reached it’s limit, revelation was there to complete the journey.”
    Aquinas, a 13th century Dominican Friar, the Catholic church’s greatest theologian considered approx. 10,000 questions at the Council of Trent, on Church doctrine covering the nature of God,man and Jesus, then lays out objections to Church teachings and systematically confronts each, using Biblical verses, theologians and philosophers to bolster his arguments. Studying Aristotle’s works, the nature of things, serious questions were raised by Aquinas.
    Every Christian and fellow traveler interested should inquire into the teachings of Aquinas, “Summa Contra Gentiles’ and his masterpiece ” Summa Theologica”… Good luck on the Theologica, 1,800,000 words(approx.) several volumes.
    Also an excellent easy read ” Thomas Aquinas a Portrait” by Denys Turner

    ” Conflicts between science and religion result from mis-interpretation of the Bible.” Maimonides

    Two excellent reads on the subject by Dr.Gerald Schroeder and MIT scientist Ph.D. worked in physics and biology” Genesis and the Big Bang Theory” physics, and “The Hidden Face of God” biology.

    Great show yesterday, tried to make it on ,time was short. Take care Dr. and keep up the good work.

    Be well,

  • SisterTherese

    Dear Michael Savage ,
    Title your new book ” Proof ” — God exists !
    or it may be just another , NON existing , lost in space books sitting beside a multitude of other God books ..
    People want / need heart PROOF ( not scientific proof ) that God exists.
    I believe my comment is REASON-able !

  • frankWest

    Dr. Savage, The harsh rules of the Old Testament all pointed to the need for a saviour because God is perfect and demands perfection from us. Something that is impossible for humans to achieve. All of the harsh laws of the Old Testament point to our need for a saviour to make us right with God. In the New Testament, God came in the form of a human to take away all these sins, to atone for them, to makes us right with God.

  • NancyPelosi’sSANCTUARYcity

    YESTERDAY ….I was about to go into a grocery store and I saw a homeless guy threatening to kill his dog .
    I took a chance ( for the dogs sake ) and pleaded with the guy to not hurt the tiny ,defenseless dog he was threatening to beat up .
    After my plea the shirtless homeless man raced towards me with angry screams and tried to attack me .
    I hid behind the grocery stores concrete post to dodge him and he gave up his pursuit of me ..
    The good news is that the dog escaped and hopefully ran away from the cruel beating…..and future beatings …
    I’m afraid to buy grocery’s …… I’m crying for all defenseless dogs !

  • Paget

    Regarding all the hubbub about Trump administration staffers employing various kinds of assistants, let
    us remember that Michele Obama had 22 PERSONAL STAFF MEMBERS whose annual salaries
    totaled $2,075,200. Multiplied by eight years and we’re talking real money [Published by Canada
    Free Press].

  • Tony

    Dr Savage, Very interesting program today. I am especially interested in the doctor you spoke with about faith. I must find out who his Pastor / Teacher is. I live in Tennessee, but i must see if i can find his church on the net and start learning and finding peace in my life.

  • Kristy Warshauer

    DR Michael please read science n Health with Key to the Scriptures there is audio too. I love you. you would benefit from reading this book . Its salvation , PEACE. http://www.christianscience.com/the-christian-science-pastor/science-and-health thank you .

  • Rkk O’Tilley

    all I am gunna say is…JFC ! wth is goin on!?…American citizens talking jihad , talking assasination , portraying assasination , shooting lawmakers , ruffin up ol folks , hateful speech every where you turn…omg I could go on and on….wake *** up people , for years and years we have went from one tragedy to another , never at ease and never really caring about whatever…as long as it wasnt us…you let this continue , you really will be ill at ease naturally and votin democrat ,just to get along

  • MrPanetela

    it is said these 5 nations are the most peaceful places on earth, so said Vision of Humanity dot org…
    Iceland, New Zealand, Portugal, Austria, Denmark.
    But in a few short years this will not be the case, although it will be said, compared to “ALL”, the nation they are the most peaceful. Why?
    Because their Muslim populations are growing, at some point, a different demographic in every nation, their religion becomes the majority. What then? What we see occurring in other nations whence the tipping point is reached, where the majority religion is Muslim. Pure violence from the religion of peace. I think many have become jaded to this accumulation of violence as every year goes by. I don’t intend to get “use” to it. I intend to remind people by words alone, that its an awfully violent religion for a peace loving religion.

  • Rkk O’Tilley

    one last comment….just heard Ted Cruz say ..We have an historic opportunity , lets just do what we elected these people for (somethin like that)…sigh…DJT has let a good man out of his circle…he is surrounded by buffoons and his tweets reflect his advice and attitude….we are in serious trouble my friends

  • Anonymous

    I agree with your statements regarding letting the murders out of jail over pretty boys. God book you are writing is relevant. Eye for an eye. Tooth for tooth. Capital punishment takes these murders and etc out of the picture. Stop these slip and fall lawyers. Poland is preparing to fight the EU or NATO if they have to. I watch their P. M. Polish King Jan fought in the Seige of Vienna. Czech Republic is arming up. Bare arms. KTI reports the warnings of Civil War. When the man retaliated against mosque blame KTI. The man saw what going on in the news. We have to understand history. Macron wants EU Army so no one rises up against them. Trump flips flop about NATO. Bottom line. I think it is coming to Battle for Jesus. We are in the Book of Revelation. Nothing wrong with corrective criticism. We have to stay on top of things.

    • Neo Marcist

      Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent a message to all Islamic Terrorists. Terrorism Pays! The Islamphiliacs are stealing $10.5 MILLION of Canadian taxpayers’ dollars to reward a jihadist who threw a grenade that killed an American soldier in Afghanistan. How old he was is irrelevant. He was on the battlefield and a combatant. He admitted to five war crimes! He claims he didn’t “willingly” join Al Qaeda. It was just peer pressure. Awwwww. He claims he has “no memory” of throwing a grenade. Selective memory.

      Once again Democrats SPIT on the graves of our American soldiers. That doesn’t stop them from using Memorial Day and 4th of July as excuses to get drunk, party and do drugs.

      Liberal Democrat progressive neo-marxists do NOT believe in justice. They are crooks who side with the criminals time and time again, and celebrate when elected Republican politicians or else police officers are shot at.

  • MrPanetela

    my recommendation for a new anti ballistic missile tracking system.
    Drive in Movie Theaters.
    A chain that stretches the whole length of the west coast.
    The screen and its supports double as a radar dish.

    No movie made in hollywood would be shown. Instead, Homemade/College made low budget movies. With WiFi capacity to drive the speakers system for excellent fidelity.

    With higher resolution of the radar signal, would enable the Military to knock down any missile or plane headed our way with ballistic interceptors, lasers or special rail-guns with flake shells.

    • Neo Marcist

      Or just let North Korea missiles hit California. Since California refuses to enforce Federal immigration laws, then the Federal Government should refuse to provide National Defense to California. By providing drug cartel gang bangers and child traffickers sanctuary in their cities, California is endangering the national defense of all of us.

      Dr. Savage would have to vacate first though.

      • MrPanetela

        I feel the same, however, the fault system would rupture prematurely, the resulting quake would cause major landslides in Cali and far up the coast towards Alaska, and would be felt probably all the way to the east coast. The disruption would be major and would effect the whole world economies.That release in pressure would then be emulated by other quake as strong if not equal to it in Hawaii and on the chain of fire. Any major nuclear war, in todays world, would lead to many countries going bankrupt and in shambles.

        Not to even mention the radioactive plume that would spread across the U.S. and Canada. Although Kim’s nukes are firecracker size, they would hit the San Andreas Achilles heel.

        We need to fix the Bank regulations that the Democrats left in shambles. We need to manipulate the Bond markets legally, make’em strong again, and drain the swamp; that would in turn drain China’s markets, and then they would go, oops, let get rid of Kim to stop the bleeding. Savage spoke once about a certain President who did something like that, the end result was spectacular.

        • Weary Traveler

          I do agree with your last paragraph for sure. I would rather see something like what you are suggesting happen. My only thought is that Un is so mentally unstable that can China really keep a lid on him forever? I doubt it. I think that he is going to have to be taken out at some point. Either China is going to have to put their junkyard dog to sleep, or we will.

          You are also right about the radio active fallout of a nuclear strike on the west coast. Even those little firecrackers could travel well inland. But it would more than likely not travel too far past the Colorado Rockies depending on the wind direction and jet streams at the time.

          The worst would be to get hit by one of Russia’s, (to all those libs that want war with Putin.) Their nukes have two and half time the megaton blast that ours do, that fallout could reach as far as Quebec if it were exploded over downtown San Francisco.

          The only thing I have to disagree with is regarding the San Andreas fault. For one, the fault line itself is only 800 miles long – it doesn’t even reach the Oregon boarder let alone Alaska. At most the San Andreas fault can only generate a 8. magnitude quake from the area of wherever the epicenter of any seismic activity would originate.

          It’s still a good rumble that could do some real damage, however, the extent of the damage would not even be close to that portrayed in certain “summer blockbuster” films. And there is no way it could be felt on the East Coast at all. In fact, the shock waves wouldn’t travel too far eats beyond Sacramento if the epicenter were in or near the SF Bay Area. And even out that far they (Sacramento) would only just experience some minor tremors — maybe a medium sized jolt or two at most.

          But you are 100% right about the economic damage that a nuclear strike on any city on the west coast, or anywhere here in the US for that matter, would cause. Now THAT would definitely be felt on the east coast and beyond.

  • Anonymous

    Savage, you are right about the Chinook Helicopter that went down, killing many SEALs. This is an interesting interview

  • Jim Burns

    Listening to your show yesterday. You were mentioning how the Trump administration staff is hiring people around them. And you dont like it. It seems simple to me, that the media has such hatred for anyone Trump, especially the immediate people that work around him in the white house. The media wants to get anyone (Bannon,Priebus,Conways etc) to give them any type of quote they can twist and use for their fake news propaganda. So why not hire some buffer zone people to talk to the media? The media has no ammo when they get quotes from assistants and such. I thought you would have seen this from the first time you read it on a left leaning media source. It seems you are so insulted at the fact that Trump hasnt made you a staff member or consultant you are starting to see things through the looking glass of the Dems. Thats All

  • MrPanetela

    France President Macron at work purging Parliament Members by 1/3. Socialism is what socialism does. Like Obama, seeks the best idiots for the jobs.

  • jon bagar

    I am listening to the show where you talking about religious scams. IMO the alternative media has it’s share of religious scammers. You don’t want names but they are closer to you than you think because they are regulars on Alex Jones.

  • ShirleyBevers

    Trump needs to fire ” prosperity evangelist ” Paula White from his ” spiritual advisory ” team who was ONLY placed there because she
    obtained the evangelical vote ….
    I’M NOT BUYING …Paula Whites ” GOD BOOKS ” that make her rich , arrogant and TERRIBLY , spiritually misguided like
    Pope Francis is …..
    Paula white is proof of Satan and NOT of God .
    Fire Paula president Trump……Her motives are UNHOLY !
    Fire all fake republicans who are STILL following John McCain and Hillary’s UNHOLY war in Syria ….
    Holiness is a pure heart ONLY that follows the 1st commandment …
    The world is a MESS because there are more people who HATE God then LOVE God !

    • Jose Gomez

      wrong on Paula White -wrong, wrong, wrong, couldn’t be more wrong. Paula started having prayer and Bible studies with Mr. Trump and his family years before he ever thought of running for office – Pres. Trump’s faith is not a circus show like Bill Clinton did; Bill coming out of church every Sunday carrying a Bible in front of the CNN tv cameras after doing some intern in the oval office the day before.

      • Jail4Criminals

        Give one single example of Saint Paula working in a nursing home changing diapers , practicing humbling patience with
        dementia elderly , washing dishes at a blue collar shop , putting her ” FABULOUS ” bling bling , so-called God sent ministry on hold so she may ” PERSONALLY ” care for a quadriplegic , mentally retarded 12 year old , disabled , bed bound boy and THEN tell Shirley she is WRONG , WRONG , WRONG ……
        And please …. don’t send any ” arranged ” photo’s of Saint Paula conveniently manipulating her bling , bling
        photographer in taking opportunist pictures of her holding a quadriplegic disabled boy beside Trump for the MEDIA !
        I demand an audit of how and if she uses the proceeds of her God Books to pay for her utility bills in relation to how a
        nursing home employee’s TINY paycheck pays for utility bills .
        I want a picture of Saint Paul’s fabulous castle home and then a picture of a simple and humble nursing home employee’s unflattering home .
        Give Shirley the evidence of the logical , reasonable proof of Saint Paula’s practical and unflattering walking in the footsteps of Jesus and THEN I will also join in with you and say that Shirley Bevers is WRONG WRONG , WRONG !
        Everyone knows Shirley is RIGHT , RIGHT , RIGHT and that Saint Paula like ALL fake republicans are what’s WRONG about America !
        Would Saint Paula agree that bombing Syria is WRONG , WRONG , WRONG ?
        If she did….then she would ” BE FIRED ” !…………….” IMMEDIATELY ” ……………” YOUR FIRED PAULA ”
        Go get yourself a blue collar job Paula that doesn’t provide you with a fabulous caste to live in using the proceeds
        from your fake God Books to ensure all your utility bills are paid and that you will NEVER have to be an
        emergency responder doing all the dirty work that keeps America great again and SAFE again !

  • Chakalenbogen

    Dear Dr. Savage, what ever happened to the Milo interview you teased us about at the beginning of yesterday’s show? It seems that it never came to fruition, and no further mention of it was made. Is it still something we can look forward to?

    • GodLovesMilo

      God Loves Milo and hopes to say to him what he hopes to say to ALL unrepentant straights and LGBT ………
      ” Your sins are forgiven …Go …Sin no more ”

  • Steve D

    Michael, please take note of this. I can’t in good conscience use Lyft anymore (they’re one of the big Uber competitors). I didn’t know they were run by politically active, pro-communist leftists. What am I talking about, you ask? Just yesterday I received an email from Lyft announcing the following: “Round Up & Donate allows you to round up each fare to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to a good cause – and we’re excited to announce that our newest partner is the ACLU.” No kidding. Wow. If I had a way of posting a pic of that Lyft email here, I would. To Dr. Savage’s listeners: If you value the destructive, anti-free market, anti-Christian, anti-US Constitution lawsuits perpetrated by the ACLU, then keep using Lyft. But if not, then PLEASE STOP PATRONIZING LYFT.
    Also, I owe Michael an apology. Two years ago, when I first started listening to your broadcasts I called you and asked you to stop talking-down Glenn Beck. At the time, I was a big fan of his and had my eyes substantially opened by the content of many of his t.v. broadcasts, and you’d been saying that he in effect does nothing more than take his news from your broadcasts. Without having been familiar with your excellent ongoing work, I assumed that your claim was exaggerated. (Meanwhile, I think it’s possible that as a consequence of my call you blacklisted my ‘202’ area code cellphone number so as to prevent it from being able to get through to your screener.) I’ve since come to see the larger truth. You and perhaps all of only one or two other conservative show hosts are on the cutting edge with all that’s been unfolding globally and nationally—and you keep us informed. Thank you. The press is filled with leftist fiction-writers being propped up by the America-hating George Soros. You’re perhaps the last bastion of true, current US and global political news.

  • mary morgan

    what happened to Milo???

    • Weary Traveler

      I was wondering the same.

    • Chakalenbogen

      Yeah I asked the same question… Savage said he’ll come on as a guest at the end of the 1st hour, then he didn’t, and no further mention of it or any updates were made. Would have been an interesting interview… hope Dr. Savage can have him on after all, next week.

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Savage. What a fun show today. We need a mental break. I hope you do more shows like the radio showmanship. Great sports who participated. Dues Vult.

  • Weary Traveler

    I feel that. But I see where Neo is coming from too. At our 4th of July parade they had what looked like those Bill Nye idiots. Not ONE American flag. Just garbage about global warming, why we need more Muslims, and “impeach” and “resist.”

    That was enough to make me want the Hayward fault to unleash right then and there.

  • ah….

    Best line from Trumps Poland speech, “that American progressives, in their effort to expand the government’s influence on society, are the modern-day counterparts of the communists that threatened Poland.”

  • Neo Marcist

    I cannot prove or convince someone that GOD exists. But I know there is a spiritual realm. I have experienced the phenomenon myself. In a time of great loss and suffering I was praying frequently and with great desire and pleading. There is a spiritual dimension. I believe that, in the human form that we exist in now, we are only tuned into a limited range of frequencies. There is much around us we do not see and cannot sense. Our knowledge of science is still very infantile. We still know very little.

    A caller of yours said that religion imprisons the mind. I believe the opposite. It’s a prison to only believe what you can sense with your five senses. A lack of faith is a prison. I do not envy those who arrogantly believe they are wiser for having abandoned faith. A dog can hear sounds and frequencies we cannot hear.

    This realm, this terrestrial existence is a test of the faith of your spirit. The spirit is infinite. Time is only a construct. If time is not real, then you can be with everyone you love in heaven because we do not live on a linear plane. Paul says that the things that are seen are “temporal” but the things not seen are “eternal” (2 Corinthians 4:18). In describing God, the psalmist declares: “. . . from everlasting to everlasting, you are God” (Psalm 90:2). Yet, in the same context, of man it is said: “The days of our years are threescore years and ten.” (Psalm 90:10). Time does not relate to God and man in the same way.

    You must seek the truth. It isn’t handed to you on a platter. You must seek GOD. There is nothing that gives man greater hope. We do not have such a powerful hope or trust in fellow man.

    John 16:23–24 “And in that day ye shall ask me nothing. Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you. Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.”

    John also teaches us that GOD is light itself. All light comes from GOD. There is no darkness in Him. Genesis says that the light dispelled the darkness and chaos.

    Anyone who is honestly scientific, or a mathematician must admit that there is no true possibility for such magnificent order to come out of chaos. Evolutionists like to argue against probabilities, claiming that probability doesn’t matter in the quantum realm. Yet the same scientists use probability when it suits their desired conclusions. Then consider how silly or magical a “big bang” is. What causes a big bang and where did all this dense matter come from in the first place? Why would matter arrange itself in such a particular manner? I do not believe that creationism and/or evolution have to be exclusive of each other. God could have very well designed a universe that evolves. Although there are still gaping holes in the theory of evolution.

    The more our nation abandons GOD, the worse I see our society become. At my second job, one of my coworkers was 93 years old. He said the place used to be great until they began selling alcohol on Sundays. He retired soon after. I do believe that religion is the source of the morality in our nation. Yes, atheists can live moral lives, but it isn’t inside a vacuum. An atheist lives a moral life inside the construct of a Judeo-Christian nation. Purely secular nations void of religion fail to uphold the morality of a prosperous civil society.

    I am intrigued by this topic and the prospect of Dr. Savage publishing a book on the subject. I ask that Dr. Savage take his time with this book. This book should be the culmination of all your life’s experiences and wisdom. I believe that your faith in GOD is what gives you that extra spark which makes you the best radio talk show host in the nation.

    • Donna Kmetz

      once again I commend you for your writing and insight to the world of spirituality that so many deny. St. John also said, I paraphrase, ” ye have not because ye ask not, ask, (believing you already have it ) and ye shall receive:”

    • Jose Gomez

      God did not create a universe that evolves – the second law of thermodynamics says so —-> the universe left to itself sees an increase in disorder — the theory of evolution, not a law, not a fact, says the universe left to itself sees an increase in order, ie – single cells turning into animals.

  • Joe Smith

    I wonder what the boss would say if I hired a Chief-of-Staff for my office.

  • Mr Gadget
    • Neo Marcist

      Very interesting articles, however speculative. It makes me wonder how much electromagnetic weapons would change warfare, and if our military has planned for this new technology and if it has defenses against it. My concern is that our military suffered during the Obozo administration and is now a decade behind the curve, and that we have lost much of the the militaristic advantage we once had.

      • Mr Gadget

        I’d guess the equipment and emergency underground bunkers for all gov big wigs to survive a catastrophic event, continuity of government, is protected….nothing else.

    • Seeker

      I fail to comprehend how “an electromagnetic’ incident would affect the vision of the lookout crew with night vision goggles or night vision binoculars from seeing a slow moving cargo ship standing over 100 feet tall.

      • Mr Gadget

        Good question, I’d guess you’d have to assume the crew is not allowed to talk about it.

        • Seeker

          I’m sure they have been ordered not to speak but American Taxpayers want answers as to ‘how’ and ‘why’ their war ship was T-boned in the middle of nowhere. Either the lookouts were in their bunks, smoking a joint, having sex, or not looking where the boat was going. Someone had better come up with some answers.
          Apparently the US Navy has learned nothing from the incident under ‘Wet Cigar’ Clinton, where a rubber dingy full of dynamite was allowed to blow up the Cole because the ‘lookouts’ were not allowed to have bullets in their machine guns to stop a rubber boat from pulling up right beside them.

          • Mr Gadget

            or the ship was dead in the water like the article suggests.

          • Seeker

            Investigators found the cargo ship on ‘cruise control’ which means the pilot of it did not intentionally steer into the navy ship and was only going around 10 knots. Now what are the odds a slow moving behemoth cargo ship crawling along can hit a naval ship dead in the water – a tiny spec in the middle of a vast ocean just gets hit? With all the most sophisticated sonars,radars, GPS, Satellite tracking/surveillance and computer controlled everything just goes dead and the sailors go blind? They can’t fire a warding shot across the cargo ship’s bow to get their attention? No signal flares, rockets, spotlights to get their attention?
            There’s a lot of splainin to do Lucy!

    • MrPanetela

      I won’t discount the existence of such a device/weapon.
      But let’s keep in mind, that all the NAVY ships are monitored by series of central hubs. They would have seen it blink off the moment it happened, and immediately deploy help in some form. Something totally different happen that night. And it is so big, they are keeping a lid on it. Remember Savage said, something like, watch this story drop off into the abyss…and it has…

      • Mr Gadget

        We’ll only ever know what the gov tells us, and if you think CNN is fake news, they pale compared to the gov. Didn’t the guy in the vid say they changed the time by an hour?

  • EvilEvilDemocrats

    Please clarify Doctor Savage the release time date of your God Book .
    Approximately 6 months ago you stated it would be this fall but last week you stated ” next ” fall ..( next fall is not this fall ? )
    Won’t you feel disappointed if you regret releasing too soon if suddenly you decide to amend it because of BREAKING NEWS ?
    Better a blessed book sell only 7 copies then a rushed book that God won’t read ???
    It’s not about numbers or time frame …..God doesn’t wear a wrist watch and isn’t interested in numbers !
    Wait Doctor Savage……For BREAKING NEWS before you release the book !

  • SavageFan

    Dr Savage and the rest … I was just listening to The Average White Band … Pick up the pieces … and it occurred to me that black music of that era was more free than the thug music today. It was artistic and upbeat, very classy. Am I the only one that sees this?

    • Neo Marcist

      It just occurred to me that “The Average White Band” is now touring with two black members in the band.

      Black music from the 1950’s jazz era and soul and funk era of the 1960’s is great music.

      In the 1950’s you had Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Horace Silver, Cliff Brown,Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Lester Young, Billie Holiday, Charles Mingus, etc.

      In the 1960s you had The Temptations, Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke, Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, Marvin Gaye, Percy Sledge, The Delfonics, Jimmy Ruffin, Otis Redding, Dionne Warwick, The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, The Dells, James Brown, The Impressions, Archie Bell & The Drells, Jackie Wilson, The Isley Brothers, The Supremes, Wilson Pickett, The Intruders, Booker T and the MGs, Ray Charles, Hugh Masekela…..This is probably my favorite era.

      If you listen closely, the rap songs of today are actually sampling/looping parts of these old songs and then looping drum patterns and bass over them.

      • MrPanetela

        drums are the heartbeat of a song.
        bass is physical emotion of a song.
        lead and vocals are the verbalized emotion of a song.

        when you write a hit song, everything must meld together perfectly, else its a fail.
        thus, so much of rap actually borrow from other music genre, because they lack that special skill.
        That elusive special knack of discovering a new melody or harmony.
        they borrowed the over dubbing technique from earlier bands like the beatles, but fail to get it really together.

        Now, there are actually a very very few rap artist that get it right. Their rapping ability can be demonstrated
        them rapping accupella. A perfect blend of rhythm, ad lib lyrics, and
        steady beat. But the vast majority fail. Thus excessive sampling and
        borrowing to hide their lack of potential.

        But that doesn’t matter to the person whose mind is bent and twisted on drugs anyway.

  • BigDogUSMC

    while searching the internet I seen that Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch was being investigated but No News Anywhere????

    • MrPanetela

      Nothing will happen because she still has Obama’s dog collar stretch marks on her neck. And so do a lot of Congress people.

  • Tony

    Somebody needs to look into how much China has bought into our political system. Willing to bet all this faux animosity towards Russia is political payback for under the table kickbacks and bribes from China. Take Russia off the stage and China is free to play a superpower role, something they have always wanted.

  • Jail4Criminals

    Michael Savage Got his wrists slapped for ” daring ” to say that Ivana should not have been an influence in the bombing of Syria ?
    and I got my wrists slapped in stating that the so-called spiritual advisor of Trump ( Saint Paula White ) should be fired !

    Here is my response to the wrist slapper who chastised Shirley Bevers !

    Give one single example of Saint Paula working in a nursing home changing diapers , practicing humbling patience with
    dementia elderly , washing dishes at a blue collar shop , putting her

    ” FABULOUS ” bling bling , so-called God sent ministry on permanent hold so she may
    ” PERSONALLY ” care for a quadriplegic , mentally retarded 12 year old , disabled , bed bound boy and

    THEN tell Shirley she is WRONG , wrong WRONG , WRONG ……And please …. don’t send any
    ” arranged ” photo’s of Saint Paula conveniently manipulating her bling , bling photographer in taking

    opportunist pictures of her holding a quadriplegic disabled boy beside Trump for the MEDIA !
    I demand an audit of how and if she uses the proceeds of her God Books to pay for her utility bills in relation to how a
    nursing home employee’s TINY paycheck pays for utility bills .
    I want a picture of Saint Paula’s fabulous castle home next to Pope Francis’s castle and then a picture
    of a simple and humble nursing home employee’s unflattering home .
    Give Shirley the evidence of the logical , reasonable proof of Saint Paula’s practical and unflattering walk in the footsteps
    of Jesus and THEN I will also join in with you and say that Shirley Bevers is WRONG WRONG , WRONG !
    Everyone knows Shirley is RIGHT , RIGHT , RIGHT and that Saint Paula like ALL fake republicans are what’s WRONG about America !
    Would Saint Paula agree that bombing Syria is WRONG , WRONG , WRONG ?
    If she did….then she would ” BE FIRED ” !…………….” IMMEDIATELY ” ……………” YOUR FIRED PAULA ”
    Go get yourself a blue collar job Paula that doesn’t provide you with a fabulous caste to live in using the proceeds
    from your fake God Books to ensure all your utility bills are paid and to ENSURE that you and your family will

    NEVER have to be an emergency responder doing all the dirty work that keeps America great again and SAFE again !
    You can fool some of the people sometimes Saint Paula but not ALL of the people ALL of the time Saint Paula !
    Go get your hands filthy and dirty FIRST Saint Paula and then I’ll buy your God Books !
    Is Saint Paula a deceiving prosperity evangelist that should be in Jail with Hillary ?

  • MrPanetela

    Do Socialist have a death wish?

    in the late 1700’s the war weary British economy was broke.
    they had the bright idea to tax the colonies.
    Founding fathers, educated on the Classics and direct experience
    knew that taxation would not end, but expand and grow.(sound familiar?)
    It would eventually turn the colonies into little more than slave labor camps.

    today we find ourselves in a similar situation.
    at the G20 meeting, the protest demonstrated that many want socialism rather than capitalism.
    They also want the EU to reign supreme. To tax and tax to give them freebies.

    they fail to realize, that many socialistic regimes lost more lives thru executions and deliberate starvation than war itself. More death occurred under socialism than the Civil War and war of Independence combined.

    I am forced to conclude, whether consciously or unconsciously, hard-cored socialist have a death wish. This would put them in the same line as Radical Islam…so who is funding these movements?

    • martin

      It is a fatal flaw in man. Never happy with his situation. A man living in slavery always fights to be free, while a man living in freedom fights to become a slave.

      • MrPanetela

        very well spoken, true on many levels.

    • Anonymous

      George Soros & other World Globalists elites, wanting the EU to have supreme power

    • Neo Marcist

      It would also explain why they drown themselves in liquor and booze in their free time and try to overdose on drugs as their favorite recreational activity each weekend. Liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists struggle with accepting reality. Life is too hard for them. Many of them try to guilt trip white people for a period of slavery nearly 300 years ago, but it is in fact they themselves who still have a slave mentality to this day and ask to be “kept” by their government plantation owners.

  • Tech Gorilla

    Doc, where was the Milo interview?? Just dropped the subject all together. That not really your style. Not even a comment about it. Curious.

  • MrPanetela

    why is radical Islam in such a hurry to force people into Islam?
    there is a simple analogy.
    we see in Democrat party behavior.
    at every shooting they are in a hurry to outlaw guns, even though they know the majority is against it.
    Could it be a very clear sign of overt weakness?
    Could it be insecurity and lack of confidence?
    If either Islam or Socialism was so just and fair and right, people would naturally gravitate to it the same way they did immediat3ly after the invention of the refrigerators, can food, or cars…
    They don’t. So they both browbeat coerce and downright force people to comply.It is what Sharia and CNN are really all about.

    • Neo Marcist

      1. Because Islam is spread by conquest and threat. Convert or die! In contrast, Christianity is spread with the message of love and forgiveness. Not only are people forced into Islam, but they risk being murdered if they choose to leave the satanic religion behind.

      2. Liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists are weak in mind, body, and spirit. They don’t have the strength or courage to be individualists. The are followers who weakly must feel acceptance with collectivist appeasements.

      3. Liberal Democrat progressive neo-marxists have no confidence in their own individualist ability to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. A nanny government must coddle them even if that requires oppression, confiscation and redistribution of private property, and coercion. Political correctness is the overt sign of their insecurities. They censor themselves and have been programmed not to speak their own minds. Anything and everything could be offensive to a snowflake so it is best to only recite political party propaganda.

    • Trzo9veuha

      “Forced membership” is always a sign of weakness and self-doubting.

  • Charles P

    The “FAKE NEWS STORY” about Plastic wrap “shaped like a noose” IS MORONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Otherwise the end of the wrap just keeps coming loose, and ANNOYING THE [email protected] OUT OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Joe Smith

      Those students would really hate me. I have a habit of practicing my fishing knots on everything. One look in a garbage can after I have been to it, would trigger WWIII. Not to mention I keep a coil of small rope in my pack to practice knots with when waiting for class to start.


    BBQ over…
    Back to the tough topics….
    Filibuster for massive purge….
    Don’t Back Down….
    Don’t Steer One Degree Off Topic until after we see results…
    demand full prosecution (DEATH PENALTY) for all treasonous crimes….ignore so-called political angles…..

  • EvilEvilDemocrats

    Hillary / CNN will now say that there is PROOF of Trump using Russia to meddle with the election causing her lose
    in regards to Trump Junior !
    Every attempt by conservatives must be made to show Hillary is a liar to TRIANGULATE the media from showing
    that Trump is a liar !
    PLEASE…..Let’s all brain storm together ….and TRIANGULATE the WITCH and her CNN media empire !

    Obama’s back / Hillary the witch NEVER left and now they are using Trump Junior to conveniently drag the Trump / Russia
    thing into the mud again and again and again and again and again ………Until Hillary is declared by CNN …The president !

    Let’s all brain storm and POLITICALLY TRIANGULATE the Witch , the evil evil democrats who are FAKE republicans, and Obama !

    Brain storm , brain storm and brain storm UNTIL the WITCHES broom catches on fire with LIE’S and crashes over the
    Bermuda Tri-angle ( TRI-ANGULATION )…………political triangulation !

    • Neo Marcist

      Tell the hag to get all the states to submit election voting data so the frauds can prove it. You want to prove election fraud? Turn in your voter data! Or are they scared we might find out how many illegal aliens and dead people voted Democrat?

  • Trisha White

    This is my sister in law’s niece’s husband who died in that helicopter. He was an outstanding man. Her niece was pregnant with their second child at the time of his death. 34, of Green Forest, Ark.; assigned to an East Coast-based SEAL team.; died Aug. 6 in Wardak province, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when the CH-47 Chinook helicopter in which he was riding was shot down. Thomas Ratzlaff wanted to be a Navy SEAL ever since he was a young boy growing up in Green Forest, Ark.

  • Susan B

    Stonewall Obama turned his dark heart to the parents of our fallen Extortion 17 heros for years. I’ve asked Sessions to cooperate.


  • Anonymous

    Important story about the downed SEALS. No one is covering this.
    Thank you Dr. Savage!

    • Richard Pineiro

      Thanks for making me aware of the lost of these Navy Seals. At times I feel like I’m living in the dark, you always bring things to light. Everybody takes Freedom for granted many don’t realize its land of the Free because of the Brave. God Bless the fallen and change the laws of engagement. This unfortunate incident is probably one of many that for unknown reasons get covered up.

  • Benyamin

    Hey Dr. Savage, thank you for quoting from Tanach. When you do, I generally look into my own Tanach to look up the passuk. Thank you for helping me become more of a Talmid Chacham. We will never forget this.

  • Scott Kolar

    Mr Savage the CH-47F that the Navy Seals were flying in is the fastest military helicopter in the world and it also has the highest hover altitude both in or out of ground effect of any US helicopter. It looks like a Vietnam era one but is a completely modern machine. They are used in Afghanistan because of their high altitude performance and they can take alot of damage and still fly. I think there is something not right about this mission but the CH 47 isn’t the issue.

    • Mr Gadget

      It wasn’t an F, but D’s are still awesome. They should have been divided up on at least 2 Special ops E’s or F’s. The key is they did not have STANDARD gunship escorts. My theory, they were killed to keep Obama’s staged fake killing of bin laden secret.

  • Ken Price

    There are still people out there (dumb*** of course) that think that if Mr. Trump was somehow pushed out of the Office, that their little worthless lying pig, hilary, would then become “president”………….they actually think that!

  • Alex Grabovskiy


    Nice article, TeenVogue: A gide to Anal sex.
    “What about the LGBTQ young people who need to know about this for their sexual health?”

    Poor kids…
    But Yes we can! Husein (like Super Man with power of Schwartz!) Can start to lecture on the topic?

  • Mr Gadget

    Doc, they must have been too scared to include you..initially anyway.
    “New fears Drudge, InfoWars, Breitbart could face Dem FEC ‘inquisition’

  • adm

    Dr. Savage, re your show the other day when you asked why the Trump staff needs so many assistants, handlers and PR agents when no other Presidential staff has had to – no other administration has been steadily attacked by the media and the press – of course they need their staff to help cover up any loose ends they might have kicked up for the media to smear unflinchingly

  • Javon Johnson

    California Democrats Sue Cal-State Fullerton College Students Who Backed Gas Tax Recall of State Senator http://www.dailywire.com/news/18343/california-democratic-party-sues-conservative-peter-van-voorhis

  • Richard Pineiro

    Dr. Savage did you ever see a movie called Eye in the Sky. It had alot to do with getting authorization for engagement.

  • AOG

    Hellary colluded with Russia on the uranium one deal and Obama gave 500 billions of dollars to Iran… so Iran can buy the uranium from Russia

  • AOG

    Democrats colluded with Mexico by letting the illegals vote in the elections

  • AOG

    Now check all Rob Goldstone emails and server…maybe Hellary colluded with Rob Goldstone

  • Mr Gadget

    Doc, when are you going to have Lee Stranahan on to explain Ukraine messing with the election and the fake Russian story…with evidence of Hillary/Soros/State department starting it all. He has an incredible amount of SOILD evidence even much more since this awesome article
    The Group Behind the Trump Witch Hunt
    Hannity just barely touched on this last night and all of it needs to come out and Congress must be encouraged/pressured to start investigations!
    RED ALRET: Sean Hannity is talking about Ukrainian election interference: DO THIS NEXT…

  • John Angeletta

    Stop this. I’m done with Russia. I want Life Coach Dr. Savage or stories about the Catskill Mountains

    • Neo Marcist

      I’m sick of it too. fatigued by the whole thing. I know Dr. Savage feels a duty to address it, but I hope on tomorrow’s show he turns off Drudge Report and does a show from the soul.

  • jl

    Yes absolutely we feel cheated. We thought Ivanka would serve on a commission on working women, not have an office next to dad. It’s a bait & switch. When she intervened in Syria it almost got into a shooting war with Russia.

  • Jeri Williams

    The Kushner and Trump kids were raised with rich families and they have been going to the Hamptons their whole life. You don’t think just because they won the White House they will instantly acquire discernment and realize the perception of ordinary people and change. No way. KellyAnn Conway is another subject, she’s trailer trash and will party with anyone.

  • MJD

    Dr. Savage: This flap over Don Junior must end on our side, too. Nothing came of it. It was a set-up. Please don’t let the Commie-Lib Left sidetrack us.

  • MikeB

    Trump needs to go steroid on the Russians and the Clintons. The best defense is a good offense. And they deserve it.

  • EvilEvilDemocrats

    At the end of the day is this entire Russian / Trump collusion thing Not about George Soros …His New world order and the
    chains and shackles ( money collusion ) he has had , does have and will have on ANYONE ( Trump Junior ) connected with his
    EVIL money collusion those he has ” BOUGHT ” ?
    Take one cent or marry one cent of your money and the the money of Soros and he’ll POLITICALLY TRIANGULATE you !
    WHY ………WHY …..Is Ivana and her husband going to cocktail parties with Soros and Chuck Schumer ?
    WHY ???????????????????????????????????
    HOW…. is it possible to Dance with the devil and then expect to Waltz with God ?
    What Liberal , progressive , New World Order , compromising , business Soros DEAL is the American public NOT aware of ?
    At the end of the day ………. is that NOT what is going on while we are all on vacation and DISTRACTED ?


      The SOROS controlled democrats / fake republicans and his demonic billionaires will black male Trump and say ?
      ” We’ll let the Russia collusion SLIDE with your son if you SLIDE your administration into ” MY ” Obama , Chuck Schumer ,Nancy Pelosi , EU and Hillary’s New World Order vision …guarantee us ” victory ” or we will throw Ivana’s husband in jail and ban you ! ”
      Give us what we demand or we will Ban you from America and create hell for your voters !
      TRUMPS WAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sheepcreeper

      Because Satan rules this world. Same game, different party name. I was booted from The Trump Train a long time ago.

  • Scorpio321

    Why are conservatives and Republicans avoiding any mention of Democrats’ many attempts to get the KGB to help them defeat Republicans?

    For example, in 1976, Sen. Ted Kennedy contacted the KGB, offering to publicly condemn Jimmy Carter’s policy toward the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in exchange for KGB help in his campaign to defeat Carter in the Democratic primaries.

    In the closing days of the 1980 General Election, while Carter trailed Reagan in the national polls, Carter sent industrialist Armand Hammer to a secret meeting with Soviet ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin at the Soviet embassy in Washington. Hammer asked the Soviets to help Carter win votes in key states by allowing Jewish “refuseniks” in the Soviet Union to emigrate to Israel.

    In January 1984, Carter approached Dobrynin in person. In an effort to derail Reagan’s defense buildup, Carter asked for Soviet help in defeating Reagan in his bid for reelection. In spite of that effort, Reagan defeated Walter Mondale by a vote of 525 to 13 in the Electoral College, the second largest electoral landslide in U.S. history.

    In 1984, House Speaker “Tip” O’Neill (D-MA) told Ambassador Dobrynin that it was in “everyone’s best interests” if the Soviets would help Democrats keep “that demagogue Reagan” from being reelected. O’Neill warned Dobrynin that the “primitive instincts” of this “dangerous man” would plunge the world into war.

    Finally, declassified KGB documents contain details of meetings that took place in Moscow, on two days in May 1983, in which Senator Ted Kennedy’s emissary, former senator John Tunney (D-CA), conspired with Viktor Cherbrikov, Chairman of the KGB. In a subsequent memorandum to General Secretary Yuri Andropov, Chebrikov reported that Kennedy had asked the soviets to assist Democrats in their efforts to defeat Ronald Reagan and other Republicans in the 1984 elections. In his memorandum, Chebrikov quoted Tunney as saying that Kennedy was convinced that the chilly relations between the U.S. and the Soviet Union were due to Reagan’s unwillingness to modify his strategic plan to win a final Cold War victory over the Soviet Union. Would the American people like to know that? You bet!

    Kennedy asked Andropov to consider inviting him (Kennedy) to Moscow for a personal visit in July 1983. The purpose of the visit would be to provide the Soviets with “talking points” related to the issue of nuclear disarmament, so that they’d be “better prepared and more convincing during appearances in the U.S.” On Kennedy’s behalf, Tunney offered to take the necessary steps to have representatives of the major U.S. networks contact Andropov to schedule interviews. Specifically, he suggested that the head of ABC, Elton Raul, and “television columnists Walter Cronkite or Barbara Walters could visit Moscow” to conduct interviews.

    I suspect it would be the news story of the year if certain conservative media outlets (Dr. Savage?) finally found the courage to make the American people aware of these overt attempts at collusion with Russians by Democrats. And remember, these episodes occurred at a time when the Soviet Union was still the “evil empire.”

    All of these episodes, some bordering on treason, are fully disclosed in now-declassified archives of the KGB. If not outright treason, they certainly do represent major “collusion.” In the meantime, conservatives are forced to sit and listen to Democrats pursuing the fiction that the Russians attempted to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election because they either favored or were bought off by Donald Trump, or someone connected to his campaign when, in fact, it was Vladimir Putin’s total dislike for and distrust of Hillary Clinton that motivated them. They didn’t necessarily like Trump or any other Republican. Instead, their efforts were based on the concept of “anybody but Hillary.”

  • Neo Marcist

    I was surprised by today’s show. I think Dr. Savage was playing up the Trump Jr. email release. It’s more of nothing if you ask me.

    Double Standard: Democrats Repeatedly Relied on Foreigners for Trump Dirt http://www.lifezette.com/polizette/double-standard-democrats-repeatedly-relied-foreigners-trump-dirt/

    Then there’s this:

    President Obama: “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

    President Medvedev: “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir, and I stand with you.”

    LOL! Seems if anyone was colluding, it was Obama and Russian President Medvedev. Not to mention Obama’s insistence on defending Russia when Romney called them a geo-political foe. Remember? The 1980’s called. They want their foreign policy back.

    Obama colluded with the Muslim Brotherhood for 8 years and I didn’t hear anything from these media rats.

    I expect the liberals to babble endlessy about Russia-Trump make believe collusion. But I don’t expect Savage to fuel the fire and repeat it on the show everyday. Likewise, Drudge links to all the fake news media articles and gives them the clicks and ad revenue that we should be denying them of. This has become profitable for the fake news media. The more ridiculous their claims, the more likely Dr. Savage is going to talk about it or Matt Drudge is going to link to their garbage articles.

    I’m sick of this garbage and just need to tune out radio and the fake news for a while. Tell us about how Teddy’s doing or your last meal at a good restaurant. Enough with this Russia crap. If I want to read about it I’ll go to the Bezos Post or to CNN or The Hill. Heck, Matt Drudge will link me to it.

  • Neo Marcist

    Why are liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists such XENOPHOBES when it comes to Russians? I thought XENOPHOBIA was a bad thing?

  • Benyamin

    Dr. Savage, I love the re-runs of your shows. Everytime I listen to them, I gain more and more. You are of infinity, and I am sure of it.

  • MultiNanafan .

    If it weren’t for you and The Savage Nation, I’d be insane with worry and anger over what’s happened to America. It makes me fighting mad. I agree with those who call for the firing of the Obama-holdovers in the White House; can they be fired? Can the deep-state be kicked out, or does it depend upon an election? I don’t want America to die.

  • MultiNanafan .

    I am also wondering about the judgement of Don Trump, Jr. As you pointed out today on the dozens of emails sent by Ron Goldman, it smacks of a scam. I can imagine how his inbox must have looked. Too bad Don Jr. didn’t get ‘that feeling’ before taking the bait.

  • Mark

    Regarding: Donald Jr.; I love it. I think it’s a blessing from God and not for the reason you’d think. You know how really smart people often do dumb things. Well, that’s what this is. I knew a girl in college, she was a straight “A” student and she told me one time that she when started driving she came upon a sign that said, “do not pass.” The girl pulled over on the side of the road and sat there for fifteen minutes before she figured out what the sign actually meant. My point is this: now we know what kind of leader Donald Jr would be and we got off easy. We didn’t need a terrorist attack that killed thousands of people or series of nebulous wars to follow it. Leadership isn’t his strong suit. If you’re a teacher and have one child who you know will run with scissors, then you don’t put him in charge of passing out craft supplies.

  • Tony A

    Republicans believe in the right to bear arms and the right to free speech.
    Democrats believe in the right to bear alms and the right to free screech

  • Martin

    The whole Russia thing is happening because Trump wasted his time trolling the media on twitter instead of draining the swamp. It is happening because Trump was naive in thinking everybody in DC loves America and wants what is best for the country. Trump’s complete refusal to request special prosecutors to go after Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Holder, the DNC and not firing all the Obama holdovers working under him is destroying him. Trump letting the GOP elites posture, drive his agenda, and pretending they are all on his side makes him weak. This is a divided nation. The government-media complex has declared war on the American people. The time has come for Trump to pick a side and fight for it. This Mr. Nice Guy we are all Americans shtick needs to end, now. The Russia bs is blatant open sedition being pushed by the real traitors who have been selling out the people of this country for decades.

    • Street Detective

      HE KNOWS THAT. Any businessman like him—or me—we know that. There’s more to it.

    • Michael Orillion

      He can not move too fast. He is doing it, taking it (the deep state bureaucracy) apart brick by brick. This will be a tough task. He has to be concerned about an assassination or military coup.

      • Laurie Martin Coffelt

        What can he do when all his liberal advisors are partying with $oros?

  • Bugsy Papadopoulos

    Dr Savage, You often speak of how you enjoy visiting the few still-remaining sections of Old San Francisco. In light of that, I think that you would enjoy viewing the video linked below. As a second generation, native San Franciscan, of baby boomer age, it shows the city that is in my heart.

    ‘A recently unearthed amateur video gives a rare, full-color look at San Francisco circa 1955.
    Shot by filmmaker Tullio Pellgrini, the 20-minute movie gives an up-close-and-personal tour of the city from Pellgrini’s automobile…’


  • MrPanetela

    Hey folks, Activist Judges, think of themselves as Kings or Pope’s; that somehow they can never render a wrong decision. Reality says otherwise. Look at all the repeat crimes by the illegals they freed time and again.
    And this begs a much more important question, now that more then enough gathered evidence shows that Ex FBI head Comey is guilty for multiple wrong doings, will an activist judge convict him?

  • Street Detective



  • LS

    I want to get the Dr. Savage frank take on the Dodge Hellcat, seriously thinking of investing in one here….

  • ShirleyBevers

    Dear Michael Savage ,

    This is getting out of hand and entirely ridiculous …
    ” ALL ” the so-called spiritual advisory ” hands ” that are doing the ” laying of hands ” on Trump in the oval office appear to
    ” ALL ” have ” PROSPERITY ” 75 thousand dollar rings on the fingers of the hand layers !
    PLEASE Doctor Savage ….Put your foot down ….Draw a line in the sand …..This is getting dumb , dumb STUPID !
    The next thing we are going to see is one of these fake republican prosperity evangelists trying to tame snakes in the oval office .
    It’s an utter embarrassment Doctor Savage …. As is the juvenile tweeting going on in the oval office !
    A prosperity evangelist snake is going to tame the prosperity SOROS snake who also has histrionic tie’s to the oval office ?
    All the news MEDIA and Alec Baldwins SNL will make a joke and mockery of Trumps oval office as they did with
    Tammy Faye Baker and Jimmy Swaggart ….
    —i’m not buying Trumps ill advised spiritual PROSPERITY advisor ( SAINT PAULA WHITE’S ) God books in order to make
    ——-You can fool some of the people some of the time BUT not all the people all the time ———

    • Jose Gomez

      wise up, *** . The pastors are at the oval office to do what the Bible tells them to do: “Pray for your leaders”
      You obviously have a problem with God, the Bible, and Christians.

  • Neo Marcist

    These angry birds are attacking the street vermin in San FranSICKO. Their message? Keep it moving! These angry attacking birds are fending off the bums within a three block radius. Even the birds can’t stand the liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists passing by in the dirty streets of San FranSICKO!!

    Angry Birds: Winged Worrywarts On Patrol Near Church & Market http://hoodline.com/2017/07/angry-birds-winged-worrywarts-on-patrol-near-church-market

  • Benyamin

    Great show, Mike! You were on fire!

  • MrPanetela

    We need a “Plan B”

    Democrats have planed to systematically default every state then Dissolve then as a solution. Thus making themselves lords and kings.

    We need a “Plan B” to thwart this…

    • Neo Marcist

      Plan B should be to give all democrat women or women who sleep with democrats PLAN B pills free of charge.

  • donald williams

    Until we have a full-blown civil war, which we are overdue, nothing can be solved 42,000,000 guns are currently pointed at the liberal enemy as such; time to get over this respect of police and….DO IT!11

  • donald williams

    Why has the Armed Services not been called in and martial law declared to stop the crime and anarchy?

  • Neo Marcist

    Turns out that Obama and Clinton colluded with Russians to try to frame Donald Trump for colluding with Russians!

    This Trump Jr. email chain is actually exposing more corruption and fraud about the Democrat party than anything else. This hurts the Democrats. As more stories and information comes out, the Democrats will be eating more crow.

    1. Turns out this Russian lawyer was just an agent for the DNC. Someone they hired and used as an operative. Obama’s DOJ let her into the country without a visa under “extraordinary circumstances” (source http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/341788-exclusive-doj-let-russian-lawyer-into-us-before-she-met-with-trump).

    2. Why would President Obama prevent Americans from adopting Russian babies? That woman was supposedly here to lobby for the Magnitysky Act to be repealed. Isn’t it very XENOPHOBIC for Obama to disallow American citizens from adopting Russian orphans who need a home? What if Trump had prevented Americans from adopting black babies from Africa? It’d be WAYYYCISM!!! Obviously, Obama and Democrats are racist against Russian white babies and therefore prevent Americans from adopting them. Where is the outrage from our phony media that’s so concerned about xenophobia and racism?

    3. Turns out that Clintons have many more ties to Russia than Trump does. Obama and Clinton have colluded with Russians more than Trump ever did for any reasons. “Bill Clinton received half a million dollars in 2010 for a speech he gave in Moscow, paid by a Russian firm, Renaissance Capital, that has ties to Russian intelligence. The Clinton Foundation took money from Russian officials and oligarchs, including Victor Kekselberg, a Putin confidant. The Foundation also received millions of dollars from Uranium One, which was sold to the Russian government in 2010, giving Russia control of 20% of the uranium deposits in the U.S. — the sale required approval from Hillary Clinton’s State Department. What’s more, at least some of these donations weren’t disclosed. “Ian Telfer, the head of the Russian government’s uranium company, Uranium One, made four foreign donations totaling $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all such donors” (sources http://www.investors.com/politics/commentary/check-it-out-the-new-york-times-just-exposed-the-hillary-clinton-russia-nexus/ and https://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/24/us/cash-flowed-to-clinton-foundation-as-russians-pressed-for-control-of-uranium-company.html).

    4. John Podesta failed to disclose that he received “75,000 shares of stock from a Kremlin-financed company — Joule Unlimited — for which he served as director from 2010 to 2014, when he joined the Obama White House in 2014.” (source: investors.com article linked above)

    5. Tony Podesta – “Mr. Podesta’s brother, who has close personal and business relations with Mrs. Clinton, was “key lobbyist on behalf of Sberbank, according to Senate lobbying disclosure forms. His firm received more than $24 million in fees in 2016, much of it coming from foreign governments, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics,” a March news story reported. The bank was “seeking to end one of the Obama administration’s economic sanctions against that country.” The report goes on to note that “Podesta’s efforts were a key part of under-the-radar lobbying during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign led mainly by veteran Democratic strategists to remove sanctions against Sberbank and VTB Capital, Russia’s second largest bank.” Mr. Obama imposed the sanctions following the Russian seizure of the Crimean region of Ukraine in 2014.” (source: investors.com)

    6. “THE CLINTON CAMPAIGN In March, Mr. Putin’s spokesman said that Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak met with members of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign several times while she was running for president in 2016. Further, the campaign never disclosed the number or nature of these secret meetings.” (investors.com)

    Then we know that FUSION GPS, a Democrat operative group colluded with a British agent (Christopher Steele) who colluded with Russians to write a fraudulent “dossier” to try to frame Trump for colluding with Russians. Then former FBI Director Comey, actually used the fake dossier to launch the investigation! Comey committed fraud! See here: http://www.wnd.com/2017/06/entire-russia-probe-based-on-wacky-dossier/ No wonder Trump has no faith in our intelligence agencies! They fall for fake parlor tricks and fake reports written by foreign agents that Democrats hired!

    • Jose Gomez

      great post – Savage should keep this posted for months

  • ginao

    Has anyone thought that the “Barmaid” Kelly Anne Conways husband as the leaker? He has been venting his opposing views to Trump after he wasn’t given a position which he says he refused.

  • Neo Marcist

    Dear Dr. Savage,

    Please consider my theory:

    The Democrats, Obama, Clinton, and their operative group Fusion GPS were moving the chess pieces into place prior to the November election expecting Trump to lose the election. After Hillary won the election, she was going to prosecute Trump with the fake evidence, phony dossier, the meeting with this Russian stooge which Democrats actually setup and orchestrated in an attempt to entrap Trump in a phony scandal, and they were going to attempt to frame Trump and charge him with treason and election fraud and strip him of his fortune and dignity. They were spying on Trump’s campaign (Watergate 2.0), tapping his phones in Trump tower, and unmasking NSA information as evidenced from what we learned about Loretta Lynch’s activities. Only, to their surprise, Americans actually hate Obama and sHillary and see through the media B.S. and elected Trump as president. This threw a wrench into their plan, but they still had fabricated enough evidence to attempt to frame President Trump and try to impeach him, with a complicit corporate conglomerate fake news media cartel of five corporations owning more than 85% of all media outlets under the puppet strings of Democrat operatives and leadership. The CIA, Republican puppets to the military industrial complex (McCain, Lyndsay Graham, etc.), Obama, and Hillary don’t want the public to find out that they overthrew the democratically elected government in Ukraine and had agents in Kiev while the Russian hosted Olympics were going on, and that they armed and financed terrorist rebels in Syria who were murdering Christians in an attempt to nation build in Syria and put one of their puppets in to replace Assad, who is a secular moderate in comparison to the jihadist terrorists Obama and Clinton support. The CIA is still tapping and leaking Trump’s conversations and sabotaging his presidency. What Obama, sHillary, DNC and Fusion GPS are engaging in (collusion with foreign governments and foreign agents, illegal nation building, arming and financing terrorists, framing, entrapment, illegal wire tapping, spying, intelligence fraud, accepting donations from foreign agents, quid pro quo, etc.) is the closest thing to true “treason” that we have, and yet the media is falsely calling Trump the traitor to deflect us from the truth.

  • Jail4Criminals

    Personally … I simply can’t wait and it can’t come soon enough for eternal JUSTICE to be applied to the souls of
    all FAKE politicians and liberal progressive’s who masqueraded as sincere representatives and spokesmen
    and women of the American people !
    I simply cannot wait and it can’t come soon enough for God’s Justice ….applied to all the snakes who are responsible
    for sending Seal Team 6 to their deaths , aborted fetus’s to their death and American veterans to their death because
    they couldn’t afford sky rocket Obamacare premiums and consequently died because of no medical insurance .
    For all the brave military who ended up homeless …..eternal JUSTICE can’t come soon enough !
    For all the victims of BLM and the new Berkeley protestor thugs…..eternal JUSTICE can’t come soon enough !
    ” I KNOW ”…. ” I TRUST ” that our Judaeo christian American God has eternal prisons awaiting the evil doers
    who pretend to represent us the deplorables … They Lie to us …Deceive us , take our tax money and give it to the undeserving !
    INESCAPABLE eternal prisons of ever lasting , never ending , indescribable , incomprehensible Justice suffering
    for all the hell they provoked on earth while they were alive on earth and had a chance to repent but DIDN’T !
    God is patient and waiting for repentance BECAUSE God knows the inescapable , eternal agonies awaiting the unrepentant .
    I am not patient / I am not God…..I am hurting because of OBAMACARE …….
    I AM HURTING AND I’M ANGRY AND CRYING !….And suffering !
    Thank God…..For eternal JUSTICE !
    Bless God’s Holy name …For eternal Justice !
    Thank God for making the human soul indestructible where upon leaving it’s earthly body it can only go UP or DOWN forever !
    THANK GOD FOR JUSTICE ! …………….Comforting JUSTICE for for Seal Team 6 ……..BETRAYED BY BARRACK HUSSEIN !

    • Neo Marcist

      I’d like for them to begin serving their sentences here before they meet their maker. Let’s put them in holding cells until the trial for your eternal justice begins.

      • Weary Traveler

        I want to see justice done on this Earth too. These people need to be made an example of. It is the only way we can ever have justice or peace. And I want that justice to strike the fear of God in to the hearts of man.

  • GaysForTrump

    Obama just returned and back….Just in the nick of time …( a coincidence ? )
    Just as the fake republicans go on a recess putting Obamacare on HOLD .!!!
    Obama ….. returning as a celebrity just and as soon as the fake republicans go on a Obamacare recess !
    Why blame Trump when it is the deep state working against him at every corner and turn ?
    And while they are undermining Trump they are undermining a president who wants to save women , gays and Jews
    from being slaughtered by ISIS !
    Hillary as president would have protected me from the Muslim killers ?
    Forget it …..I’m voting for Trump again to stay alive !
    Sorry Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi ….but you can’t manipulate my gay vote for Trump !

  • MJD

    Dr. Savage, your three Vs, funny bit! As for talking about your personal life, WE LOVE IT! May you live to be 100+!

  • Ginger B.

    AWESOME SHOW TODAY DR. SAVAGE! Full of info as usual! Can you speak a bit more about your bulging leg vein? I also have one in my left leg. 39 yrs. old and have also exercised a lot through my life. Besides vitamin C&E what else have you been taking for your health? Sounds like you take very good care of yourself besides the “garbage” foods you mentioned you’ve indulged in! Haa! I think every success deserves to treat themselves and indulge every once in a while! Keep making that pasta dish you shared a pic of, Italians do it best!! Love you!

  • http://www.thegospelofgunrights.com/ The Gospel of Gun Rights

    I would like to inform everyone that the following are unconstitutional under Chief Justice John Roberts’ healthcare ruling: The Gun Control Act and all state gun prohibition laws, all federal business and personal income taxes, all voter restriction laws and the healthcare tax. Pam Bondi won the healthcare lawsuit under Roberts’ order against compelling commerce, and we are going to contact her office to let her know that she won. You can read how this was done on our free educational website: http://www.thegospelofgunrights.com/. We DO NOT ask or accept donations, and we DO NOT have any kind of advertising on our site. All we ask is that the American people read the free publication and demand action from their representatives. The Democrats and RINOs are going to have a collective stroke when they find out that John Roberts played a very cruel trick on Congress. This publication would not be possible without Michael Savage’s lectures on the Schechter brothers in 2012, and this why he is thanked in the Dedication.

  • http://www.thegospelofgunrights.com/ The Gospel of Gun Rights

    The liberal agenda was destroyed by the healthcare ruling, and we owe a great deal of thanks to Michael Savage. Go to http://www.thegospelofgunrights.com/ and read how this was done.

  • MrPanetela

    Tourist dies after being hit by jet blast
    if standing in hurricane force winds turns some people on, so be it.
    60,000 pounds of force is dangerous.
    How dangerous?
    When Iraq set fire to the oils fields,
    jet engines were brought in to blow the flames out
    (I wonder if something similar could be used to put out forest fires?)

  • Charles P


    • GaysForTrump

      Al Gore was BORN stupid !…….

  • Neo Marcist

    John McCain is such a *** . Donald Trump is right. I prefer the soldiers that don’t get captured. I can’t believe he hired a foreign spy to try to setup our president. I expect it of the Democrats. But McCain? What a jerk!

    This loser has used getting captured as a free pass to prolong what is now his pathetic political career. He was the last Republican presidential nominee even I couldn’t pinch my nose tight enough to vote for. I want a grassroots movement to make sure this is his last term. I’m sick of him being a toolbag for the military industrial complex and posing with Syrian terrorists.

    Sadly, he isn’t up for re-election until 2023. We’re stuck with this drooling, senile loser for years to come.

    • Brian A

      With any luck he’ll have an aneurysm or come down with dementia.

    • Weary Traveler

      What offends me most about McCain is the same thing that offended me about Kerry during the 2004 Presidential election, which was playing the soldier card to distract from his overall lack of character. It is disgraceful.

    • Jose Gomez

      What really puts the icing on the cake for me about the Flake McCain: during the early 1990’s, we would sometimes see stories in the newspapers about MIA’s from Viet Nam being seen somewhere in South Asia. This would create a problem for the new world order crowd because they told us that none were left behind alive. So, the stooge McCain does his job for the nwo jackals by sealing all POW/MIA records from reporters and the public in the late 90’s. So much for caring about your fellow POW’s.
      For example: Albro Lundy, POW 1966 Laos, pilot, educated with a masters degree, was spotted In Asia in the early 90’s. A reporter followed up by checking Albro’s military records, only to find his finger print card missing. Thanks to McShit, the gov’t won’t be embarrassed like this again.
      The late Nick Rowe, Viet Nam POW for 5 years: “we were prepared to fight and die for our country, but we were not prepared to be abandoned”.

      • Neo Marcist

        Well, they didn’t abandon Bowe Bergdahl. We released five top terrorist generals in exchange for that muslim convert. Why haven’t our great media journalists exercised their resources and used their astounding investigative journalist skillsets to give us updates on what these five released terrorists are up to these days? I’m sure they’re somewhere crocheting blankets for orphans and haven’t rejoined militias (sarcasm).

        Last I heard was this: Obama Released Taliban 5 for Deserter Bergdahl- Current Whereabouts Unknown http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/12/worst-president-ever-obama-released-taliban-5-current-whereabouts-unknown/

        The GAO ruled that the exchange was illegal. But we heard no criticism of Obama from our complicit press.

        “Lt. Colonel Tony Schaffer added that in addition to the Taliban 5, Obama paid $5 Billion in the exchange for Bergdahl.”

        BILLION. Not million. BILLIONS! And that is treason. Aiding and abetting our enemies with that kind of financing allows them to buy lots of military weapons, missile launchers, tanks, helicopters, and even jets.

        That’s more money than he dropped off on a pallet to Iran! That was only $1.7 billion! Take a moment and try to grasp how much money $5 billion is and how well that funds their terrorism. And we heard nothing from the fraudulent press. Lt. Colonel Tony Schaffer had to tell us.

  • Jon Smaylis

    We in Arizona had a chance to get to get rid of McCain in the primary. Dr. Kelli Ward is a fine person that loves liberty and America. I have interviewed her 4 times on my radio program. articlefivehour.com Now she is running against Flake. She can win if people get off their couches and vote in the primary

    • Trzo9veuha

      Primary elections are much more important than the general elections. How long will it take for people to learn this?

  • Sharon Pearlstein
  • Anonymous

    Dr. Savage valid points of helping American people. I am not sure if we exist anymore. We have too many Second generations in Congress, et al. They do not understand our history or heritage. They do not understand our Calvinist roots. Blacks with their laws and chain migration has and will take this country to socialism. Once they achieve this. Kill off whites with abortions and death panels with single payer. They will emerge and fight among themselves who will control. Muslims will win. Republic will die. Homos who want everyone to be like them making the Church be the false prophets. TBN dragging in more refugees because they work with them in these countries. Dens preparing to take over the House. GOP just will go along so we pay for Paul Ryan mansion he lives in. Donald has done what he can.

  • Ron S

    Based on latest info on Russian lawyer let in by Obama, we are never going to get a fair hearing on the Russia affair, therefore it’s time President Trump to fire Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein and hire people who he can trust. Also, I would never hire an FBI Director like Mr Wray who would have no respect for his boss. The FBI is not independent, it reports to the President – don’t listen to those liberals who want you to think otherwise.

    • Weary Traveler

      When they questioned Mr. Wray, (I believe it was?), they point blank asked him if he thought that the whole Russia drama was just a ‘witch hunt.’ Which indicates that they know that is what it is being called, and they know damn well that is exactly what it is. Of course he answers “no.”

      My would have been different and more forceful, and insulting to people asking me the questions. But that is probably why I will always be just another ‘deplorable.’

  • Cynthia Bellefeuille

    I am very frustrated with both houses. Neither side of the aisle both Senate and House remembers that we the American people (tax payers) put them in office and are paying their salaries. I am a republican but I am so sick of them fighting within the party. Each one has their own political agenda instead of the agenda for ALL American people!!! They seem to hate President Trump so much that they won’t coorperate with him. Then there are the democrats and their liberal socialistic ways. If someone came up with a golden healthcare plan that would work for every American they would still fight over it!!! I wish we had the ability to fire them on the spot for incompetency!!! President Trump is the man I elected and I pray that he is able to accomplish as much as he possibly can as he promised us he would do!!! I am proud to call Donald J. Trump my president!!!

  • Weary Traveler

    Thinking of this latest scandal in the witch hunt against President Trump after talking to a couple of neighbors last night, I had a really horrible thought at what is ultimately behind all of this. And it goes back to what Dr. Savage correctly said, which is that you can only provoke a world leader so much.

    Here’s what we all know and what we are all talking about. The International Socialist are not done having their temper tantrum and they never will be. They are angry losers. They are still angry losers even when they win at the ballot box.

    They would love Trump gone, that is true. They would love nothing more than to take our vote away from us because they do hate us. Nothing would make them happier than to make us all suffer until we die a slow and agonizing death. They want us hurt financially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and then stomp our guts out. They hate us so much because they hate themselves.

    And we get very well how much they hate us, and how they do not want to be held accountable by those of us that they deem their inferiors. But even they know ultimately that they are not going to get rid of Trump so easily. All they have left is to stymie President Trump and our agenda as much as possible. Chuck Shcumer practically admitted it himself, that their job as Democrats is to stymie as much as possible. But even that isn’t the ultimate end goal.

    What does international socialism need in order to fully take effect? It needs strong nations to be weakened. Right now, two such nations stand in their way, Russia and the United States of America. Arguably 3 if you want to include China. And what better way to accomplish bring both countries down than to pit them against each other in a real war?

    We can talk about the military contractors that would benefit — of course they want to get as rich as possible before setting the world on fire. But, if we ever did get in to an all out war with Russia, a major super thermonuclear power… I played this whole thing out in my head last night before going to sleep. In reality, they United States could and would win. But, Russia could do a lot of damage to us on the way down given how their nukes have two and half times the megaton blast that ours do. They would only need to vaporize two or more of our major cities like New York and Los Angeles.

    The war would leave both nations with depleted militarizes, mass casualties, major loss of infrastructure and severely economically damaged. No longer great super powers. Just other nations in the world. But there’s more… It wouldn’t just be the United States and Russia that suffer. Not only is there what it does to the global economy, but there is also the nuclear fallout. Life will not be good in the northern hemisphere.

    And I think these scumbags know it, and that is the bonus for them. I think that they are so evil and so twisted, that they don’t care how it would hurth their own families — they don’t even care that they too could become casualties because they are just so full of hatred and pure evil. These people — and I only call them that for lack of a better word, are truly demonic.

    They hate humanity and everything that makes us good because they hate God, and so they literally want to set the world on fire because of it. I truly believe that all that we are witnessing is spiritual.

  • Shoshana Rose

    michael please make your listeners aware of this insanity.
    Orthodox Jewish grade school in UK fails inspection for refusal to teach about sexual orientation


  • MrPanetela

    Talk about the herd mentality. Congress has become a herd of heifers.

  • MJD

    Dr. Savage: Who do I have faith in today? YOU, MICHAEL. Keep on truckin’.

  • Bob

    Simple suggestion: Convert to a VAT (Value added tax system), this would result in all illegals or anyone working for cash (Drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes, etc…) to pay their fair share of tax’s.
    Take the IRS agents that would no longer be needed and place one in every Hospital to monitor Medicare and Insurance fraud. this would cut Medicare spending (conservatively) by 30%.
    After a qualifying test. Govt. pays for Doctors education, once they graduate, they work for a reduced salary and the Hospital repays their loan.
    they would not receive their official License until their education costs were repaid to the Govt. and then they could seek private practice.
    The Hospital would pass their saving along to low income patients.

    • Trzo9veuha

      How very…European of you.

    • Jose Gomez

      then being a doctor would just become another job that only a foreigner would want to do.

  • jl

    More on 666 5th Ave. Jared didn’t earn his way as a businessman. Give up on the ice cream summit.

  • MikeB

    I really think Trump feels comfortable in France, as much as the French are a finicky lot the last thing they would care about is him saying a woman looks good (they would probably agree with him), having a hound-dog past when it comes to women or care about putting his country first the French have been chauvinistic about being French for years (probably one of the reasons they had their differences with the Brits).

    As for Macron I liked many of the things he said during campaign while the woman he was running against had some socialistic policies. The only thing I didnt like about Macron is his connection to the donkey he replaced as well as his support of the EU in its current state. He will need to make his mark with the Islamists which will probably show whether he is a success or not.

  • Jeremy
  • PorkyPricklyPants
  • PorkyPricklyPants
  • Anonymous

    Dr. Savage the woman who called about the current Pope is correct. Pope is in charge. Other Catholics who are opposing this Pope. My husband is Catholic. He is against the dogma given up with the Church. There is an organization called Milants for Catholics. Challenging this man. African Bishops are challenging him. Poland Catholics. Austrian Cardinal. He has to go

  • Bill Bickelhaupt

    Dr. Savage, please be aware that the “stories” in the middle of your page (those without the source in parentheses) are often dangerous, time-wasting traps, such as the “Microsoft alert” that lyingly pretends to be able to fix people’s computer. I’m sure you don’t want to be associated with such scams.

  • Keith Rosen

    Just my impression but Washington is a cesspool. Completly full to the very top with the worst people who are alive in the US.

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Savage it seems you maybe a bit confused regarding treatment facilities and A. A. A. A. members are invited guests to these centers. They are not one in the same. What it sounds like to me California along with other States are funded by federal funds. Sine of these facilities are treating alcoholism by Using pot or psych drugs. Big Book of A. A. is based on St. James in the Bible. If meetings are not up to the Traditions of A A. They are removed from meeting lists. You keep bringing up A. A. which in their Traditions we do not go on radio. A. A. does not get into conserversy. I am sharing a Public Information pamphlets regarding Treatment facility and A. A. http://www.aa.org/assets/en_US/treatment-committees/p-27-aa-in-treatment-settings

  • Deplorable BitterClinger Loser

    I’m very demoralized again with all the bad news that the entire Republican Party has political Erectile Dysfunction.

  • NancyPelosi’sSANCTUARYcity

    This comment is not meant to bring sarcastic criticism towards Wonderful Mr. and Mrs. Trump BUT …
    When I saw Donald and unearthly exquisite and classy Melania in Paris I eerily saw the shadows of George and Laura Bush
    following them …..Melania doing the ” school ” runs and Donald doing the man to man business talk ” thing ” .
    Al I could see was Laura , George , the way the republicans ” USED ” to be and 911 !
    It’s as if Donald and Melania are metamorphosing into George and Laura ….and JUST as the fake republicans and even faker
    democrats would WANT IT TO BE …
    All I could see in Paris was George , Laura and 911 …..The 911 HORROR all over again but this time worse !
    If Ivanka appears on Ellen Degeneres TV show then My hunch is correct ……. A hidden metamorphosis is taking place !
    I voted for George so FOOL Al Gore wouldn’t represent me as president and I voted for Trump so the Witch wouldn’t represent me !
    Am I blind lost in a masquerade ?

    • GaysForTrump

      We ALL voted ” AGAINST ” the person that we DIDN’T want MORE then for the person we DID want !
      The Focus vote was ” FEAR ” of Hillary as president more then it was a CALM , rational , voting decision for the more excellent
      vision !
      The Focus vote was about ” FEAR ” of Hillary’s Muslims invading and killing Americans !
      We voted out of ” FEAR ” and not in a calm rational ” emotionally healthy ” manner !
      After 911 we all ran to George Bush to protect us and we voted again out of FEAR !
      Al Gore the MORON knew this and he hated Bush and the conservatives even MORE !
      Hillary also new the 911 fear swayed votes for Trump that’s why she said ” GEORGE BUSH KNEW ABOUT 911 ”..
      As if he cooperated with 911 and could have prevented it !…FOOLISH Rosie O’donnell implied the same thing !
      It’s almost seems like tragedies are manufactured as a kind of dog and pony circus political act
      to get us to vote for and against the person we DON’T want more then casting an emotionally healthy ,
      psychologically CALM and balanced vote for the person who’s excellent vision for America supersedes another
      excellent vision …
      But as usual it’s ALWAYS an excellent upward vision ( TRUMP ) against hell’s down vision ( HILLARY ) !
      And I should know ….I’m a gay man who was TERRIFIED Hillary’s 400 % more gay hating Muslims into America
      would make me ” DISAPPEAR ” !
      But Obama through Nancy Pelosi had 8 years of open borders THEREFORE ….The Muslims killers are already here …
      THEREFORE …..The dog and pony , political , voting , FEAR game , circus act can’t work anymore with me !


  • Neo Marcist

    Our justice system is broken. We have a bunch of kangaroo courts in the Divided States.

    The Sheldon Silver case is one high profile example. But we deplorables are being screwed by the court system on a daily basis.

  • PorkyPricklyPants

    http://dataomaha.com/refugees/state/hi <<< Since 2002, 127 refugees from seven countries have resettled in Hawaii. 0 SYRIAN REFUGEES!! IS HAWAII RACIST AGAINST SYRIANS? PLEASE SEND SYRIANS TO HAWAII OR IS HAWAII BEING MEAN SPIRITED AND RACIST AGAINST MIDDLE EASTERN PEOPLE?

  • Charles P

    73% of DUMBOCRATS wopuld NOT REALLY give up alcohol for life (to see Trump Impeached)!
    AS THE GIANT LIARS THAT THEY ARE, they JUST LIE AND PRETEND that they would give up BOOZE!!!!!!!!!

    • De’Plorable

      Right. Like they all moved out of the country after we elected President TRIUMPH? lol

  • Monophonic

    The left and rinos want the current tax rates because they and the global elitist make endless sums of money off us the deplorables (taxes) who voted for Trump. America is one big ATM for the sycophant politicians, plutocrats, global elitist. They obstruct Trump at every move. Illegal immigration tax reform. To the vial left it’s business as usual. Trump Jr. Jarrod Kushner Ivanka are used in the media to hide trumps agenda and further obstruct. Trump should stop this nepotism, the presidency is about him and what us deplorables voted for. Yes the left are in bed with radical islam to extinguish white Christianity in both America and Europe. Trump must clean out the white house of all the rinos. McCain, Priebus, Bannon Conway must go. The left have bought congress out. Hillary and Obama walk in freedom despite immense evidence of their crimes. Since when does the ACLU have authority over the president blocking Trumps vote count record request from all 50 states. Yes the justice system has been destroyed by this radical socialist agenda. I hope Trump doesn’t succumb to this leftist sludge. Michael Savage please keep up the voice of us deplorables this leftist muslim extremists madness must be stopped!! Yes a revolution is what the radiacals want as they try to destroy America and its values. Let’s give them a revolution and save America our America.

  • EvilEvilDemocrats

    The ” END GAME ” of the evil evil democrats is to make an official ” DECLARATION ” on media CNN that ignites
    a spark and blows it into a media forest fire .
    One tiny spark , breaking news ,END GAME DECLARATION is what ” generates ” Nancy Pelosi ” and the other
    3 women of the apocalypse !…. 1 ) Dianne Fienstien , 2 ) Barbra Boxer and 3 ) Hillary !
    The end game , spark MEDIA declaration is ———– HILLARY IS THE PRESIDENT———–
    Hillary has been super quiet about all the Russia / trump / trump jr. collusion because she doesn’t want to
    APPEAR like she has had ANYTHING to do with the up and coming CNN PRESIDENTIAL , MEDIA DECLARATION !
    The evil , evil democrats ARE the evil evil FAKE republicans who will indirectly ” ASSIST ” CNN in making
    the NEW media , presidential declaration !….
    The 4 women of the APOCALYPSE will not rest until CNN MEDIA declares Hillary as President !
    Nancy Pelosi is at the END towards the finish of her END GAME ! ?????????
    Did Barbra Boxer retire because she wanted to spend ALL her time advising and working towards a Hillary presidency ?
    Will WW3 follow the ” POSSIBLE ” Hillary , presidential media , CNN world wide , BREAKING NEWS declaration ?
    At the END of the day it’s all about EVERYONE’S ….. EGO !!!!!!!!!!! ?????????????????????????

  • Rkk O’Tilley

    I know a lady who was havin a ruff time of it…and wrote a hot check to cover expenses…she got 15 yrs !…And they let a true slime ball slide out of his penance !? ***America has surely went over the cliff

  • Arovet Li

    America is finished. Lights out game over.

    Dems turned into the party of hateful fascists. Reps turned into the party of globalist aristocrats. Trump is morphing into Louis XVI. Meanwhile the oligarchs fast at work to building their own AI kingdoms, and the common man is forgotten yet again. History always repeats itself and this formula only leads to one outcome.

  • Mark

    I think there are some interesting parallels between the Healthcare debate in the Senate and King Lear. Specifically, Republicans under Mitch McConnell may wind up with support divided between factions claiming to want repeal and replace. Meanwhile, Americans stay silent and look away while Democrats (the French), anticipate a moment of conquest.

    The time for people to influence their Senators is now. People need to make their voice heard. Call your Senator and tell them how it is living under Obama Care.

    As for Senator McConnell, he needs to find the fortitude to step up to the plate, call it for the bleachers and then knock it out of the park.

  • Anonymous

    The forced Obama healthcare all sounds real pretty but is a nightmare costs are out of control, the website still doesn’t work, and why is it forced.

  • DoctorDoug

    Dear doctor savage ,

    Please explain to your listeners that it was most probably 99.9% a ” selective ” surgery that John mcCAin had which
    Conveniently postponed the healthcare vote .
    The media , mcCain and the fake rublicans would like the voting public to know that it was an ” emergency ” reason
    that mcCain suddenly was stricken with .
    Hillary voter and trump hater mcCaine who adores Obamacare ” SELECTED ” a timely selective surgery date ??????
    And Obama made his big celebrity come back return in COLLUSION with mcCAins selectivity button ?????
    McCains on/off button for hospitalization was selective pre programmed ?
    mcCAins buddy George Soros wants as many Americans,s stupid and doped up on pot so they don’t understand
    The hospital term ” selective surgery “

  • MrPanetela

    Macron pulls a Hillary Libya on England.

  • MrPanetela

    The lack of cohesion of NKorea in the Korean war required the Russians and Chinese to intervene.
    Therefore, and perhaps presumptuously, North Korean would not be able to out fight any but the weakest armies in the world.
    I believe Mike Savage is correct, when he asserts that Kim is China’s junkyard dog.
    China’s main strength is 3. Money, lots of soldiers, and Nuclear tech.
    To defeat NKorea, we must first sap China’s fiscal supplies, then sink their limited aircraft carriers.
    Their AC Carriers lack jet plane piston throwing mechanism, thus the ship has a built in ramps instead.
    This means their jets have limited range and require air refueling. A technology that will sooner or later be sold to them from someone in our corrupt swamp. This would place island claiming on the back burner for a generation or two.
    It will be important to damage all infrastructure leading from China to NKorea to hamper and disrupt logistic flow. Drones equip with EMP will take down their jets ballistic missiles without lost of life.
    THAAD and other Black Projects will do the rest, including handling anything the Soviets might throw at the Armada.

    I am making big presumptions, but, I see NKorea, China, and Russia have already lost this short war.
    If carried out, if would be the biggest embarrassment those 3 nations will have to endure for the rest of history.

    RECOMMENDATION: All four Nations(US, USSR, China, NKorea) come to the same table now and settle the matter. Their reputations are at stake. The only wars worth fighting are the one’s that either liberate people, or for self protection…This is not true of NKorea, Russia, or China. Boys, the chairs are waiting.

  • James Lynn
  • Mac Miles

    McCain gets surgery conveniently pushes back healthcare bill. Now it looks like trump may change his mind on climate accord.oh boy. Yes the global elitist plutocrats and sycophant politicians must continue to make money on this farce clinate accord.
    Oh this swamp ever so deepens.

    • Joe Smith

      It is like the swamp from ‘The NeverEnding Story, which is nearly impossible to escape once you have entered into it.

  • http://www.BNCLive.com alvin

    Michael I know how you love Jazz and other music. I would like to come on your show and introduce you to the local artists.

  • S

    Thought this article was helpful for foreign language parents and their child’s need in learning & speaking the local language…

  • SamMinnesota

    I can’t afford my medicine Mr. Savage cause obama premiums take 80 % of my paycheck .
    I cut back on my groceries and I use 1 tablespoon of laundry detergent instead of what is advised on the box .
    My daughters cloths come out of the washing machine still stained and yellowish .
    Turned off the air conditioner cause electric bill so high .
    My bed bound father is in the HOT back bedroom using disposal adult diapers which I don’t dispose of .
    I take the out to the lake and let them soak over night and then rinse them the best I can for multiple reuse .
    The MUSLIM ….BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMACARE has decapitated my spirit head to go on ..
    Obama’s Muslims in Minnesota get everything FREE ….Free babies that grow up , roam all our neighborhoods
    and look down on us .
    My dad wants to die .
    So do I .
    I can’t take it anymore .
    I want to but can’t afford good books to read
    My daughter is crying cause the house is so hot
    Trump has been in office for half a year and it seems the Muslims in Minnesota have doubled in population .
    They will vote us out and we will become extinct
    My dad will be dead before that happens
    Nancy Pelosi and John McCain don’t give a crap about our struggle and agonies with Obama’s Muslim free health care which
    my paycheck taxes pay for .
    Donald can save America Michael ?

    • Donna Kmetz

      so sad but true, what is wrong with the lawmakers??? Have they no shame?

      • Dean_Winchester

        Hot weather in Minnesota?

    • sheepcreeper

      Trump lost me as soon as he started having suppers with Henry Kissenger AKA Soros messenger boy and putting his kids and their spouses in executive positions. Hang in there. You never know. Perhaps North Korea or Russia will put us out of our misery soon.God say all Kings to come are worthless. Satan said all future Kings and Empires are his to give on the Mount of Temptation. I have no faith in any man other than my family. I am no cheerleader for any of Satans employees.

  • DOUG

    If I may share my perspective of what deceiving McCain is most LIKELY doing in a 99.9 % probable way !

    1) McCain used ” selective surgery ” in a pre- arranged intent of stalling / delaying / Obamacare from going to the chopping block l
    2) In the same way Obama used the race card to get what he wanted so also will McCain use the ” Sick old man ” sympathy card !
    3) McCain will play a ” dancing with the media stars ” game to delay and ultimately keep Obamacare from being chopped !
    4) A media distraction game will delay , confuse Trumps healthcare agenda as McCain DRAGS AND DRAGS out media sympathy
    for himself ! ( Trump said McCain wasn’t / isn’t a war hero and this is McCains juvenille ” tweeting ” way of GETTING back at
    Trump who he is insanely hateful and jealous of ) ——-McCain’s ego thinks he should be the president !
    5) CNN / FOX News will play NON-STOP pre-funeral arrangements for McCain until he is dead !….That will DELAY a health vote !
    6) ALL the fake republicans will gather around McCain in PRETEND sympathy for McCain and if Trump and his voters DON’T do
    the same thing then Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will sanctimoniously say Trump and his voters are unkind , disrespectful ,
    hateful and ABUSIVE towards a very very sick , dying old , OLD , OLD McCain war hero Man .
    7) Behind the scenes OBAMA will celebrate the fact that he TAUGHT the fake republicans how to use a race deck of cards and
    apply the same media , manipulating principles to a ” SICK OLD MAN ” ( McCain ) deck of cards !
    8) If McCain does die then he will be glad to know that CNN and FOX news will play NON-STOP funeral services for McCain and
    compare him to Ronald Reagan as a hero type of Martyr for the REPUBLICAN CAUSE !….A legacy of Reagan and Bush etc……
    9) McCain thinks as do Muslim ISIS inhumans that when they die as a martyr for a cause then they go to heaven !
    10 ) The reward McCain and ISIS will get is not paradise ……The conscience of their souls will be in everlasting agony and DISGRACE !

  • MrPanetela

    you know what, socialism is like antisemitism, they could be related. Nations that employ antisemitism, causes people to leave. This brain drain, leads to a decline in that nation on many levels. Something very similar happens with Socialism.

    In Socialism, the smart, well to do– leave. Replaced by an influx of highly bias not so educated people. The end result is a decline in that city or state. Case in point: Puerto Rico, the brain and financial drain is terrible. You are then left with a concentration of people who are Democrats, bias, with insufficient education to run anything, waiting for hand outs to arrive to pull them out of their country’s tail spin.

    There could be other connections between Antisemitism and Socialism.

  • MrPanetela

    Elon Musk: regulate AI to combat ‘existential threat’ before it’s too late…
    not only is Musk correct, but the Democrats will try to gain control over it for themselves, just look at their distinguish historical track record, starting with Slavery, KKK, Dread Scott, civil rights, segregation, abortion and much much more like Mu’Russia and Obama’s spying. AI could easily compromise Net Neutrality and privacy. Who ever controls AI controls dispensing of information. Who ever controls that , control how minds are influenced.

    • Phantomfighter

      Democrats are the party of Evil, of Lucifer, of the “Ends Justify the Means”- the Party of Radicals, Just read Saul Alinski- “Rules of Radicals” and you can see yourself- the Dems actually printed that *** and Hillary really studied and wrote her thesis on it. Obama too.

  • Joe Smith

    I have solution to the judges who refuse to honor Trump’s Sanctuary Cities ban.

    Do not sign the Federal Aid checks. Not one check for states which have cities who refuse to cooperate. You do not follow the laws and regulations, you do not get compensated.

    • GaysForTrump

      Joe ,

      If possible take your lovely partner who you have next to you in your picture to the cafe that is directly
      beside the famous ” Castro theater ” in the Castro ( corner or Divisadero and Castro streets ) in San Francisco ..
      You’ll no doubt notice what I always see ….. Young Muslim looking ” STRAIGHT ” men huddled together as if
      in a conference call with ISIS ! ( Please Believe my life experience … when I say ….They are NOT gay ! )
      Their faces are always hard and their eyes black with deviousness . Always a ” flat affect ” of no facial expressions !


      Who are these hardened faces in conference call with ?
      GOD ?

  • Imperator Cydonius

    Here’s your jobs in the heartland Dr Savage, the jobs Trump is bringing back in flyover country. http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/terence-p-jeffrey/boom-mining-216-q1-construction-56-manufacturing-47-bust-finance-and

  • MrPanetela

    China boast they will be A.I. giants.

    however, a program is no better than its programmer. And the purpose of that program is no better than its creators morals.

    fragile fractional of the communist party, each section having a
    strangle hold on a part of the military, pose a greater threat to the
    Chinese themselves than the world.

    It could splinter the
    Communist congress into permanent groups in the same way Islam
    splintered muslims into shia and sunni. And each splinter professing
    they are more superior than the other, thus killing sprees will occur in
    defense of their bias.

    With a population of a billion, the blood shed will be unimaginable and most likely remain unreported…

    saw what happened with the discovery and development of the atomic
    bomb, this is a hundred fold more dangerous. The entire world has to
    work on this together, else perish together.

  • Mac Miles

    Watch this video clip and you know what’s wrong with this country. This clip says it all for a God loving country we once were. I hope we Eddie’s and Ediths along with Donald Trump can bring God back to America and save Christianity from its daily drubbing from the left anti white radical media. An amazing clip that speaks volumes of what belief in God this country needs more than ever in 2017 and well into America’s future.The cesspool of Hollywood would never make a movie like this today.


  • DOUG

    The ” MEDIA ” is making us believe that John McCains tumor is in his head .
    The tumor is in McCains ” HEART ” which causes him to HATE the agenda of the voters who were counting on
    Donald to advance their agenda .
    There appears to be A massive build up of coronary heart plaque in the arteries of McCains heart causing the blockage
    of Trump voter ” agenda ” blood flow to Trumps HEART !……and thereby ” BLOCKING ” Trumps agenda —America Great again .
    George Soros gave McCain a blood transfusion using his own blood to RUIN the agenda of Trumps America great again ?
    Dianne Feinsteins HEARTLESS heart has now got a pacemaker using the batteries that George Soros gives her to make it
    Nancy Pelosi is on psychotropic medication or is that her baseline norm ?
    McCains ” spiritually ” blocked heart is where the tumor is !
    One body part affects another .
    McCains HEAD is a mirror reflection of his HEART !
    Dianne Feinsteins HEART is a mirror reflection of her HEAD !
    The soul of Soros is a mirror reflection of Satan’s MEDIA !
    They are all WITHOUT thinking , spiritual heads .
    All these elected HEADLESS HORSEMEN AND WOMEN will be the 100 % reason why the NEXT 911 on America will happen .
    The brainless , heartless , HEADLESS HORSEMEN AND WOMEN are tying the hands of the commander in chief who wants
    to protect America from North Korea , ISIS and a Muslim invasion of America .
    NANCY PELOSI’S PSYCHOSIS / INSTABILITY is 911 % responsible for the next 911 in her very own George Soros connected SANCTUARY CITIES OF AMERICA !
    It’s ONLY a matter of time before disaster strikes again and again and again due to the HEADLESS HORSEMEN AND WOMEN !
    Trump will be 0 % responsible for the next attack on America’s misguided ship !

    • TTU

      Right on point and amazingly stated sir!

  • ****

    That rat Chuck Schumer had this to say:

    “Given the many transgressions of Russia, and President Trump’s seeming inability to deal with them, a strong sanctions bill such as the one Democrats and Republicans have just agreed to is essential,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement. “I expect the House and Senate will act on this legislation promptly, on a broad bipartisan basis and send the bill to the President’s desk.”

    • Neo Marcist

      Given the many transgressions of Muslim Terrorists, and President Obama’s seeming inability to condemn them, a strong sanctions bill such as the travel ban against migrants from Islamic Terrorist nations is essential. Sanctions against mosques, being little more than breeding grounds for terrorist plots and sanctuary for pedophiles who worship a pedophile prophet who married a five year old little girl and made a career out of raping women, are essential.

      That rat Chuck Schumer was eating doughnuts and drinking coffee with Putin in 2003 when he colluded with Russians and allowed them to setup Lukoil’s gasoline station on Sept. 26, 2003, in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.

      One must ask. Why did Chucky the crybaby Rat Schumer allow Russians to setup a gas station in NYC instead of a native born American entrepreneur? Heh Chucky? You robbed an opportunity away from American citizens so that this foreign leader, someone you now claim is a bad guy, could rake in profits in your district. You’re a FRAUD!

      Chucky. Do you celebrate the opening of every gas station in New York City? Or only ones that Russians open? Why did you give preferential treatment to the Russians opening a gas station in your NYC district? How much did they pay you? How many favors did you do for each other? If I open a gas station in NYC, you gonna come and eat doughnuts with me you schmuck? FRAUD!!!

  • Politicians

    I,m getting sick to my stomach eating and breathing POLITICS

    • ****

      Take a break. Go to a beautiful island in the South Pacific. I wish I I could right now!

      • Politicians

        Obama and his evil Barbra Streisand Hollywood gang of American haters are there …
        I,d rather be dead then swim in the same swamp they soak in .

        • TTU

          Lmao Cracking up laughing! I feel you. Fake Hollywood! I worked in it enough to know the bs. Though there were some great ones who unfortunately have passed on. Too bad them new brats didn’t grasp their legacies.

          • TTU

            -(though what about Fiji or the Cook Islands)

          • Politicians

            No ….. I’ve decided the best way to wash POLITICS out of my hair is to go
            to a cemetery in silence and stillness and talk to the dead where I could have
            a better , more rational conversation with them then I could with
            Dianne Feinstein’s UNREASONABLE , dead logic !
            In fact … I’d rather have a spaghetti lunch diner with a San Francisco LOSER BUM then
            I would with the entirely corrupt Dianne Feinstein , Nancy Pelosi or Barbra Boxer !
            Unlike Dianne Feinstein and her corrupt gang ,,,, At least the cemetery dead and BUMS of America smell better !

          • TTU

            Just caught this reply and fell off the bed laughing! Thank you for the great laughs on this Beatiful Sunday. Onward and upward while watching the left dive downward to impending doom.

  • MrPanetela

    People who reject the Bible, will never learn this warning from the Book of Esther, that you will be persecute by the people among you who worship a different god, whether you believe in one or not…

    England and France has of yet to heed this warning and their indigenous citizenry have paid the price for bad unenlightened government policy…

  • Anonymous

    I was listening to the YouTube replay of Friday with the guest host Mike. Mike is all concerned about some *** and Puerto Rican running their mouths. My response been to this woman. “You are correct. We are superior. Our Calvinist roots of hard work and believing in God helped us to build one of the greatest nations in the world through rugged individualism.” “You want to covenant and steal what our ancestors built.” We took a risk on Donald because he is a man of courage and spoke our language. It been a long time since we heard the words. Make America Great Again. I don’t have a problem with Russia. Need to understand history. Perez wants to be in power. We done this peacefully. We are Americans. We will fight if we have to. I don’t apologize for who I am. Growing up we did not demonize our country we embraced it. These people feel frisky bring it on. We will fight for country. Donald won. We are reversing course. George Washington. “fight on our feet or live on our knees.” Be proud of who we are. I am.

  • MrPanetela

    Baby Charlie Gard

    Being a parent requires 2 things. First to do all you can to protect the child from all harm. Second, not to over protect them which could harm their development. It is a tightrope that every parent must walk.

    Of all the so called broadcast pundits, only Savage and Charles Krauthammer gets very close to the truth of this matter.

    • MrPanetela

      OMG! Isn’t this also true about running a nation as well!

  • TTU

    Hey all: here’s a good film to watch.
    It aired on the VICE channel 7/21/17 (hbo) “Special Report: A World in Disarray” – I highly recommend it for our studies!


    I’m currently reading Trump’s War. Bradley Chelsea Manning was not an intelligence officer. He was a miserable, selfish private who didn’t belong in the military.



    By the way, I loved the post detailing GEN Lucius King Truscott. A real role model and someone to look up to, not a rapper grabbing his crotch saying curse words or some athlete who could care less about whether or not you see them play.

    Men like that are what make this country great!

  • FarmerFred

    We ” RISKED ” our lives and some died because of the Black Lives Matter thugs who tried to stop America from voting for Trump ?
    MANY lost friends and families torn because we voted for Trump in order to advance our so-called DEPLORABLE agenda !
    AND….This is what we GET in thanks ?
    A GOP dog and pony circus act that has EVERY intention of thwarting all agenda’s of Trump and his voters ?
    And they have 7 1/2 more years to do the same……..AND WE ARE GOING TO TAKE IT ?
    Cops ambushed…Their careers DESTROYED ….Their families broken and we have 7 1/2 more years of Mitch McConnell and
    Paul Ryan’s COLLUSION with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi ?…….Sabotaging , Ambushing our agenda ????
    We all LOST ” something ”— ” someone ” in the 2016 election and NOW we are going to watch our agenda go up in smoke
    while the GOP laughs , giggles and secretly MOCKS us all at their Washington and New York cocktail parties which Ivana will
    attend with her husband who has NEVER , EVER OR WILL EVER WORK AS A BLUE COLLAR WORKER ??…………….
    Or understand what it means to get up at 5 am to work at a job you DON’T like but have to work at in order to afford
    Obama’s HIGH HIGH premium health bills ?

    It’s my birthday today ….I am spending it ALONE because the people who told me NOT to vote for Trump won’t speak to me anymore !

    ——————————–HAPPY BIRTH DAY TO ME —————————-

    • SamMinnesota


      Happy birthday Fred .
      You , I and millions are in the same sinking GOP boat with a captain who’s hands are shackled in ropes and chains .

      Wish I could mail you a life preserver jacket !
      My states boat is heavily anchored with Muslims , water is pouring in the hull of the sinking boat and my blue collar dad is

      dying wondering why he voted at all !
      I don’t know what to tell him

      my daughters friends tease her at school cause she told them I voted for Trump

      What a *** Mess .

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Savage, my husband is an avid listener to your radio show. Our son is a Boy Scout attending the National Jamboree in West Virginia. He has been waiting all week for President Trump’s visit tomorrow to the Jambo. He purchased a “Make America Great” cap in D.C. last week and was planning to wear it in support for his President during his visit. The scouts were informed today that they were NOT allowed to wear anything, including caps, which showed support for President Trump! REALLY!!!! So my teenage son, is being told that he is not allowed to openly show support for his President and in turn his country!!???!!! Shame on the BSA for allowing liberal, left agenda’s to bully them into making it shameful to wear a garment supporting the President! Jesus Christ, can’t we at least let our children make their own decisions, or are we just indoctrinating them early on how to be good socialist robots!

    • Neo Marcist

      I thought the boy scouts became the sissy scouts when gays and cross dressing wannabe transsexuals were allowed to join?

      We already know that the BSA was serving the liberal, left agenda. You’re serving the liberal, left agenda by enrolling your own son in that organization and paying the dues and resources for its continuation as an organization.

      If I was you, I’d have him wear the hat. And tell him that anyone demanding he take it off can speak to you first. And if any of the putzes at BSA demand he take the hat off, then you’re pulling him out of their bastardized organization.

    • Neo Marcist

      I was happy to read this this morning:

      POTUS Trump RIPS Obama – Scouts Chant “We Love Trump!” at National Jamboree (VIDEO) http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/07/potus-trump-rips-obama-scouts-chant-love-trump-national-jamboree-video/

      Seems like there’s hope for these young boys yet!

  • Adam Gartner

    Dr Savage,

    Please warn POTUS about the latest Sanction Bill on Russia.

    If Trump signs new Sanctions bill vs Russia his presidency is about over.The bill contains hidden wording to remove most of POTUS powers.
    It says all war powers removed from POTUS.He will not be able to move on any country for any reason without congress allowing it

    It says war act bill of 2001 is cancelled.Any acts of military must come
    from congress alone.It also says no EOs without congress consent.


    It is a trap for POTUS.
    This is pure treacherous act coming from the establishment.

    You need to inform your audience about this information and demand congress retract this unconstitutional bill.

    You can kindly check and confirm from this source: https://twitter.com/umpire43

    • Joe Smith

      Mr. Gartner,

      Thank you for raising awareness of the incoming legislation pertaining to the Sanctions Bill. I did some research on the links you provided (which this site does not full post), and found another site which offers a good read. The title of the piece is ‘Presidential War Powers: The Constitutional Answer’ written by Tom Woods on the LibertyClassroom website. The synopsis of the piece discusses many myths about Presidential war powers, and gives full detail to what the powers truly are.

      Thank you again for the information you posted,

  • StopThrowingStonesAtTrump

    I was a ” RIGHT ” … Ha , ha ha ….
    little ole me a insignificant , hidden ” no one ” …. A little , so-called deplorable was right …
    I didn’t ( like many did ) throw Trump under the bus from disappointment and I never threw stones at him EVEN with the Syria BLUNDER !

    It’s a SEWER and not a SWAMP that needed / needs to be drained per Trumps latest ” swamp ” remarks !
    I knew the sewer hole that leads to hell is exactly what Trump was about to enter into as president .
    ONLY Hillary and her friends have the aquatic ability to swim and exist in that sewer that Trump speaks of
    which is why both the fake republicans and their democratic secret buddies wanted Hillary .
    Trumps DIGNITY as a classy gentleman makes it impossible for him to swim in that sewer with the REST of Washington ..

    Ask yourself how you would survive if every day you went to work as president and the SEWER water filled your oval office ????
    Who in America can walk in the shoes of Trump and put up with the SEWER crap that they INTENTIONALLY want him to step in each day ?
    Who in America can walk in the shoes of a Cop or medical personnel who are physically spit on by tuberculosis , hepatitis C
    Bums and Losers on the SEWER streets that Obama created ?…………….

    —————————– STOP THROWING STONES AT TRUMP ——————————

  • Terero
    • NancyPelosi’sSANCTUARYcity

      How is America going to survive when your video clearly shows ” No caps allowed but Muslim head attire is allowed ” ?
      How is America going to survive when my video below shows ” Either be micro chipped or you can’t work or buy food ” ?
      How is Texas going to survive when they say to them ALSO ” No Texas cowboy hats allowed ” ?


  • Terero

    I just posted a very important article

  • Mac Miles
    • MyShipHasSails


      The ” man ” whom Francis of Assisi spoke about as NOT canonically elected ( properly ) to the pontificate is

      this ridiculous ” man ” Pope Fraud Francis ” in your posted video .

      Just because one MUSLIM cop in Minnesota SLAUGHTERED that white Australian women DOESN’T mean
      that ALL cops are bad !….Or the institution of cops is bad !

      Just because one liberal progressive , medical doctor partially aborts a 9 month old viable baby doesn’t mean

      that ALL doctors are bad ! ….Or the institution of the medical profession is bad !

      Just because evil Obama was the U.S.A. bad president doesn’t mean that ALL the U.S.A. citizens are bad

      or that the institution of the presidency is bad in itself !

      Just because one fraudulent pope Francis is bad doesn’t mean the catholic faith is bad ,the sacraments

      are BAD or the institution of the papacy is bad in itself !

      What it means…. Is that in the same way Obama was elected by liberal progressives so too was Pope Fraud Francis .
      We must be very careful NOT to throw out the baby with the bath water or we weaken and disenfranchise ourselves spiritually !
      Speaking as a Catholic…..

  • ah….

    I figured out who’s behind the E.U. invasion…..the MIC! That’s right….the military industrial complex. 1st. they flood the zone(E.U.) with MILLIONS of migrants who will NEVER assimilate and when theE.U.has had enuff they will call the USA to flush them out costing USA TAX PAYERS 5-10 TRILLION dollars on this deal because of the scale. You got your regular evil doer’s Soros and the Kochs setting the show up. And we need open borders to bring in young strong fighting men from all over S.Amer. who will get citizenship for participation. They will put helmet cams on so the American kids can pretend they’re fighting while playing Global Warfare game,which will be billed via cable co’s.

  • AOG

    The lies of the Russia collusion lies is = to the weapons of mass destruction lies….. same thing

  • MikeB

    Michael I had the same issue when I saw Dunkirk, the theaters need to publish two times; when the trailers start and when the feature starts that way you can skip the ads that you didn’t pay for in the admission price.

    As for Al Gore’s trailer did you see when he connected Global Warming to Slavery? I cant believe people still fall for his garbage.

    • RANDY

      1) global warming
      2) bush lied
      3) no WMDs
      4) hybrids save fuel
      5) boogey man
      6) obozo and his piece prize
      7) global cooling in the 70s
      8) terrorists are good people
      9) hitlery is the world’s smartest woman
      10) cow flatulence is killing us

  • Robin

    When Chuck Schumer disingenuously but convincingly threw Hillary UNDER the bus today within his comments..
    Then that can ONLY mean one thing ……. An IMMINENT removal , EXECUTION of Trumps presidency is
    about to ignite / explode and Schumer wants to distance himself from ” IT ” and any involvement with Hillary in order to
    salvage the doomed democratic party !
    Hillary won’t rest / won’t die of Parkinson’s related symptoms UNTIL Trumps America is begging for a
    Resurrected Hillary Presidency or DEEPLY regrets they voted for Trump !
    Any time Chuck throws Hillary under the bus then that means Chuck secretly knows ” something ” that very few
    know about !………..And don’t believe a word of what Chuck says or doesn’t say !
    Pray for Trumps SAFETY !

    • AOG

      Because they are ISIS

  • Vince Smith

    Hello. Have you seen the movie “Fences”. Great acting and portrayal of this man’s life. Highly recommend.

  • john stewart

    Here’s a story about an plot to remove President Trump. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuWTZg022lc

  • David Gladstone

    The evacuation of 338,000 troops was only part of the story
    of Dunkirk, the real story, Michael, is about the betrayal of
    the Western world by its own leaders when faced with
    a dire threat from Nazi Germany. 7 years from the day Hitler took
    power, Germany was able to overrrun Europe and nearly cover
    the world with a terrible darkness of terror and slaughter and was only
    stopped at the last ditch. We are in the same situation today, as you have said
    so many times. Leaving out the story of the Nazi threat to the world and its evil is
    unforgivable as is leaving out Winston Churchill of this story.

  • Karen Burns

    Muslims are FORBIDDEN to assimilate into any other culture. The Qu’ran is very clear on that! The Swedes need to wake up and/or change their government. The Dutch have woken up as have a few other European countries. Poland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia and others will not permit muslims into their countries and that’s why no terrorist acts have been committed in those countries.

  • David Gladstone

    The Germans never could have attacked France without the 450 Czech tanks the Germans were given by
    Neville Chamberlain and the French when they allowed Germany to destroy Czechoslovakia in 1939. Winston was put on ice
    by the Tories, not the libs. Stanley Baldwin from 1934, and Neville Chamberlain from 1937, kept Churchill in the political wilderness, members of his own party!

    • Neo Marcist

      ISIS couldn’t have conquered Mosul without all the humvees, weapons, and financing Obama and sHillary provided. We have proof Obama and sHillary helped create ISIS.

      “Thanks to Judicial Watch, we now have an August 2012 defense intelligence report on the civil war in Syria and the situation in Iraq that openly states that the policy of the United States and its allies was to support the Salafist opposition to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. That opposition, at the time spearheaded by Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) and the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), soon morphed into the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, ISIS. The report appears to have originated from U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) in Iraq, well before their intelligence product was tarnished by political interference from top commanders in 2014 aimed at diminishing the threat from ISIS.” Source http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2016/08/12/fact-check-obama-hillary-founders-isis-bet/ and the report: http://kentimmerman.com/IOMdocs/DIA-US-supports-AQ-enclave-in-Syria-DOD-Release-2012-analysis-ISIS.pdf

      Trump was right again. Obama created ISIS. The DOD intelligence report states that “The Salafist, The Muslim Brotherhood, and AQI are the major forces driving the insurgency in Syria.” hmmmm Who is best pals, practically a member of The Muslim Brotherhood himself, who invited the Muslim Brotherhood leaders to the White House so many times? Hmmmmm I think his middle name is HUSSEIN and his last name rhymes with OSAMA!

      Also, someone was speaking on the air late last night on WTMA about how terrorist organizations are now paying huge bounties to terrorists, and that over $400 million was paid last year to terrorists as rewards and payouts for acts of terrorism. Where do you think that money came from? Obama gave over $1.7 billion to Iran and also gave over $3 billion in the Bowe Bergdahl trade. BILLIONS!! Those billions are now being used to not only purchase weapons and obtain resources, but to provide salaries and contracts to terrorists. Obama financed terrorism, which is treason, and the media is still trying to impeach Trump for using Russian salad dressing. It’s silly.

  • David Gladstone

    Watch Winston Churchill in The Wilderness Years on youtube, free. Starring
    Robert Hardy. A brilliant telling of the story.

  • Kristy Warshauer

    Mr Michael Question … have you talked to Mr Mark Levin about Jesus and Salvation ? Please do if you can. I’ll say a prayer too .
    Thank you !

    • Weary Traveler

      HA!! Do disrespect intended to you with that. But Levin hates Savage’s guts with a passion. If he were ever to meet Dr. Savage face to face, Levin would convulse in to an apoplectic fit that would trigger another heart attack. He can’t afford much more of those.

      • Kristy Warshauer

        Really or is it just part of their gig to pretend they dislike eachother. May God abundantly Bless you.

        • Weary Traveler

          Yeah, I wish, but no. Levin is kind of a copycat of Savage. He tires to be the Michael Savage of the GOP/FNC establishment, but fails.

          When I first heard him (Levin) 10 years back, I really liked him at first. That only lasted about 6 weeks though.

          It’s too bad though. Because Levin actually has a good brain in his head. But he is a major jerk in real life.

          I worked in the broadcasting biz for over 10 years. I worked for a Program Director that had to deal with Mark Levin on a one on one level before. Without getting in to details, it was not a very good experience. “Unprofessional” would be putting it very gently.

  • Jeff McIntosh

    Before the US entered WWII American pilots would join the RAF via Canada. Your caller’s brother was an American pilot who joined the RAF.

  • Joe tombey

    Dr Savage I saw Dunkirk Saturday night. I have been interested in World War 2 my whole life and am knowledgeable of all happenings of the war. Thus I do not get my hopes up when I go see a Hollywood movie on almost any historical event. All the soldiers that we were introduced to us were cockroaches trying to cheat their way ahead of everyone. And the soldier picked up on the sinking ship,Don’t trust our vets they are all lunatics, Medicate them before they hurt us,Hopefully they commit suicide before they kill a innocent child.And when the soldiers are waiting on the boat for the tide to come in and they freak out on the French soldier disguised as a Brit that is probably a reference to the white trash British voters who voted to abandon the rest of Europe with Brexit. I did like the flying sequences but in the end where the Spit is able to come back on the stuka with no power that was the typical Hollywood i expected. Love your show Joe!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Savage. Mr. Jones looking at and understanding our history helps us understand we are heading to a conclusion course. “Jefferson was not only the author of America’s Declaration of Secession from the British Empire; he championed the idea of state nullification of unconstitutional federal laws with his Kentucky Resolutions of 1798, and also believed that the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution was the cornerstone of the entire document. He was a “strict constructionist” who believed that every effort should be made to force the central government to possess only those powers delegated to it in Article 1, Section 8. Delegated to it by the states, that is. All others are reserved to the states, respectively, and to the people under the Tenth Amendment.

    States’ rights or federalism never meant that state politicians were somehow more moral, wise, or less corrupt than national politicians. The idea was always that

    it is easier for the people to keep an eye on and control politicians the closer they are to them, and
    a decentralized system of government consisting of numerous states provided American citizens with an escape hatch from tyrannical governments.
    If Massachusetts created a state theocracy, for example, those who did not want to live under the thumb of Puritan theocrats could escape to Virginia or some other state. The idea of states’ rights was never meant by the Jeffersonians to create a “laboratory of experimentation” with government interventionism, as modern political scientists have said. That would be treating people as so many experimental rats in a cage, and that is not how Jefferson liked to think of himself.

    Secession or the threat of secession was always intended as a possible means of maintaining both the American union and constitutional government. The idea was that the central government would likely only propose constitutional laws if it understood that unconstitutional laws could lead to secession or nullification. Nullification and the threat thereof were intended to have the same effect. That is why the great British historian of liberty, Lord Acton, wrote the following letter to General Robert E. Lee on November 4, 1866, seventeen months after Lee’s surrender at Appomattox:

    I saw in States’ rights the only availing check upon the absolutism of the sovereign will, and secession filled me with hope, not as the destruction but as the redemption of Democracy. The institutions of your Republic [i.e., the Confederate Constitution] have not exercised on the old world the salutary and liberating influence which ought to have belonged to them, by reason of those defects and abuses of principle which the Confederate Constitution was expressly an wisely calculated to remedy. I believed that the example of that great Reform would have blessed all the races of mankind by establishing true freedom purged of the native dangers and disorders of Republics. Therefore I deemed that you were fighting the battles of our liberty, our progress, and our civilization; and I mourn for the stake which was lost at Richmond more deeply than I rejoice over that which was saved at Waterloo.
    What Lord Acton is saying here is that he considered it to be a disaster for the entire world that the right of secession was abolished by the war. The 20th century would become the century of consolidated, monopolistic government in Russia, Germany, the United States, and elsewhere, and it was a disaster for humanity. Had the rights of secession and nullification remained in place, and had slavery been abolished peacefully as it had been everywhere else in the world, America would have been a counterexample of decentralized, limited government for the rest of the world.

    General Lee understood this. In his December 15, 1866, response to Lord Acton he wrote,

    While I have considered the preservation of the constitutional power of the General Government to be the foundation of our peace and safety at home and abroad, I yet believe that the maintenance of the rights and authority reserved to the states and to the people, not only are essential to the adjustment and balance of the general system, but the safeguard to the continuance of a free government. I consider it as the chief source of stability to our political system, whereas the consolidation of the states into one vast republic, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of that ruin which has overwhelmed all those that have preceded it. (emphasis added)
    This is all a part of America’s lost history. The advocates of centralization who were the victors in the War to Prevent Southern Independence rewrote the history of America, as the victors in war always do.”

  • Karen Burns

    All these city governments here in California, whose members claim that the city or county or state do not want to be involved in what they say are FEDERAL laws concerning immigration, are actually dabbling in that by calling themselves “sanctuary” cities. Doing that alone puts them on par with what federal laws call for. Therefore, the bottom line is that cities, counties and states are stepping into the federal law circle.

  • Daniel Rubado

    Doc the RAF Eagle Squadron we’re AMERICAN Boys who flew for the UK in Spit-Fires, & Lancaster Bombers. American pilot’s fought, & died for the British, in British uniform. The old lady from Long Island was right, not confused. Her Brother would of trained in Canada prior to being deployed to the UK to fly & fight for the British. RAF Eagle Squadron 71

    • Immigrants of War

      Re: The American pilot from Long Island killed in action while serving with the British Royal Air Force.

      Prior to the U.S. “official” entry into World War II (after the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor) approximately 10,000 Americans volunteered for service with the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and British Royal Air Force (RAF). Other Americans served with the Canadian Army and British Army – along with a few serving with the Royal Navy and Royal Canadian Navy.

      The pilot in question trained as a pilot with the RCAF. He was eventually posted to an RAF anti-shipping squadron. He transferred to the USAAF but was allowed to remain with his RAF squadron on detached duty until completion of his operational tour – unfortunately, he was killed in action before this in 1945.

      A detailed account of American volunteers serving with the RAF and RCAF can be found on my blog:

    • Jon Allenstein

      Yep, she sounded confused but what she was trying to say was correct. I think she got scared being on the radio.

  • Anonymous

    Oh please. The free state of Jones? Another Hollywood slant on a major part of Black (American) history with yet another supposed White savior. If you really wish to see a quality flim with regard to American enslavement of Black people, try Birth of a Nation by Nate Parker. Talk about a moving, and insightful film!

  • Blinky Doolittle

    I get all my history lessons from Hollywood movies. sarc

  • MrPanetela

    The earth did not exist until 1600. That is when the word/noun Earth was first used.

    The ancient Proto-Indo-European word that Earth derives from is Er. Meaning dirt, ground, soil, etc…

    In short, the material world on which we live as opposed to the celestial or spirit worlds.

    Our ancestors lived within a world of metaphors as opposed to our present day world of abstractions. However, no matter how wonderful it is to live in a mental/physical world of abstraction, which allows us to invent all classes of things with precision, it at the same time barricades us off from the other parts of reality. That separation has lead many down a road of redundant behaviors. 9 to 5 in the pursuit of pension and retirement. Staring in a reality TV show for fame and fortune. Living the Rapper Thug life in an effort for recognition and validation. Running for office for power and control. Anti-Semitic behavior as a form of superiority..

    but, hey, if that’s what makes you happy, so be it.But they will never know what they are missing until they behave like moral human beings…

    • Blinky Doolittle

      You lost me at “Anti-Semitic behavior”.

      • MrPanetela

        trolls will use antisemitism, as a way to get sensitive people to boil over. It’s done for fun.
        However, there are those who are the real deal. It is their whole life’s goal to destroy an entire people based on a lie, 24/7 and at every opportunity. It becomes their job, their star on the sidewalk, their camera time, their audience source of entertainment.

  • MrPanetela

    The importance of Disastors…
    It allows us to realize how finite our lives are…

    But only a few will actually get up and help others in the way they wish to be helped if they found themselves under such similar conditions…

    Why is that?

  • MrPanetela

    McCain interview for Satan News Network…
    Devil: Mr. McCain, how are you?
    McCain: Just got out of the hospital. It isn’t very serious. I have this itsy, bitsy, teeny, tiny tumor on my brain. Which alone is more important than that Senator that got all shot up. However, believe me, you can depend on me getting back to work.
    Devil: What are your plans then?
    McCain: I will go back to bullying, manipulating, screwing-up, weaseling, backstabbing, going psycho, snaking in the grass, gossiping, deceiving, arroganting, in short, business as usual.
    Devil: well, that’s all the time we have today, Thank you Mr McCain, and we’re glad you’re back…

  • Ursula Buxton

    Dr. Savage, this is Ursula, always listening to you since you started on the letter deficient station. I see a maneuver on Sessions. The President knows that to defend anything is to attack it. It is a si.ple arithmetic. So, now he’s got his way clear and Sessions can spend the rest of his life trying to please our President. Dems are now tricked to defend “the underdog.” We just need more “Sessions” so the “Trump” can sound off. Just brilliant!

    • dgs

      Yeah, I think this whole public attack of Sessions is an insane case of subterfuge. I just can’t imagine President Trump would publicly shame his most loyal supporter in the way he has the past few days. It’s like theater, it’s way overboard, and I believe this is subterfuge/redirection of some sort. I’m not sure why, but I’m willing to bet this was all planned, and I’m thinking we’ll all find out soon enough if this is real (if so, incredibly tacky to air your laundry in public like he’s doing), or if it was planned.

  • Mac Miles

    Obamacare, The Wall, Taxes lets get a move on. Please….I hope Trump, Scaramucci clean house. Get rid of the Obama deep state rinos and Obama hold over moles. I hope Rudy Giuliani comes aboard and nails Killary and all the creatures of the swamp. Bannon where are you hiding?

  • saint rave


  • MikeB

    Can Sessions Re-Recuse himself. He can say after seeing how everything has developed his original decision was done in haste and in retrospect not warranted.

  • Jail4Criminals

    Trump appears to be throwing Sessions under the bus because he won’t be LOYAL and throw Hillary under the bus .


    That’s the ONLYYYYYYY Reason why he’s doing it Doctor Savage .
    Ivana was upset that her husband was accused of Russia collusion like her dad was and Ivana told her dad
    ( like she did with Syria ) that Sessions should have and won’t INVESTIGATE HILLARY AND THROW HER IN JAIL !
    Ivana is advising her day ………PERIOD —-END OF STORY !!!!!!!
    Trump will be LOYAL to Ivana while sessions is being thrown under the bus…

    GET IT ????????????……. UNDERSTAND ?????

    • MikeB

      Not sure. Apparently Ivanka and Chelsea Clinton are close and might be part of the reason why Trump mellowed on going after Hillary.

  • Joe Smith

    As new sanctions are on the horizon, we have Naval action near both Iran and NK (China).

  • Anonymous

    Listening live now: I think Sessions is a disappointment because he recused himself, and is not going after the swamp creatures. He has picked safe battles. We need a war AG who can keep his foot on the necks of the swamp creatures.

  • moscato1ca

    Sessions is ineffective,or purposely wandering on small things (wasting energy on asset forfeiture?really?…..it’s not complicated, Sessions is a neutered AG, and is of limited help to Potus.

  • Mr Gadget

    Doc, Sessions wimped out and besides recusing himself of all things Russia without talking to Trump 1st, Sessions won’t go after the Clinton crime syndicate and other members of congress. Let’s not forget Sessions choice for his 2nd in command immediately hired Mueller to go after Trump. I’ve always thought Sessions was awesome, but he’s too much of a congressional team player to prosecute his buddies and he has to go ASAP! “Lock her Up” is more than a good campaign slogan, it the law of the land for “EVERYONE” that must be enforced.

  • Vin Capuano

    Hey Michael, I have an idea why don’t you take this Trump/Sessions thing to MSNBC OR CNN they’d love you for it.

  • Anonymous

    Trump knows more than he can say. A silent coup is what the opposition wants.

  • Anonymous

    Trump is our last stand or we lose the country. This is not a beauty contest, or popularity contest.

  • FarmingAmerica

    Fire 90 percent of government workforce and problems will go away

    • Really Disgusted

      Then you create a permanent welfare class, as most can’t hold a real job.

      • John Car

        Then we should eliminate welfare too, if you don’t work you don’t eat!

      • FarmingAmerica

        Deport them to Syria wonder then if they couldn’t hold a job

  • Mr Gadget

    Doc, I tried to get you to break this BIG story weeks ago, now Hannity and a couple of others are only touching on it. Lee Stranahan has done the research and can show the DNC/Hillary/Soros developed the fake russian narrative in the Ukraine and they used Ukraine to actually interfere in the election and cause damage. Hannity and others have just been touching on Lee’s research but none have broke it all out yet. Lee finally got a chance on infowars today, but this needs to go big fast…keep the “MOMENTIUM” going hard and fast.
    Lee can even show Hillary/Soros used state/congress to fund Tech Camps training hackers in Ukraine and around the world…ie Arab spring/coup Ukraine…and now the Soros/Clinton color revolution USA.
    you can also review his info on that twittie thing in his timeline @stranahan

  • Alan Levine

    Trump is publicly criticizing Sessions because he wants him to resign. Trump’s interview with NY Times explains why Trump is aggravated with Sessions. There wouldn’t be a Moeller investigation if Sessions hadn’t recused himself so Trump thinks if Sessions quits, he can hire an Attorney General who will fire Moeller. Trump is up against lobbyist paid Senators and Representatives who don’t want their gravy train stopped so they will do whatever they can to get Trump out.

  • Jean

    Sessions was a plant he never intended to do anything he is a big fake I new this when Trump picked him he is to wish washy. He needs someone who has guts and is not afraid of anyone. Either that or the left must have threatened him.

  • TweetyBird

    How can they make A great Dunkirk movie WITHOUT Churchill ?
    How can America be great again and saved WITHOUT Judaeo Christianity ?

  • Fred

    Sessions to stay. Giulliani being vetted to replace Priebus. Anti – Session rhetoric is a false narriative to distract from Giulliani vetting process. Foolish to get rid of Sessions.

  • Chuck Smolkin

    The President is being so vicious with the AG because that incompetent has placed the President”s children and family at risk by being so subservient to the media and democrats. His response should have been “screw you.” And I’m being nice.

    • James

      Sessions has done absolutely nothing of any value when it comes to investigating and bringing justice to those that have destroyed our nation! Sessions is a nice guy but being AG is not a good placement for him he needs to go so the POTUS
      can put someone in that can do the work that is prescribe. Listening to you on the radio is hard your always whining about the President and his tweeting your becoming nauseating like Sean Hannity and Glen Beck.

  • Jim

    S.722 – Countering Iran’s Destabilizing Activities Act of 2017 is far more about Russia than Iran, & on top of that, makes the President a punishable slave of the system!

  • MrPanetela

    McC speech breakdown:
    McC was laying down the ground work for his near future funeral.
    Making peace to make sure he get accolades after his pasting away.
    Indicates how corrupt the Swamp/Sewer is. Does not offer solution.
    Accuses talk radio doing more harm, then congress has.
    He says wont vote for it, yet has no idea how to fix it.
    Instead he offers let’s kick the can down the road again…
    McC confuses check and balance with equality with the President.
    Praises America as the most liberated, but does not mention civil liberty violations, your money is their money, your rights are their rights to give or take away. Under Bush & Obama, we have stepped closer to Communism than at anytime in America’s history.
    Social Liberal media implied, McC hit a home-run,
    But if you listen carefully, you soon realize he hit a bunt, which no one tried to respond too on either team.
    Activist Judges have released mentally ill people back on the streets with tragic results. Healthcare must, absolutely must be fix, to end such problems. But do the Democrats care?
    I have personally know terminally ill mothers and fathers, do everything possible preparation for their kids future, in anticipation of their own deaths. McC missed his opportunity to do likewise. Let us pray that God forgives, enter McC name in the book of life, and bless his short time here with us. And then let us do the same for ourselves…

  • Mac Miles

    Just wanted to share this video. This sanctions bill is a farce. This is the level this corrupt government will go take Trump down and turn America into a police state. They must be stopped. The sanctions bill these crazies want is to cause a war and this bill is the low depth they’ll go to get what they want. Trump is an obstructionist to these radicals in our government. I’m wondering how far the muslims have infiltrated in American government. Oh Lord help us deplorables.


  • elf

    Sessions is too concillatory and too quickly recused himself leaving Trump vulnerable to the visciousness he now endures.
    Sessions too busy expanding hiway robbery via civil forfeiture and going after pot smokers something T said to leave to the States.
    Sessions is NOT going after any heavies like Holder, O, Lowretta , H et al.
    Get Sessions out of there. He is a pushover and is not focused. He is NOT a heavy weight.
    Put in Trey Gowdy.


    I know Dr. Savage does not talk about Obamacare. I’d just like to say how funny this voting process has become among Republicans. No cohesion. I know its politics and to have consensus all the time is a bad thing, but looking at how these Senators and House members are waffling back and forth just shows how shallow they really are. Only worried about what looks good, not what is good.
    I wish that this dramatic episode of Republican indecision teaches voters to select representatives who are truly looking out for the best interests of the country. Possibly, instead of a Democratic wave in the next election, we may see a conservative wave?
    Wouldn’t that be great!

  • Sharyn

    Between President Trump’s decision regarding no transgenders in the military, and Debbie Wasserman-Shultz’s IT guy getting popped at the airport trying to leave the country, today is a very good day 🙂

    • Aaron VanAlstine

      Good things but peanuts compared to the real issues like the Wall, illegal immigration, and MAGA.

    • Paget


  • dave minato

    What other mental disorder/defect/disease is treated with enabling? Transgenders need counseling perhaps medication, not placation. As Savage points out, the Left has made the military a social experiment under hussain obama. John McHugh former head of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins has proclaimed that it is counterproductive and cruel to pretend that a man can be a woman and a woman can be a man.

  • Anonymous

    Aloha Michael!
    This is all a “Rope-a-Dupe” by the Prez. Smoke and mirrors It is making the 5th column and the Dark State look away from what is going on in the background. Just my two coconuts worth!

  • Richard Pineiro

    Dr. Savage did you just say this Iman Muslum study at a muslum university in Minnesota? Is that the same place that Somali Police Officer that killed/murder that innocent lady that made 9-1-1 call? I don’t know if there is a connection? Hope the F.B.I gets it right before more people die?

  • Harry

    Hi Micheal I live in Davis Californa. You need to look up United States V. Hasan K Akbar. This is the guy that fragged a number of army officers in March of 2003 in Kuwait. He attended the University of California Davis from 1988 to 1997. There is only one Mosque in Davis.
    What are they preaching there?

  • Michael Mintz

    This transgender in the military idea is a carry over from Bill Clinton. If you remember correctly the first time he ran for president he said he would allow gay’s in the military. This was said on a Friday afternoon. On Monday morning he retracted that statement. He had to. Because of the number of Military personnel who got lawyers and was going to sue the military for breach of contract. Because back then when you enlisted you swore you were not gay, which in turn meant you were going to be working in a homosexual free environment. Then after he was elected he enacted his “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy which was the beginning of gays in the Military. He then did a massive draw down of the military to begin getting rid of those people (The ones who were against gays in the Military and would sue for breach of contract (I was one of those released at the convenience of the military)). This was a means to expedite the “NEW” Military. Bush 2 would not propagate gays in the Military so it was up to Obama to further the “New Military”.

    • Paget

      Thank you for the refresher course, Michael.


    How can anybody not understand allowing Transgenders in the Military would not cause a lot of disorganization in the ranks? If the left is going to dictate to America that we are supposed to pretend that men are women and women are men, and that it is okay and normal for transgenders to serve in the military, then they are going to have a fight on their hands. We should not modify basic biology because it threatens their distorted and subjective sense of what they are.
    Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital, has written that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment and that people who promote “sexual reassignment” surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.
    How can anyone in their right mind allow anyone diagnosed with even a hint of a “Mental Disorder” to fly a high performance fighter over Europe, to stand on watch in a missile silo in Wyoming, or monitor the health of a sub’s nuclear reactor?
    Bradley Manning now known as Chelsea Manning is a perfect example of the dangerous decisions that can be made by a person with a mental disorder. She / He leaked over 50,000 classified, military, and diplomatic documents that actually put lives in danger.
    The American people deserve the best protection they can get from enemies foreign and domestic. So how can they believe they are in good hands if individuals like Manning are put in extremely sensitive positions?
    All of this doesn’t even take into account that Veterans all across America are hurting and some even dying from the lack of funds allotted to the Veterans Administration for normal everyday procedures. But still the liberals think the taxpayers should pay for reconstruction surgery for Trangenders. How can this procedure be allowed ahead of all the other Veterans that have served honorably and some even risking their lives to protect our country. Let’s see if I got this right, the liberals think it’s OK to spend the limited resources of the VA on surgery to change a man into a woman instead of having it available to use for surgery, medication, and rehabilitation to a wounded Military Veteran? What do you think?

    • Neo Marcist

      If I want to self identify as a 70 year old women, does that mean I get to start collecting social security now?

      If I want to self identify as a black woman, then can I bid 10% higher than the lowest bidder and still win government procurement contracts that give such a handicap to minority and women owned businesses in most states?

      If I self identify as a black man, can I get a black scholarship ? Or if I self identify as a female, can I get scholarships awarded to female applicants?

      What’s the point of conducting a census if people can self identify as any sex or race or play make believe?

      If I self identify as a poor man, can I write down a lower income on my taxes? I mean, I make $80,000 a year but inside I really feel like I make $25,000 a year, and my feelings are what matters, not reality!

      If I self identify as a Muslim refugee, will the UNHCR issue me a refugee identification card so I can move to the front of the line of every welfare program and get free stuff?

      If I self identify as a little girl, can I attend the third grade at the local elementary school? Or would racist mean Democrats prevent me from attending! BIGOTS!

      I mean…..this is very silly. LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER!!!

  • Iamspartacus

    This transgender seal speaking out against the president is a perfect example of why the ban is appropriate. Instead of Accepting the valid reasons why the ban was decided upon, because it was a decision, weighed out upon the pros and cons by the military leadership, He/she’s ego here is proving more important than her commitment to the country and the armed forces she served. She’d rather sow the discord and divide which is tearing at the country.

  • Weary Traveler


    I’m a social conservative as well as a fiscal conservative. When you yelled today railing against this sick and degenerate pop culture that we live in here in the west, I wanted to stand up, cheer and applaud!! But, I was at work. But you echoed my sentiments exactly, and I am glad to see that I am not the only one that thinks it is way past time that a line in the sand finally be drawn.

    Sorry moderates. But I have given this a lot of thought over the years. Fiscal conservatism coupled with social liberalism is a dichotomy in spite of how fair-minded it may sound to many on the surface. Like it or not, socially liberal policies ultimately become the undoing of fiscally conservative policies. Social conservationism is the surest path to true freedom, as hard of a pill as that may be to swallow for many.

    And I agree on the trans ban too. The LBTQ community needs to realize that their lobby is doing them no favors. If anything, their lobby will make them in to the second class citizens that they like to claim to be if they don’t knock off their militant anti-American antics soon. Otherwise the babble of the likes of Fred Phelps will start to make sense to more people.

    And that goes for every other demographic the left panders to to turn against the white hetero Christian male. And that is not because we are bigots, it is because the left is so deviously evil and divisive with their faux compassion and false sense of fairness, that they actually cause otherwise fair-minded people to become less tolerant if not drive them to be completely intolerant.

    Ultra-tolerance breeds intolerance. Ultra-tolerance is intolerance. It is totalitarianism in the worst form as it seeks to actually legislate thought as well as speech. Just look at the one-sided so-called ‘hate crime’ laws. They speak to a supposed thought behind the intent which of course is by default implying guilt until proven innocent. It’s more divide and conquer.

    • GaysForTrump

      I agree with you 100 %

      • Weary Traveler

        With the divide in this country, we need to hear from more people like you. Because it is not about being gay or straight, black or white, etc.. It’s about being an American.

  • YUP

    So-called ABNORMAL Kristen Beck Navy Seal CAPTURED Osama Bin Laden and saved so-called NORMAL people
    from future Osama 911 ‘s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Drag-Net-Girl

      I hope Kristen Beck goes undercover ( no joke intended ) and captures that Imam who Savage spoke of today
      as wanting to kill every last jew … down to the very last one ..
      PLEASE Kristen ….Go for it girl ….. We got your back !

    • Neo Marcist

      And now Kristin Beck is useless to the military. That guy didn’t try to become a woman until AFTER he left the military. He would have been useless trying to maintain a female-like physique, putting wigs on and lipstick while he was serving the navy seals. The liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists are marching that weirdo around the airwaves now. Obviously, he suffered some king of trauma and instead of dealing with his mental disorder in a healthy way, he chose to cross dress, wear drag, and begin amputating body parts.

      These perverts are just another fake “victim class” the liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists use to pretend that they are the party of civil rights. Republicans are the ones who won women and blacks civil rights, not democrats. So this is just their pathetic chance to make up for their many, many decades of opposition to women rights and equal rights for black Americans.

      • Weary Traveler

        It’s not so much that they are making up for it, they are just changing tactics. As LBJ learned, the fire-hoses and attack dogs were not working anymore. They just found another way to segregate and marginalize blacks, and the other groups. And that was to victimize them by pandering to them. It’s what Bertrand Russel was talking about in his essay, “The Superior Virtue of The Oppressed.”
        This kind of goes back to what Dr. Savage was saying the other day about slavery, especially the difference between physical enslavement and mental enslavement. The whole book of Exodus was mostly about just that. Being phuscally liberated from slavery is the easy part. Being mentally and spiritually free is much harder, and the only path to true freedom. Like the old saying goes; “you can take the man out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the man.”

  • EvilEvilDemocrats

    Today marks the end of the evil evil democrats Trump/Russia collusion , political assassination game and now
    the evil evil democrats have a new game called ” Trump hates Transgenders , LGBT etc ” for CNN to play and
    dance with !
    The Russia collusion is OVER
    The evil evil democrats mantra —- Trump hates Transgenders has BEGUN !
    MEDIA MEDIA MEDIA…..What would the evil evil democrats do without the Media to trip up Trumps America great again ??
    Nancy Pelosi is sharpening her forked tongue this evening waiting for a political comeback with the Trump hates tranny’s Mantra ??
    Nancy is so utterly evil , shallow , hollow and entirely meaningless !…….But always painfully and embarrassingly predictable !

    • Neo Marcist

      Maybe the Democrats can start their own private mercenary organization like Blackwater. Only their’s can be a mercenary brigade made up of sissyboys who just had their wangs cut off.

      Democrats can put their money up, or shut up. Give these transgenders an opportunity to serve in a military/security capacity. Start up a security company of transgender sissies and see how many private citizens and businesses line up for their wonderful services. Who would want to rob a bank if a sissy who just mutilated his own genitals is standing in your way? Or put those sissiesboys in a mercenary brigade and see if anyone is suicidal enough or wants to lose a war bad enough to actually hire them.

      If you won’t hire them, then don’t expect the strongest military in the world to hire them. Tell Mark ZuckerFACE and all these hollywood fake tough guys to fire their bodyguards and hire transgender perverts to protect them instead.

  • Lazar Garsijanović

    Dr. Savage, If you were the head of DHS, would you force all Muslim prisoners to eat pork as a punishment? To control Muslims, we need live pigs or pork meat. Literally. Sorry to say, but they won’t be controlled unless we use pork or the executioner of a convicted Muslim will be a woman. Either making contact with pigs/pork meat or being killed by a woman, will deny a fanatical Muslim his 72 virgins in their so-called paradise.

    • Weary Traveler

      I have said for years, that if I were president, I would issue our troops deployed in the Middle East hollow point bullets filled with pig’s blood, and make that public information. Somehow I think they would surrender and cooperate a lot easier if we did that, and more of our troops would come home alive and in one piece as they should — as they deserve to.

  • MrPanetela

    We clothes our thoughts with sound.
    Is this not a precious gift?
    Is it not written, a man shall open his mouth and reveal who he truly is.
    Lamar Alexander
    Shelley Moore Capito
    Dean Heller
    Lisa Murkowski
    John McCain
    Rob Portman
    (jot these names upon your walls, carve them into your forearm, lest you forget)
    these used that precious gift to echo how they really feel about America future generations.
    And shall we in defense of the future reciprocate in likewise manner with our votes, at their re-election, how we feel about their future?
    To spend half a decade against ObamaCare, then to abruptly flip-flop at the opportunity for repeal, is no small accomplishment. The very thing they championed for many years, they today denied at the last moment. To many, they not only violated their stand, but now appear as pretenders. And rightly so. Like crocodiles, pretending to be a floating log, who suddenly leaping out of the water to snatch up and drag down the helpless Bambi into the bone chilling depths of dark despair, simply driven there because of genuine thirst. Is this not the best reason to release them form their present jobs; that they may further engage in what they do best, elsewhere?
    Had this been something as critical as flying a jet, who the pilot assures everyone a safe ride, only later to lose all engine power, and that same pilot was to say to the passengers, we have a small problem, the engine have permanently stopped working, the wings are about to shear off, instead of a runway, we’ll be landing in the ocean at which point we’ll all drown. So don’t be in distress, everything will be just fine…wouldn’t you have rather had replace them with better pilots before leaving the airport?

  • Mac Miles

    Obamacare is nothing more of an obstruction for Trump and would not have been for Killary. A socialist agenda moving foward with Obummercare. Business as usual for the swamp as Killary and Obummer Bannon McCain stay quiet. Republican rinos all bought out by the radical dems. What a joke did any of us deplorables think they would repeal? All players the swamp is ex: Transgender is not allowed in our military now the media machine goes to work on Trump to get this overturned as the ACLU pushes its overturne. A terrorist organization this ACLU is runned by a bunch of unelected people. The left radical liberal socialist agenda “demasculize, transgender, Obummercare, same sex marriage all to promote diversity and destruction against the judeo Christian Eddie and Ediths who made America

    I have nothing against a persons sexual preferences but this transgender and same sex marriage is being pushed to prevent Eddie and Edith from making more babies. All the while these extremist muslims make 10–15 babies 5 to die for Ackbar and 5 to take our jobs and obstruct further. A great plot by sick global elitist and the sick plutocrats and sycophant politicians all making trillions of dollars every year to destroy Eddie and Ediths America. Illegal immigration is a gold mine duly supported by the radical elitist in this country. Radicals have destroyed or nearly destroyed all of white Europe. What a pair these leftist radicals have boatloading thousands of illegals to Italy Germany etc. Shove your globalist agenda down their throats and now America.
    Everyone is entitled to their political views I may not agree with their views but respect ones political opinion, the white liberal has destroyed his America and his own European countries all in the name of diversity and multiculturalism. Washington is a disgrace I hope they the creatures in the swamp don’t get Trump to turn radical left. A Muslim cop kills an unarmed white woman the radical media machine has already spinned it to protect this muslim.
    Of course no cameras were working to record the incident. I hope this incident wakes up some of white America ” whites are being attacked from this radical media machine and a globalist agenda that is comprised of sick white liberals who wish to destroy their own people”. The media government complex, the white liberal will do all in their power to bring Trump, Eddie and Ediths down. This leftist radical government complex has been well structured and works quite efficiently controlling media, Washington all while these global elitist laugh and get richer by the day. This country has reached a new low when if you don’t have health insurance you pay a draconian tax penalty to the gangsters in the IRS as they collect this money to support illegals and people that have lived on welfare and have not worked in 3 generations. Yes a revolution is what Eddie and Edith need as the Republican party has been neutered. It’s only one party, radical democrats who put fear in all conservatives in Washington and in the media to shut their freedom of speech rights down abd push this leftist globalist aagenda. A very well efficient runned machine this agenda is run by global elitist, plutocrats and sycophant politicians. Wondering if Trump will go after Soros I doubt it Soros has Washington in his back pocket. Sorry to babble on I like many here just had to vent.

  • MrPanetela

    Typical terrorist attack cycle as seen in America and Britain, and the little bit we can do to cripple them.
    many basically are:
    Either lone wolf or tag team style.

    1. select target/s
    it is always easy to spot someone doing something out of the ordinary
    Are they Casing a target or is it something else?
    2. plan
    you keep seeing the same person showing up but not doing what the crowd is doing
    Are they scoping out the area or is it something else?
    3. deploy
    the making of unusual purchases
    Are they making weapons or is it something else?
    4. attack
    decide how you will react–counter attack, flee, freeze
    What must I do to survive this situation?
    5. either escape or perish
    get into practice of describing a person appearance, and what direction they took in the event they escape
    Do I need a conceal and carry weapon? Should I learn self defense? Should I exercise myself to get into top shape?
    6. let the media do the rest
    Avoid CNN type news casting, seek cold hard facts and not the emotional hi-jacking like they do.
    Be at total peace with your maker everyday.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009783821901 Jenny Sofie Larsen

    Hello Dr.Savage! I read about you in the Norwegian newspaper today! I totally agree with you!

  • Jane

    Dr. Savage,
    I am a Savagette. I started listening to you 18 years ago with my boyfriend and wondered, ” who is the contentious man?”. At first your energy made me nervous. Now your energy makes me active. Thank you for your insights. A note on the transgenders. A Trans who enters the military just to receive the sexual reassignment surgery will never have to lift a finger in the military. The surgery conversion will take years. So they will get all of the benefits of service, ie housing loans, education, without EVER having served in actual active duty. This is total and complete BS and as typical, they are just using the system.

  • NoWarForPROFIT

    Doctor Savage .
    Thank you for clarifying your position as a sexual libertarian and that what people do in the privacy of their homes is not the
    governments business
    In light of the fact that many married ( including military ) totally straight men wear their wives cloths and many seek out ” release ” with
    those who are labelled perverts , sissy boys , tranny’s , gays etc ….AND seek out ” certain ” porno video’s in regards to the same .
    In light of the fact that Trumps PURE voting boy scouts haven’t seen the Trump / giuliani drag youtube video ….
    But in MOSTLY ….light of the fact that Trump BLUNDERED ( militarily ) on attacking Syria then I do believe this focus Trumps
    tranny ban is a DEAD END and may turn out like a Jeff Sessions BLUNDER …..( Trump shooting himself in the foot )
    Please talk about the dolphins and abused elephants today ..
    If Trump wants to shoot himself in the foot then LET HIM !
    I’m tired and fed up of Trump voters trying to RESCUE a president who listens to daughter for advice !
    How can Trump lecture on a Tranny ban using the military’s best advantage REASON when Trump may very well strike Syria again
    under the advice of Ivanka and McCain ?…..With Nancy’s approval ??

    It’s totally hypocritical

  • James

    Kristen Beck obviously suffers from PTDD ( Post Traumatic Dress Disorder)

  • Stephen

    One way to restore America is through a strong military, made up of volunteers, some of whom might have a different experience of that loosely defined word “gender.” Trump did not consult with “his” generals. He’s trying to keep faith with his base, many of whom are opposed to LGBT rights.

    • Weary Traveler

      What are you talking about?

      First of all, what rights exactly are ‘trans’ people losing or have lost? The right to use our military as a free clinic? That is not a right, nor is joining the military a right. In essence, it is a job, and no one is entitled to a job — any job. Eve a ‘volunteer’ job.

      Secondly, not pandering to a group of people and giving in to to all of their demands as they hold out their hands at the trough is not hating those individuals. Saying otherwise sounds like a spoiled kid saying that his parents hate him because they wont buy him that X-Box he wants.

      Pandering to any demographic does not help them, it enslaves them and only creates more division and resentment. And that makes for a weaker nation.

  • Ginger B.

    Regarding the transgender discussion on the show today. Just like you get illegals coming here taking advantage of our country and taking, taking, taking, SAME goes for (some) transgenders in the military taking advantage of the free healthcare for re-assignment surgery. Examples such as these are people who RUIN it for others who are doing things in a humble manner. In order for things to change, cutting these luxuries for the “crooked” will give an example to ALL! Good for Trump!

  • donald stiger

    Obamacare. Suggestion. We should have each state provide health care. Determine the number of registered voters in each state.
    Devise a formula and provide block grants to each state and eliminate the Federal role in health care.Forward this to trump, and

    • Neo Marcist

      We already have plenty of health care providers. There’s no shortage of health care provision or clinics or doctors or nurses.

      Democrats should pool together, start up their own private insurance company, and then provide healthcare insurance for free using their own company. Show us how to give away stuff for free and still break even after all the costs. Let me know how soon you go bankrupt. While you’re at it, you democrats should open up a restaurant and provide meals for free. I’ll show up for a free sandwich. Since you believe in communism so much, show us how much you care about the people when you start giving away free stuff using your own money and resources and not doing it through the government.

  • Anonymous

    I have not listen to your show. I can read comments. You have one grandchild. You have not parented in a very long time. We were protected when we went to school. How can you write a book about His. Maybe Pagan be better. End of civilization as we know it. Cross dressers are mentally ill and been abused as children. That is why they want to change identity. Don’t like who they are. I thought about Trump’s tweeting. I think Trump is told things than tweets out. Sanctions on Russia, Iran, and NK do not solve the problem. Iran is Persia . Old civilization. Russia is an old civilization. CAIR is more of a threat to this nation. Iran never bombed us but they are and will use political Islam through CAIR. Luis from Illinois telling Hispanics they will take over both Chambers and take over constitution. Japan, SK, and NK are in discussions. DACA receiptants are a threat. Political Islam along with the illegals are more threat to take down. Trump is too busy with his Ego along with Anthony. Senate selfish. House better in some respects. Lobbyist still running the show.

  • Weary Traveler

    To amplify the fill-in’s, Brain Sussman’s, comment earlier about the Liberal Silicon Valley millennial hipster types and their hypocrisy, it is much worse than what he is hearing from his friends who work down there. I work for one of those companies, and am surrounded by people half my age = millennials.

    Not only is their attitude of entitlement absolutely sickening, but their level of self-righteousness… They actually believe that they are changing the world and that they alone are the only ones who can. And on top of that, they think that gives them carte-blanche to do whatever they want and act however they want, including looking down and sneering at the very people they delude themselves in to thinking that they are making the world a better place for. They think that they will save the rest of us from ourselves and that we should never question them.

    Now what does that sound like to you? I’ll tell you what that sounds like to me. It sounds to me like a good example of why the first commandment is the first commandment. Why not only was it placed at the top of the list, but was considered too important to even be itemized. It it sounds like why that commandment was even in place long before the other nine that eventually had to be added.

  • jl

    This was the same mosque that had a woman arrested for throwing bacon on the doorstep. I’m waiting for the Feds to RICO the haters in this mosque. and waiting…

  • Mac Miles

    No change for a skinny with Obamacare. Guess the dems and rinos wish to keep this draconian health care law in place. Everyone gets paid with Obamacare as it is in the establishment deep state.
    The establishment just does not want to help Trump at all. Guess they the deep state are showing Trump and Americans whose really in power.

  • Charles P

    “23% think transgender good for military”.
    At the same time that HUGE number of people (including the Obama administration) TRIED ALL THEY COULD TO LABEL ANYONE “MENTALLY ILL”, TO TAKE GUNS FROM THEM, THE SAME IDIOTS ALLOWED TRANSGENDERS INTO THE MILITARY!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Mac Miles

      Agree, the government media complex machine controls everything especially all media. All an attempt to brainwash the gullible masses. A very efficient runned machine it is.

    • ah….

      i bet of the 23% that think that, over 75% of those had no idea what transgender is!

      • Jazzee

        and how was the questioned asked???

    • Daniel Garza

      Only 31% think transgenders are bad for the military according to that same poll.

      • Jazzee

        well I just heard a military guy say that if they are on a battle field they HAVE to be transported out ASAP by helicopter and they are monitored on a weekly basis for whatever they do with them/drugs etc. so HOW can they be deployed and have all this done??? AND why should they be given better treatment than any other soldier…if they want to serve fine…go get all the surgery etc done and then enlist……………..simple solution
        why the hell should I pay for it? bad enough my taxes go to murdering children…..and yes ladies it’s murder not a ‘healthcare choice’ GOd that just makes me so angry when I hear that crap

  • Jon Stern

    I love Trump but the transgender tweets were just another distraction tactic meant to overshadow the Republican failure to repeal Obamacare. Trump knew it was a lost cause so he threw a tweet bomb for the media to get worked up over.
    This is not good. The guy is flailing about, jumping from one issue to another, no focus, no direction. Yes the system is against him but he is still not using the bully pulpit of the presidency to advance the agenda. Instead he just trolls everyone on twitter when he is about to lose at something like a stupid kid. He is still doing rallies like he is still running for office. He brings in a communications advisor that acts like a punk teenager cussing everybody out. This is turning into a train wreck and once again we the people are the biggest losers, except this time it is game over. Thanks Trump for mucking up the borders, language, culture agenda and turning it into a reality show circus.

  • Cara McVey

    Is McCain’s fit to serve?
    We are hearing a lot about the vote and his reasons as why he cast his vote.
    But no one wants to ask, “Is he fit to serve office?”
    This is man with a terminal diagnosis, who just underwent brain surgery 11 days prior, and is now returning home for chemo.
    I watched my mother fit cancer and its hard on you, mentally and emotionally.
    I question is he fit to serve.

    • Leeloo Dallas

      he hasn’t been fit to serve for years, why he keeps getting reelected is beyond belief.

    • Jazzee

      he is a liar and should resign

  • ah….

    scaramouch scaramouch …..will you do the fandango….a line in the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” by the great rock band Queen, singer Freddie Mercury,RIP freddie…..Boy…… did he have a set of pipes! LISTEN TO IT DR. MICHAEL!

  • Anonymous

    Arizona: From Goldwater to McCain in one generation…

  • Carol Thomas

    Why did Trump put Gen Kelly as Chief of Staff?
    Not only to clean the swamp but prep for an actual coup attempt?
    What a thought!

    • LS

      Any hold-overs or potential hold-overs need to be released. Period.

    • poetopoet

      On the Front Lines, the MSM media has no idea what their in for, liberality.


    So Reince Priebus got pushed out. How many times has Donald Trump done this in the business world? I think Mr Trump may be playing chess while many are playing tic-tac-toe. Donald Trump hears Dr Savage, even if he doesn’t acknowledge it. Being in his position requires much maneuvering so I believe he is applying his business senses to his presidential strategy. He is interviewing right now. Putting people on a probationary period to see who they are. He has certain things in mind that he expects and if they don’t meet the expectations, then he will move them out. There is much that Mr Trump is not telling anyone-including those closest to him. He can’t. A good businessman never tips his hand.

    The media wants us to be scared and jump ship too soon. Don’t listen to them. Just remember what Dr Savage always says-We’re 100 times better than if Hillary had won!

  • A.Savaget.From.Portugal

    RINO Priebus is gone!

  • Mac Miles

    Priebus was nothing more than a mole for the left agenda. Obstructing Trump for six straight months all the while helping Obummer and Killarys dream for a total socialist agenda. Trump got smart and is now gone of this obstructive rino. Drain this cesspool that Washington remains in.

    • Keith Rosen

      It is a far worse situation than a cesspool. washing is a cancer on our civilization. It reminds me of the Spanish inquisition only this time it is run by lawyers

  • Gene

    GOP Obamacare repeal bill fails in dramatic late-night vote

    We have been compromised by these bought and paid for sewer rats on
    both sides. The side show we saw last night was just another example of
    how distorted and blatant these scumbags are. Willing to run another dog
    and pony show with no regard and no shame, choreographed from start to
    finished with a predefined out come and a script filled with platitudes
    and double talk in the fashion we have become accustom to.

    RIGHT IN OUR FACE once again they show their world with in a world with
    no concern for the American people, not necessarily by the vote but by
    the “MIDDLE FINGER” shoved right in the camera as they portray in
    political terms what the mafia calls a sit down where the hidden agenda
    of who gets what and how the pie will be divided has been all worked out
    behind closed doors before the show begins. Complete with the so called
    hero’s, the tag along’s and the sacrificial lambs. All combined to
    covet and protect the organization as a whole.

    Welcome to
    modern day America where the assumption of the people being idiots is
    always a conversation piece over brandy and cigars and always good for a
    laugh. We have only ourselves to blame for allowing these frauds to
    obtain the positions they hold.

    • Jazzee


  • LS

    So good to hear you talk about your Hellcat this evening on the podcast after work, Dr. Savage (same as mine, black, only mine has the red decal, the way I bought it). Mine is like new as well and I am thoroughly enjoying this car. I am a “Savagette” and have to laugh when people try to “race” me here or stay on my tail….not very good decisions. I say let them get themselves in trouble, there is a time and place to race, and not in a residential area. Anyway, your message resonates with many of us. Regardless of the shared car interest, really enjoy your show.

    • poetopoet

      Are you stating urban spread is a cancer, a cure or the reality of liberal programs?

  • Rkk O’Tilley

    Dont know about you guys but…priebus goin away is ….how can I say this?…like pullin the plug on drainin that *** swamp!

    • Weary Traveler

      I agree. And ‘splay has to go next. I prefer that name over barfly. Every time Dr. Savage calls her ‘splay I get a get a good laugh.

      I have hated those kinds of women my whole life. And I’m a normal straight guy about the same age as Dr. Savage’s son, Russ.

  • Rkk O’Tilley

    as far as actually draining the swamp…vote them rat *** out

  • NoWarForPROFIT

    Why did the US and South Korea NOT obliterate North Korea after North Korea JUST sent another missile near Japan ?
    No OBLITERATION was done because the fake republicans and democrats want a ” PROFITABLE ” war with
    North Korea ?
    A long drawn out war that can bring in the most war ” CONTRACTS ” for the Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein gang of thieves ?


    There’s no turning back ……( WW3 )
    Lunatic Pope Francis will be the LAST pope
    Donald Trump will be the —————–
    The U.S.A. will be …………………..

    ——————————————————— THE END ———————————– No more POLITICS…..No more VOTING !

  • Reclaiming My Time

    Rinse Prius.

  • Joe Smith

    Shooting missiles back and forth into the sea is a waste of good armament. If you want NK to see how damaging our weapons are hit
    something meaningful. Bottle rockets have as much affect on NK as shooting those missiles into the open water. NK knows what we are capable of without the bicep flexing. This is like the two fathers on the same block who are trying to see which families firework display is the best. There are more important things to spend money on than shooting perfectly good, and expensive, missiles into the sea.

  • Laurence Jarvik

    Michael, Have you seen my film about Pres. Trump? http://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/267410/trump-effect-mark-tapson

  • Anonymous


  • David

    So the deep state has their inquisitor looking at Trump, they also have the FBI going after Sanders, yet still zero, nothing, no one at all going after the Clinton gang. Think about that and you will figure out who our government really works for. All you Trump haters better have a good long think about why all the inside the beltway players really want you to “resist.”

  • patrice

    Jeff Sessions took a bullet for the team basically. In a not-so-obvious brilliant organizational move, he first fired 46 leftover political operative prosecutors from the prior administration, and then the next day tendered resignation. This accomplished several things. The president did not “fire him” and bring on all the criticism heat and distraction that would bring. Secondly, he didn’t stay, and so bring on an inordinate amount of organizational freeze in the shock of the staff who remained, wondering if they were next, by the AG to be chopped and putting them not in confidence, but of even further fear to make any move, do or accomplish or be confident or confident to restore the much needed integrity to the DOJ. Third, it leaves the perfect opening to bring in a tougher AG who will then issue immediate marching orders to the staff which remained on how to rebuild, what the goals are, which direction to go and how to comport the department so that expectation management is restored to an all time high. Furthermore, by Scaramucchi going bad cop on cleanup at the WH, it has brought him all kinds of heat upon himself as a thug, a slugger, a brute, an italian-style knuckle-dragger, when he too is taking fire that distracts the media away from the president and onto himself. All good. He’s taking the punches for the team (like in the movie Unbroken) and quiet likely provoked it to him and away from the others. So the DOJ has been prepped and anesthesized for the surgical action of the next hard hitter to swoop in and set the agenda and go for swift, effective, efficient action. This is organizationally brilliant — its one of the best kinds of moves like maybe in soccer when you run the ball down field, stir up skirmishes and passes as you close in on the goal, and then kick it to a strong scorer at the last second before anyone can duck or cover or block the score. The DOJ patient is on the table, put under and ready for surgery and its really not all that much news to blame or be angry with Jeff Sessions, the honorable former senator, southern, gentlemen, judicial intellectual and constitutional protector. He cleaned house and then resigned all within 24-48 hours. Brilliant. Who can be upset with that? And the president didn’t fire him, and quite likely we are not really seeing how this move honors the presidency, honors the country, and exposes how much Sessions was underestimated in his ability to perform in ways that were needed, and we should thank him for his service and also for his sacrifice — because that is exactly what it is, and he retains his own honor and integrity in the process. That was a sophisticated, difficult, complex activity he engaged in — and he has left the DOJ in quite the position now — to be moving out on exactly the agenda we all wish to see put to them.

  • Jake Rackham

    Savage hitting on all cylinders on Friday’s show, great callers too…. with all due respect the mighty T said he would be a Pit Bull if elected, then ended up acting more like a dopey Labrador from the get go… keeping many O appointees, and bringing on Rino ‘s and even NYC dems … And he’s paying the price now, w the frivolous Russia collusion claim. America needs that Pit Bull now more than ever.

  • Dr. Unsavage

    So both McCain & the pot bellied dictator had a little laugh…but Trump killed two birds w/ one stone with General Kelly. He kicks the McCain RINO mole in the nuts and sends a signal to the pot belly.

  • patrice

    Another brilliant move — accept the sanctions, its a bam-bam-bam three in one punch (for those who want to see a bit more teeth in the pit bull and not just growl). Lets see, the sanctions are from Congress, so the president goes along with the team, lets lock down terrorism, so that’s NK, and that’s Iran. Fine. Oh, they want to punish Russia for meddling too (even though they came up short that anyone in the Trump campaign days meddled with them — fine, doesn’t matter, Russia meddled somehow someway). Okay. Great. Will that start a war with Russia? No. Does it take the otherwise thawing Cold War all the way to sizzle, boil and trouble to sublimate into turning vapor hot? No. What it does is tit for tat — and Russia says, fine, remove all your diplomats and foreign service, they are trouble makers, we want them out in advance of our own elections that will be forth coming into 2018. Great!! Trump can’t wait to sign if I were him. What a better way than to legitimately purge, and purge deeply, some of the alphabet soup gang at the Central home office without having to FIRE them!! Or take all the media hit. The Congress caused that — they sanctioned Russia, and Russia kicked back with the demand of hundreds of removals from the foreign service. Excellent. That guts our hornet’s nest, those agents get RIF’s, and with no budget or funding or new positions for them because the new DOJ will be watching their every move once recalled or given layoff notices and that’s a good thing. They have to go find new jobs. Good luck with that. No more black projects or undermining the rebuild of America. Next? As for markets or E.U. or other trading partners — well, the markets will adapt and other places will fill the void. Live with the decision — Congress did it.

  • NancyPelosi’sSANCTUARYcity

    This California IMAM …Who Nancy Pelosi won’t say one word about but saves all her HATRED for Trump and his voters ???
    Why doesn’t someone so that we all don’t end up
    Why are we just waiting for him to
    Why are we just sitting here while plots
    to US

    Why doesn’t an of f duty patriot
    just take

    So that our helpless and innocent children
    are not by the ” religious ” MADMAN

    What R We ing 4 ?
    We all know that some impressionable , young thug youth will here the IMAM’S wUrds and THEN
    ! us and our defenseless innocent children


    ISN’T THERE 1 OF F DUTY P Man that can take the garbage to the curve for Fridays garbage pick up day ?

    The fake republicans and democrats have donalds hands tied behind his back and the religious madman
    knows it which is why he is so BRAVE and certain of no retribution …

    Isn’t there one single BRAVE patriot that can take the garbage to the curve for garbage pick up day WITHOUT leaving
    theT RASE drippings BEHIND of rotten stinking SKUNK JUICE that dripped out of the ROTTEN EGG in the garbage bag ?


    To The religion of PIECES

    Will a patriot take the PIECE of garbage to the curb for fridays garbage pick up day so our children can SURVIVE ?


    • 007-SaraBond

      I wonder if Mr. James Bond’s tranny ma’am ( patriotic ) friend would be allowed to apply for ” garbage woman ” position !
      After all ….doesn’t the E ma’am dress in camouflage ! ?
      What comes around goes around ?
      Sometimes and ONLY sometimes ….You have to dress like a snake in order to catch the snake at his own ” GAME ”

  • GaysForTrump


    A possible solution of consideration to protect ” ALL ” Jews and ” ALL ” gays from another Orlando gay club slaughter !

  • Ronnie White

    Micheal, One caller Friday hinted at the John McCain and our Healthcare System. I have said this since day one Of John McCain’s heath issues. What if McCain had a bronze plan or even a silver plan; under Obama Care? He could not afford the first blood clot above the eye/ surgery. AND, at his age or my age (60),, they would never allow money to go for any thing more. The Cancer — forget it.. I could not afford the first blood clot surgery. $1,800.00 a month in premiums. With a $14,000.00 deductible. ???? I and U would be homeless and left to die on the street. BECAUSE: AFTER I or U – HAD SPENT 32 thousand 400 on premiums. and 14 thousand on deductibles, a total of 46,400.00 dollars,,,, before Obama/ Care pushes in a single dime upon my health care… I will have lost everything I had gained in my lifetime. I make 45,000 to 50,000 a year. I will not pay 46,400.00 for insurance… that I can not use. But, to my original point, This is perfectly evident; somebody needs to point out the difference that McCain will get for free. 2 million in care? 5 million in care? The best surgeon in the world flown over here to operate — for free….. And if I have to pay 46,400.00 dollars out of pocket before I can even use my insurance? Next year it starts over again… This amounts to every dollar that I make in a Year… before TAXES ! I end up will about $36,000.00 take home. So mister Savage. Please, make the comparisons, make the contradictions, make the truth about our House and Senate,, Please inform America.: about the absurdity of John McCain’s health care and OURS. And pound on this story and pound again — until every American understands,, and that we all speak up.. I am John McCain! .. I deserve what John McCain deserves… I am John McCain ! ..I AM JOHN McCain ! i AM JOHN McCAIN.

    • Julinka

      That is a pathetic “insurance” policy. My PPO was grandfathered in and went so high in premiums I had to drop it. But it was a deal compared to yours! Still, it made no sense to keep it, What I will do next I dont know but I don’t want to be subsidized by other hard working taxpayers.

    • Jose Gomez

      America should just refuse to pay Obozo care premiums and refuse to participate in Obozo care in any way.
      Let them try to arrest 200 million+ people.

  • David

    John Kelly is the same guy that a couple of weeks ago said businesses were suffering “irreparable harm due to a lack of temporary workers.” His solution was to grant 15000 more H2B visas and bring in more cheap foreign labor. He slapped the face of every US worker by siding with the sellout traitors who want exploitable foreign workers that can’t speak English so they can keep wages suppressed across the board. And you guys cheer this guy Kelly on? Some kind of great guy just because he wore a uniform. What a joke.

    • Neo Marcist

      My local county government is sending Spanish translators to job fairs to attempt to hire Hispanic employees. They are using local taxpayers’ money to try to hire people who don’t speak English. I have proof.

      Also, I want Dr. Savage and my fellow Savage Disciples to look up “Consular ID Cards” or try to look up “Matricula Consular.” These are ID cards issued by the Mexican government to illegal aliens inside the United States. These ID cards are used so that illegal aliens, unable to obtain legal United States state issued identification, can open bank accounts, check into hotels, buy alcohol and tobacco, rent apartments, obtain welfare benefits, etc. These ID cards should be illegal and not be accepted. But they are being accepted! See here: http://www.migrationpolicy.org/article/consular-id-cards-mexico-and-beyond and read here: https://cis.org/IDs-Illegals-Matricula-Consular-Advances-Mexicos-Immigration-Agenda

      These ID cards enable illegal aliens inside this nation. You want to stop illegal immigration then you better go after these IDs. Foreign issued identification should not be accepted in the United States. It is a high security risk.

      • Melinda Ross

        Go into any Chase bank and you will see only Mexican nationals working there, part of the elitist cabal takeover.

    • Melinda Ross

      Trump is doing the same thing by granting amnesty to wonderful, hard-working illegal immigrants who are anything but. Getting all MS13 gang members out helps the Latinos, not the rest of us. It’s global business as usual in the White House. I hate Trump’s guts.

  • Bill Bickelhaupt

    I seriously hope that’s a typo in the Kelly headline — don’t you mean “rein” in?

  • NoWarForPROFIT


    Dear President Trump ,

    You KNOW and your voters KNOW and all the fake republicans and back stabbing democrats who disingenuously

    call you ” FRIEND ” …..Know also ……That if you make the North Korean ” THING ” a long drawn out war for profit to
    benefit the war contracts of the husbands of Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi that you will END UP being a one term
    president or perhaps LESS ! ( If your voters plus the boy scouts throw you under the bus or jump ship )

    Your voters ” ARE ” your friends …….
    Please conduct this Korean war ” THING ” so that in the end….after the dust settles it will be YOUR VOTERS who will
    benefit and NOT the husbands of WITCHES who call us … your admiring and faithful voters ………. DEPLORABLE !

    MAKE THE FUTURE MILITARY LEADERS OF AMERICA ( Your boy scouts and girl scouts ) Proud !

    War for profit will leave your LEGACY presidency in the same scrap heap of DISGRACE AND SHAME that George Bush and
    his fake republicans have their LEGACY of eternal shame in !
    War is not a business transaction for Nancy and Dianne’s husbands !
    Do whatever you need to with this Korea ” THING ” for and only for the boy and girl scouts of America…….. GREAT AGAIN !
    Everyone who DIDN’T vote for you HATES HATES HATES your all American boy and girl scouts !
    Please make the Korea ” THING ” quick , instantaneous , finished , done , BINGO leaving no room for Dianne and Nancy’s
    financial profit !

    MOST Respectfully yours ,
    Ryan’s friend !

  • Melinda Santa Cruz

    There is a fundraising even for Omar Navarro on Monday, July 31 from 5 to 9 at Trump’s Rancho Palos Verdes Country Club to unseat Maxine Waters*** from Congress. Minimum donation is $100.

  • TTU

    Catching up on Fridays podcast. Do you know I listen to you (most of the time) while working out at the gym! It’s my brain gym while I do body gym! Speaking of great Trump Speeches. He gave a marvelous one Friday at the Brentwood NY facility on the MS gang biz and other things. But that talk had a very nice message on the path to “cleaning” up the last twenty three years of bs the country has endured. Thank you for always being there! Hope you enjoyed your Tinseltown trip!

  • TTU

    A post from a web January news item: ( and I agree with The Doc on this…) In my opinion this golf caddy needs to go. He is encouraging the POTUS on such matters? Arghhh

    The man behind Donald Trump’s official presidential tweets is a former golf caddy who has repeatedly promoted fake news stories and conspiracy theories on social media.

    The official President of the United States (POTUS) Twitter page was updated on Sunday to confirm the messages are being posted by Dan Scavino, Mr Trump’s “assistant” and Director of Social Media.

  • Rkk O’Tilley

    The Dr is most usually right on about all things human…but I have never heard him say “it is gd time for a 3rd party”….libertarian…sigh..it’s good for the country but not national interests…we are in for a ruff ride people….you think obama was ruff?…lol…hang on

  • G.B. America

    Pass it around. Dennis Miller from 1985 on dealing with terrorists. go to 4:21:


  • Jkelly5762

    Curious van-plowing of people at a restaurant in LA on Sunday, although they’re claiming the guy swerved to avoid another vehicle. Yeah, right.

  • Rkk O’Tilley

    it matters not…when America quits knowing of the influx of “natives”…we are lost…..and so is the world

  • Mac Miles

    All this talk of missles red glare when all the whining is about money being stopped. China using Korea as a junkyard dog on the America so they could scare Trump into keeping their ridiculous money gravy train. No tariffs and a continued free ride and a continued financial raping of America, thanks to sycophant politicians getting money payoffs with this broken system with China. Hope Pelosi and Feinstein will hopefully not financially gain from a fixed long war so both woman and Jeb Bush could fill their coffers. My Lord what money will do to some. Trump remember us deplorables who voted for you please be short and sweet with China and lapdog Korea. Clean the cesspool of Washington.

  • Jake Rackham

    From bad to worse! President Nicolas Maduro elevated to Dictator status in Sunday’s sham election in Venezuela, giving him the power to ‘rewrite the Constitution’ which will give him unlimited power. A beautiful, oil rich, once wealthy Country turned into a third world hell hole by Socialism. Once proud middle class people now are rummaging through garbage in the streets for scraps of food….. and the Dems are trying their best to push the USA in that very same direction.


    Despite everything I see and hear from any talking face, I believe Democrats don’t know what is about to hit them in the midterms. Not only will they lose, but they will lose more seats across the board than last election and to top it off, many moderate Republicans will be voted out and replaced with more conservative Republicans.

    Let them fearmonger now, the people are not that niave.

  • GaysForTrump

    What if I am a Gay , spiritually inclined Jew ?….
    Would Ammar Shahin be ” EQUALLY ” deeply sorry to me individually and singularly ?……..When he said …..

    “To the Jewish community here in Davis and beyond, I say this deeply—
    I am deeply sorry for the pain I have caused,” said Ammar Shahin

    Is the 2 faced , disingenuous so-called deeply felt APOLOGY meaningless to a Judaeo-christian God ?

    Does Ammar ” Forgive and forget ” ME a possible gay Jew while at the SAME time
    asking STRAIGHT Jews to ” Forgive and forget ” ?

    1 ) Did Ammar ask God to forgive him or is it ONLY Trump voters and NOT Hillary voters whom
    the MUSLIM is asking to be forgiven by ?
    2 ) Out of disingenuous , religious self righteous EGO would Ammar Shahin ” use ” pity ” and so-called religious
    compassion to have me and my thousands of friends disappear off of planet earth ?
    ———————————– DID GOD FORGIVE AMMAR FOR HIS HATEFUL WORDS ? ———————————————-

  • Anonymous

    What should Trump do regarding NK? You asked. Answer: Recognize we are being played. NK is a distraction from the bad economic bubble we face which is far worse than 2008. When all fails, then they take us to war.

  • ah….

    To stop the NORKS & CHICOMS i would blockade all the US ports from accepting shipments from the chicoms. the longshoreman can all collect unemployment ins. until the NORKS are completely disarmed.

  • Pau;

    A little gesture you and I can do- boycott all Chinese made crap. Buy American.

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Savage. This is why the Bull is staying there. You don’t like the Tee Shirt undershirt guy. Guess what Bannon is doing. https://knightstemplarinternational.com/2017/07/bannon-planning-neutralize-social-media-bias-video/

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Savage. North Korea does not have a guided missiles. Our Pentagon knows that. News media is giving out false information along with the feds. Russian F. M. Deputy was interviewed by ABC news. The man explained Birth Korea is years away from Nuclear weapons. Russians along with Haley and U. N. security council are going that route to deal with Kim. Songbird McCain wants War with someone. Russia, China, whoever. Songbird got his *** handed to him by Russia. Poland young are sick lot along with Estonia. Dog and Pony show. You are not going to be blown off face of the earth. Better start worrying about Petition with enough signatures for a ballot measure in 2018 to have Calexit. Russia and China thought Kim real threat shut him down. Fight with China is over those islands that nice countries claim to own. Songbird McCain makes a deal our military to protect them. Relax.

  • TTU

    Who’s next ?? Let’s look at “K. Conn” now … is she really needed ? She probably recommended Scaramooch!

  • Weary Traveler

    First things first; I remember when Clinton allowed the transfer of our satellite guidance systems to China. Also, do you remember in his second term he gave the North Koreans our spent nuclear fuel rods from a site in North Dakota? They were transported by train form North Dakota to the Port of Oakland, and then shipped by boat from there. I remember the idiots protesting. Not the transfer of the fuel rods, just nuclear anything in general.

    Clinton and the North Koreans said that they were to be refashioned in to energy “so that they could have heat — (which we could and should be doing here to lower our own energy costs.) We knew then it wasn’t for energy for heat.

    Secondly, the point you made about marriage earlier about that Halal, whatever he is, in Australia said about impregnating Australian women, i.e., calling for Muslims to rape the native women is what he is really saying — which should infuriate every man motivating him to do to that Halal creep what I cannot verbalize here on this site.

    But, I have to give another angle to what you were saying about the low birth rates in the west and societal pressures from your day compared to now. There are guys like me, middle aged and single, and not by choice. Thanks to the cancer of feminism, humans are the only species in which the two sexes totally distrust eachother.

    Marrying just for mechanical reasons of just keeping a species or a demographic alive is a lousy reason, because like the polar opposite which would be promiscuity – “do it in the road” and “let it all hang out”, is absent of love. You are supposed to want a wife in order to love her, and for that love to serve as a testimony to the world of God’s love for us. And you have children to love them, and to also serve as a testimony of God’s love.

    Most people now, thanks to this degenerate culture we have inherited and have been bombarded with, do not truly understand what love really is. On any level, no matter if it is the kind expressed between husband and wife, or parent and child, etc.. Love, simply put, is to will the good of the other. Even if that means telling them something do not want to hear, but need to hear for their own good.

    The Liberal ‘love’ we are taught is not love, it is appeasement of the worst in humanity and based on false emotions. It is really about control, and that is how love and hate have become one in the same as they have now.

    But my point is, it is not that some of us do not want to marry because some of us really do. Myself included. But, some of us have been kicked out of the equation through no fault of our own – just for being born, and for not being born in the correct demographic. And I don’t ever want to be considered “no good” or have “eyebrows raised” because of something that is of no fault of my own.

    You also said something about China and their societal pressures to marry even in the urban centers. I’m wondering how that is supposed to work? Because are you aware that thanks to their birth control policies in China that mainly target baby girls, that it has come to a point in China now, that there simply are not enough women? So many young men there now have zero hope of ever marrying. And because of it, their cities are suffering worse violent crime than our own here in America.

  • Fred

    It”s possible that the Chinese are willing to sacrifice North Korea in an an engagement with US forces in order to observe and determine real-time US military strategy and capability in this particular scenario, and use that information for premptive and counter-attack strategies in the future. This would be similar to the cold- war Soviets who would fly close to NATO airspace in order to observe NATO military responses and adjust their military strategies accordingly based on their observations. It would be best for our navy to surround China’s militarized artificial islands in the South China Sea prior to any US engagement with North Korea in order to staunch any Chinese ability to react in support of North Korea. That would limit the Chinese reconnaisance capabilities, and limit China’s ability to support or defend North Korea.
    China using North Korea as a mere pawn for their own military benefit…
    My grandfather used to say that the cheapest thing in China…is life.

  • Jkelly5762

    Can I bring up a taboo subject? Very often on Savage’s show, I hear the griping about H1B visas and the like. The foreigners that are here to take away the good jobs from Americans. So let me ask this. Why is it, in Major League Baseball, that 28% of all the players are foreign born, and citizens of another country? As American as apple pie, ***. We’ll gripe and complain about some clown taking a job down in Silicon Valley, yet they will be watched and adored every night on TV. I say if it’s an American game, paying good American money, then ALL the players should be American citizens, or at the very least, naturalized. I know, I know, it’s all about the Benjamins.

  • MrPanetela

    The NKorea/China crisis bears a strong resemblance to the Cuban missile crisis, but the Chinese have made sure to avoid the mistakes Russia made.

    Russia had to cross a vast ocean, today it is America who is crossing a vast ocean.
    Russia and Cuban is separated by thousands of miles, China and NKorea are separated by a border
    By today’s standards Russian nuke were of limited range, while China aided NKorean missiles have extended range.
    Both Cuba and NKorea are blockaded, except China could move logistically faster than Russia did back then.
    Thus the solution whether by air or sea is a stale mate, any movement must come from within either nation, thus prayer is very much needed…

    something along the lines of Gideon with his lamps and horns…

    • A.Savaget.From.Portugal

      Russian and China play on the same team .

  • G. Kendle

    It was my understanding, that the Clinton’s moved control of our ICBM guidance systems from the pentagon to the department of transportation (during their first term) where it would not be under the control of our general officers. They then sold the technology to the Chinese who sent a check to the DNC which was used for the campaign for a second term. The head of the Dept. of Trans. later died in a plane crash. I’m wondering if this was indeed true, why it is never brought up in the discussion of the Clinton corruption. The Koreans are using guidance technology purchased from the Chinese.

  • Mark

    Socialism becomes very interesting when you consider that their leaders have never worked for a living. This leads me to believe the movement is less about equality and more about establishing a permanent source of slave labor.

  • Mark

    While I see the merits of seperation between church and state, it seems to me that an anti-religion policy is, in itself, establishing a religion (atheism). Our founding documents include references to God and therefore, belief in Him was established by our Forefathers. This needs a legal merit test.

  • Mark

    As much as it pains me to admit, the United States still retains much of it’s established Goodwill with other nations. For the sake of playing devil’s advocate, I have to wonder what exactly other nations would do if we decided to pursue a scorched Earth policy. For example, if we nuked nations like North Korea and Iran back to the Stone Age. There’d be political and economic fallout obviously. However, realistically, what would the impotent nations of the world do? Especially, if we gave a flimsy yet credible reason for our actions.

  • Mr Gadget

    I’m not buying the Bloomturd article collusion Trump-Fox. I wouldn’t doubt they talked about it. Rinse just fired and this story and lawsuit appear? Is this a lawsuit like all of the women who claimed Trump sexually assaulted them and then disappeared?
    Here is a little known Wheeler interview “worth a listen”. Obvious cover-up or was there even a murder and not a vanishing act? Wheeler did base his TV on fake news from Faux.
    Crowdsource the Truth Interviews Rod Wheeler

  • Julie Rogers

    great show especially loved the dusting off of treason, all for it
    Question ms-13, isn’t this another example of a Band-Aid instead of a cure
    you don’t think the other drug gangs wont fight for their territory
    that’s all we here on every issue a band-aid no cures
    the answer to the drug war is prohibition
    its not about fixing problem because you cant, do we(taxpayers) want to continue to pay for it
    you lessen the problem by preventative measures

  • Nikki
  • ElectricGreenGlowingMan

    I have no FAITH , no HOPE and no REASON to believe ANY of the lying political
    Pinocchio’s Love , would Love , can Love , have the potential to Love or could remotely be TRUSTED to Love
    the precious , Holy , adorable , face of Jesus !
    The Pinocchio’s have Lied to Jesus who rests in the hearts of all American Judaeo -christian voters !
    The Pinocchio’s have LIED to the ” Face of God ” ….Jesus ! ( betrayal )
    The Pinocchio’s have disfigured the face of America with lie’s and have thrown every type of human , LYING excrement at
    the face of Jesus who wants to and can ONLY …MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !
    I have no FAITH , no HOPE and no REASON to believe that Fraudulent Pope Francis or any of the political so-called spiritual
    Pinocchio’s could treasure , cherish and adore the Sacred , Miraculous face of Jesus …..Given me…A repentant sinner !
    ONLY repentant sinners should be ALLOWED to politically represent America .
    Otherwise there can be No FAITH , No HOPE and No REASON to believe America will be great again !

    ———————————————STOP LYING ——————————–
    ——————-STOP LYING ——————————————-STOP LYING

  • King G

    Starbucks is still opening stores after their vow to hire 10 thousand illegals stirred up a boycott?

  • Fred

    Obama coined the phrase ‘fake news’ in late 2015. Look it up. He did it to counter attacks on his presidency by republican persidential hopefuls during the 2016 campaign. If you can’t control the media, de-legitimize it. Completely sinister.

  • Mark

    YouTube has created a ‘limited state’ classification for videos that don’t violate policy but are ‘controversial’ and are therefore hidden. Google’s YouTube has been working with NGOs and institutions: including the Anti-Defamation League, the No Hate Speech Movement, and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue. This raises the spectre of Hitler’s Star of David use for me. Google will conviently hide videos that it deems unfit for viewing.

  • Thomas Armstrong

    You were talking about the generals that are being placed in Trump’s cabinet and fill positions in his administration tonight. I see this as a reaction to the current times. I think the president wants to have people that are loyal and understand how things should be or go back to a time when there was a unified objective for an administration. People from a military background are very effective at accomplishing an objective. There are risks with every choice; the contrast being people without a military background and those with a military background. The pendulum is always swinging and always will. I think we all grieve for the condition our culture is in(“all” is a loose term perhaps I should have said those who seek to follow the constitution). This country is suffering from a “God connection” deficiency. I’m not suggesting we could become a theocracy and all our problems would go away. What I am suggesting is people in our culture are losing their ability to be self governed because of their lack of a relationship with God. I like what the author of the book “If You Can Keep It” was asserting, we as individuals need to be in God’s word and in a community of believers to help us grow in our dependance on God. This will result in a republic that can live within the framework of the constitution.

  • Mac Miles

    If true here come the lib***s. Heaven forbid it be the other way around for once.


  • http://www.smackjeeves.com/profile.php?id=235796 Norm Karsh
  • John Fuzzy

    Michael, your caller today “Yunice” from Yemen who had the five gas stations- he will sponsor more immigrants from Yemen to work in his gas stations. These folks generally don’t hire Americans. I am an immigration officer, so this is the truth. Thousands and thousands of jobs go to immigrants in this manner. I listen to you every day. Keep up the good work. JP

  • MikeB

    Conservatives still need to learn how to spin news. In the news conference this morning the spokesman said immigrants will be graded on how well they speak English which invites Libs to call Trump a racist all day long. If the person had said they will be graded on language skills it would get by the PC crowd with little push back while they figure out what it means, the Libs have mastered spin. I always thought Trump should have said he would build a fence and then build a wall.

  • Fred

    Isn’t this habit of finding the cheapest labor possible, through H1B visas or illegal alien labor, isn’t this really a manifestation of slavery, but within modern standards? After all, you can’t have slavery, so here in the US, this is the next best option. You can’t blame a businessman for trying to find the cheapest labor possible in order to reduce cost of production. I completely agree with the new immigration policy. A rising tide raises all ships. I hope you understand what I mean by that in this regard.

  • Frank G Anderson

    It is 10:27 am here in Thailand and while the line to your show rings no one answers. That said, I am a US citizen by birth. And a legal immigrant. In Thailand. I had to learn the language, contribute to society and prove I did, interview how I met my Thai wife, about how we were married and had children,…all in Thai, on video tape. Then after six years of visiting Immigration offices in Bangkok every six months, finally got notice for final step to get Thai equivalent of Green Card – a residence permit. Got it, paid the $3,000 cash. Did it honestly, with some hardships, and was qualified. Why can’t people coming to America these days to it the same way? Do it the right way or get out, go back, come back legally, stop being coddled by liberal and wrong law enforcement or more accurately, lack of enforcement.

    • Neo Marcist

      It’s about votes and the welfare state. Democrats know over 70% of Hispanics vote Democrat so they’ll allow as many illegal hispanics to enter as possible and they’ll illegally provide them safe haven. If 70% of Hispanics voted Republican, then the Democrats would have shut down illegal immigration and built the wall over a decade ago. And Democrats want a dependent peasantry. They want as many people on welfare and relying on government as possible. They are collectivists, which are enemies of individualists. What better place to get people who foolishly fall for collectivism than from central and South America where, despite having an abundance of resources and hard working laborers, the socialists and communists have made everyone miserable and poor.

      Imagine what thriving economies Brazil and Argentina could have become if they had embraced capitalist, individualist principles?

  • Ghost of Elijah Churchill

    Such a great show today. I’m afraid a thousand such shows would only continue to fall upon deaf and feckless ears.

  • Stan in Napa Valley

    August 2, 2017
    From Savage-Nation listener “Stan in Napa Valley” (Hot Talk 560-AM San Francisco)

    RE: “Friend of Bill” & LORAL Chief Sold Sensitive Missle Guidance Tech to China during Clinton Administration

    Michael, Your steel-trap memory of past events is unmatched…case in point: Your recent re-telling of rapid development of Chinese ICBM capability following Clinton administration approval of state-of-the-art missile guidance systems sales to the Chinese by LORAL space systems. This was years ago, yet you recalled it in fresh and amazing detail, on your radio show in late-July.

    In this instance, Bill Clinton ensured that a “Friend of Bill” donor and then-LORAL aerospace technology chief, was permitted to export sensitive, unique U.S.-developed technology. Facilitated by Clinton appointee and then-Commerce Secretary, granting the technology export permissions…on the pretext that it was for “Chinese weather satellites!”

    In this way, the Clinton administration was able to circumvent normal Defense Department review of such advanced technology exports, despite the obvious risk that the Chinese would apply the guidance technology in their military’s ICBM program…which is exactly what happened, as you aptly described on the broadcast.

    Clinton’s friend at LORAL benefitted enormously as a result of these sales to the Chinese (payback for campaign finance contributions and political support a decade ago).

    The strategic risk that this technology transfer would be applied militarily, not for purported “Chinese weather satellites,” became a fact. Under Bill Clinton and through the Commerce-approved missile technology exports, China began to leap-frog rapidly into a much more menacing missile threat position than had been previously possible.

    Your recall of such details after Presidential administrations have come and gone, is among the multitude of reasons why your show is so appreciated and applauded by your listeners… and ignored by the mainstream media and political elites.

    Thanks from Stan in (beautiful) Napa Valley!

  • Martif

    Obamas importing of previously eradicated diseases is essentially declaring biowarfare on the American people. It’s nothing short of that.

    • elf

      bio warfare, cultural warfare, educational warfare, financial warfare, vaccine warfare, medical warfare, chemtrail warfare, water warfare, GMO food warfare, soft kill the white western civilization everywhere
      because it is the ONLY white western civilization left.

      • Kristy Warshauer

        wow never thought of that . . .

    • Kristy Warshauer

      yuppers very evil ,inappropriate, but . . .let not your heart be troubled. Turn to God and His Son . . . Jesus


    and there you stand
    between Orson and Walter
    proving yourself once again
    earning your place in the Hall of Fame
    giving a reading from your book
    smashing opening Wednesday August 2

    maybe me, Doug and Rob will cobble together audio books from your on-air readings…finally got my book last month for an on-air moment in June….I was calling in a tip and Jim liked it so I came on and told you GO CAP & GOWN…I really should have saved it for the day Betsy called, when you asked for radio-ready people, but I had already used my turn for the summer….I thought of something that will work…all in good time….

    the mighty RE20 serves you well (and vice versa)…picky minor issue: you’re picking up an audible rumble (you don’t hear it without headphones) and a scraping sound, here and there, due to mic sensitivity and movement of the stand itself (cushion/carpet beneath or use the “spiderweb” instead of a regular clip; absorb the rumble)…Jim and Rob will tell you about it….I can hear the sound of the room when you’re at a certain location with which I am familiar…more on that later…and any singer will tell you, by all means, stand when you feel like it….standing does enable you to unintentionally move around and go slightly off mic without being conscious of it, though you can get a better flow and riff along…..I’m just reporting what I’m hearing….none of your listeners actually care about that stuff…

    I’ve been having a lot of good laughs at all of the pundits who are second-guessing the President’s actions and motivations….you haven’t been immune….everyone needs something to talk about, especially talk-radio people….lately they all remind me of the little old lady with a ’63 Plymouth Valiant with push-button transmission, driving 45 miles an hour on the highway with her nose touching the steering wheel, swerving madly at every pebble or crack in the road (yes I know how many of those are on Doyle Drive or whatever they call it now…the Feinstein Freeway?)….they remind me of her because they want to give play-by-play, blow-by-blow, did-not, did-too coverage of the smoke, mirrors and hocus-pocus which they are being spoon-fed by the master himself, who is providing fodder for their soap opera (and red herring fishing expedition), all the while preparing news like we have seen the last few days….he’s part Confucius, part Cheshire Cat, and all DJT….for instance, the Syria escapade was a fireworks show for Xi (who loved it) and Putin was (and is) in the loop…everybody fell for it….they fall for all of it…then he pops more of their balloons….and as for the cast of characters? think of it as a revolving-door,full-employment act for the metro-libs, since he can’t go to their stupid parties anymore, they can all parade through, act important, fall on their faces, help him confound the press and provide something for everybody to gossip about…

    once again, my best advice to you is to cherish the curtain…it is your super-hero cape….you swapped the umbrella for ice cream….be happy behind the curtain…let the bull work the arena in front of the glittering facade as their ship of fools sinks into the sunset…everybody has their place…word has it that the bull might charge toward the online monopolies and chase them into the public utility cage, curtailing their willy-nilly political involvement and affiliations…and even Paul Rino has been told how cold it will be outside next winter in DC; he’s being challenged in the Wisconsin primary and has proclaimed “it’s time to build the wall”?!?!?
    you don’t actually need the overt acknowledgement that you sometimes want out loud…silence is golden, anonymity is precious and irretrievable to those who lose it….

    now for my cryptic entry (the boss understands): last month I had an appointment in SF near the Embarcadero on a weekday afternoon so I couldn’t listen to the show that day…I finished my biz at 4:30 and decided to visit an area where I once resided in a high-rise built in the 60’s with HUD money, which later went private and eventually became upscale, now home to an international mix, with a lot of corporate types….you may possibly be familiar with the area…I hadn’t been there in over 5 years…when in SF, I now stay near the Ocean….something made me think of the Bob Wills tune “My Window Faces the South”, though the Lone Star flew to the north, where on a clear day, one can see Tib-Iran (remember the sudden influx of urban turbans in 1980?)….I went to a patch of grass amongst the concrete, where I used to sit and have a moment of tranquility amidst the chaos…the place was crawling with bums, and not just garden variety winos, these were hardcore derelicts with shopping carts, butts exposed from baggy pants, bottles in plain view, nothing really terrible but there were about a dozen, where before there had been none…almost never…I sat and checked it out…very soon the private security from the building escorted an undesirable subject toward the formerly quiet area, instead of directing them back to their former stomping grounds, thus opening new frontiers in urban squatting….maybe they should have made a U-turn…it appears as though the bums were being led there by the private security because it was the closest place to dump them…later that night I listened to a replay of that day’s show and your topic was………may I have the envelope please……..the proliferation of scary bums in San Francisco!!!
    to be continued….

  • Randy


  • dadbag

    Omama shipped in all the useless mooslims he could. Barak is an islamophile. B Hussein wanted to transform our white country to a Mogadishu, because he hates our freedom. How many TB and Leprosy cases in Minn. We eliminate diseases so Omama could ruin the place.

    • Neo Marcist

      Muslims worship a PEDOPHILE for a prophet!

      “Picture this historical setting: A 49 year old man asks his best friend if he could have his permission to marry his 6 year old daughter. His friend agrees. The man then visits his best friend’s house and speaks with the 6 year old daughter. Her parents watch as the he proposes marriage to the child. He is serious; he wants to marry the little girl and is asking for her consent. The little child says nothing; she only stares at him in silence.

      The Islamic source materials state that Muhammad proposed marriage to Aisha when she was 6. He assumed her silence constituted her consent. Some 2 to 3 years later, just after he had fled to Medina, he consummated his marriage with her. He was 52 and she was 9. This occurred prior to Aisha’s first menses and by Islam’s legal definition Aisha was still considered a child.” Source http://www.answering-islam.org/Silas/childbrides.htm with quotes from Quran and Hadiths there-in

  • Mike

    Song request , classical gas, Mason Williams , walkin, Al Hirt

  • Neo Marcist

    Democrat Foreign Policy Plan:

    1. Install radical Islamic Terrorist Regimes wherever possible. Finance and arm radical jihadists such as ISIS, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram, etc.
    2. Import as many Muslim Jihadist foreign invaders into Christian nations as possible. Call them “refugees” and “immigrants.” Move them to the front of welfare lines. Allow them to bring in child brides. Encourage them to rape and impregnate white women. Give them immunity to local laws. Let their demon children rape five year old girls such as the one in Idaho and go unpunished.
    3. Defund our military and let the infrastructure rust
    4. Fill up our military with homosexual and transexual sissy perverts and sodomites. Denigrate the military culture.
    5. After setting us up to lose, start a war with Russia because they took the right side in Syria and American Democrats (and RINOs like Lindsay Graham and BrainTumor McKrang) took the side of ISIS. Oh and because our CIA operatives meddled and overthrew an elected president in Ukraine and Crimea annexed into Russia, not by force or coercion, because they wanted to.

    Have any of you ever gone on Facebook and performed a search for people who list U.S. Army as their job? You will find some of the most gutter, trash, fake thug, tattooed, or else single baby mama losers society has to offer. Many recruiters must have gone to high schools and drafted straight out of classroom detention. Our military is made up of many dweebs who shouldn’t be trusted manning a grease pit let alone military weaponry and munition. They turned navy ships into brothels. Military men too busy exchanging nudes of the military women. Considering how much they’ve lowered standards, I’m not sure enough weeks of boot camp can whip them into shape. But that is no generalization. Our military, fortunately, has many of the bravest and most intelligent people society has to offer who sacrificed to serve. It’s a mixed bag I guess, and I trust that the military ranking officials do a good job of sorting out the best and promoting them. But then again they promoted traitors such as Nidal Hasan. They put a mentally ill jihadist in charge of military psychology! Even with some of the toughest people the human race has to offer being in our military, I still don’t feel like our military is as invincible as it once was. We can’t even steer clear of slow cargo ships.

  • David

    How is it that the government will spend any resources necessary to track you down if you miss a tax payment or say something stupid but eight months in still can’t find people leaking confidential information out of the White House? Get off your behind Trump. Time to start hauling people out of there in handcuffs and putting them in orange jumpsuits.

    • elf

      It would be nice if he had some back up but Sessions is inept and McMasters is backstabbing him.

  • Mr Gadget

    The coup is on and in full view! Too much deep state corruption being uncovered they must, at any cost, take out Trump. The deep state with COG and Soros/Hillary/Ford foundation and and and welcome and have prepared for a civil war. The MSM will cheer and tell everyone the martial law is necessary to stop the rightwing extremist’s and is only temporary…we know better. It’s fight to the death to save America or submit to the corporate totalitarian one world government.

    • Donna Kmetz

      looks like old georgie boy big bucks soros has the upper hand at the moment,,,,, start praying all you who love the usa, that’s all that’s left in the arsenal

      • Mr Gadget

        They are definitely experts at backing entire countries into a corner, submit or bloody revolution.

  • James

    How come the IRS can’t prosecute Al Sharpton? They got Al Capone and they can’t get Al Sharpton? What a joke, the IRS has become weaponized.

  • Damir

    The Left played 3D chess while Forest Gump Sessions played checkers with bottle caps.

  • elf

    Sessions infuriates me. He had a strong hand and he has not played it. The Joker, going after civil forfeiture and pot smokers. OMG while the highest crimes and criminals in American history viciously attack Trump on ALL FRONTS. There is no firewall against these usurpers of our government. I am feeling hopeless.
    Also, McMaster is a disaster. He is firing the loyalists and keeping the Obama holdovers. This show is flaming and the consequences are Western Civilization itself. God help us all.

    • Neo Marcist

      Good gosh Trump can’t be firing people every week. This isn’t the Apprentice. *sigh*

      • elf

        Well he needs to get it right.

        • Weary Traveler

          And firing Sessions would be a bad move.

          • Donna Kmetz

            he sure isn’t supporting trump,,, but then who is,,,,

          • Weary Traveler

            Sessions is actually the best thing about Trump’s cabinet right now.

          • Neo Marcist

            Sessions’ policy of Civil Asset Forfeiture should concern us. Perhaps you trust the power in a Trump administration, but do you trust that sort of power in an Obama administration? I agree with Rand Paul’s criticism and concerns with the policy. Civil liberties are important, regardless of who is in power. We have to protect them. Government shouldn’t be allowed to confiscate all your assets based merely on suspicions. We already know how unfounded their suspicions can be.

          • Weary Traveler

            I agree for the most part about civil asset forfeiture. However, a lot people who want sessions gone right now are not wanting it for that reason.

            They strictly want him gone for political reasons. Not because of any wrongdoing, suspected wrong doing or position on any policy. They want him gone for the same stupid reasons that Trump stupidly blasted Sessions over in the Rose Garden.

            Whether any of us like it or not — and I personally don’t like it quite frankly — Sessions did do the the honorable thing by recusing himself. Judges have had to recuse themselves over a lot less.

            Sessions isn’t the one trying to bring down Trump and usurp our vote. Robert Mueller is. And that’s the one that needs to be tossed out on his behind. And investigated. And arrested..

            Sessions and Carson are Trump’s best assets the way I see it. They are the only two in that whole cabal that I can see right now that have any real integrity.

      • Weary Traveler

        Just get rid of Mueller. He is the one that should actually be investigated. Maybe we can find out where that half billion Solyndra got from the tax payer went, and why Mueller raided the place only to destroy the records.

      • Donna Kmetz

        hahah,, why not, a clean slate,, most of em like preibus were hired only as a concession to the disgusting rhinos

  • Joe Izrael

    I hope this is not true, but as soon as you mentioned that bull right after the Mueller announcement, I thought Trump is the bull…
    Mueller should be a new Seth Rich.

  • David

    There is an eclipse this month, and seven years after another eclipse. Overlap them and they make a big X over the USA. These are Biblical times we are in and God is not happy with us at all. We are on the express highway to the greatest disaster in the history of the world and millions maybe billions will suffer because of it. You mentioned economic collapse, civil war, and world war on today’s show. We may just see all three very soon.

    • Weary Traveler

      End time prophecy is not biblical. It is a new age distortion of scripture.

      • Donna Kmetz

        wars and rumors of war JC said, many other prophecies in the new testament not necessarily in Revelations that the end times are predicted,,, this isn’t new age baloney,,, read carefully, check your bible commentaries,, it’s all there

        • Weary Traveler

          And it also says that no man or even the angel’s in heaven will know the day or the hour. You’re not even going to be given hints of when we enter the stages. God is his word, and his word matters more to him than his name. If only the morons that followed the likes of Harold Camping knew that, they would still have their life savings.

          This end time nonsense that is primarily taught in American churches is just that. Nonsense. It’s fake Christianity that is taught in fake churches. It’s a big reason I don’t go to church anymore and haven’t in almost 20 years, and have no intention of ever going back.

          The very foundation of Christianity is Judaism, which is based on Salvation and not destruction. Jesus Christ was God’s reciprocation of Abraham’s obedience. Funny how many American Christians forget that.

    • Jay Edwards

      The “any-moment pre-tribulation [or pre-Antichrist] rapture” that many evangelicals are (pardon the pun) taken up with is only 187-years-old, was dreamed up by a 15-year-old girl in Scotland in 1830, and was never a part of official Christian theology or any organized church before 1830! Curious? Google “Famous Rapture Watchers” (no Bible scholar before 1830 ever “saw” a pretrib rapture in the Bible!), “Pretrib Rapture Diehards,” “Margaret Macdonald’s Rapture Chart,” “X-Raying Margaret,” “Margaret Macdonald’s Main Point” (she was the real pretrib rapture originator and not John Darby, as is falsely claimed), “Pretrib Was New In the 1830s,” “Edward Irving vs. John Darby,” “C. I. Scofield’s Hidden Side,” “LaHaye’s Temperament,” “Jerry Jenkins: Betting on Pretrib,” “Hal Lindsey’s Pretrib Rapture Proof,” “Pretrib Rapture Pride,” “Thomas Ice (Bloopers),” “Pretrib Rapture Stealth,” “Pretrib Rapture: A Staged Event,” “Pretrib Rapture: how WHAT becomes WHEN,” “Evangelicals Use Occult Deception,” and “Ready for Rapture Astrology?” (see these and more on the UK blog “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing” hosted by Bible prophecy luminary Treena Gisborn).

  • Weary Traveler

    Schumer and the like could care less if their kids died in a war with Russia or under any circumstances for that matter. They don’t love their children because they are incapable of love. Bill and Hillary do not love Chelsea. And Barack and Michelle do not love Malia and Sasha.

    These people lost their humanity and are no longer human. They are demonic.

    Putting aside that the reason the war drums are being beat with Russia is really just Soros’ revenge against both the USA and Russia, the real payoff for the internationalist Socialists is that by creating a real war between the two remaining superpowers, they get destroyed by destroying eachother. Exactly what Soros failed to do by more stealth means.

    That’s what the evil, psychotic evil left really wants.

    • Charles P

      Malia and Sasha ARE JUST PROPS, that the OBAMAS HANDLERS IN CHICAGO PROVIDED TO THEM, TO APPEAR AS A REAL COUPLE (Instead of the HOMOSEXUALS that the “Obamas” REALLY ARE)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Weary Traveler

        Regardless… Whether they legitimately had the kids or not, they don’t love them. They don’t even really love each other. They are a “power couple”. And if it were somehow possible, I would like to see power marriages outlawed.

        Power marriages = fake marriages. Whether they be the Clintons or whoever, power marriages/couples are actually a bigger disgrace to God and the institution of marriage itself than gay marriage is. And gay marriage is a major disgrace.

        • Jazzee

          amen power couples ……..

  • Mac Miles

    Deep State clicking on all cylinders. The swamp nearly has Trump devoured. Arrogantly placed leaks against Trump. Mueller the leftist Obama grim reaper. All the deep state surrounding Trump for the kill. The The Deep State is saying screw you deplorables who voted for Trump as the deep wishes to keep the current system in place business as usual.
    I’ll tell you I never seen a system that of the Deep State leftist radical sycophant politicians all working such a corrupt system to destroy our American democracy to shove this Socialist world agenda down Eddie and Ediths the deplorables throat. This is a perfect corrupt political machine. Oh I forgot to mention the government media complex doing their part to brainwash the masses to except this Socialist agenda from the Deep State. All these monsters on the left want a war for the love of profit, and political gain while raping America. Pelosi McCain Obummer Obummer plants Killary Schumer Feinstein etc. are vicious obstructors who want and will not stop at nothing to push this Socialist agenda. All the while being protected by The Deep State and the Government Media complex.

    With all this going in favor of the maniacal left Obummer and Killary have been very quiet as they watch their plan accelerated into action to take Trump down. This country is being radicalized by sycophant politicians leftist plutocrats and Global Elitist media government leftist complex. This threat is real and it all started with the sick liberal.

    • TTU

      Gosh… wonderfully stated friend!!! I just can let go of the gut feeling I get that he needs to let go of K Conn and Steve Bam Bam now! They are part of the deep state. Spy’s if you will. And he is too deep in his agenda that they have probably threatened him in some way with something if he fires them. I can’t stand her!

    • Donna Kmetz

      ain’t that the truth brother, all of us who love the USA better be gettin down on our knees and praying to the good Lord above cuz we are in deep doodoo

      • TTU

        Said like Aunt Esther! Jk

    • James

      Anyone who does see this is blind or complicit.

    • greekfire

      This treachery has been going on for quite some time, in fact as long as the District of Columbia has been the US capital and even well before that. That being said our traitorous leaders are caught in the morass of corruption that is now D.C. In order to survive. Our leaders allow themselves to trade the only, and I do mean ONLY currency worth anything in D.C.; secrets. Everybody is trading in D.C… secrets to each other and also to our enemies and the press are brokering this trading of secrets, they are the middlemen. Our leaders are allowing themselves to become double agents in trading secrets… and triple agents more likely… this is survival… this is war.

  • survivor

    I didn’t know America’s borders now extend to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Georgia? What the hell is this regime doing and Trump doesn’t try and stop it. Trump needs to rein in these very dangerous belligerent aholes in his national security state. They are in a bubble and think they are playing with petty third world nations that can’t really fight back. Also, we are not psychologically geared for what is coming and the main reason is Russia and China are fighting in there backyard, meaning fighting for their survival whereas we are fighting in the backyard of another country protecting their survival and not ours.. In war, this becomes paramount so let us hope the deep state and their slaves (Congress) don’t get us in this situation.

    And by the way, totally agree with your rage against that little girl Kirby. His boss was totally responsible for the crisis in Ukraine and Syria and Libya. Not Russia. It was his boss who funded, armed, and trained violent radical Sunni Jihadists aligned with Al Nusra, Al Qaida, and Islamic State.

  • jl

    Can’t everyone involved invoke the Fifth? Why wouldn’t they THERE IS NO WINNING here and nothing can make it go away. Firing Muller will only cause them to nominate another to take his place. Anything Trump does looks incriminating. Also, pardoning anyone convicted by the jury will get impeachment talk going. Pull a Lois Lerner or you’re done.

    • Donna Kmetz

      and a killary, she conveniently ” couldn’t recall” all when questioned by the committee years ago regarding many of her nefarious acts of law breaking,,,,take the 5th,,,,

  • AOG

    This is not immigration; it’s an invasion ….. we are now the New Native Americans and Aztecs… what happened to them will happen to us if don’t stop the Muslims Trojan horse invasion Army and the illegals from all over the world…

  • AOG

    The demoCRAPS traitors want to protect Ukraine borders but don’t want to protect America’s borders

  • Neo Marcist

    Remember that the White House was being renovated prior to Obama leaving office? I believe that they had the entire place bugged with devices that perhaps evade normal means of detection. There has to be hidden mics buried all over the White House. Everything gets leaked. Instead of considering technology as a culprit, Trump’s cabinet are pointing fingers at each other.

    • TOM-KKOH

      I’ve been waiting for this to emerge…a CIA guy, who posed as a German elevator repairman, installed undetectable bugs into wooden furniture in Saddam Hussein’s office 25 years ago….Hussein Obama can hear every word spoken in the White House over a VHF transmission in hi-fi….that’s part of the reason he bought a house in the neighborhood….in order to stop the “leaks”, every grain of dirt down to 100 feet, every blade of grass, every twig of every bush and tree, every molecule of iron fencing, all of the pavement and every splinter of the White House would have to be ground into dust and cemented into the bottom of the ocean, leaving a huge crater…President Trump should take his business elsewhere…

      • Jazzee

        I cannot stand obamadog the man/child is a damn disgrace and a traitor
        he should go back to kenya

    • Jazzee

      agree with you

  • [email protected]

    Our Lady’s Peace Plan, Over Atheistic Communism…Family Rosary
    The Triumph of Mary Begins With President Trump the Great!

  • Melinda Ross

    Congressman Duncan Hunter helped a 22 year old Guatemalan man who was arrested by the Border Patrol get released from immigration detention and returned to his family. Mario Figueroa spent most of his life in the U.S. after he came here at the age of 4. Members of the family had faced kidnappings, rape –and threats written in blood, according to Figueroa’s attorney. The family lost the case, but remained in the U.S., becoming unauthorized immigrants. Figueroa is applying for DACA status and will be eligible for Medicaid and financial aid for school. Latino associations get doctors to volunteer to work on Medicaid patients so they don’t have to be treated by the incompetent doctors that seniors and the disabled have to use. Throw the bum out. VOTE CONRESSMAN DUNCAN HUNTER OUT OF OFFICE.

  • MrPanetela

    Want to make North Korea behave?
    Block China’s attempts to takeover companies and buy up land around the world.

    Once the Generals in the Chinese Parliament begin to lose money, they will have to take action to stem the bleeding. They will confront Xi and more or less persuade him to talk to to Kim.

    Quietly spread the word around…online, where their cyber security can see it and immediately report back to their masters.

  • Kristy Warshauer

    info re: happenings in middle east you tube video husky . The reality is so calledRoman Catholic Church vs theZionists . The so called catholic chorch owns much of the land in that region .!?

  • Danna

    I enjoy listening to you, but I do get tired of hearing you say marijuana is the worst… I myself have been smoking off & on for a very long time. Never once have I wanted or had the urge to try anything else, why because I know heroine, crack & so on are the worst. The people who choose to try something harder are weak minded & lack self control. I do think the medical side of it is helpful but yes people do take advantage of it & use it for an excuse it should be stricter on that. I am a 42yr old woman, I did not go to college for the reasons spoke about in colleges today & I refuse to be in dept for a piece of paper, I did join the US Navy straight out of HS, but again I made choices that ended my career after 3yrs of active duty. I feel marijuana is safer than alcohol, some people function better. I am against prescription drugs you might as well stick a needle in your arm. Forgive me for rambling, to much to say I wish you talked to more people on the other side of this like myself, marijuana doesn’t make you anything that you are not already are …

    • Jazzee

      well here’s the deal
      if they okay weed everywhere then leave us CIG smokers alone okay??????????????????????????
      I don’t do dope never have but care less what you do but don’t step all over my rights to smoke cigs
      seems fair to me but for some odd reason cigs are very very bad and dope is swell why????????????????????

  • Mark Jachniewicz

    First of all Russia doesn’t want war. We do not want war. Putin [the previous KGB agent] being a Russian patriot wants to restore Russia to it previous USSR borders. These countries {Ukraine, Latvia, Lithonia ,Estonia, are weak and do not want that– they have their own language,culture and above all HATE Russians because of WWII atrocities –for example half of Ukraine starved to death because of Khrushchev } The real question at what country will he stop.

    • Karen Burns

      Mike! I think the hatred of Russia and the USSR (Russia was the dominant country) goes back to way before WWII. The man-made famine of 1932-33, created by Stalin and carried out by Khruschev and company, was instigated to break the backs of independent farmers (“kulaks” which means “fists”) when they balked at the concept of “collective” farms. Then there were the arrests and one-way tickets to labor camps from which few people returned. Seems that the languages most frequently heard in those camps were Ukrainian and those spoken by the Baltic prisoners.

    • Karen Burns

      Mike, as to Putin and his status. One a KGB agent, always a KGB agent. It’s synonymous with the saying here, “Once a Marine, always a Marine.”

    • Jazzee

      so why does mccain and lindsay the closet gay not shut UP
      what is with those two? and then there is dumb jeff flake wow he has dementia too it seems

    • Mac Racer

      All those atrocities that the USSR committed were the same strategies/policies the Democrats use to push their social agenda in every Democratic controlled city/state government. Thats who they are! They will never change. The end justifies the means crowd are destroying one city after another here in California, from Sacramento to San Diego. Homelessness up 20%, Crime up 20%, Taxes up, and the middle class is no more! Public schools are a joke. Can you believe the democrats are trying to bring back bilingual education that was a proven failure in the 90’s.

  • Charles P


    THIS IS A CRIME, for the President (or anyone else) TO BE PART OF A CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT ANY CRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!
    FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Neo Marcist

      Because Democrats are above the law. The laws don’t apply to them.

  • NurseR.N.

    Seems to me that the ONLY WAY Trump is going to survive 8 years as president is to become
    God’s battle Axe .
    There’s no other way !
    ” no matter what ”…..We gotta pray for Trump and be his battle warriors !
    Hillary’s ONLY goal on earth is to DESTROY TRUMPS PRESIDENCY so she always looks like she SHOULD have been
    and therefore ” IS ” the president !
    We can’t nod off to sleep for a second….because Satan doesn’t sleep when we do !


  • fattyz

    I knew we would get here way back when with slick Willie. They all belong in prison. I have been reading Carl Sandburg’s Lincoln, the prairie years the war years. Trump should thump them. He’s got a big stick, start swinging. I was afraid Obongo would declare martial law, I hope Trump does. Lincoln broke all the rules he had to, he was an end justifies the means guy. He had to save the Union. Wipe the floor up with them Mr. President. Fire the special prosecutor. It’s obstruction of justice to empanel a grand jury on a fake investigation.

    • Donna Kmetz

      you’ve got it all right ,,, if only the prez had the guts to do this,,,, corruption and evil are rampant on both side of the aisle,,,congress wants business as usual and will take down Trump is he doesn’t stand up to them,,, we are at war,,,, hopefully the righteous generals will start calling the shots that will silence the hell bent on destruction mob,,, we can only hope and pray

  • Megan

    Never been clearer the Republican Party is full of dysfunctional elites just like the Whig Party was before the first civil war. The Democrat Party is falling back to their old ways of voter intimidation, thuggery, and supporting the modern day slave trade aka illegal immigration and refugees. Both parties need to be abolished if this nation is going to survive.

    • Jazzee

      there is no GOP no one represents me in that hell hole DC
      I am done with the lies and lazy jerks in the GOP

  • henry linderman

    HERE IS WHO REALLY COLLUDED WITH RUSSIA. A retired FBI agent posted this on a video which has been removed but I had saved it.


    Mr. Comey Isn’t it true that you were an assistant U.S. attorney for a prosecutor between 1996 and 2003?

    In your official capacity at the Department of Justice, did you investigate and did you clear Bill Clinton of any wrongdoing for extending a presidential pardon to Marc Rich, a fugitive from justice, a fugitive of the United States?

    Isn’t it true that between 2003 and 2005, you held a position with the office of the Attorney General?

    Isn’t it true that in 2005, you resigned from the Department of Justice and accepted a job as the senior vice-president with the office of general counsel at Lockheed Martin, a company that is a major, major military contractor?

    Isn’t it true that in 2010, when you were employed with Lockheed Martin, Lockheed won 17 approvals for private contracts with the Department of State while Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State?

    Isn’t it true that in 2010, while you were employed with Lockheed Martin, Lockheed became a major contributor to the Clinton Foundation and non-profit organizations?

    Isn’t it true that in late 2010, after Lockheed was awarded those contracts by the Hillary Clinton State Department, you stepped down from Lockheed and received a $6 million payout for your services?

    Isn’t it true that in 2013, the largest bank of England, HSBC, was being investigated by federal authorities for laundering billions of dollars for the Mexican drug cartels, channeling money to the Middle East, specifically Iran, which is in violation of law?

    Isn’t it true that Robert Mueller, former director of the FBI and now the special counsel to investigate the alleged “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia… isn’t it true that Mr. Mueller was the chief counsel at HSBC… the same bank that was laundering money for the cartels?

    Isn’t it true that HSBC was a significant Clinton Foundation contributor?

    That Bill Clinton was being paid about $200,000 for his speeches at HSBC events… and this is while Mrs. Clinton was the Secretary of State? No conflict of interest there?

    Isn’t it true that HSBC was basically let off the hook with a $1.2 billion fine – which was paid by shareholders – and none of its officers, managers, directors were charged criminally or let go? Isn’t it true that while all hell was breaking loose at HSBC,

    YOU, Mr. Comey, were appointed as a director and member of the board at HSBC to assist with damage control?

    Isn’t it true, Mr. Comey, that your salary went from $206,000 in 2002 when you were a government employee, to $33.5 million in 2012…. And that you earned these moneys while working for entities that were major contributors to the Clintons?

    Isn’t it true that you worked for Bridgewater Associates between 2010 and 2013, and that they are also a major contributor to the Clintons?

    Isn’t it true that you worked for Columbia University in 2013 as a senior research scholar at the school of law, and that Columbia University is also a major contributor to the Clintons?

    Isn’t it true that you gave this memo that you wrote on Bureau time on a classified computer in a Bureau car… and you gave this memo to Daniel Richman, your friend, a liberal professor (at Columbia), and he gave this memo to the New York Times?

    Mr. Comey, you were appointed FBI Director by former President Obama in 2013, as Secretary Clinton was leaving the State Department. Isn’t it true that you were appointed by Obama as FBI Director because you had proven yourself to be of service to the Clintons and their associates and entities that contribute millions of dollars to the Clintons’ non-profit organizations?

    Isn’t it true that you, as Director of the FBI in 2013 did absolutely nothing in regards to the missing $2 billion from the State Department finances, and this happened while Mrs. Clinton was Secretary of State?

    Isn’t it true, that while you were Director of the FBI, for over two years, nothing happened as a result of the FBI “investigations” into the Clinton non-profit organizations?

    If it had not been for the emails that were leaked involving Mrs. Clinton and her associates, all this would be unknown to everyone. But these emails were leaked… and fortunately, the truth is coming out.

    Mr. Mueller isn’t it true that you took US Uranium to RUSSIA FOR HILLARY CLINTON? Isn’t it true you assisted Clinton in the sale of 20% of US uranium? Mr. Mueller did you receive any monies or position appointments due to helping secretary Clinton?


  • Jail for Hillary

    When will the dem loving donkey mule Mueller investigate Hillary ?
    And throw her in prison?
    Is Mueller colluding with the democrat mule donkeys ?

    • TTU

      Hopefully, he’s putting all the pieces of this great big puzzle of wrath together. I fear those puzzle pieces on HRC are on the basement floor drenched from a flood.

    • Trzo9veuha

      By law he is limited to investigating only that which is directly related to “Russian vote interference in 2016”. If he steps out of that box without permission from DOJ it all gets thrown out. Let’s see if that law is upheld…

    • Jazzee

      jeff sessions should do it NOW open an investigation into her, comey and that fat phony lynch

  • TTU

    Pooor Adam:
    “Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) wished former President Barack Obama a happy birthday on Fridaywith a tweet implicitly criticizing his successor.” Happy Birthday @Barack Obama. We miss your intellect and integrity in the WH, and will continue fighting to preserve your progressive legacy,” Schiff wrote.

  • Joe Izrael

    How many of Elon Musk’s billions are needed to help these poor children?

  • Sam McCormick

    Savage, with Congress’s 1 minute a week meetings to circumvent Trumps possible temporary appointments and the fact that what laws they pretended to be against during Obama’s presidency ( ie- obamacare), but have revealed themselves to be liars. Wouldn’t you agree that we are already in the first stages of a civil war? Have you forgotten the motto no legislation without representation? Well the reverse is true also. If our representatives are elected to do a job and they revolt and refuse to do our ( we the people’s ) bidding, then who really is pulling the strings of power in washington? Certainly not us. They, the united congress of democrats and republicans are trying to joust out the duly elected president. They are not able at this time to get the military involved, but are trying to use investigations to bring him down as I write this. Have they ever done this to any other President? Not in my lifetime. Anyways, keep up the good work.

  • JudgeJulieLamore

    There is an ever so slight grin on Mueller’s face / mouth that non-verbally says ….
    ” I love to do evil and I am under the directives of Dianne Feinstein’s legal team to bring down Trump one way or another ”

  • Jeff Konarski

    Mike, new reports on Drudge saying soooo much illegal pot growing on federal lands in CA, OR, WA are using highly restricted pesticides getting agents in contact symptoms & sooo much fertilizer used it can damage ecology like s Super Fund Clean Up Site! Good story to follow. Its unreal what is going on. Forget about the damn border…need hundreds more patrolling woods to crack down on this abuse!!

  • Rock Vianna

    The president is steading the ship by changing the hands on deck..this is not an intellectual but an action WH. Working vacation.

  • KJHanover


  • G.B. America

    Dr. Savage:
    I have not heard you comment on this: Jerry Brown has gutted the California court system. Court reporters are being removed from Civil and Family Courts, and there are many many other cuts that put Californians in jeopardy. Where else is the money going, besides the $50 million to fund lawyers to defend illegal immigrants?


    • Jazzee

      well BOO HOO for the idiots in CA who voted for these morons
      of course illegals are everything next to murdering babies

  • Jail4Criminals


    ” WHEN ” is Mueller going to investigate Nancy and Hillary for what they did to this mother and her
    son who was burned to death after being tortured ????

  • Anonymous

    One of the main things like about mike is that he does not suffer fools.!!!

  • Sean Sannity

    Michael Savage always said Justice Scalia was murdered. Check out John Podesta’s emails taking about “wet works (assassination) and Scalia’s resort where he died…. 3 days before his death! https://our.wikileaks.org/Pizzagate

  • Dan Clark

    I am a Purdue grad and was shocked to hear on Michael’s broadcast on Friday about the school from which I graduated.

    I sent a letter of protest to the President, the Dean of Engineering and others. Would like to share with Dr. Savage the response that I got from the President of Purdue, Mitch Daniels.

    Very disappointed in Purdue University ! ! !

  • michael scott

    Was not the civil war really brought on by the Souths refusal to follow Federal mandates? If this is true, then what is different from all the leftist cities around the country refusing to abide with the items coming out of Washington now…i.e. sanctuary cities as an example

  • MrPanetela

    Professor claims that dogs and cats generates 64 millions tons of carbon dioxide per year.
    He said nothing about Obama, who on a single flight, generates 220 tons per flight. And Obama, his wife and kids fly more than 4 times a month throughout the year.And has continued to do so even after leaving office. That family carbon footprint is over a billion tons by now.

  • Anonymous



    All we hear from the Godless progressives and GOP Rhinos infected with Trump derangement syndrome is “the Russians, the Russians, impeachment, impeachment, he is a misogynist, Homophobe, racist, anti-Muslim, anti immigrant, when the world around us is going to hell and we are on the threshold of war.
    The fat Korean dictator (no qualms about using Nukes or Gas) has contingency plans, will not go silently when we stop his ability to launch and his thousands upon thousands of shadow moles in Seoul, Asia and yes, the US are already in place, ready to be possibly activated when this carnage soon begins…God have mercy…

    A Biblical Watchman

    • Ron Reidel

      Letter to want ab conservatives. You are gone thanks to progressive Republicans like senator from KY, Arizona, Maine and Alaska. Not to mention The President. Their I have said it. Wake up America. Cogen set you up with council that are best of friends and his people. There I have said it and guess who is helping them. Progressive Republicans. There I have said it. The Senator from KY wants to help Alabama senator with his own best man at toon of a million. There I have said it. I need a reply to this as the Declaration of Independence will go away.

  • Typicalliberalprogressivedad-

    Another day here for an educated underemployed white male. Got yet another email saying I wouldnt be hired. I guess they have enough token whites. America

    • david

      You are not alone. Seems we are disposable to corporate America especially men that are white, over 40, and don’t look like a movie star.

    • Weary Traveler

      Been there. For years I worked two jobs and now I have one good full time job. Sure, it isn’t perfect, but it is a step in the right direction. It took a bit of doing. And I am white, Male and over 40. Don’t give up (like you have much choice, right?). I know it’s hard and frustrating. I wish I could give you a timeline, but you WILL get there eventually. At least by trying, you increase your odds a great deal from if you didn’t even bother.

  • Charles P

    N. Korea can make a nuke, but cannot educate its children.
    (WAIT! That SOUNDS like the U.S.A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    • Weary Traveler

      It sounds like leftists to me.

    • Mad As Hell Infidel

      Hey, look at the height side, at least we can feed our children, most of them are obese as opposed to skeletal North Korean children…

  • MrPanetela

    Judicial Watch filed a letter of intent. California had 11 counties that posted more votes than registered voters.
    This indicates massive voter fraud. This proves that Trump won the majority vote when California is eliminated.
    And when all the states are examined, it would very likely project Trump the winner of the Popular Vote as well.

    Now we can extrapolate why congress is against Trump. They are corrupt beyond belief. And that corruption runs down several or more layers deep. Change will be difficult. But more then ever, we will have to step up and use our votes and our petitions to clean out the septic tank. It is no longer Trumps job, but ours as well.

    • Trzo9veuha

      In regards to “California had 11 counties that posted more votes than registered voters”. I believe the correct news article quote is “Calif has 11 counties with more registered voters than eligible voters”.

      • MrPanetela

        from Zero Hedge
        …144% of the total number of resident citizens of voting age…
        that is scary! You could easily tip an election with those percentages.
        Of course let us wait and see how this turns out down the line…

        • Trzo9veuha

          Yes. This is indicative of the sloppy record keeping by Registrars of Voters. They never delete people who have died or moved away and stopped voting. Perhaps when they moved away someone else picked up their voting duties for them…

    • Mad As Hell Infidel

      Primary all incumbents who wish to perpetuate voter fraud. At this point It is up to us to create change. We already know most politicians are cowardly hostages to the status quo.

  • http://www.vdare.com Anonymous

    Charge of the Light Brigade was Crimean War not Afghanistan.

  • Anonymous

    Listening to your show. You asked, “Why are we still in Afghanistan?” Is the US military still guarding opium fields? Let us remember Pat Tillman. Conjecture: Privatizing the war plus using opium commercialization to fund the deep state operations.

  • Michael Cross

    As far As weapons never seen- what about a Tesla Death Ray, or several large rail guns?? I LOVE YOUR SHOW!! YOURE THE BEST! Listening in Salem, Oregon on an 1220

  • Anonymous

    Is Trump’s vacation a cover story? Just a precaution to get him out of DC with a looming threat of war?

  • May

    Trump doesn’t go on talk radio now, because it is a conflict of interest. I don’t think presidents should go on TV talk shows either. It cheapens the office. We know where Trump’s loyalties lie, and that should be good enough.

  • May

    I really liked Savage’s topic yesterday about comedians. But I couldn’t tell where he was going with it, except to get compliments from callers about his own ability to be funny. I would have liked an in-depth discussion about why stand-up comedians are often vicious people.

    • Weary Traveler

      I would guess that comedy for some is a way to channel anger and frustration.

  • PorkyPricklyPants

    THE DEMOCRATS URBAN PLANTIONS=Neither, you know, neither party is involved in racism in the old sense. And so for example a good metaphor of this would be the Klan. The Klan today is essentially defunct. There’s no real effective organization called the Klan. I mean the Klan used to have two to five million members. They could march tens of thousands of people down fifth avenue in the twenties, burning crosses and shouting racist slogans. That Klan does not exist. But I would argue, I was actually reading a book by the historian Kenneth Stampp, and it’s on the old slave plantation. It’s called The Peculiar Institution. And he describes the five features of the slave plantation. I think this is really interesting because all the five features he mentions are present today. But they’re present on the urban plantations that the democrats are running in the inner cities. And so Kenneth Stampp says number one on the typical old slave plantation you have ramshackle dwellings. Houses but they’re in disarray. Second you have the family structure is all broken down, a lot if illegitimacy, whose kids are whose, you don’t really know, that’s the nature of slavery. Third, a lot of the violence that’s necessary to hold the, to keep the place together because slavery is based on coercion, you have to force people, you have to whip them, beat them, etc. Fourth, everybody has a minimum provision. You get food, you get health care, but nobody gets ahead. Nobody gets a good education. No ladders of opportunity. Nihilism, hopelessness, and despair. So you take all these elements and ask, “How’s it really different today in inner city Oakland, or Detroit, or Chicago? I think the main difference is that in the old days the Democrats who ran those slave plantations too, wanted to steal people’s labor. They wanted labor, and they wanted labor for free. Now what they want is votes. They want votes, and they don’t care about these people. And that’s why they remain in misery and the Democrats are perfectly happy to keep ‘em there as long as they keep voting eighty to ninety percent for the party that’s running the plantation.

  • Fred

    I think that China supported UN sanctions against North Korea in order to look good internationally, but has every intention to keep supporting North Korea. China will cheat. N. Korea has probably already been reassured of this by China. Sanctions through the UN have the potential to be just show.

  • Mac Miles

    I think Obummer appeased North Korea with plane loads of cash. The reason simple Obummer didn’t want a war with North Korea because it would have stopped his socialist agenda takeover of America. Obummer and the radical left basically paid off the psycho in North Korea to push and move ahead this Socialist leftist radical agenda. We all might pay for the leftist views of the Clintons Bush Obummer with our lives. China has raped our economy with crooked deals benefiting American sycophant politicians plutocrats and Global Elitist. China is in bed with North Korea. Now China has a lot money they got from America as America helped build China’s military and North Korea’s now they feel screw America. I hope I’m wrong. God bless America.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if this is true, but if so, it may explain the low sperm count/low fertility rates of average Americans?

  • Mac Miles

    In the middle of what could be a catastrophe and McCain shoots his mouth off with more negative comments against Trump. The left radicals will stop at nothing to take Trump down even facing annihilation from North Korea. This rino McCain should be outed immediately.


    • Mad As Hell Infidel

      McCain wants war with Russia but not North Korea? What a brilliant strategist! His only military qualification: POW.

  • MrPanetela

    I’m still laughing over the statements made by a professor about pets contributing to global warming.
    This professor makes an excellent argument. But let’s take it to the next level. Illegals enjoy eating many taco’s several times a day made with the same ingredients found in pet foods. And the the average undocumented worker eat and drink more than the average dog or cat.Thus, we could say, global warming appeared about the same time as the appearance of undocumented workers and sanctuary cities. That is if we accept professors argument as valid…

    • Charles P

      SO THEY CONTRIBUTE TO GLOBAL WARMING (if you believe that garbage)!!!!!
      Which PROVIDES MORE to people.
      Or a pet?

      (I WILL SIDE WITH THE PET being OF MORE VALUE, 99% of the time.)

  • Shari Poole

    Unrelated story: Nancy Pelosi has me on her email list due to the fact that I love to write her and criticise her for all the dumb *** things she says and does. So last week I get an electronic card to sign for Obama’s birthday from her. I signed it of course since I want him to know how much I think of him. (First name) I sign Yousuck (last name) Bigtime. Someone from Pelosi camp will no doubt delete it but it’s the thought that counts, right? Apparently no one reads my emails to her. She has put me on her contact list and they are always asking for money and support, etc. I am always stating that I feel she is a low life who has helped to ruin this great nation with her garbage beliefs. They still have me on the list!!! Dumb democrats. Anyway keep up the stellar work.

  • Mark Probst

    ahh hahahah Dr Savage mentioned Johnny Songbird McCant’s USS Forrestal incident. web search it if you dont know.

  • Bill Bickelhaupt

    http://www.snopes.com/glurge/twoquestions.asp I was afraid it was too good to be completely true.

    • Neo Marcist

      Snopes is a fake fact checker. I wouldn’t take anything they say as final synopsis. They constantly attempt to defend Democrats with fact checking, but have never made attempts to clear a Republican with fact checking. Any lie or falsity about a Republican goes unchecked. Here, the Democrats were offended by a case against abortion, and offended at a shot at their dear FDR, so felt compelled to “fact check” the exercise in thought.

      In regard to this specific example, I don’t think their conclusion negates the lesson to be learned from the thought exercise.

      1. Abortion is murder. It isn’t up to us to determine what odds a blessed child can overcome. People today use far less justification than this example for committing infanticide. If it’s your body, your right, then abort your own body, not the baby’s. Just inform a doctor first so we can save the baby in an incubator while your family cremates your rotten corpse. Since your soul will be burning in hell, it only makes sense for the shell of your former self (which may be all you ever really were since you promoted the murder of innocent babies) to pollute the environment and exhaust carbon into the atmosphere as it burns in flames.
      2. Candidates can be grossly misrepresented. You can find a speck in anyone’s eye. What’s important is their true nature. You can spin facts and spin Churchill into being a monster. You could have gone further and brought up Churchill’s earlier failures in the military. Or you can spin facts and make Hitler sound like a wonderful man. It’s sort of like lying by omission. The media falsely portrayed Obama as being a wonderful man because they omitted everything deceitful and immoral about him. The media refuses to report anything positive about President Trump, but will waste millions of tax dollars funding an all-star team of prosecutors to dig through his 70 year past to find anything they can. Propaganda is powerful.

  • http://bigdanblogger.blogspot.com/ Republicans Did 911

    Mike, you are the only listenable rightwing show saying the truth about the Trump administration. I’m a real liberal, not a democrat, and apparently you are a real conservative, not a Republican. A real liberal and real conservative can actually co-exist.

  • MrPanetela

    Should we make identity theft prison time as harsh or harsher than actual kidnapping?

  • Anonymous

    I thought that with the passing of Glen Campbell yesterday, that Savage would work in some of Glen’s songs in the bumper music.
    I didn’t hear any Campbell music when I was listening this afternoon.
    I guess Savage is not a fan. Who doesn’t appreciate any of Glen’s singing or guitar playing???

    • Donna Kmetz

      “by the time I get to Phoenix” one of my favorites, he was a great musician,,,rest in peace, brother

      • Anonymous

        That and Wichita Lineman. Galveston I like because it’s so catchy.

  • Mike

    I did like the opening song today. I just always enjoyed picturing the story of it. Was recently thinking of your story you told a couple of weeks back of a road trip to Los Angeles , through the area of the famous Rolling Stones concert, down to the grapevine, Not being from California , I only heard off grapevine in the song hot rod Lincoln , as I was trying to picture this trip in my mind, I’m stuck on, I think you drive over the spot where James Dean had his fatal accident . Not sure. I google mapped the spot. And it looks just as remote and dangerous , as it did back then, I don’t think they ever changed the intersection , if you do go through there be careful, it looks bad, Also I don’t know where and no suggestion where you would go on vacation , well hope you find a place and that it’s good . Song request, Dave Brubeck take 5 , or for the summer, Johnny G Watson summertime, Santo and Johny, Sumertime. Thank you for great info that no one else has and entertainment. Info , stories, music, prizes, your show has it all.

  • Fred

    The rhetoric coming out of N. Korea is being written by China. N. Korea isn’t smart enough to express their belligerance in such a way. How is N. Korea a distraction to China’s advantage?

  • Jail4Criminals

    Mr. Savage ,

    Could you please explain what this plea deal is that sessions may be offering the witch ?

    Would you say that if the plea deal makes the witch look good then Dianne Feinsteins Mueller will
    back off Trump ?
    Isn’t it all a great big legal game BEHIND THE SCENES ? ( eg: if you did this then I’ll do that / if you don’t do this then i won’t do that )

    How many people went to prison for 1 – 1 millionth of lesser crimes that the witch gleefully and knowingly committed ?
    Witch Hillary knew and still knows that feinstein will always protect her fellow FEMINIST PRO ABORTION witch ?

    Isn’t that the truth Mr. Savage ?
    Dianne feinstein will tell Mueller to BACK OFF if sessions doesn’t FULLY prosecute the witch and

    just one great big unjust injustice political game ?

  • beth gimel

    Dr. Savage, yesterday you aired a short excerpt of the interview you did with the inventor of the neutron bomb. You promised that you would air the entire interview today. But you didn’t! You didn’t even mention it! Are you still planning to air the interview? I hope so.

  • EvilEvilDemocrats

    In regards to the maniac monster in North Korea ….and his mid august threat to attack Guam …
    Did the maniac give Trump a mid august deadline for attacking Guam and getting UNDER Trumps skin / pressing his buttons
    in the same way that Hillary at the debates got under Trumps skin when she brought up Trumps father ?
    Are the very same EVIL psychiatrists that ” advised ” Hillary on how to press Trumps RED LIGHT HOT BUTTON TOPICS the
    same EVIL psychiatrists that are advising the north Korean maniac ?


    Who’s more EVIL …… The maniac north Korean dictator with only ONE evil or the evil evil democrats and their FAKE republicans
    with 2 evils ?
    Answer : evil evil democrats

  • Matt

    I think there is something most people are missing on the N. Korean idiot and the connection with Russia and China.
    I believe the reason that Russia and China are not really trying to convince N. Korea to stand down is very simple.

    The thing to understand first is that Russia and China don’t want a fight with the USA simply because it
    would, ” Kill the cash cow”. China more so that Russia, but still we have an impact there as well.

    So, why don’t they do anything about N.Korea? They want the USA to show our hand so to speak. Since the end of world war II
    all of our nations have been building nuclear systems with only some showing what their capabilities are through propaganda.
    Literally since the late 1980’s no country has demonstrated what their newest capabilities are.

    What better way for both China and Russia to see what our capabilities are then to “set-up” a war between the USA and N.Korea.
    That would possibly make us show our hand IF we were to use nuclear capabilities, (which I don’t think we would do). Russia and China doesn’t care for the idiot or his country; they have no value other than to test US policy and potentially our ultimate power.

    • TheSouthernNationalist

      Of course should they do an EMP attack and shut down the U.S., then both Russia and China could enter our country then plunder our resources.

  • Sam McCormick

    Our country and it’s Pacific islands are living under expressed threat of nuclear war and our President is being constantly examined and harassed from deep state officials. Who’s side are they on? North Korea? China? It’s time this nonsense gets seriously addressed.

    • mark

      Their orders come from Chinese bribes. Follow the money, the proof is there.

    • Joe Smith

      Who’s side are they on?

      They are on the side that brings in the most money and power i.e Globalism.

  • PorkyPricklyPants
  • MrPanetela

    while a terrorist was running over soldiers in Paris, Germany is busy
    covering up its refugee problem before the election. Reports coming out
    of Germany indicate that the books on the refugee problem are being
    withheld from public scrutiny by orders from up high. The actual crimes
    stats would make Chicago look mild in comparison. China, seeing the Kim
    problem deflate its gains in the markets, decide to make a show of it,
    in the UN. However, all the major markets posted loses. China doesn’t
    seem to understand that this problem is gonna bit them hard on the arse.
    They actually have to lead on this by invading North Korea, dispose
    Kim, and demand reunification. With the the major players not making
    Korea their personal fortress against each other. But, this is China,
    that respect bamboo eating Pandas more than mans best friend. From
    France to Germany, to Korea to China, Liberals and Socialist just can’t
    face the mess they created.Thus we can expect more lies and suppression
    of truth from them for the foreseeable future…

  • EvilPoliticians

    I truly believe that Trump was elected to SAVE America from a HORRIBLE chastisement from God that
    would have otherwise happened if the black Witch had been elected .
    With Trump I believe America is undergoing a SIGNIFICANTLY LESSER chastisement then it would have
    received with the Judaeo christian hating , pro abortion , pro everything that is EVIL presidential WITCH from hell !
    In consideration that my statement could possibly be ABSOLUTE REALISTIC TRUTH then we need to stand by
    Trump more then we have ever done before to SAVE AMERICA from the evil within and without !
    Dianne Feinsteins pro abortion , merciless , buddy witch from hell….Hillary …..STILL thinks she can topple Trump and win the presidency !
    It appears that Mueller is MERCILESS Dianne Feinstein’s LAST DECK OF CARDS to topple Trump …..
    Pray for God’s plan in a Trump presidency !
    The entire earth is under chastisement and God wants to MAKE A JUDAEO CHRISTIAN AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !…..
    Until the MERCILESS and cowardly.. political , pro abortion witches are restrained from offending God with pro-abortion laws then America will never be great again …
    The witches must be restrained , chained and imprisoned !
    America’s chastisement / judgment is DEPENDENT upon the laws it keeps and protects that OFFEND A JUDAEO CHRISTIAN GOD !
    At least with DONALD …..God is be merciful so that America will survive ……

    • NancyPelosi’sSANCTUARYcity

      Just imagine what America would have been like with a Hillary presidency allowing the continued ,unlimited , Muslim invasion
      of America AND having North Korea wanting to nuke us !
      God in his infinite wisdom foresaw all the evil that would have fallen upon America if Hilary would have been president !
      God had mercy on America and gave us Donald so that America could survive !
      God used professor / doctor Savage to help make America survive again and again and again !
      God will never bless America under feminist , unrepentant THUG who hates Judaeo Christianity !
      Dianne Feinstein is a criminal THUG as is Nancy Pelosi ….
      thugs , thugs , thugs ,thugs ,thugs who wanted a THUG to infiltrate America with Muslims , illegals and other thugs , thugs,
      thugs and an endless influx of THUGS !
      God see’s all of Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco sanctuary THUGS that want to kill all of us !
      Dianne thinks America DESERVES her and her hardened , stone cold, merciless heart !
      Dianne is completely , entirely and absolutely 900% spiritually dead !…..Her soul is DEAD !….as is Nancy’s and Barbra Boxers …
      Spiritually DEAD politicians claiming that they are the BEST CHOICE AND ONLY CHOICE to lead America !

  • videoctr

    We don’t hear a peep from South Korea on this situation. Have we?

  • david peri

    What if Mueller is investigating more…like Trump´s relationship with Felix Seter, or the Bayrock company. Youtube has some videos about this.

  • StopThrowingStonesAtTrump

    Am I wrong Doctor Savage and NOT thinking before I comment when I say that China or other similar will
    attempt to sink a US Navy ship in retaliation to what Trump will do militarily to their very own controlled junk yard dog ?
    And would the horrible democrats secretly applaud the attack as it will give them MEDIA ammunition to say that Trump can’t
    ” get along ” with china and therefor it’s all Trumps fault that the usa navy ship sunk ?
    Are the horrible democrats secretly colluding with china and their junk yard dog to bring down Trump one way or another?
    China now owns the Hollywood MEDIA and china is colluding with the democrats through this Trump hating
    MEDIA Hollywood outlet to assassinate Trumps presidency ?
    Did I comment before I thought ?
    I’m terrified one of our navy ships will be attacked …….
    i’m terrified that our wondrous navy men are all sitting ducks on a usa navy ship !
    i’m terrified , terrified TERRIFIED for the safety of our beloved navy men

    • TweetyBird

      Is that a typo mistake on Drudge website ? A headline warning that reads ” China will Stop America ” ?
      What does stop mean ?
      Stop a canoe or rowboat that’s fishing for salmon ?
      Stop what ? Stop who ? Stop where ? Stop How ?

      Is there a HIGH flying patriotic seagull with HIGH power lens binoculars flying next to America’s ship that can specifically see a Chinese stop America sign ?

      Is that a typo mistake on Drudge ?

      • Weary Traveler

        China is puffing their chest because they are scared that their junkyard dog is going to get put down like Old Yeller and that they will lose all of their leverage as a result. With him out of the picture, they go down and they know it.

        China is not our friend and I have known this for years. Am I the only one who remembers what they said after 9/11? How they were practically gloating with glee claiming that we were no longer a super power and how that proved it?

        Mark Twain said that history doesn’t repeat, it rhymes. This is basically the Cuban Missile redux. The fat one and/or China for that matter isn’t going to do a damn thing. And I don’t say that to sound cocky here, but the reality points to three simple words; “Mutually Assured Destruction.”

        The little fat ***in N. Korea is a monster and a tyrant, but he is also a coward. He doesn’t want to die and he is scared to die, unlike the Mullahs in Iran. I guarantee that if you or anyone could ever get your hands on him, he would be screeching like a little girl. Take away his military from him and he couldn’t even beat up a girl scout.

  • Anonymous

    DPRK …. You’re FIRED ! ! !

  • Nancy’s-Role-Models

    Are the Muslim ” grooming men ” that capture , drug and then rape 13 year old mentally challenged girls HIDING in
    Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinsteins San Francisco SANCTUARY city ?
    Why is Dianne Feinsteins personal , prosecuting friend MUELLER trying to impeach Trump while ignoring the Muslim
    ” grooming men ” that may be hiding in Nancy Pelosi’s Sanctuary city ?
    How will America survive North Korea AND all he grooming Muslim men that groom their 13 year old victims with drugs before
    they rape them ?
    Why does Barbra Striesand’s Hollywood hate trump but not hate the vicious grooming men that Barbra’s political
    women hero’s ALLOW in Sanctuary city San Francisco ?
    How high is Barbra Striesand and Dianne feinstein’s home security wall to keep out the ” grooming gang ” from their golden castles
    all the while chastising us so called deplorable Trump voters as phobic this and phobic that if we want border walls to
    keep out Nancy’s child RAPISTS ?
    Does Dianne offer abortion advice for all the raped 13 year old girls or will the traumatized young girls commit suicide ?
    Will Barbra Striesand turn her Malibu , golden , high walled castle into a hospital recovery center for raped girls or will Barbra
    leave her estate to Planned Parenthood ?

    • Neo Marcist

      13 years is kind of old. Their fake pedophile prophet began grooming girls when they were 6 years old and consummating when they were 9 years old. Double digits is too high for these Muslims who want to follow the pedophile pervert lead of their fake child rapist prophet.

      An Examination of Muhammad’s Marriage to a Prepubescent Girl And Its Moral Implications http://answering-islam.org/Shamoun/prepubescent.htm

    • Weary Traveler

      There is only one answer to all of your questions. The left are nothing but hateful jerks.

      They know full well what these ‘migrants’ are doing and they don’t care. Fienstien, Pelosi and their like-minded ilk want your kids raped and trafficked. They like seeing violent crimes committed against us and they want more of it. Just like they want us all jobless, homeless and penniless.

      All just so they can pretend to be our saviors form the problems they created while blaming the other guy for it. And then toss you a table scrap here and there to make you as needy and as dependent on them as possible.

      Very similar to Stockholm Syndrome.

  • DrJonnyChepe

    So they dug up the missing WWII nuke.The lost nuke from August 11th, 1945, called “Slim Jim” by the War
    Department, was the last of three nuclear devices intended to end conflict in the Pacific Theater. It failed to energize at an altitude of
    about 1,650 feet and embedded in the Fukushima countryside. The miniaturization technology was refined and developed into the U-48 “Slim Jim” Nuclear Artillery Shell capable of destroying a very large number of enemy troops, a small city, yet safe from deployment range. It is ideally fired from the Russian Cold War anti-tank gun, the M1943.

  • Mac Miles

    Disgusting!! Pelosi, Shumer, Clinton, Obummer all the radical left are in bed with muslim extremists to push a sick socialist aagenda. All in the name of power and profit. All in plan for years to make America a third world country ATM for themselves plutocrats and global elitists. A sick ideology bought by sick leftist politicians who are morally bankrupt. There is a God and I prey for America and Trump.

  • Neo Marcist

    In regard to your linked article titled: ‘White Women Are Good for Only One Thing – for People Like Me to *** and Use as Trash’

    I work as security at a mid-tier hotel on the weekends as an extra part time job. I meet a lot of people traveling from all over. Working the graveyard shift, I’m exposed to the night scene and witness the people stumbling back from the bars at 2AM. Sadly, I think most of the white women I see come and go from that hotel during my shift would agree with that headline. You see, women generally (with exceptions) don’t have the values they used to have. Women are corrupted by the filthy liberal democrat progressive neo-marxist culture. These aren’t the classy women of the 1950’s. I see white women cheating on their husbands. I see white women letting men they just met fondle them by the swimming pool. I see white women get into a hot tub with a bunch of drunk guys they just met at a hookah bar downtown. I see white women getting beat in the hotel room, with multiple guests nearby telling me they heard her being hit, and when the police show up she won’t say anything to get the man arrested. I see women showing up high and on drugs. I see women passing out or getting more drunk than men. I can’t tell you how many naked, passed out women I’ve found completely vulnerable in hallways, behind buildings, in parking garages, poolside. I cover them up, help them get to somewhere safe, only for them to curse me or show me no gratitude. I see white women treating themselves like trash and allowing themselves to be nothing more than a “***.” I blame it on the denigration of our culture. These women weren’t taught that they had any worth. And white women might be the worst because you have the white guilt complex thrown in there which only exacerbates the problem. Hollywood and the porn industry taught them to be this way. And when I try to speak sense to them, or quote the Bible, they hiss like a snake. They’re doing more than just trying to rebel against their daddies. I have plenty of condemnation for a certain type of black women and Hispanic women too, but my experience is different, although just as condemning. Sometimes I find myself, a millennial, feeling like an old soul with old classical values transplanted into a modern day Babylon, or a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. I’m just waiting for the fire and brimstone and when it comes pouring down I won’t even act surprised, only curious why it took so long.

    • David

      When the fire and brimstone come I will look up to the sky smiling and laughing knowing that my sentence in hell is finally over.

      • Weary Traveler

        It’s not that I don’t see where you are coming from here. I get it. With all the BS and the level of it that we are bombarded with on a daily basis actually makes death seem like a release. Even if you are an Atheist, and you are also moral, an eternal void looks more attractive than this.

        And that’s the problem. We too have become suicidal. And yes, I include myself in that. I lost count of all the times I begged God to not give me my next breath.

        But at the same time, we also have to be realistic and look at all of this in context. For one, there will be no end of the world, we are not in the end times, and there is no such thing as the end times.

        Fact is that we ALL need to stop ringing our hands about how messed up everything is. We all need to stand up to this fake culture of post-modernism the way our president is standing up to North Korea and also China.

        And we all need to stop acting like Californians about it, which is saying nothing to the person’s face and just talking smack behind their backs by complaining about them to someone else after the fact. Instead, we need to be more like New Yorkers and be curt and blunt to their faces.

        Let them get all offended and butthurt by it if they must. They wont do jack — they’re cowards. Believe me. They wont dare talk near as much smack to your face they way they like to do online.

        • Donna Kmetz

          Another important thing is gratitude, for our most beautiful state of Ca. for all the blessings we have, a roof over our heads, food on the table, clothes on our backs, family who love us, friends, coworkers, pets,,, we as a people are blessed, moreso than alot of others. We see the evil and grieve but we also see God’s love and compassion and are given a degree of comfort. Come quickly Lord but in the meantime, praise God for his love for his people, end of the Sat. sermon, sorry for preaching

          • Weary Traveler

            I agree that we do live in a state that is very beautiful with regards to geography. But… The people here… They make what is otherwise a paradise a Hell on Earth. There is a reason I refer to this place as a “psychotic Disneyland,” while others compare it to a granola bar.

            I sometimes daydream about a reversal of “the rapture” that is preached in certain sermons from certain churches. Where instead all of the evil leftist, especially here in America, just vanish in to thin air and are gone. And instead of ascending to heaven they all just go straight to Hell.

            If some type of scenario happened where the leftists were somehow all gone, at least from the US, California would be the Golden State again.

    • Jose Gomez

      I see the same thing, but it doesn’t have to be on the graveyard shift – just par for the course during the day at the office – women using the F word, women giving me their phone number after telling me they are married with kids, smoking a joint while the boss is gone, cursing President Trump. My job took me out to the State Prison for 20 years and I have more respect for the inmates than trashy women.

    • Weary Traveler

      I was saying something similar to friend of mine last week about how suicidal white girls are these days. That does not apply to the girls in the article who are just kids being trafficked.

      I’m a Gen-X’er, so I am a bit older than you, but I feel the same way as you do like I am total mismatch as if I am the glitch in the matrix or something.

      I live in the SF Bay Area and I am surrounded by the kind of crap you are talking about too. Thankfully, I do not work in field where I would be as exposed to it to the level that you are on a daily basis. But what I do see on a daily basis is vexing enough.

      One of my biggest turnoffs is seeing them vandalize themselves shaving the sides of their head, (***is that about?), all the face metal and covering almost half their bodies with tattoos. And I do call it vandalism because when I see it, it is to me as if someone took one of JMW Turner’s paintings and tagged gang graffiti all over it.

      Thanks to this stupid and fake leftist pop culture, I get to made to feel as if I am less than human every day. Even though I know on a conscious level that they are the sick and evil ones. And being given no choice but to face all of this BS alone… Don’t even get me started on that sore subject.

      All I will add on that note, a piece of advice to some of the older folks here who may be reading this who have younger nieces and/or nephews, or even children or grandchildren who may be single, and especially if they have been for a very long time. What ever you do; when you see them at a gathering whether it be for the holidays or whatever… Or just a regular visit for that matter… Do not… I repeat… DO NOT ask them if they are seeing anyone special.

      You have no idea what a person goes through when you don’t see them — what kind of thoughts and emotions that they battle. You may mean well, but you could be opening a Pandora’s Box just by even bringing it up. Even if they don’t show it right away or say something to you, you may very well be causing them a lot of hurt in ways that you would never want them to.

      Instead, keep it to “How are you?” and “It’s so good to see you.” If they are going through something, they will be more likely to open up and reach out to you if you aren’t prying in to their business. Oh, and lose all the cliches advice of pop-psychology. You may think you are helping but it actually makes you seem dismissive.

      You don’t want them to end up hurting themselves and be wondering thy or how they could do such a thing.

  • Quinn Robertson

    I hope this get addressed.

    I work inside the beltway but not for a political group.

    I want to shed light on the current Korea conflict.

    Bottom Line Up Front: Its an economic negotiation.

    Discussion: Michael Savage is right, North Korea is China’s watch dog. The largest threat to the booming (and artificially constructed) Chinese economy is its trade surplus with the USA. Therefore, Trumps current push to end the trade deficit and to negotiate current economic policies with Asia will implode just like the eastern bloc experienced in the late 80’s. What can China do to eliminate Trumps economic stance? Use North Korea to entice Trump’s strong leadership into diplomatic negotiations so that Trump is willing to negotiate with China so that they will not react to any military conflict that could arise with North Korea. Trust me, I’m not opposed to military conflict with North Korea but right now, we are being played by the Asians (specifically China) to barter for the current trade deficit “status quo”. If the US had trade parity with Asia, Asia would implode within months. China will back (fictitiously) North Korea in order to gain economic negotiation favor with the Trump Administration. As Trump stated yesterday (and I paraphrase), “I will look favorably at China if they do more against North Korea”. Trump is a negotiator and China is smart enough to take advantage of leveraging the the current North Korean conflict by negotiating the continuance of current US/Asia economic policy. This is how Asia conducts policy.

    Conclusion: Trump must see through this (I do not believe his advisers have recognized this yet). We (preferably you Michael) must bring this to the front of the media so that it can be digested and circulated in an open forum). Trump is being suckered into a trade deal to where the US will lose and current trade deficits will continue uninterrupted. Trump will try to say that he negotiated a good deal because of the looming military conflict but in reality China will have proactively negated Trumps efforts to equalize the current trade crisis.

    First time writing in any forum but I do believe you missed the ultimate goal because of all the smoke and mirrors being used in Beijing and Washington. And if you don’t believe China (and DC) will not risk escalation in not war, then I’m hear to tell you that this methodology is “standard operating procedure” in both the US & China.

    The way ahead: Bring this methodology to the Trump administrations attention. I truly believe they have missed the end-game on this one.

  • KJHanover
  • KJHanover

    I KNEW IT. i keep asking what about the voter fraud investigators who are turning up dead!

  • TTU

    Diamond and Silk are awesome! They are getting the message out there too!


  • Neo Marcist

    Dear Dr. Savage,

    I like it when you talk about family values, and how men used to be expected to marry.

    I am an unmarried man. There was twice in my life that I wanted to marry. I had lived with these women after a couple years in relationships with them. Both times the relationship fell apart just prior to me bending the knee.

    This article describes many of the concerns and fears men my age have about marriage. Please consider a view of modern marriage through this perspective:

    Enter Marriage 2.0 https://weddedabyss.wordpress.com/

    “During the second half of the 20th century all of the ground rules governing marriage were changed. The laws were changed to such an extent that that we can no longer call it “marriage” as it was known through the millennia. We have to distinguish this mutated institution with a new name. We will call it Marriage 2.0.”

    In summary, women file almost 75% of the divorces, no-fault divorces means that the adulterer is usually rewarded the assets and children, domestic violence fraud is an opening chess move, adultery is decriminalized, children custody makes the man an ATM, no enforcement of visitation rights, children used as cashcows, no-fault one-sided alimony that never goes away, etc. For every two marriages each year, there’s 1 divorce. That’s a 50% divorce rate!

    Basically, the exit costs associated with a divorce makes marriage a ripoff. Then add in the fact that women are committing adultery at an even higher rate than men these days! And now that gays are getting married, the institution of marriage has been denigrated and doesn’t mean anything anymore. The divorced woman in my office speaks of her divorce proceedings with the most cold-hearted demeanor. And a man in my office was completely taken to the cleaners by his ex-wife, who many suspect never really loved him. He was naive.

    I’m not saying that I’m not going to get married. I’ve wanted to twice, but glad I didn’t. I’m just saying….be very careful. This isn’t the golden years when a man and woman (like my grandparents who have been married 71 years!) took their vows seriously and lived a lifetime together. Much of it can be blamed on our degraded culture. Multiculturalism has hurt us greatly. And like Dr. Savage says, we let Hollywood and porn peddlers destroy people’s minds. We have our disgusting corporate conglomerate media sexualizing children and peddling a homosexual sodomite gay agenda. They’ve done everything they could to break down a classic, nuclear family. And don’t even get me started on the feminist movement. I argue this all the time. Now it takes two household incomes to bring in what the man alone used to be able to bring home. I realize that women don’t want to be stuck home doing laundry and dishes and housekeeping. But the laundry and dishes and housekeeping STILL need to get done. And most people, unlike Nancy Pelosi, can’t even afford illegal aliens being maids for us. So I will go so far as to suggest that the women are STILL doing those house chores, only now they have to work too. And who is bonding with the children during all of this? They’re in a daycare before they even have their first birthday, being watched by someone who might make $10 per hour who can’t show the love and affection a maternal mother can. That’s the women who still even have babies. Too many shallow women rather adopt kittens and puppies than be a REAL woman and have children!

    I would love for Dr. Savage to further talk about the breakdown of the American family, and ways we can try to fix it. I believe we need to bring Judeo-Christian values back and boycott the Hollywood garbage. The filth on tv needs to be removed from the household and we need to be able to protect our children from having their minds poisoned by the filth on the internet too.

    I have a daughter and I know that protecting her from this devil culture is going to take everything in me. God help me.

    • Weary Traveler

      A lot of what you are pointing to is a legitimate fear that many young men of character have about marriage as opposed to the leftist libertine trash that see it as some sort of “road block” to their ‘fun’, or ‘hang up.’

      Fact is that feminism, entertainment pop culture, politics, and the fake ‘power marriages’ of the ruling elite have infected the minds of many people causing a huge distrust between men and women. In fact, thanks to the left, human beings are the only species where the two sexes totally distrust each other. And that puts guys like you and I out of the market to no fault of our own which only makes facing all of this crap even harder.

  • Jay

    Please stop taking off so much!!! I need my “Savage Fix”

    • Weary Traveler

      In all fairness, he doesn’t take off as much as some of the others do. If the fill-in is halfway decent like Sussman, I don’t mind as much.

      My biggest complaint is the repeated segments in the 3rd hour. And the really choppy editing that is usually done on the fly and slapped together.

  • Phineas Worthington

    I’m all for strong leadership and standing up to the bullies.

    However, if we are going to be subjected to the game of nuclear chicken we deserve real efforts toward civil defense like iodine pills and fallout shelters.

  • Kat

    This is from the left field . I am new to Michael Savage. My friend said
    he often talks about welfare corruption. Does anyone know of the
    Hasidic population issues going on and growing ?

  • Charles P

    SO the N.Korea article claims that N. Korea wants to be like China. A country getting wealthy through capitalism, while remaining COMUUNIST!

    Solution: N. Korea wants REUNIFICATION WITH S. Korea, TO USE THEIR KNOWLEDGE of Capitalism.


  • TTU

    Reaction: Got this email today. Can this be true?

    …”George Soros is at it again. The far-left megadonor is trying to directly influence elections in Texas and win seats up and down the ballot for Democrats. Soros knows that if enough Democrats win, he can bend redistricting efforts to his will and turn Texas blue for generations to come.

    Last year, Soros spent over HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in Harris County alone and now he’s prepared to pour money into our Texas elections all across the state. If the Democrats win key seats in Texas, every conservative victory— from advancing our Second Amendment rights to protecting the sanctity of life— will be threatened. If Texas falls, the rest of nation won’t be far behind. Will you make an urgent contribution right away to fend off attacks from Democrats trying to turn Texas blue?
    We need to show George Soros he can’t force his liberal agenda on Texans. Will you join the fight to keep Texas red?
    Ryan Self
    Texans for Greg Abbott”

    • Donna Kmetz

      those scoundrels are now attempting to win the local elections and work their way up the ladder. Soros ain’t stupid and he knows how to play the game,, get involved in local elections, don’t let evil overcome good because of lethargy and indifference, get involved!! God bless the USA

      • TTU

        Here here!

      • TTU

        We need to prepare more than ever for 2020.

  • sheepcreeper

    Language, Border , Culture. I condoned these 3 things today and was flagged as a white supremacist on social media. Dr.Savage they will be after you next as a “white supremacist ” . The left is erasing our identity.

  • Politicians

    One person killed at the white supremacists thing and all the evil Democrats are trying desperately to suggest the white
    Supremacists voted for trump .
    8 years of Obama,s millions of black babies and white babies aborted during his presidency but 1 person killed
    At the white supremacists thing and it’s cause for him to suggest the supremacists voted for white trump who is associated
    With white trump voting deplorables …

  • G.B. America

    A beautiful story of family reunification. The illegal wife and son move back to Mexico to be with the multi-deported Dad. Now they can use what they learned here via our tax dollars (and what they ate and where they lived) and make Mexico greater.

  • Breaking news

    Jesus acts similar to a defense lawyer when he says to the father in heaven….
    ” This person shall not be damned forever because he has been forgiven by me and through the suffering of my wounds I have atoned for his grave grave grave mortal sins ”

    When prosecuting Mueller stands at the judgement seat before the father he will bring all the lawyers that he is using to Prosecute trump and they…..His lawyers will act as his defense attorneys before God ???…….. Mueller Believes that If there is a god then he can defend himself before that ” possible ” God ?

    Does Mueller know that the very Jesus he ignores on earth is the defense lawyer he’ll need later on ?????
    Does mueller know that in the very secret and hidden parts of Donald and Melanie’s heart Jesus is a light ????
    Those who hate trump want put out the light also ?

    Mueller is fast and furiously headed towards big big big big big eternal , negative , spiritual
    consequences for his Collusion with evil evil evil evil evil lying lying Democrats who hate
    Hate hate hate hate hate trump and his voters ??
    The Democrats hate the light …Just like vampire’s and Dracula

  • Mac Miles

    I would not cast a shadow of a doubt that the radical left set that supposed white supremacist march up, to further use it against Trump. The liberal anti white government media complex is already attacking Trump about this march. Now Mueller has a weapon against Donald to oust him out of the White House. All the while the media is the lapdog of the radical left influencing and brain washing the masses of this staged March, about how racist and bad Trump is.

    • Weary Traveler

      Many of us know the truth. The KKK was FOUNDED by the Democratic Party. And probably still is. In fact, I’m sure there is no ‘probably’ about it. They just let them go dormant for a while since LBJ changed their tactics. Instead of opposing the civil rights movement of 1965 like they did in 1864(?), this time they co-opted it embracing it as their very own which it wasn’t.

      They couldn’t turn most white people to be the racist that they are, so instead they found other ways to divide whites, like pitting ‘people of color’ (I hate that term almost as much as I hate the term minority because both are false) against Caucasians putting whites in a fight or flight position.

      They weren’t as successful with that, so they have to get those thugs out with the swastikas and all that trying to tie being white and a patriot to being a racist cracker. They are really hell bent on keep the false narrative alive that you only have the choice of either being self-loathing white person who is a Marxist that worships at the feet of an Obama or you are a neo-Nazi. (Goodwin’s Law comes to mind.) But anyone with a brain knows that it is simply a false dichotomy and not a choice that truly exists in reality.

      The tactic of the left has always been divide and conquer. One of the ways they do that is simply by causing a problem, blame the other side for it and then to offer a solution which in the long run is often just as bad as, if not worse than, the initial problem that they caused. This forces most people to sides. The most visible are two side, while the more rational sides which tend to be the third or fourth, etc., either get ignored or lumped in to the opposing side to discredit their positions before anyone can hear it out making up their own minds.

      I know who these people are, and could tell just by reading the articles – especially reading between the lines. They use Hillary’s scare word of “Alt-Right”, and of course, “White Nationalist.” There is no such thing as “Alt-Right”, not all nationalists, especially here in the United States, are white. And the word “Nationalist” is being grossly mis-defined. Of course that will be missed by people out there with short attention spans.

  • Anonymous

    Why republicans and democrats don’t get to defensive when BLM commited acts of violence and are giving a hart time to president Trump because he didn’t said white extremists???

  • MrPanetela

    HDTV can behave as a sophisticated strobe light.

    using strobe light to affect behavior

    Hazardous Effects of Light Stimulation in the Central Nervous System

    How to Use Light to Control the Brain

    Simple test
    place a box fan roughly placed 90 degrees to the surface of your HDTV
    turn them both on
    turn off the room lights
    watch the behavior of the fan blade

    this may explain the many strange behaviors we have witness world wide. Some people are highly susceptible to this strobic effect, and thus their behavior can be altered. therefore Television can be used to trigger certain primal responses; fight, flee, panic…
    This is why Socialist fund PBS, and allow programs like CNN to push a narrative, its the required reprogramming.
    Once in place, they pull the triggar whenever they need large groups of people to behave in a negative way.

    This can’t be a coincidence. We see the same behavior world wide…

  • MrPanetela

    Utilize A.I. plus machine learning to look over every single word ever written on the Kennedy Assassination, and point out the most likely person or persons who may have been behind it.

  • TTU

    Ok check out the link. The driver in yesterdays tragedies and his associates all wearing white polos. I can’t help but recall when Hillary came out and made that speech at DNC primary wearing all “white” and then democratic congress wearing all “white” when Trump came to speak to the SENATE. Do you think there’s a link here? Seems deep state driven to me on yesterday’s madness. This must be stopped. Here’s a link to a picture of that crazy 20 year old hired assasin.

    What We Know About James Alex Fields, Driver Charged in Charlottesville Killing – The New York Times

    • KJHanover

      would not surprise me

  • martin

    Something to look into is how many meds people drink in tap water. I’ve seen studies showing nearly 100% contamination of tap water from prescription and OTC meds people flush down toilets and improperly dispose of. Bottled water is not much better since a lot of it also originates from municipal water supplies. We’ve had half a century now of the big pharma lobby pushing people to take pills for everything from the flu to just having a bad day and doctors pushing pain killers and anti-depressants to people that don’t need them. Half a century of 24/7 advertising telling people they need a pill if they don’t feel good. We have had 50+ years of these meds being dumped into the environment where they bleed back into water tables where no filtration will ever get rid of them. That has to have an effect on people’s mental health.

  • John Aiken

    NK is China’s junkyard dog, so how do you take care of a junkyard dog Dr. Savage? Answer- you get your own bigger junkyard dogs. We offer threatened nations within NK missile range a balance of power under a WWII Lend-Lease Program similar to what President Roosvelt had with the United Kingdom prior to December 8, 1941. We have something like 22,000 nuke in our stockpile, we can afford to give a few dozen to these threatened countries for an equalizer and buffer. These countries do not need Congressional votes to retialiate in defense of any act of aggression upon thier soveign state. They become our junkyard dogs.

  • Mac Miles

    The radical left are incredibly smart. First the staged white supremacist riot in VA. Demonizing Trump and his supporters now the lefts agenda is taken further with anti white supremacist marches in Manhattan and in other states. All an attempt to silence Trump and his many white voters. Leftist Plan in action of course poured on the masses through the government anti white media complex. I prey oh Lord.

  • Somedude

    The driver of the car in Charlottesville should have rolled down his window first and shouted, “Allah ahkbar”. Then everyone would be making excuses for his actions instead condoning them so vehemently.

  • KJHanover

    so is Congress really on vacation or have they just already taken their families to the underground city?

  • KJHanover

    Is Pres Trump really on vacation or is the WH being cleared of all the listening devices?

  • Neo Marcist

    Confederates were Democrats. Democrats want to remove all Confederate statues because they want to erase from history the fact that they were the racist white slave owners. Democrats were Confederates and they lost the bloodiest American war in this nation’s history. Next they will demand we erase all evidence of WWII, all evidence of Nazism, and they will close the Smithsonian Holocaust museum.

    The Civil War was a part of this nation’s history and statues and remnants of that war must remain. I want to look at those statues and be reminded of old racist white Democrat Confederates. These racist Democrats are still out there. Robert Byrd, a former KKK Democrat, was Hillary Clinton’s mentor. Another klansman, J. William Fulbright, was Bill Clinton’s mentor. Both the Clinton’s had KKK members as mentors.

  • TweetyBird

    I’ll bet anyone a million dollars to prove me wrong that 90 % of everything that is happening on both sides
    of the Charlottesville CIRCUS is ” NOT ” about a bunch of attention seeking losers from hell who ONLY want
    their 5 minutes of MEDIA fame .
    Their all a bunch of LOSERS and to say that any time should be spent talking about any of it because it has
    anything to do with ” CIVIL WAR ” is ridiculous ….
    This Charlottesville CIRCUS should be treated like the TRANNY media circus …….. A DEAD END GOING TO NO WHERE !


    The only use CNN news has with the pot smoking LOSERS is to make sure Trump and all his voters are responsible for their VIOLENCE.
    If an ant or a housefly gets eaten by a spider then please REMEMBER……..It’s all Trumps fault and all his deplorable voters fault …
    The next thing we are going to hear is that North Korea is upsetting the world because Trump put a world wide ban on Tranny’s …
    in other words …… WW3 is being initiated because Trump PROVOKED all the earth’s TRANNY population …and that Kim Jong Un is
    a hero because he is defending Tranny human rights ………Therefore it is a good thing to HATE Trump and all his voters ..
    Charlottesville has NOTHING to do with civil war !
    Did George Soros pay the so-called white supremacists to disturb a hornets nest so CNN could say it is all TRUMPS FAULT ?
    And if so then how can it be a legitimate civil war ?
    Is this Charlottettsville circus a new world order , constructed and financed plan to attack Trump using the MEDIA MEDIA MEDIA ????

    • EvilEvilDemocrats

      Is the Charlottesville MADNESS a George Soros , created , media , ” TWEET ” response / reply to Trumps Tweeting ?
      Is all this total and complete madness a ” tit for tat ” Tweet reply from Soros and his democrats back to Trump’s
      hand held tweeter device ?

      Please Mr. President…………….. STOP TWEETING !……………..They are retaliating against your tweets ! ???
      Please Mr, President…….. NO MORE TWEETING !…………….CNN media is retaliating against your tweeting ! ????
      The evil evil evil evil democrats are retaliating using THUGS AND BULLIES !……And stupid people who are useful idiots
      to the evil evil evil democrats !

  • Jim Burns

    Savage “Marijuana is the most dangerous drug”…No its not, lets go by numbers. #1 Tobacco #2 Alcohol #3 Prescription Painkillers #4 Cocaine #5 Heroin. These are the top 5 drugs that have killed people year by year. I do notice that you like to “occasionally” drink alcohol. I have grown up around alcohol and marijuana. Had a couple friends die from alcohol poisoning and from car accidents while drinking. Had a friend die from Cocaine. Had a friend take acid and never came back mentally and ended up setting himself on fire about 6 months later. In all my years, never one person died that i knew from Marijuana. Not a single person. Growing up around surfers just about everyone smoked weed. Cant recall any of them being a victim of Marijuana as a “gateway” drug. Most of the time ive seen people make mistakes as far as trying cocaine in a needle, or cocaine or heroine in general, they were drunk first. So what exactly is your basis for calling Marijuana a dangerous drug? I smoke, and dont think im addicted as it can be in my drawer at home and there are days i dont smoke. Now put a beer or booze in the same house as alcoholic and it wont last. Same with cocaine in a house with a coke addict. Put a bottle of opioids in front of someone that is addicted. I base the most dangerous drugs as the ones that kill the most people. That make it impossible for people to function in daily life. Drugs that make people make very bad life decisions like alcohol, cocaine, heroine etc,. You are wrong about this. Im pretty sure alot of your listeners smoke weed. Im pretty sure when you go into a angry tirade about marijuana they all cringe the same way i do. Look at the numbers of deaths each year on all the drugs including marijuana. I know you wont post this as it goes against you believe. Thats All

    • Neo Marcist

      Whether or not it is the “most dangerous” isn’t really the key of the issue for me. I think that it’s good that public figures like Dr. Savage are denouncing the drug. Kids today are taught that marijuana is harmless, that it’s cool, that it’s medicine, that it’s safe, that it heals them. Kids are being brainwashed. Marijuana is really not good for you. Inhaling smoke isn’t good for your lungs. And the effects of marijuana make people space out, lose ambition, lose short term memory, forget things, etc.

      Now I don’t doubt that you may be able to use it and still function. But I think it puts you at a disadvantage. That’s all. But everyone has a vice of some sort so I’m not going to judge you. Nor do I deny that it may help tap into creativity that is difficult to tap into otherwise. Jimi Hendrix was heavy into drug use and his guitar riffs were creative genius.

      Dr. Savage is doing the right thing by talking about the negative effects of marijuana. Kids need to know the whole story. It seems like society is marketing it to kids and trying to get everyone to smoke dope. So it may not be the most dangerous, but for many it is indeed the gateway to experiment with worse drugs.

      Your experience may be different. I’d argue that makes you the exception. Just stop going out here and telling children that inhaling toxic smoke is “medicine.” I think the liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists would love for everyone to be a complacent, apathetic dope smoker. It makes it easier for the Democrat crooks to loot the treasury and commit organized crime when everyone is too high to notice.

    • LeftH8r

      Regardless of whether you are right or wrong, I would rather my kid stayed clear of it throughout her life, if that’s ok by you.

      • Jim Burns

        now its up to me to educate your child? i would be more worried about your child growing up, going to a keg party, getting drunk and dying in a car crash on the way home. that is more a realistic danger to your precious child than weed.

    • get high on life

      Yeah I’m sure you can quit anytime.

      I don’t mean to throw you under a bus, I actually agree with you on your points, it doesn’t seem any worse than all those other things mentioned, absolutely, but over a long period of time, I still believe it kills brain cells, makes people less empathetic (more able to do crimes and not care about the victims), and generally lazy. I believe we should face reality and try to find our inner peace instead of getting high to escape reality. But I don’t condemn pot smokers I just don’t think it’s ideal. I’ve known a few pot smokers and all of them are dysfunctional mean people, but that’s just my limited experience.

      • Jim Burns

        so let me get this straight, you smoke weed and you become less empathetic and will commit more crime? that is absolute garbage. booze impairs your judgment and makes it more able to do crimes. only thing weed might do is make you over eat and sleep better than normal. people will be dysfunctional without any help from any drug including marijuana. ive been smoking for about 30 years now and think i have plenty of brain cells to go around.

      • Jim Burns

        God created the Marijuana plant. Man created alcohol. And before you start to throw out, but god created the poppy plant for heroine. Man manipulates the poppy plant into heroine for evil purposes. Alcohol also manipulated and made by man for evil purposes. Marijuana grows, dried, smoked. The way God intended. Natural. Ill choose what God Created. Thats All

  • MrPanetela

    The similarities of the Democrat Party and that of Kim of Korea is appalling.
    They both push for a nation wide crack down against the law abiding.
    They both use fear and force to control what they say are their opponents.
    They both use a spy network to keep tabs on people.
    They both live hi off the hog, while everyone else received rations.
    They both treat their own people as the enemy. “Case in point: Hillary Clinton remarked, The Deplorables…”

    I suspect, that thru history, All dictators are the orphans of the Left…

    Therefore, I ask all people of conscious to pray, or send out mental thoughts, that the People of North Korea themselves, rise up and over throw their Dictator in spectacular fashion…as it did in East Germany, and Russia and other places. The Apple is ripe, and ready to fall, let us add weight to it with our intentions. Kim does not realize how close to the end he is. Let us pray or intend, that the people of North Korea have or will have establish an information network beyond the reach of their government. Lastly, let us pray or intend that China is smart enough not interfere. Remember what happened to Gideon and his 300. Things happened so fast, that the Midianites was unable to cope, and thus failed in less than 48 hours.

  • Neo Marcist

    In July of 2017 about 50 Klan members showed up in Charlottesville, VA. They were outnumbered by about 1,000 counter-protesters. The liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists are trying to make 50 klansmen representative of the entire Conservative movement in this nation. Perhaps they need to be reminded that the KKK was founded by Democrats. Although many of these 50 klansmen may now claim allegiance to the Republican party or to Donald Trump, we disavow them and disown them. Obama never disavowed Islamic terrorism. He apologized for them. Obama never disavowed the many thuggish, violent attacks perpetrated by pro-black racist groups which chanted hateful slogans. They were allowed to loot and riot for weeks on end and the police were told to stand down. Key difference.

    And now that the police have been trained to always “stand down,” the Democrats are blaming them for standing down. So Democrats are mad if police don’t stand down. And Democrats are mad if police do stand down. Either way, they blame police and hate police officers of the law.

    I believe that tearing down all the Confederate statues and monuments is what has instigated things in Charlottesville. They renamed Stonewall Jackson Park to “Justice Park.” Stonewall Jackson was a Democrat Confederate. Democrats need to just accept that they were on the wrong side of slavery and lost the Civil War (after they accept that they lost the 2016 presidential election). Tearing down statues isn’t going to make me forget.

  • MikeB

    Trump needs to take a page out of Obamas MO and make sure he maximizes everything that happens. For example he can use this weekends events to increase laws against hate crimes for all sides including the ones on the left.

  • TruthBeTold

    I’m sorry to say this but this is a lose-lose for Trump and white nationalists and a win-win for far left-wing radicals.

    The far let wants Trump to specifically name white nationalists as terrorists for a reason.

    If Trump doesn’t specifically identify white nationalists as terrorists as the far left demands, the far left will claim Trump is protecting white nationalist extremists and radical left-wing activism will grow exponentially.

    If Trump does specifically identify white nationalists as terrorists, the far left will demand Trump take action against white nationalists.

    This is what the far left wants; for Trump to identify white nationalist as terrorist so the government can take action against them.

    The radical left has boxed Trump in.

    The endgame of left-wing radicals is to declare all white people terrorists.

    • Neo Marcist

      It was one disturbed 20 year old man whose father died right after he was born, whose mother is a paraplegic, whose lived a very un-normal life in the bowels of Ohio. I’m not making any excuses for the kid. But it seems that he had some pent up rage and this was a very unhealthy way to channel it. He latched on to this movement and played the role Democrats wanted him to play. Democrats have wanted for a long